Hit or Miss

We all know food can tend to be a hit or miss. This is especially true when it comes to trying new products or just trying a different brand of the same product.

And we all know there’s nothing worse than excitedly digging into something new only to be let down. Okay – maybe it’s worse that we then have a whole jar/bottle of whatever that is nasty.

Breakfast: HIT!! Base: 1/2 mashed banana, ~1/2 c. quick oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, chia seeds, cinnamon (and lots of it.) Vanilla chobani mixed in in the morning.

It’s hard to ever know for sure what you’re getting into with new stuff, too – just because one person loves it doesn’t mean you will, and just because they hate it doesn’t mean you will.

Topped this morning with peanut butter sauce, raisins, walnuts, wheat germ, and maple syrup. And some mo' banana.

I think a good case in point is that Banana peanut butter I picked up the other week. I was so excited about it at first, but now I find myself using more and more of it just because I want it gone already so I can move on to the good stuff. Luckily – I can’t really taste it’s plasticy taste when it’s made into a peanut butter sauce or birdseed bars.

HIT! Store-brand peanut butter!

Ironically, “the good stuff” is just $3.69 Price Chopper brand organic crunchy peanut butter. Who’s a thought?! I’m also loving locally made jams as well as random dented can store finds like this Holiday jam.

MISS: Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter.

Another recent disappointment? This Once Again Sunflower Seed butter. I had high hopes – I mean, give me a spoon and a jar of sunflower butter and I’m a happy girl. I love it even more than peanut butter, even though (and I just realized this) you rarely see it on this blog. Usually I buy the Full Circle brand, though Sunbutter is just as good. The only brand the co-op had was Once Again – but it’s oddly gritty and salty? Not a fan. I can’t wait for it to be over so I can buy some of the good stuff! It does get brownie points for having a really cute mascot, though.

Lunch: HIT!! And I thought the wraps I've been having are the best wraps ever...add tempeh to the mix, and you'll be in heaven!!

I grilled the tempeh on the panini press before wrapping it in a homemade pesto wrap with tomato “sauce” (leftover from last night), garlic hummus, feta, and mozzarella, and panini’d away. So. dang. good.


I’ll probably get tomatoes thrown at me for this, but this Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla was a gigantic miss for me. I might as well have been pouring water over my cereal, except this might have been worse.

This was the first almond milk I’d ever had, back when healthy eating was hardly much of a passion. It was gross to me then and made me think all almond milk was gross, and it still is. I think it made my tongue even go a little tingly.


This (sweetened) original Silk Pure Almond, however? ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! Even though I’m not a fan of really sweet things, the Almond Breeze was just not doin’ it for me. I don’t find this milk to be too sweet, and I can use it in sweet or savory baking and/or cooking.

I’ll take the bit of added sugar if it means enjoyment! I should note – I do enjoy the original sweetened Almond Breeze. The deciding factor of whether I get Silk or Almond Breeze is dependent on which store I’m in and which is cheaper. Usually, Almond Breeze is cheaper only by a quarter or two, but is only in one store I sometimes go to.


I dusted the date brownies from yesterday with some confectioner’s sugar to sweeten them up a bit for work. They were enjoyed! Although one boss said they needed more chocolate…crazy, if you ask me.


The Organic Whey and Tera’s Whey are both great powders, but I’m thinkin’ The Organic Whey takes the ultimate cake. It’s unsweetened, unflavored, organic, and rBGH free…you can do whatever your little heart desires with it! Tera’s is great – but it’s already flavored and sweetened. Good for when you’re mixing it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk or when you want your bars to be very vanilla-y, but not if you’re aiming for a certain flavor. Other than bourbon vanilla, that is.

And, if you click here and enter your e-mail, you can get on the list for all sorts of big specials and savings!! I’m always getting emails for 3 pouches for $99, free shipping, and so on and so on. And neat tips!

Reasons to be careful and research your protein powders before purchase:

Reason #1 Whey protein comes from milk. If the milk contains growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides then the resulting whey also contains these harmful ingredients. 99% of whey protein available today comes from milk that contains all three harmful elements.

Reason #2 Whey loses most of its natural goodness when it is processed using acids or high temperatures. Most major protein brands sell whey which is acid-processed because that is the most cost-effective method for industrial production. The companion nutrients in whey-things like lactoglobulin- are very tender and are destroyed in this processing.

Reason #3 Protein companies then add artificial/natural flavors and sweeteners to mask the strong taste of chemicals present in whey after it is subjected to industrial processing.

Reason #4 In the whey business, all companies buy whey from blenders who source it from the cheapest source in the world at that moment. Whey protein companies don’t know where their whey is coming from and therefore, can’t tell consumers where it is coming from or how was it processed.


Both my mom and I love these birdseed bars!


And I’m loving my new water bobble, too. It’s a water bottle with a filter!
I was a little bummed at first because I thought it was going to be as large as a Nalgene bottle, but the disappointment wore off when the coolness factor kicked in 😉 Although – surfing their site I see I just got one of the smaller ones :\ Bummer! Buying a larger one is in order. When you first start using it, don’t be surprised if it’s really difficult to draw from – once the filter gets a couple uses on it it’s not as much of a bother!
Here’s a great article!


I’ve raved about this Organic Valley pourable yogurt before – but I’ll reiterate. I love it!



As well as Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt. I enjoy the plain, too - but since having Vanilla, I've been having a hard time switching back ;) And, last but not least...


Uhhhh, yeah...I may or may not have been thinking of this waiting for me at home all afternoon ;) What are your recent hits and misses? (These opinions are my own and I am not being paid or reimbursed in any way. In fact, all of these weren't even sent to me except for The Organic Whey - but you all knew that already.)


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23 responses to “Hit or Miss

  1. Hits: Pacific almond milk (I think you’d like it :)), pear butter.
    Miss: Vega protein powder.

    That water bottle is SO COOL. I think I’ll order one like it because I don’t feel safe drinking my school’s water straight, haha.

  2. AHHH!! So funny you posted this! I just got a $3 jar of apple spread thinking it would be like apple butter….not so much. I refuse to waste just adding to the disappointment. It was a rather large jar 😦

  3. I’m sure the brownies were good. I will say, you can never have enough chocolate (if the boss said to add more), but I think they look amazing!

    And bummer about the sunflower seed butter. I haven’t had any in a while in the house- because I’m like you in how quickly I can make it disappear!

  4. … really?! I LOVE Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze 😛 To each their own!

    I always think it’s so funny with food blogging how people (myself included) will run out and buy something sometimes just because another blogger happened to like it. I mean.. what gives?!

    My most recent hit was Sunbutter – although that was a long time ago and my jar is nearly empty now! I have a different brand waiting for me once this one is done, and I am both excited and nervous to see how it compares 😛

    Most recent miss? Coconut butter. I can’t stand the stuff.. and I paid almost fifteen bucks for it. I should have known – I’m not really a huge coconut fan but I was sucked in. I keep meaning to try it in baking, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    ❤ Tat

  5. Hit: sweet potato incorporated in desserts and Optimum cereal
    Miss: faux-meat products (bleh!)

    Love your watter bottle!

  6. Too bad about the sunflower seed butter but it’s good to know so I dont waste my money. I opened up a Sunbutter jar and it’s really good 🙂 I was never a fan of almond milk, either. I originally bought it cause it so low calorie (when I was losing weight) until I realize it only offers 1 gram of protein..which isnt a big deal, but if I didn’t like the taste, I wasn’t going to bother you know? 😛

  7. I had some random squash from the coop and it was a complete miss. I don’t know if it was the squash itself or if it’s just me being a squash-snob because it wasn’t a kabocha (or buttercup seeing as that’s about as close as I can get at the moment).

    Also hat cactus tonight at our dining hall for a Mexican-themed dinner. It wasn’t a hit or a miss, not super amazing, but nothing horrible.

    I did make some orange almond millet in the microwave and that was, again, a complete hit! The container I heated it in sealed itself (it’s like…tupperware?) so I couldn’t remove the cover but after I got back into my dorm after the fire drill (totally lame timing) it came off and I had a great crunchy dinner.

  8. Great interesting post!!!! Recent hits: galaxy granola, Nutridel flax cookies (so good)
    I actually like Pacific Almond milk – i personally use the vanilla unsweetened version.
    Love the waterbottle – its adorable!!!
    What a great way to end the day – the pasta bake looks perfect after a long day at work!!!

  9. I haven’t seen Silk almond milk yet! I wanna try it because I, like you, do enjoy my sweetened almond milk… though for everyday use (i.e. in smoothies, my primary milk usage where the flave isn’t a huge issue), I buy the unsweetened cuz I consume enough sugar during the day I really don’t need that bit more :p
    BUT when I’ve used it to make oatmeal it has royally SUCKED. So I would like to get a good milk that I can actually use for its flavor!

    Also want to try sunflower seed butter… glad to see your recommendations. 🙂

  10. The banana PB would have had me bloated for 2hrs lol!

  11. I have a tip for you! The Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk from Almond Breeze is disgusting – their Original Unsweetened is delicious and tastes exactly like Silk Original!

  12. Michelle

    I’m a Silk girl too!!! It’s super cheap at my grocery store. I often get 1/2 off or even free coupons for it 🙂

  13. Everyone is different and have different tastes! I’ve discovered lots of things in the blog world that I love.. but have also had misses. Like chia seeds? Hm. They’re ok and they’re good for you buuut i’m not in love with them. Like vegan overnight oats? I want to like it, I really do, but i just DON’T.
    The first time I had almond milk.. ew. But I’m in LOVE with Almond Breeze Unsweetened… LOVE.

  14. i hear ya on the almond butter…it’s just like water!! my recent hits: green tea frap (matcha powder!!!) and sunflower butter. oh and almond butter + rye bread..the most amazing combo ever..sweet+savory/sour..wow. so good. luckily i can’t think of a miss i’ve had..gosh your wraps are killin’ me ..they sound/look so good!!! especially that tortilla!

  15. Oh no! So sad abt the misses…esp that banana PB. That sounded so fascinating!
    I like almond milk…but I don’t drink them straight up, I cook with them and they give this really nice nutty creaminess.

  16. This is really sad for me…but the new Puffins in their new boxes are a big miss for me! I ate a bowl of Puffins every night after dinner, but they’ve changed the way they make them…and they just aren’t the same! Even typing this makes me want to shed a tear (just kidding…but really it’s a bummer!) I want to try that Silk Almond Milk now…I think the other kind is a bit blah too!

  17. I can’t believe how many brands of almond milk you guys have over there! Here, there’s like, one brand with 2 flavours, and that’s it. Quite frankly, you’re all spoilt 😛

    Hits = um…[still] kabocha and cinnamon raisin swirl PB and The (American) Office 😀
    Missed= sunflower butter! I just don’t get it 😦 Oh and broad beans. Not a fan.

  18. That spaghetti squash I ate the other day was a huge miss! I hate those misses that I have to finish off! Tony thinks I am crazy sometimes for the things I continue to eat. I am just too darn cheap sometimes.

  19. I want some of those date brownies!! And I like Silk almond milk a lot better but I drink Almond Breeze too, it just takes some getting used to! Oh and good idea to put vanilla yog into overnight oats, I bet that tastes way better than using plain!

  20. I find it a funny thing in the blogging world where we all want to try these new foods because other people rave about them but we might not like them at all! Everyone was going on about spaghetti squash and I was DYING to try some and I was SO excited when I got one – uhh HUGE miss! And I’m the biggest squash freak ever..I eat it everyday, sometimes twice..without fail!
    Hits for me from blogging though are my new ginger cookies, Freyas cereals that she has, persimmons, bulgar wheat and millions of muffin recipes 🙂
    Ohh I wish we had chobani yogurts here! They always sound so good and everyone seems to rave about them..haha there we go again..could be another spaghetti squash experience for me if I tried one?! Haha! I doubt it though, I love ANY yogurt really 🙂

  21. thejennybean

    oatmeal looked yummy, so did the bar! yum yum yum 🙂

  22. The Almond Breeze unsweetened original is what I always get. Never tried the vanilla flavour though!

    Recent hits: Oikos honey Greek yogurt and Amazing Grass Green Superfood in the goji and acai flavour.

    Misses: Sushi from campus. So not as good as restaurant sushi! 😛

  23. im not sure ive ever tried sunflower seed butter..maybe in a granola bar but never by itself. i hate tahini so i think i wouldnt like this either! its such a cute jar too..for me i get sold on glass nut/seed butter jars with cute or well designed labels…lol.
    haha the water bottle filter looks like a mini version of the filters in my fish tank, crazy!

    my recent hits: crunchy almond butter, pesto spinach wraps, greek yogurt

    misses: simply naturals salsa, baked acorn squash, jasmine tea. *blech*

    xoxo ❤

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