Butternut Squash Win

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride? Um, I think so.

For starting off as such a sunny, beautiful day – it sure turned into the definition of fall this afternoon!

I’ve been sleeping so late lately! On my days off, I don’t wake up until 7:45 or 8:00…and I think it has entirely to do with the weather. I am just so cozy burrowed under 3 blankets!! I also think it’s because I’ve had so much more energy and have been staying up a bit later, too.

I think this is fully because of my diet. I feel like I’ve been eating really well lately, and Tat really got me thinking with her most recent post – we need to listen to our whole body when it comes to needing “fuel.” If I am feeling lethargic, tired, sick, or beaten down…chances are it’s because I’ve not eaten enough – not because I’m getting sick. Sometimes, hunger just doesn’t show up in the form of a rumbling belly and vocalizes itself in other ways ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways. Just a good thing to keep in mind ๐Ÿ™‚

The late morning’s have not meant neglected waffles, though. I will say…I sort of would rather sleep a bit more anyways, because now, rather than ride before the humidity sets in – I wait until it warms up a bit! It was in the upper thirties last night…vurrrreh chilleh! A down blankie and coconut waffles with sauteed plums and ‘nanner warmed me right up, though.

Well, that and the yoga. I debated a walk-run (especially after the weird, random dream that I was running a 5k with Rebekah? odd…) but yoga just won out.

And I did two loads of laundry today. Who am I?! That’s big news. I guess I shouldn’t speak too soon though, because I still haven’t folded them or put them away, which we all know is the worst part.

Teddie says “Herruh!” P.S. I don’t really sound like that, I just say Teddie weird sometimes. Now I feel forced to create a video where I say something normally so you don’t think I go around talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Oh, who am I kidding, I probably do sound like that.

Anyways – pumpkin was a champ today. He’s getting fuzzy for winter already. Which is scary. Even scarier is the fact that I ordered a bunch of winter riding clothes the other night. Horsey friends – make note that Dover is having a great sale! (enter “tenoff” to get $10 off a $75 purchase) And SmartPak has remarkable shipping and has these awesome winter riding boots for only $50. They’re my favorite winter boots and I’m so happy they’re making them again!! And they have a free shipping code.

On the way home Iย contemplatedย getting some groceries real quick but really didn’t feel like going. All I really wanted was broccoli. Solution? The “used food store” as I so lovingly call it, gets in local produce. I’d just stop their quick!

What a joke. Quick my butt. I think I was in there for an hour. There are, no joke, some serious gems in there. And half the time, the stuff isn’t even out of date! I just check dates before I buy, and pretty much everything has got a year left. I think the “oldest” thing I bought had a best-by date of July 2010. Uhhh, I think I’ll be okay if I eat unopened granola that is a month and a half old. I have no shame.

  • cinnamon puffins
  • bulghur
  • BBQ sauce
  • granola
  • basil oil (so excited to try – it’s just EVOO infused with basil)
  • vanilla bean almonds (I’ve been looking for these everywhere! I think they discontinued them.)
  • sweet potatoes for only .79 cents a pound!
  • some peaches
  • broccoli
  • local maple syrup
  • garlic salt

A green monster was necessary upon arriving home. It was cold, and looking back I don’t know why I used frozen banana because I was cold all. after. noon.

  • spinach
  • frozen banana
  • peach
  • plain chobani
  • almond milk
  • peach ginger jam

Topped wiiiif:

  • wheat germ
  • dates
  • puffed rice
  • puffins
  • granola
  • peanut butter sauce

I was really fascinated in the granola/cereal aisle. I couldn’t decide! They had a bunch of Udi’s and this from Chappaqua Crunch. In multiple flavors. I was torn. It’s sort of funny because I’m not even much of a granola eater…I just am sort of in love with the idea of granola more than granola itself.

But, I am always a cinnamon-raisin lover, the crunch it provides is enjoyable, and so I went for it. And it is very good!! It is very well spiced, and not overly sweet, either. And the nutritionals aren’t so bad, themselves!

And then…I study-duddied. And was cold. It was only 62* in here! That sounds really warm, and is especially ironic because it was colder outside…but it just felt so much warmer!

At least I had fun stuff to study, though. I found this particularly interesting.

As well as what I read about phytochemicals and DRIs. I love how this book always says “energy” instead of calories, and even say to make sure you enjoy your food.

Although, I sort of feel like the evil step-mom because one of the discussion questions was about chocolate milk, and how we felt about it as a nutritious child drink. Everyone said it was very nutritious – and I think I was the only one who had negative things to say?! While I was researching for a response, though, I discovered that the recommended daily intake for sugar is no more than 12g of added sugars a day for kids. Mind you, this doesn’t count the naturallyย occurringย sugars in fruits and such. For women, it’s only 20g. Yikes – I definitely think I overdo it! Often times it’s in the form of honey or maple syrup, but that still counts. I’ve thought to cut back recently (not adding much/any sweetener of some form to my oats in the am anymore!) but am probably still coming in high!

Speaking of sugar…some snacking ensued before I went out and took care of the horses. It was an okay day up until that point…then it decided to rain. Thanks, rain.

But it was okay…because dinner was such a rainy fall day meal.

I saw Brandi’s post this morning and new I had to try the same dish tonight. I’ve sort of feared squash for a while, because I would think of the baby-food like mush that my mom would pull out of the freezer and microwave.

I picked up a butternut squash the other day, hoping to have maybe grown a taste for it. This recipe from Food & Wine couldn’t sound better – and I new if anything was going to be a great reintroduction to squash, this would be.

And was it…holy cow this was good. I served it with bulghur instead of couscous and used a slotted spoon to serve since I wasn’t feeling the stew-ness – but I now think I love butternut squash. I can’t wait to try it in other ways!

What’s your favorite squash, and way to eat it?

What do you think about kids being served chocolate milk all the time? To quote myself, these were my thoughts:

I think that to thoroughly answer this question, we’d need to know what the rest of the diet of the individual consists of. We know milk is a great source of calcium, protein, riboflavin, B12, magnesium, potassium, and potentially Vitamins A and D as well. However – some chocolate milk can contain as much as 30g of added sugar! (Nesquick Lowfat Chocolate Milk) Plain 1% milk has 12g…so that’s at least twice as much in chocolate milk! If you think about it this way, a teaspoon of sugar has 4 grams of sugar. That’s like adding at least 4 teaspoons of pure sugar to your child’s ordinary milk…and you probably wouldn’t do that. And even worse is that even though Americans average having 22 grams of ADDED (being the key word) sugar a day – the recommended intake for children is only 12 grams a day. Since the sugar content of chocolate milk is not naturally occurring like it is for fruit, vegetables, and plain milk – that’s already enough sugar for the day and being children, they are bound to find more sweets! Sugar also raises adrenaline levels in some people, which may not be beneficial for a learning environment if it is served in places like school.

All of that being said, however – there are better ways to look at chocolate milk than it being full of sugar. For instance – it is a much better choice than a lot of fruit juices, sodas, and shakes, especially considering that it IS nutrient dense. And if you make it at home, you could likely easily cut down on the sugar content but still make it enjoyable. ย Additionally – if chocolate milk isn’t overdone by being had a couple of times a day or even every day, its benefits would certainly outweigh the negatives. Maybe offering it on occasion – like every other day, or once a week?

Interestingly, though – and on a slightly different note – chocolate milk is beginning to be looked at as a sport’s drink much like Gatorade due to its’ carb, protein, and sugar content. It is shown to restore glycogen in the muscles. (Glycogen being what gives muscles fuel.)

1. “Does flavored milk have as much sugar as soda?” Consume This First. April 27, 2010.ย http://www.consumethisfirst.com/2010/04/27/does-flavored-milk-have-as-much-sugar-as-soda/

2. “Report Provides New Sugar Recommendations For Adults,” Rodale. Main, Emily. April 21, 2010.ย http://www.rodale.com/recommended-sugar-intake

3. “Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink?” CBS News. McNamara, Melissa. February 2006.ย http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/02/24/health/webmd/main1342839.shtml

Nutrition Data for Sugar –ย http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/sweets/5592/2


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31 responses to “Butternut Squash Win

  1. First of all, thanks for the shout-out ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m loving the fact that you can ‘feel’ it too when you haven’t quite eaten enough. That little paragraph of yours pretty much summed up the point I was trying to get across in my entire last post ๐Ÿ˜› Heh.. you are one wordy smarty-pants!

    Second, that video is darling! I don’t care if you do sound like Arnie – Now I wanna make one!

    My favourite squash has got to be a tie between butternut and kabocha. They taste really similar, but kabocha is more creamy and less watery.

    My thoughts on chocolate milk for kids? Unhealthy. Your points are fabulous by the way, especially the part about how it is probably a better choice than most other things even if it is considered unhealthy. I think I would be concerned with additives like HFCS.. I know certain brands here use it to sweeten their chocolate milk, in which case it would probably be much better to make it at home with regular sugar or opt for an organic/natural variety (which most people don’t do).

    โค Tat

  2. Oooh, I am so bookmarking that recipe you tried for dinner because butternut squash is my favorite!

    And as far as the chocolate milk goes… When I was a kid, it was a “special treat” kind of thing that I had maybe once a month, possibly less. My mom was pretty conscious about giving me and my sister super sugary stuff, and bought the organic versions pretty often. But I think it’s really unhealthy when kids are allowed to drink it every day instead of water or plain milk, or worse, when it’s sold in vending machines of schools (like mine!) in 16 ounce bottles. Blerg.

  3. I love butternut squash, and I think my favorite thing to make with it is soup. Just sautee onions in a little bit of butter, add roasted squash and veggie stock, and then puree. SO good. My butternuts in the garden are almost ready to be picked, and I can’t wait!

  4. haha I definitely use a voice like that when I talk to my horses too, your not weird at all ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I actually don’t like any kind of squash! I know, I know, the horror!
    Your super cute in that first picture ๐Ÿ™‚ does that tea actually taste like a sugar cookie? I’ve always wanted to try it.
    Have a good one !

  5. Yeah, that’s why I stopped eating Kashi GoLean [Crunch]. Both of those cereals have 6-13g added sugars, and soy milk has 6 or so in itself. That’s why I’m always looking for granola bar recipes that don’t use some kind of syrup or honey as a binder and why I’m tossing bananas and pumpkin into everything for sweetness. I do have to admit though my added intake is low… I figured it was <10g or so per day. And to think people drink soda constantly, which is just pure added sugar… blech.

    And that nutrition book looks an awful lot like the one I used in class last year, what's the name of it? ๐Ÿ˜›

    My favorite squash is kabocha and I like to rub olive oil and a tiny bit of honey on the flesh after halving it, sprinkling cinnamon and ginger in it and roasting it. I do the same with acorn, which was my old favorite before I discovered kabocha.

  6. I have mixed feelings and thoughts on chocolate milk too. It would be great to see kids drinking more white milk, but chocolate milk is better than sodas, certain juices, etc. like you said. It’s kind of a shady issue.

  7. I think that’s the older edition of my current nutrition textbook! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wish that I had a store like that around here! Some things are plenty fine for a bit after their “sell by” date.

  8. My favorite squash right now is acorn, I roast it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Soooo good! I would love to try kabocha because I keep seeing it everywhere in the blog world, but I have yet to find it in Montreal!

    I’ve finally discovered that hunger often times does not manifest itself with a rumbling stomach, but in a variety of other, more subtle, ways. As I eat more and more now, I can really feel the difference and I’m realizing that before when I thought I was coming down with a weird virus it was just because I was running low on energy and nauseous from hunger.

    Now that I eat well those symptoms are almost all gone (yay!) and if I feel them again, I know that I simply have to eat a bit more! It’s really a matter of knowing our bodies, which takes time, but is really worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. A fear of squash? Oh my! I just ate roasted acorn squash. oh my goodness.

  10. that’s too funny! i’d love to run with you, but i’d also do some yoga with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh and ps – too funny about yesterday’s post, i loved the products you hated and hated the ones you loved! lol just goes to show you we all have different taste buds!

  11. It definately felt like fall weather today – perfect night for squash !!!! I think my favorite is roasted butternut squash with garlic, roasted shallots and oive oil – simple yet delicious!!!
    I definately know that when im feeling tired i know that i probably haven’t eaten enough and find that a quick snack always does the trick!!!! I guess listening to our bodies is really the answer!!!
    Have a great Friday!!!!! xo aimee

  12. i’ve only tried the yellow squash..and we grill it..and I LOVE IT like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ i talk funny when i’m talking to animals too! it’s all good. ๐Ÿ™‚ gosh those coconut waffles sound awesome!!! mmm.coconut.
    as for chocolate milk..i think if your active you should definatly drink it..personaly a full fat 2 serving size bottle of chocolate milk is my recovery drink when i do REALLY long runs. i just think it’s great re-fuel. but that’s only once in a while i do a crazy long run and NEED it…of course we’re talking grass-fed/organic good stuff.not some hormoned up cow milk and sugar on top of that! lol but that’s just me. ๐Ÿ™‚ and that’s a crazy dream!..kinda cool. wonder what it means??

  13. That’s a really good price on the granola.

  14. Your package is wrapped up and going in the mail tomorrow! Peanut flour is on it’s way!!! Ok, sugar and chocolate milk…I think we become accustomed to flavors especially sweets. I occasionally buy chocolate milk (almond milk) and while it sounds good to all of us at the moment…I am now trying to get people to drink it. We don’t do a ton of sweets and if we do, they are mostly fruit based. I do think everything in moderation, so I am ok with doing the sugar thing sometimes.

  15. I adore delicata squash…it is an heirloom variety that we received in our CSA box last year. It was like candy…or crack! We could not stop eating it. I’m on a serious mission to track some down this fall. That first photograph of you was so pretty. You have such a unique and beautiful face. I just love looking at it ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course I love seeing pictures of your babies too! I hope you have a great Friday love…enjoy your sleep tonight.

  16. dee

    your horse is precious. I love this post… FALL needs to arrive where I live ๐Ÿ™‚ I am craving it so. your eats look fantastic. i want some squash and quinoa … mmmm

    i have been craving roasted veggies SO BAD lately. but we have no oven at the moment. have for 4 weeks! it has been A LOT of grilling and toasting.

  17. Thank you for being so curious about food and so sensual about preparing it. Can I say sensual? No connotations..:-). In the midst of eating very boring food at the moment I just enjoy looking at your food and knowing what I can do later…mmm, ideas :-).

    I’m all for a good chocolate milk for the kids, like you’re mentioning, it’s really the sugar content that’s the cuprit, so just check that. I read a comparison somewhere that chocolate on bread for lunch boxes (not the chocolate spread variety, but the thin sheets of chocolate) is in fact better – nutritionally – than most cold meats and sausages, and I have no problem believing that. So I’m all for breaking those old “rules” saying you can’t have chocolate milk on your breakfast or chocolate on your lunch box (rye) bread – as long as the kids are getting the fruit and the veggies and the whole grain as well. Somehow, it tends to become an easy rule to go by that if it tastes good, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. Errr, not necessarily. I just saw another blogger mentioning the French women vs American: enjoying and celebrating food vs calorie-counting and calorie-burning, and (funnily?) radiance vs worry?

    Okay, chocolate milk just led to France vs US? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the video horsie-treat!

  18. Ohh you can’t be scared of my beloved squash Jess! Haha! My favourites are butternut and kabocha because they’re sweeter for my sweet tooth and I’ve even heard there’s such a thing called a sweet potato squash which sounds yum!! I just chop them up into little pieces and roast them with all my other favourite veg sprinkled with garlic salt or cinnamon to put with my main meals or I put the pieces in a rice dish/pasta/risotto with other stuff like beans, nuts, tofu..ohh I just love it!
    You look so pretty and cute in your picture by the way ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for chocolate milk..I was never allowed it as a kid. If I wanted that sort of thing my mum would make up a healthier version so it was lower in sugar because I already ate a high sugar diets because I have such a sweet tooth. I definitely go over the recommended intake with just fruits, honey, dried fruits ALONE eek! But I figure that it’s okay because they’re natural and I make a point of buying dried fruit with no added sweetener and it’s all in balance with the rest of my diet. I agree though that there are worse things to drink like full fat sodas.
    I really look up to you in terms of your foods and listening to your bodys needs. It’s really admirable and you have shown me many times how I should be fuelling my body so thankyou so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I love all the squashes and pumpkins ๐Ÿ˜€ Butternut is my favorite I guess.
    Hm, chocolate milk. Well, it is yummy, and I think it’s better to give that to a kid, then a bottle of cola or some crap like that.
    I would(&will) probably give to my kid a glass of milk with a tbsp of cocoa in it, with some honey to sweeten it.

  20. I don’t eat squash. Shame on me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Chocolate milk sounds good to me in spite of the high sugar content. Maybe because I haven’t drunk chocolate milk in… years? I don’t remember. But seeing what children today consume, I think it would be much better for them to drink chocolate milk every now and then than stuff themselves with burgers, coke, artificial juices full of chemicals and all the other crap which is offered everywhere.

  21. a) NOTHING wrong with sounding like my man Arnie – he is a god IMHO!
    b) Love teddie! Too cute ๐Ÿ™‚
    c) vanilla almonds, I want theee.
    d) you were scared of squash!? Good gracious – you haven’t lived!!! My favourite = (no guessed) kabocha, and I like it roasted with garlic, cinnamon, maple syrup….wow. It’s a mouthgasm!!
    e) I was just about to say re chocolate milk, they recommend it as a post workout thing cos it’s got sucha good balance of protein to carb to fat etc. But sayin that..I don’t think people should drink cow’s milk, so it depends what sort of form it’s in ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. Isn’t that recipe delicious? I loved it! We had it for leftovers last night, and I may be having it again tonight ๐Ÿ™‚ I especially loved the crunch from the almonds with the squash. Yum.

  23. thejennybean

    I love your pictures! And that’s a great idea what you did with your green monster, I’ll have to try that with my shakeology ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Interesting stuff about the chocolate milk. It’s always touted as “the best recovery drink,” but with all the added refined sugar, I feel like it’s a bit exaggerated. Reading this gave me the idea to melt down a square or two of good-quality dark chocolate (the kind with only a few grams of sugar) and adding it to milk…

    I’ve been eating garbage on weekends and feeling like garbage, too. Funny how that happens. It’s difficult to find a balance between enjoying yourself and still eating well!

  25. Yummy dinner! Right now I am all about the buttercup squash.

    Crazy how a few drops in degrees affects our inner temp so much! I’ve been freezing but it’s only 70 here.

  26. Mmm I love Celestial Seasonings teas! I’ve never tried the sugar cookie flavour but I keep on hearing how good it is. I can’t wait to get my hands on it this winter!

    My favourite squash is pumpkin, in a pie form hehe. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I also love acorn squash baked with butter and brown sugar.

    Obviously plain milk is the ideal for children, but if a child is really picky, I’d say it’s probably better that they drink chocolate milk rather than no milk at all. The benefits of the calcium and other vitamins/nutrients probably outweigh the negative aspects like the high sugar content. Plus I’m sure chocolate milk is loads better for kids than sodas and sugary juices!

  27. ok, so im not the only one who has random blogger dreams- haha good to know. isnt that so strange tho!? maybe its a foreshadowing…? who knows ๐Ÿ˜›

    wow and is it just me or does 2.99 for that lovely granola seem like an amazing deal! wow- that stuff i know would be 8.99 or more here- thats what all our granola sells for..unless its the quaker kind or w.e.

    XOXO โค

  28. Natalia

    I truly love your blog. It’s one of my favorite ones out there in the blog world. Your pictures are fantastic, your humor always has me laughing, and I simply adore horses, so I’ve got to say I’m pretty smitten. =)

  29. hahah I loved the video of Teddie! He’s even cuter moving than in photos. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I totally say CoCo’s name weird, too. I kind of sound Jamaican actually now that I think about it.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And I think kids drinking chocolate milk is way better than them drinking soda even if it does have some added sugar. At least they get all the benefits of milk instead of just empty pure-sugar-and-caffeine calories.

  30. I drink that sugar cookie tea too! And oh my goodness I love a good roasted acorn squash. Cannot waittt for fall!

  31. Also you have to remember that milk has natural sugars in it…But I do agree it has too much extra sugar. Aside from spaghetti squash I love delicata squash not as sweet as others which I find too sweet.

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