I’ve got some skeletons in my closet.

…errr…maybe I just have a lot of blueberries in my freezer.

I figured that if anything is going to get me out of my banana + fig rut, it was going to be these blueberries. I know, I know…how are a bunch of freezer-burnt blueberries going to help me? Well – they’re not just a bunch of freezer burnt blueberries.

Actually, they’re farm-fresh summer blueberries from when we went picking this summer.

When these babies are nuked for a minute, they are just like a glimpse of a long-forgotten Summer. Sure, Summer is not yet long-forgotten…which is why they’re hiding back in the freezer, and if you see them again tomorrow please yell at me – I can’t eat them all now, I have to wait until it’s 0* during the days so I can be reminded of the 90* humid heat when we were picking them 😉


Upon closer examination, though, you may notice that those waffles are actually a mess! See, I had this grandiose idea that if I oiled the waffle iron with coconut oil, it would add some great flavor.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve used coconut oil, but it’s really hard when it’s not heated – and so, it was hard to get enough on the paper towel. Obviously, I didn’t oil the iron enough and I was picking off waffle bits for a couple minutes. I don’t think it helped that I didn’t let my flax egg sit for more than…a couple seconds, so I basically had no binder.

Mreh, whatever…I’d cut them into bite-sized pieces before I eat, anyway – now the work was already done! flash. I can't decide!

I remember them being a lot more broken than the pictures show. I’m not sure if that’s just saying something for my optimism or photo arrangement skills.

These were coconut-blueberry-acai waffles. In place of almond milk, I used half of this Sambazon Acai drink and coconut flour in place of regular. I used some of it in the “icing,” too – which was a mix of kefir, Pom-Blueberry Acai Juice, chia seeds, and a pinch of coconut flour.

I went Teddie-less today 😦 It makes me sad looking back on it because it was sort of pointless that I didn’t go. I went because we were supposed to have some intense thunderstorms all morning, but…nothing ever happened! Grumph. I saw the big guy yesterday and will again tomorrow…life will go on.

I might be a little crazier than even I thought, though…because when I saw this huuuge pile of gargantuan bags of carrots for only $3, my immediate reaction was “Oh, Teddie would love this!” and then I thought of him pushing a shopping cart with his little hoofers.

I mean, Haflingers are meant to pull carts…I’ll just hook a shopping cart to the back of him and he can tow me through the store! I bet he’d have made a beeline for these puppies.

Yeah, yeah, that was weird. I warned you.

Anyways, you’ve probably assumed my morning was instead spent grocery shopping and doing some quick twerkin’ out. And pretending I’m a photographer! It’s about time I made a lightbox. I sort of took the easy way out and will need to be improving upon this set-up, but I still had fun playing.

I don’t usually photograph my “new finds” from the store…but this was the perfect occasion to play!

Vermont-made pasta sauce! I’ve been wanting to try it ever since seeing them on Throwdown with Bobby Flay (it was the Lasagna throwdown in burlington, anyone catch it?!) but I’d always opt for something cheaper. I was feeling splurgy today, and had a coupon…

…and it was the only one without any added sugar! I was really surprised while I was label-reading how much sugar some of them had. Cray-cray.

I will keep you posted how my Bove’s sauce-tasting goes 😉

There were so many different squashies today! It took remarkable self-control, but I walked away with just two new ones to try. The Fall/Winter is young!

And I’ve nevah evah had a quince before. I’m not even really sure what it is…but it just wanted to be in my cart, I guess. I shouled probably eat more environmentally friendly, though. That baby’s from Chile.

I get sent e-mails from the Raw Reform, and this morning’s caught my eye with a Raw cracker recipe. I do not have a dehydrator (much less the patience to wait 24 hours to make some stinkin’ crackers, but it sounds better to just say I don’t have a dehydrator) so I decided to just try it and see if I could bake them.

It sort of worked.

It was really hard to get them to be a uniform thickness, though – so some are really crispy (read: a bit burnt) whereas others are really soft, flexible, and chewy. I really like the flavor, though – it’s a great change from the usual nutty/seedy crackers I make, so I’ll have to tinker with it!

While the crackers cooked, though (and man, they took a long time!) I made myself an epic lunch. And it had a brand-new star, too!

I’ve been dying to try cashew butter for eons…but I was afraid that I simply don’t care for normal nut-butters like the rest of blog-land. Plain/raw almond butter? Mreh, no thanks. Unsalted peanut butter? Mreh, no thanks. I’d prefer at least salted…but preferably with a bit of sugar/cane syrup/honey/what-have-you. Sue me. I already know I’m weird. You know what else I do weird? I put deodorant on by going inside my t-shirt’s neckline rather than up from the bottom.

But deodorant and cashew butter don’t have anything in common other than the fact that they’re both amazing products. I mean…deodorant stops you from stinking, and cashew butter makes you realize you’ve found all you’ve been looking for in life.

And…all it is is cashews and a bit of sunflower oil! No sweetener or salt. I wasn’t sure I’d care for it, really. I mean, I love cashews. But I also love almonds, and I’ve already told you how I feel about normal almond butter. It was on sale and I had a coupon and was in a splurgy mood, though, so I had to have it. So glad, too.

I liken it sunflower butter…the consistency was very similar (and they both give you an arm workout stirring them) but without the touch of saltiness that sunflower butter has. It basically tastes like a delicious, creamy cashew – shocking, right?!

I got a lot of reading (homework) done in the afternoon as well as playing with the horses. And made a divine dinner. A stuffed buttercup squash! I remember Sarena telling me I would love it – and oh boy, does that woman know what she’s talking about! It is fantastic! I know you’re probably all sick of my stuffed vegetables, but…uhhh…uhhh…I’m not. I’d say sorry, but I don’t like to lie and if I did – I’d be lying.

I was also really hungry and rather than stand cooking whatever over the stove, found it most practical to take the easy route and sit and read while the squash baked. So, I just microwaved some bulgur with kale, and when it cooled mixed in some white kidney beans and some of the rosemary sauce from the pierogies. The cranberries on top added just a touch of sweet! I loved the rosemary in this, too. You know, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that sauce when I first had it – just wasn’t sure I cared for rosemary. Maybe it was because I was practically snorting it up my  nose (that stuff is potent when you blend a whole back of it, believe you me) all afternoon, because now I’m quite fond of it 😉

What’s your favorite spice?

I love hearing about weird things people do – strange sequences, quirks, etc – probably because I have so many! What’s one of yours?!

Aaaand if you wanna vote for meee, you could by clicking here 😉



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23 responses to “Skeletons

  1. Wow, so much to touch on here, haha. My favorite spice would be pumpkin pie spice (so that I can count a handful of favorites as one). Cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom are really high up there for me.

    I bought a sunshine squash when I went to the Madison farmer’s market. The vendor told me it was basically an orange kabocha so he had me then and there. Buttercup is my second favorite because it’s the closest thing to kabocha that I can get around here – though they’ve only had acorn, butternut and spaghetti at the store lately 😦

    I bought a quince once and ended up tossing it because I didn’t know what to do with it or how to cook it and it sat there too long. Silly impulse buys.

    And your crackers look great! I love the creativity that goes into a lot of your recipes – just mix and go with it! You have a lot of confidence (or at least portray it very well) when it comes to making new things.

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I can’t wait to read more!

    How did you make those waffles? They look so unique and delicious.

    Check out my blog if you have the chance!

  3. I was wondering what skeletons you had in your closet!!!!!! I too am missing my summer blueberries!!!!
    Favorite spice???? That’s a tough one – i love so many – for sweet recipes i love cinnamon and vanilla. For savory – i love garlic, chili powder, crushed red pepper and fresh herbs ( so much better than dried!!!)
    Sorry you missed seeing Teddie today – hopefully tomorrow!!
    I voted and hope you get good news about advancing to challenge #3 – im rooting for you!!!

  4. I’ve had cashew butter before, and it was just ‘meh’ for me. I mean, I love the creaminess but it’s just not rich enough for me. I guess that’s understandable considering how strong tasting tahini is. In comparison, the cashew butter is pretty bland. I’m glad you found something else you’re crazy for though!

    I didn’t see Rayne today either… for the opposite reason! I had every intension of going, but it poured all day long. Oh well..


  5. Cashew butter = my love 😉 it is definitley my favorite nut butter followed by sunflower seed butter then hazelnut butter i could go on and on, lol..i think i am an addict! ;P
    love all your eats, everything looks amazing as per usual! That stuffed squash looks and sounds like the perfect Autumn dinner!
    my favorite spice(s) (i can’t choose one!) haha…they are are cinnamon, ginger, cumin, and tumeric.


  6. I wanted to find a farm to pick blueberries over the Summer but never was able to. I heard there was this place that let you pick a gallon or something like that for $10..that’d be pretty awesome!

    Sorry you went Teddie-less today. I know the feeling of waiting around because a thunderstorm was *supposed* to come and then never does. Especially around here with the bipolar weather. -_-

  7. Oh I was so excited when I saw you bought the exact same 2 types of squashes that I did this weekend 😀 Oh wow! You can see the pictures I took of them a few days back on my blog.
    Alsooo, Quirks. Let me think… I CAN’T HAVE A SINGLE SEEDS LEFT BEHIND when I’m eating bell peppers. NOT ONE! And also, totally not food related, I tend to pull up my pj pants above my waist and tighten the string with my shirt tucked in. And then my ankles show! My mom always has to tell me I look ridiculous and that’s when I realize I should probably pull them down a bit 😛
    Have a great week 🙂

  8. Please always post your new finds, I love reading about them! I am so impatient waiting for food in the oven I imagine it would be torture using a dehydrator, but I’m sure worth it!

  9. ” I put deodorant on by going inside my t-shirt’s neckline rather than up from the bottom.” ME TOO!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes I get mad at myself for stretching out the neck, but then I just accept myself for who I am!

  10. I looove blueberries- frozen or defrosted!! So yummy on waffles. Or on anything really. I want some of your stuffed squash so badly! And I swear I’m the only person who doesn’t care for cashew butter. You can have my jar! =P

  11. teenagehealthfreak

    i have a tie for my fave spices: cumin, cinnamon, and rosemary. wierd querks: i have to eat little things (nuts/grapes/etc) in threes or fives. i can’t leave the house without my bed made. i check my purse/backpack/etc over and over to make sure something hasn’t magically walked out..ha ha. and that was so thoughtful of you to get those carrots for teddie!!! i was crackin up picturing a bunch of horses grocery shopping!!!!

  12. I don’t even know where to start with this post…you have all the blueberries! You were so smart to freeze them. I never picked any. Remember I ate ALL of the strawberries we picked in one week (2 gallon buckets)…I am so ashamed! I love Bobby Flay (that was really all I needed to say about that). I am totally not surprised you liked the squash…I am going to roast mine soon. I love you stuffed creations! I need to do that too, but I am still working with the boys on eating different stuff. I mean Jay just ate dressing for the first time tonight! Yay team! I think I may have to do one of your stuffed goodies on a night the boys want bacon or meat of some sort…

    I would have to say cinnamon is my favorite spice…love it!

  13. My favorite spice has to be curry powder or cinnamon. I sprinkle curry on just about everything now a days! And we’ve been seeing so many lovely squashes at our market too! Ryan picked up some great ones yesterday, and we can hardly wait to eat them. As for quirks? I always divide my crackers into piles of four. Similarly, I cut my lara bar into a bunch of little pieces and divide them into piles of five. Why? I have no idea!

  14. Quinces were on my list with favorite foods when I was little. I used to eat them fresh most of the time (but they had to be really ripe). For someone who isn’t used to the astringent taste I’d suggest eating them in compote form or putting them in a pie or something else baked. This way they are similar to pears and even better in my opinion.

    Favorite spice: savory. I can’t resist its flavor.

  15. YAY for cashew butter! It’s my ultimate favourite nut butter – sooo creamy….love.
    Favourite spice? Cinnamon! Love love love. And rosemary, that’s good too. And nutmeg. I like quite a few actually…
    So I did one of your sauces last night (so good!), I think I might try the rosemary/tofu one you talk of tonight..rosemary reminds me of winter, and it’s skank outside, so it seems somewhat appropriate 🙂
    Oh my gosh, weird quirks – I have so so soooo many, way too many to list! Most of mine ar eprobably mildly OCD 😛 having to unpack the cutlery from the dishwasher last, same amount of food in each side of my mouth, even numbers…I don’t want to go on for fear I’ll get hauled off in the crazy van 😛

  16. Ooh I wish I had a bunch of freshly picked frozen berries in my freezer! Instead I’m going to be stuck shelling out an arm and a leg for fresh berries all winter.

    My favourite spice is definitely cinnamon. My oatmeal wouldn’t be the same without it!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with those squash. You always give me the best recipe inspiration! 😀

  17. I loooove cashew butter. I think it’s the most versatile of them all!

    Favorite spice = cinnamon or red pepper flakes. Love me some SPICE in my food!! Or curry 🙂

    I absolutely HAVE to have super short nails. I cut them so short they bleed most of the time. Idk, long nails just bug the crap out of me…and if there’s any white tip, it’s “long.” Weird, I know.

  18. I love your blog! So glad I came across it! My favorite spice would have to be either Pumpkin Pie Spice or Cinnamon!

  19. It made me smile to see Bove’s pasta sauce. When I lived in Burlington I would walk past Bove’s restaurants on many days. They’re tomato sauce is delicious.

  20. time for happiness

    Hi! Im a new reader 🙂

    Those blueblerries are aweosme, I wish I had that many haha. I love all of your meals they look so amazing! I havent gotten the courage yet to experiment with nut butters, but your definately helping me with that endeavor!
    I look foward to reading more 🙂
    – Kimi

  21. Um…you DO have a sweet potatoe cookie recipe in your closet though! Ahem!
    Just sayin.

    Gotta habnd it to Rosemary for my favorite spice.
    And cinnamon, natch.

    Won’t get into my quirks. We’s be hear 4 EVAh

  22. Oh to have a ton of blueberries in the freezer… sigh. I would use those up in about a week. Because I am basically Violet Beauregard, i.e. a blueberry girl.

    Fave spice: well I love garam masala, even though that’s like 100 different spices…. also just plain love thyme (does an herb count?)

  23. I think cinnamon has to be my all time favorite spice…its so hard to choose!! I just went through my freezer and found so many things that HAVE to be used haha…oy. Most of them were dinner/side dishes and I haven’t had the motivation to defrost them. I rather just have something fresh. I feel like that will change in the winter months. Love the squash looks delish 🙂

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