A Fair Warning

I wish I had really, really fun and exciting things to share with you after a weekend being gone, but truth be told…

…most of my meals are either unpictured, or look like some sort of slop in a bowl.

I can’t say I’m upset and don’t even want to really apologize because slop is good, so I guess we’ll just call this a fair warning.

So what have I been doing?

Takin’ pitchas. Lots and lots of pictures. Actually, I was supposed to have taken even more pictures but due to the rain, we would have been up to our waists in mud for the location it was desired to be in. (No, the above picture is not relevant.)

That’s okay. The two other senior portraits kept me busy enough. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s pretty time consuming to go through 100-150 pictures and just making slight adjustments for color, contrast, and density. I try to shoot them right in the first place, obviously, but minor adjustments can still help a lot.

I just had to make Angela’s scalloped tomatoes again. It’s pretty simple to throw together, but gave me time to keep working while it baked.

And we have a ton of tomatoes. I used up almost all of the ripe ones, but we’ve still got all this to contend with:

Uh, yeah. When those ripen, I’m pretty sure we have a. a lot more scalloped tomatoes in our future, and b. a lot of homemade sauce in our future. Oh, and c. Mo’s baked pasta.


Although, I’m not sure how my stomach feels about the amount of tomatoes I’ve eaten over the course of the past three days. It felt awful after eating that for dinner yesterday!

Nothing a handful of ginger (thanks to Sarena!) can’t fix. I’ve been loving this uncrystallized ginger like nobody’s business.

Obviously, waffles came into play, too. This morning I tried them with a chia seed egg instead of a flax egg! Don’t make fun of me for getting really interested in things like that. In case you’re mind is as inquiring as mine, it didn’t make much of a difference.

But, lets face it. Chia seeds are a lot more fun than milled flaxseeds.

And let me just say again how much I love fruit compotes on waffles or hot oats: I love fruit compotes on waffles or hot oats. This one, especially, tasted like fall. I simmered an asian pear and a dried fig in a bit of unsweetened almond milk, ground clove, ground cinnamon, and ginger syrup.

I’m licking my lips just typing that.

But who would I be if I didn’t stop and get some delicious local apples?!

for some reason, I still haven’t felt like it’s “Fall-enough” to break out the pumpkin, even though it’s obviously in the air for everyone else in blog-land. Baked apples, however?

Oh, if you insist. Maybe it just needs to be closer to Halloween for me to feel the pumpkin vibe.

Speaking of which, what are you going to be for Halloween? Fun fact about me (not to be a joykill or anything) I hate halloween.

I think it stems from me being chased down a driveway by a Frankenstein with a (running!) chainsaw when I was trick-or-treating when I was little.

Those *badwords* robbed me of a happy Halloween for years afterwards. They even robbed my sister of it! I’d refuse to go trick-or-treating, so she couldn’t go, either.

I was (and still am, I guess) a bit of a scaredy-cat. I guess riding half-ton animals is enough bravery for my days.

I mean, I dressed up as Rudolph one year. Just goes to show what kind of kid I was.

Anyways. I found Miso when I ran into town to stop at the co-op real quick, too.

I don’t really know what Miso is aside from some more sort of fermentation (I think?) so if anybody wants to tell me what to do with my newly acquired Azuki Bean Miso, I encourage you to enlighten me.

One thing we also have copious amounts of is spaghetti squash.

I’ve eaten a lot of red things out of bowls this weekend.

I guess I didn’t really think before planting 4 spaghetti squash plants/seeds. I didn’t really think all four plants/seeds would blossom. I mean, I like spaghetti squash…but really, there’s only so much you can do with them after a while! Especially when I have other squashes beckoning me.

I guess my biggest beef with the spaghetti squash is their name. They should not be likened to spaghetti. They are, however – pretty darn good with some chili, as I did tonight. I figured I best start making a dent in the collection before my mother starts twisting my arm.

Sometimes ya just gotta take one for the team.

After dinner, I really wanted to tackle this guy. The quince. Which, by the way, in case you didn’t know – should be cooked somehow prior to use. I’m really glad I’m a geek and decided to google quince that day I brought it home, because I was thinking I’d just cut it up and eat it.

But apparently, quinces go bad quick. And that plan got vetoed. I’m sort of bummed. I paid good money for that exotic fruit.

I think.

But it’s whatever. I settled for a cup of decaf and a sweet potato muffin from heaven. And I really needed to get away from the computer, so I sat down to some homework.

You know, the good kind of homework.

Oh, and check this cool jacket!

I promise it’s one of those jackets that looks way cuter on, you’ll have to take my word for it! I’m sort of a freak for anything plaid/checkered anyways. And I’m sort of mad that I paid $40+ just a couple days ago, and now it’s down to $24. Dude, Smart Pak…not cool. Maybe I’ll get another one. (For proof it’s way cuter on, clicky here. Or if you want a really cool looking jacket for next to nothing. If you google it, you can even get a free shipping code. Yes, I am ultra sleuthy, aren’t I?)

Do you remember any irrational childhood fears? I guess being chased by a chainsaw-bearing man isn’t irrational, but c’mon. The chain was probably off of it anyways. I would hope.



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25 responses to “A Fair Warning

  1. Those tomatoes look amazing!! I’m sorry i haven’t emailed you pictures yet – I had a really busy weekend and I wanted to take some more of some new recipes – I promise I’ll get them to you over the enxt day!!

  2. i like your jacket…totally cute. i messed with scottie today a little..but didn’t get to far…a. he started trippin’ out about something. (boys…) b. my parents weren’t home so i figured it wasnt a good idea to proceed to getting to close..like on his back.. but anyway…the other day i went walking and he came up to me first…i felt loved. šŸ™‚ anyway..i got chased by a “freddie cruger” at halloween…all i remember is that he had a cut off nose..enough to make anyone feel weird. but for halloween my mom is making me these bell bottoms that are about 2 ft. wide!! and my friend too..we’re going to be hippies, and drive a REALLY OLD truck to school. so that’s all the excitment for my halloween!

  3. Whoa, I’m still terrified of being chased by chainsaw maniacs! ha, not that it happens on a daily basis…but around Halloween and in haunted corn mazes. I remember being chased by one and ripping my princess dress one year trick or treating and ever since then I’ve been terrified. šŸ˜¦

    I love big bowls of food like that..it’s way better than eating off a plate in my opinion. šŸ˜›

  4. I just had slop in a bowl, and it went un pictured. Sometimes it’s just how it should be.

  5. I used to be afraid of one of my uncles coming to kill me in the dark. Totally irrational, but yea.

    I have a huge packet of hatcho miso and I really don’t use it up all that fast. I’ve seen that same miso paste you have at my co-op as well. I’d just recommend making soups and salad dressings (miso works as an emulsifier just like mustard would) or making glazes or marinades for tofu with it. It makes a very salty, but very good spread on a sandwich as well.

    Sorry to hear about the quince too. I’m sure one day we’ll conquer it and make something other than candied quince! (Because that’s really common and lame.)

  6. There is nothing wrong with slop. I’ve been avoiding my blog for a few days actually, because my meals have been pretty simple and unimpressive. I mean, there’s only so many eggs on toast that you can picture before it just gets a little weird.. agreed? Anyway, since you’ve tried Angela’s tomato dish I am definitely going to give it a shot!

    Funnily enough, I haven’t busted into my can of pumpkin yet either. Perhaps tomorrow it will be calling my name?
    ā¤ Tat

  7. izzy

    Maybe it’s the cold weather that’s bringing the lazy out in me, but I swear I’ve been eating all my meals out of bowls too – just throwing whatevers in the fridge in a pot, on a pan or on a baking sheet with some spices and eating. Thing is – it’s just so good, isn’t it?!! Slop-in-a-bowl is where its at.

    I was always “scared” of those THX sound openings at the beginning of movies…there was something so eerie and creepy about that sound and image and everything…I’d always fast forward (yes, VHS ftw) through that part ;P


  8. I have totally been chased by a chain saw…freaked my butt out! I am such a scaredy cat! I am not much for halloween, but since I love fall, I grab on to is the second I can! The jacket is super cute! I have a serious thing for flannel! Seriously, it is kind of weird, but flannel and corduroy…hot! Now I have given you way too much info…have a great night Jessica!

  9. Raw quince = bad, bad idea. As I discovered by eating one.

    The only thing I’ve ever done with miso involved eggplant and orange juice. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but I can look it up if you’re interested! (And then I made some sort of dressing with the leftover miso. Naturally, don’t remember that either.)

    ā¤ ā¤

  10. That’s so funny about the spaghetti squashes!!! SO good with cream and butter and cheese…but what isn’t?

    Ah miso. It can be kinda scary to be honest. They use a form of it in Korea for everything. It’s super salty (usually) and like someone already said is good for soups.

    You could look up a recipe for ‘dwenjang jiggae’ that’s miso stew basically. Just get some water, add a tablespoon or two of the paste, thinly slice some zucchini, carrots, and potatoes, boil it all together and throw in a few cubes of tofu at the end. Also good with hot pepper paste to spice it up. Maybe I’ll have to make it for my blog one of these days šŸ™‚

  11. You are so lucky to have so many tomatoes!!!!!! I love to make homemade sauce with them – so much better than jarred!!!
    I too love everything plaid – the jacket is really cute!!!!
    Have a great Monday!!!

  12. *gasp* you HATE halloween??? then i guess you’ll find me really irritating for the entire month šŸ˜‰ i keep my costume a secret every year, but this year it’ll be good.

    What you call “slop”, I still consider nice presentation…all your food looks incredibley appetizing!

    I used to be afraid of Michael Jackson (even though i’m a fan)…but then again, who isn’t??

    have a good night ~ em.

  13. yep, not a fan of the chainsaw association with halloween at all either! I ONCE went to a haunted house that you pay for and was scared to death. I also had a girl who was supposed to be “the exorcist girl” follow me for way too long, not cool.

    But I actually love halloween because dressing up is rather fun (and I am not talking about the slutty costumes that dominate).

    So, I have some spaghetti squash and I am thinking I better make some chili tomorrow!

  14. Mo

    Once I stopped trick-or-treating, Halloween sucked. Plus, I live in a neighborhood with barely any kids, so it’s awful. Just sitting outside with a bucket of candy and/or pretzels and giving a few pieces every hour. -_-
    I mean, Halloween was always awesome because it’s two days before my birthday, so within a few days I’d get a TON of candy and then a bunch of presents. But I’ve kind of stopped enjoying both. šŸ˜‰
    The chainsaw thing would have scarred me. Scarred, not scared. Although, it would have scared me too. But that’s a given.
    Hmmm. I used to be TERRIFIED of heights. In our mall, there’s holes in the floors/ceilings (on purpose and with a rail, obviously – I’m sure there’s an actual word for them but I don’t know it) of the upper levels, so whenever we were on the upper floors my legs would turn to jelly. I remember my legs just collapsing due to fear. šŸ˜› For that reason, I also couldn’t go on escalators. Escalators were like the monster in my closet, only they hid in the mall.

    PS – Holy tomatoes Batman. :O

  15. Everything looks so tasty, especially the baked apple. Yum!

  16. I was terrified that my shoelaces were going to get caught in the escalator and that I would be sucked down into the depths…I always made my mom take the stairs (and I still do!) I’m glad that you are back…and I’m sorry the rain put a damper on photography. It sounds like you still got quite a bit of work done. Thanks for sharing with us tonight. Have a great Monday!

  17. I’m sorry for the quince. I think you would have loved it if it hadn’t gone bad (maybe even raw if it was ripe enough). But you had your baked apple which I can assure you looks much more appealing to me right now šŸ™‚ .

    My childhood fear was fire. And it still is. maybe it is for this reason that most of the things I cook are only half-cooked šŸ˜€ .

  18. I hate clowns and the circus used to scare me. I hated halloween in college, drunk people in stupid costumes pissing and vomiting everywhere, and maybe a few pumpkins thrown in…yea, gross.

  19. Hmm, I don’t *hate* halloween, but I always feel kind of duped for liking it…it’s just that when I gets cold and dark, I think we’re all (except you, obviously!) suckers for a sweet treat and some baking and some lighted candles…it’s just that it’s not really a Scandinavian or even European thing, and the only ones who’ve been clamouring for it the latest 7-8 years are (surprise!) the flower, candy and toystores, plus all the supermarkets that get to sell themed candy and plastic masks and knick-knacks…it’s just so much buy-and-throw-away. But a lot of Danes have taken up carving pumpkins and 1)how can you NOT love glowing orange carved faces on porches everywhere when it’s cold and windy and getting dark much, much too soon? And 2)it is the annual opportunity to buy and eat pumpkin here, which means if I get myself together I can have pumpkin for the second time of my life. So not all bad?

    Irrational fears? Well, after watching a particular scary movie I thought the bad guy was going to come out of the lamp in my parents’ bedroom. Pretty traumatic in fact, haha šŸ™‚

    Btw did I tell you I patted a horse on my way home from work? I always pass this big park where they have horse carriage rides, like really old beautiful carriages and heavy horses all groomed and pretty, and it was just a beautiful fall day and I never ask if I can say hi to the horsies, but then I did. Ahhh, magic – haha! Just a small fix really, but it’ll last me for a while. Thought most of the horses where ponies – guess they look smaller, in front of a big ol’ carriage? – but getting close it was just huge big horses! With soft noses of course. Missed that šŸ™‚

    Hope your week is off to a good start.

  20. My, that is a lot of tomatoes! And squash too – my gran planted a squash plant, and it gave her a grand total of *one* squash. One that was round and the size of a tennis ball..despite being a butternut! Mad.
    LOL at the chainsaw story, that’s so funny! I don’t blame you for being scared, I would’ve been! This halloween, I’m dressing up as a marathon runner :p and even running a real one that day..I like to get into character, blates.
    Irrational fears? spiders. Except it’s not irrational at all, cos they are horrible!!

  21. Haha I don’t blame you for hating Halloween! I had a similar scary experience when I was younger where a zombie that I thought was just a prop on someone’s lawn actually was a real person and he totally scared me!

    So jealous of that huge bag of local apples! I’m sure we’re going to see lots of yummy things made with those. šŸ˜€ I went apple picking last year and loved it, but I haven’t had time to go yet this year!

    That’s awesome you get to read Michael Pollan for class. I’m actually using Omnivore’s Dilemma as a source for a presentation I’m doing on organic food. Isn’t nutrition class amazing? It barely feels like work! šŸ˜‰

  22. The chainsaw would be scary!! I’ve had an irrational fear of watching people’s heads being shaved since I was a little kid. I have no idea where it came from, but it STILL gives me a super icky feeling inside just to type that…

  23. I’ve never even heard of quince! And honestly I love slop in a bowl type things. Oh and fyi your waffles could NEVER be boring!!

  24. Those apples look unbelievable! I wish I could figure out what you did there!

    Oh, and Halloween? You’re not missing anything.
    The little kids in the cute costumes are cute (ladybugs, angels..etc). That’s it. Ends there. (0:

  25. I want that bowl!!!! Looks VERY goooooood!!!!! Makes me immediately HUNGRY!!!

    Btw I have a question,,,, I’m thinking to get a food processor, any suggestion?? Please?? : )

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