Don’t Mess with a Good Thing

Let this be a lesson to you all…

you just can’t mess with a good thing!

I broke out of my banana and fig overnight oats this morning, and it just didn’t cut it. The cashew butter cut it.

The blueberries cut it.

The oats cut it.

Together, they didn’t cut it, especially when I had bananas and figs in the back of my mind.

Don’t yell at me just yet for taking the blueberries out of hiding for another day, though! It was just to break my rut. Which, I can now go running back to after scaring myself of ever abandoning the banana and fig overnighters ever again.

Luckily, I was wise enough to not mess with a good thing when it came to lunch, though. I had to have another “Thanksgiving in a sandwich.” This one was even better! It consisted of seitan, baby spinach, dried cranberries, red onion, and rosemary sauce on some delicious homemade honey-oat wheat bread.

And a newbie to me – an asian pear! It was yummy – like an appley pear!

Morning snack was a banana and some vanilla almonds. You know I’d have to make up for my banana-less breakfast somewhere along the line!

And a ginger birdseed bar for the afternoon.

Today flew by…and the weather was so tempting me to just stay with Teddie when I saw him this morning. So not fair, because tomorrow’s going to be a complete washout.

On another note, the customers at work started to seriously get on my nerves. Sometimes I swear people come in who are totally…I don’t want to say sexist, because I think maybe my age has to do with it. But they’ll always ask for one of my bosses to help them even with stupid, simple stuff that I am totally capable of. And when I say “oh, it’ll be a while, is it something I could help you with?” the “brave” ones still treat me like I want to ruin whatever it is they’re doing because I obviously don’t know the first thing about cameras, even if I do work there.

Grumble grumble.

But, does anyone else ever get that “oh, you’re a young woman, you obviously don’t know, and if you do I don’tΒ trustΒ you anyway.” If so, how do you deal with it?

Lately I don’t care as much, just say okay and let them wait minutes on end before my boss frees up. Although it’s a bit ironic because if it’s something a bit more complex like digital work, I’m probably the one who’s going to do it anyways.

Sorry for the vent. It just gets on my nerves and that’s how pretty much everyone who came in this afternoon was.

But, stuffed buttercup squashes always make up for picky people. I made some cheater baked beans this time. I really love that buttercup squash – it’s going to be hard to play favorites and decide what squash I like best πŸ˜‰

Sorry for being short and sweet tonight – but I gotta run!


How do you deal with people who doubt you, or treat you like you don’t know how to count backwards from ten?

What’s your longest food “rut”? (although, let me say this – if you enjoy it, I don’t consider foodΒ repetitionΒ a rut! Banana-fig oats are far too delicious to call a rut!)



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25 responses to “Don’t Mess with a Good Thing

  1. Oh dear. I always find myself in a food rut, and it usually involves breakfast. πŸ˜‰ I have a hard time straying from my favorites.

    Sorry to hear that customers have been treating you that way! It’s such a pain, and I’m pretty sure that age has a huge factor in that. But obviously, *they are* the ones missing out on all your good camera advice. Hang in there!

  2. My longest rut was pumpkin. I would eat it non-stop with almost anything sweet. Sometimes I would have cereal and pumpkin instead of milk. I stopped eating it due to lack of Libby’s and the fact that I wasn’t going to get any over in Greece. Now I’m rationing my cans because I’m trying to save money – I’ve “broken free” of my parents’ hold over giving me money for food and they don’t know it yet. πŸ˜›

    And I used to get some of that when I worked as a cashier. I’d ask politely if I could help with something and they would much rather speak to someone “higher up” than a lowly cashier. I’d say don’t worry about it. Sure, it’s a bit stressful, but “the customer is always right” is what you’re aiming for by working with the public, so let them have their little moment and savor the times when the boss refers them to you for help. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve learned that if you’re craving something and have a certain food on your mind, might as well just go with it. Because whatever you eat you won’t be satisfied with.
    I used to have customers like that ALL THE TIME. SO I completely understand how it gets on your nerves. It used to drive me crazy. I would just smile and nod.. smile and nod… and agree with whatever they say. Kill them with kindness. And if that doesn’t work, give them the death stare.

  4. No no, definitely not a rut if you are loving it! I am thinking waffles, so I made pancakes tonight! Wow, so good! Ok, well, I look young so no one EVER thinks I know what I am talking about. It is the MOST frustrating thing and it has gotten to the point where it just pisses me off. I actually went to culinary school and graduated with honors and I swear people think I am so stupid when it comes to food. Everyone (let me clarify – everyone I know, for the most part) thinks they know better than me and it just makes me give up. They ask me questions and then act like I am stupid…yeah, you hit a cord with me! Sorry that stuff is happening to you today…so frustrating! I knew you would like that squash…it is so good! Have a great night Jessica!

  5. I’ve been eating some combination of salted peanuts and an apple/orange for breakfast/lunch at least once a day for the past 2 years. There’s a rut for ya!

  6. I say – don’t ruin a good thing – if you like it well then enjoy it!!! I too haaave certain food ruts – love my yogurt messes with granola and Kashi as well as my pita pizzas topped with fresh roasted peppers and eggplant – am just loving the fresh veggies right now!!!
    I totally understand how you felt today towards those customers!!! Believe it or not sometimes when patients come to see me for the first time they question how young i look and say – you really can’t be the doctor!!!! They then demand to see my dad instead who also works in the same office. Oh well!!!
    Glad to see Teddie today but tomorrow sounds like it will be a washout – they are predicting 6 inches of rain!!! Hopefully it will clear up for the weekend!!

  7. UGH! I hate it when people treat me like i don’ tknow what I’m doing – it makes me super defensive and really annoyed. I cannot stand that. I’m getting fired up just thinking about it!!

  8. That’s the worst when you’re eating one thing but want something else! My longest rut: banana and almond overnight oats. Still love ’em πŸ™‚

  9. yep, definitely still in a steel cut/scottish oat rut and don’t seem to mind since I love ’em so. I wish I was in a waffle rut though but don’t have the iron at our apt!

    So, I definitely get the age discrimination thing…about period clothing…people always assume I have no idea about the decades but I grew up learning it from my mom..I feel your frustration!

  10. I hate being disrespected like that. I worked at a sports bar my freshman year so there were quite a few times I encountered the “you don’t know anything” type of attitude since we were “just pretty faces” to a lot of the patrons. Not to mention our boss didn’t respect us either. He’d always call us “ole’ girl” instead of by our name then talk to us like we were dumb. Whenever he told us to do stuff, he’d go into intense detail of how to do it when..he had no idea what he was talking about. We’d end up doing it a different, way more effencient way and rub it in his face ’til he got the point. If he didn’t respect us, he sure wasn’t getting any back.

  11. I’m in a food rut a lot of the time, especially with dinner. I run out of ideas by the time the evening rolls around and by that point, I’m too tired to make anything special. Hence why I rarely take photos of my dinners.

    Any ideas?!

  12. ~Asian Pears rock!
    ~I pray for people who don’t see my greatness!I also pray that they find their life of purpose. Bcs happy people make others happy & sad people try to make others sad.

  13. Kianni

    Well I’ve pretty much been eating the same things everyday for breakfast lunch and dinner for 9 months now…My Junior year in high school I ate peanut butter and banana toast for dinner every day though >_<""

  14. I can’t stand when people belittle me or treat me as inferior or unknowing in any way. Seriously can’t stand it. I’m terrible at being told what to do or having someone act like they know better than me. Sometimes I can grin and bear it if that’s the most appropriate reaction to the situation. But otherwise watch it… I might doll out the rude ‘tude! Haha.

    I feel like I’m in and out of food ruts all the time lately. Only of the ‘I have no idea what the heck I want or feel for or crave’ kind of way. I’d rather be in an ‘i’m obsessed with this food and want to eat it all the time’ rut! Well I’ve been in that a bit with peanut butter lately… but it’s becoming annoying so I’m trying to break away from that one.

    And huge shoutout to the buttercup. It definitely holds #1 squash spot for me!

  15. I have never tried an Asian pear…how silly of me! I see them year after year, and I need to give one a try. I’m sorry about the people at work…I hate “sexism”, and I know it irks me whenever I experience it. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with delightful interactions. I would be asking you a million questions if I came into your stable…you are one smart and talented woman!

  16. Hmm, except I DID mess with a good thing…I know I keep going on about your carrot cashew dip, but I’m relentless like that…I made it with two small beet roots and two smal carrots in stead: VERY pretty colour, haha πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about the customer situation – sometimes it’s good to just vent :-). If I experience something like that, I’ll usually just let people wait. It’s their own decision who to trust, so their problem if they don’t trust girls with tech stuff: I make sure to tell them that I’m capable and leave it up to them. But sure, people with the right/wrong attitude can be infuriating!

  17. Ugh that work situation sound so annoying! I kiinda have the same thing at work – my boss doesn’t seem to want to let me out front on the tills, which is ridiculous seeing as at my last job, that was my main mission! I think it’s cos she thinks I’m too young or couldn’t do I’m not there much (and only for one more week anyway) I just suck it up 😦 if I was there longer, I’d speak up.
    Haha, my kabocha/parsnips with dinner rut has been going on for months and months!! I almost want it to end so i’m a bit different..but it’s TOO delicious! Never feel bad about a rut πŸ™‚

  18. Ugh sorry about the people at work.. I hate that feeling! That happened to me all the time this year at work, because I worked with a bunch of boys so whenever something really manual needed to be done, people would always ask me ‘where the boys were’.. even if I was just standing around looking for something to do! I think your situation is a little worse though, because it’s not like genetics or muscle build come into play when we are talking about cameras. I don’t have much advice… but I will say that it’s THEIR loss because I bet you would be the BEST help when it comes to camera stuff πŸ˜›

    … as for the ‘rut’, I know EXACTLY what you mean about forcing yourself out and then being unimpressed with the result because all you really wanted was the original. I agree – repetition is 100% okay as long as you enjoy it and don’t feel trapped πŸ™‚ My current love is chopped figs, stovetop oatmeal, greek yogurt and tahini. Yum!

    Somehow, squash and tomato sauce just DO NOT mesh in my mind. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.. I definitely love butternut!
    ❀ Tat

  19. I’m pretty sure my longest food rut was when I went basically 2 straight years having vanilla yogurt, Harvest Crunch, banana, and berries for breakfast. πŸ˜› I’m kind of glad I’ve learned to switch things up!

    Also, guess what? I bought dried figs! I can’t wait to try them after always hearing how much you love them!

    Ugh sorry about those customers girl! That must be so frustrating for you! I can sort of relate because I look a lot younger than I am, so I always get treated like I’m really young.

  20. I just ignore people like that. If they think I’m not smart/wise enough just because I’m young, they are proving how close-minded and stupid they are. So, I’m the winner always πŸ˜€
    Food rut…hm, not sure.Maybe cereal with milk everyday before bed? πŸ˜€

  21. Congrats on your first Asian Pear!

    They are my favorite! But, alas….budget concerns make them sadly few and far between.

    My longest food rut might be years and years and years.
    That’s how I roll but I am trying to change because a lot of it is my disordered eating.


  22. I love asian pears but not as long as my food rut of roasted squash with every single dinner I’s been going on for months and months now! And to pair it with cheater beans is perfect!
    Urgh sorry to hear about those stupid customers. I can totally understand how you feel as I look way younger than my age and I guess I’ve kinda gotten used to that now so I grin and bear people’s comments most of the time but sometimes when I’m just in a bad mood I can be quite rude and lash out at them πŸ˜›

  23. I have seen the Asian pears and wondered what they were like. I think I will give it a try now.

  24. teenagehealthfreak

    i’ve got to try buttercup squash..butter+cup in a squash form..the name sounds freakin amazing. i hate people that judge like that and think b/c of your size, gender..w/e you can’t do something! SO LAME. i’m just like whatever YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON SOME MAD SKILLS!!! haha. food “rut” avocado wraps, coconut mango barley, my newest….rye bread+nut butter+honey and cinnamon!!!!!..those are my best “ruts!” lol

  25. agreed 100% banana + fig + cashew butter + oats = the best(yours look soo deliciousss)…I think that may be one of my many favorite oat combos πŸ˜‰
    My longest food rut, gosh that’s an easy one! –> oatmeal….lol, i really love this rut, i have 0 problemo’s with it, yet I’d kinda like to make a different breakfast one of these days, like your amaze looking waffles or pancakes or something πŸ˜‰

    People doubt me a lot, maybe becasue i look a lot younger than i am, people may not think i am as mature of smart as i really am, but its hard with my Anorexia, my family and a bunch of others always doubt if i can get better…I guess many are fed up with me being as stubborn and non-compliant as i can be..but i listen to myself and i know who i am, so i try to not let other peoples doubts get me down or doubting myself in any aspect.


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