Fun Facts

Fun Facts of the Day:

  • Prairie Voles are one of the only mammals that are monogamous
  • Running isn’t so bad when you don’t have an awkward camera/camera bag around your neck and your ears are warm
  • It’s really baffling me that I can’t locate my belt, as there are only two places in this house where I would be taking off such a thing
  • I am currently drinking tea. Tea means fall is upon us.

These waffles this morning were out of this world good. I added loots of cinnamon to the usual recipe, and topped it with fresh banana slices – which was a change from my usual nuked banana slices – dried figs, cashews, and peanut butter sauce. The combination worked so well…especially because my peanut butter sauce was amped up! I mixed some monkey business with organic valley vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, and maple syrup. I wish I could say I love this new peanut butter – but the more I have it, the nastier it is :\ It was fine in this combination, though, and mixed into things in general – just not plain. Too…artificially.

Anyways. Enough about breakfast. I went for another runwalk before it, though! I just…keep getting so inspired to run! I think the weather changing has a lot to do with it, as well as inspiration from everyone I read. I know Sunday’s wasn’t overwhelmingly amazing, but I erased any memory of it and set out. Which is ironic, because this morning was really crappy weather, and usually that puts me in a reclusive mood, not a “rah, rah, run!” mood. It was sprinkling, even!

But I had fun. My revelation: if you wear really dorky headphones, they cover your ears enough that the tips don’t get cold, which is always my biggest complaint. And having a working iPod definitely helps. And no bulky camera at your side.

Oh, those favorite part of him 😉

After breakfast, though, I went to see loverboy. We had such a good ride! I don’t think his little legs had ever moved so fast before our little gallop up the hill 😉 We did some work in the outdoor despite the less-than-stellar weather and then moved onto messing around in the meadows before haulin’ butt home. Not the best thing to teach him to run home, but we’ve gotta live a little, you know!

I feel much less stressed about him lately – I was sort of freaking out about whether he would “work out” where he is now, especially when winter sets in and we do indoor work. But you know…whatever happens, happens. I don’t think I’ve ever had a horse that I’ve been so content to just do whatever with…but I am with him. Even if all I do is brush him and give him his belly rubs…he’s just so much fun to be around.

Buuuut then the party was over and I got home to get some school work done. Enter: prairie voles.


First, I called my mom and requested onions and peanut butter while she was at the store. How bizarre of a request is that? Onions…and peanut butter. Hmm.

and lunch was definitely not anything to be skipping over, either. Holy wow are these wraps good!

especially when you nuke them, smear them with garlic hummus, feta cheese, and roasted red pepper and then nuke a bit longer.

It was oozy, creamy, nommerful deliciousness.

With some vanilla chobani, pineapple, and energy chunk crumbles for some more protein-age and deliciousness, too.

And I just had to make something today, of course! Since I was going to still be a good student, I kept it short and sweet with homemade crackers…

mix of: 1/4 c each: sunflower seeds, chia seeds, milled flax, cashews, plus some sesame seeds and BBQ rub. Numnum.

Not really necessary, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep studying diligently if I didn’t just make some banana soft serve to get it off my mind. Pure creamy, heavenly deliciousness in a bowl. I blended frozen banana, frozen raspberries, and some almond milk for pure bliss.

Enter: online classes. I’m lucky it was a dreary day, because otherwise I never would have been so diligent about reading all about prairie voles and their monogamous preferences.

Oh yeah, and cleaning out the ponies. I feel sort of bad that we haven’t done much with the lately except brushing and ground work…but at the same time, I guess it’s okay because when winter sets in we won’t be able to ride them much anyways. So hey…if they hangout and just get doted on and look cute  ’til spring it’s not the end of the world.

And to wrap this up (man, why am I so boring lately?) dinner was fabby, too:

I had a cashew-pineapple-quinoa stir fry from veganomicon, though switched up a hair just based on what I had. Initially, as I was making it…I was concerned there were too many flavors and that it would never work. But it was a-ok and was even mother approved.

Cook as instructed some quinoa.

Saute diced onion and garlic in peanut oil. Add in a pinch of ground ginger. Keep stir frying, and then add in sliced carrot, diced bell pepper, and frozen peas. Season with salt and pepper, stir frying, then add in fresh mint and fresh basil. Stir, Stir, Stir! Then add in sliced pineapple and your cooked quinoa. I chose to add some black beans for a bit more oomph, too.

Top with chopped cashews!

I’m off to go find my belt and read about the variation in color in ladybugs. I bet your night won’t be this crazy!

What’s your favorite stir fry meal? I’ve never made a real stir fry, I don’t think…but I don’t know why not!! So I want to hear all your crazy concoctions. I know there’s a few of you that enjoy them quite often 😉

Give me your most bizarre factoid!! Or self quirks. I can write a whole blog post no problem, but when I’m done and need to add tags and categories, I get so lazy and it just seems like so.much. work.


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26 responses to “Fun Facts

  1. Favourite stir fry? Chinese shrimp curry. Yum! Too bad I have absolutely no idea how to make it… so I get it every time we go out 🙂

    Most bizarre factoid? Horses cannot throw up 😛 Haha.. I bet you already knew that, but hey, maybe someone else is interested in my factoid!? Your studies actually sound insanely interesting to me, but I’m a total dork. What course are you taking?

    Maybe my fact should have just been that hummus wraps are incredible? Yep. I think so.

    ❤ Tat

  2. My favorite stir fry = anything with snow peas. Yummy.

    And a bizarre factoid about me is that I cannot function if I feel unsymmetrical. Like if one of my shoes is on tighter than the other, or if I’m wearing a wide-necked shirt that tilts to one side, I literally stomp my feet on the ground and have a temper tantrum!

    I’d be happy to read your bizarre factoid post if you ever decided you wanted to write one 🙂

  3. Usually I just stir-fry a bunch of veggies, toss in some random sauce that never seems to thicken or make things glossy because cornstarch hates me, and call it a stir fry. I’ve probably mentioned that I suck at stir fries because I try to cook enough vegetables for 4 people in the oil and sauce required for 1. I love broccoli, mushrooms, water chestnuts, scallions and ginger in my stir fries though. Chickpeas make everything better too. 😉

    Self-quirks? I think I’m a living quirk to be honest haha. Well, most are little OCD things related to the ED, but umm… I really dislike pants? I guess that’s a quirk, maybe TMI, but meh, who cares? I lounge around in boxers as much as possible and when winter comes around I have to wear jeans for warmth, but it’s so irritating and as soon as classes are done and I’m in my dorm, the pants are off.

    I also have to end my night with frozen fruit and yogurt. I don’t know why. Sometimes I’ll be full and almost having a stomach ache and I’ll get a few pieces in just to satisfy myself. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it? 😛

  4. I had bananas and peanut butter too! They are really best friends! I don’t know that I do too many stir fries but I am loving fried rice lately!

    I am one huge quirk. One of the strangest things I do (or at least my husband thinks so, is that I count the number of strokes of deoderant I put on. I don’t want to stink.

    Now, I want to know what you have been up to that you can’t find you belt…

  5. I haven’t thought about dried figs before. That would add a nice texture and perfect for this time of year.

  6. I love trader joe’s brown rice with any and every kind of veggies – I am so lazy when it comes to updating my recipes page. I always forget and then have to spend like a half hour doing it when each time it could have only taken 1 minute.

  7. teenagehealthfreak

    wow. that soft serve…looks heavenly.. and that wrap. o my. i want it. wow. looks good.
    everything does…love the horse pictures! 🙂
    -i am taking online college classes too
    -my bed always HAS to be made
    -i have to lay out my ALL of my clothes the night before(including undergarments…)so i know what i’m wearing the next day
    -I hate the way gum make you all “wet” in your mouth and people who chew it loud. uhhh
    -i wanta zebra
    -i am one of those people who will randomly bust out laughing…when no-one else is….at something that went on yesterday. just like now..when i’m thinking about that cat running around in a fedora..HA HAAAHAHA omg…loved that.
    you pick which-ever one you think is bizzare…although they’re really not exciting! lol

  8. I’ve just started drinking hot tea again this week for the first time in months. You know the seasons are a changing when! It’s been so grey and drizzly, perfect tea sip weather. I’m kind of hoping the sky (but not the temps!) will perk up though because I really want to start up some brisk fall temperature running. The summer was too darn hot a lot of the time.

    I haven’t made a stir fry in a while. I think that’s another fall food that’s going to start up again. Usually mine are just loaded with plenty of veg, some random noodle or rice I find in the cupboard, and whatever sauce needs using up in the fridge. I work with what I have haha.

    Quirks? My swear my entire self is one big quirk 🙂

  9. love your blog and gorgeous pictures! i’ve been getting into tea too.. wooo for fall.

    my quirk = most of my comfy running socks have holes in them.. but im too lazy and poor to buy new ones! post college sadness lol. have an awesome weekend!!

  10. I almost made that stir-fry back when I had that book from the library.. it sounded so good!! Need to get on that. I think i still have the recipe? But cooking quinoa in pineapple juice (per the recipe) is the BEST idea ever!

    I totally want a smoothie now..

    Online classes. ew. enough said.

    And yay for running!!! I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT! I can run vicariously through you. We even share the same name so it’s like.. ok so that really made no sense but you get my drift haha
    love you girl!

  11. Those waffles remind me exactly of the ones I had in Belgium…except mine were covered in sugar!

  12. I loved those photographs of Teddie…such wonderful shots! And I’m drinking tea here too…although it is far too warm. I’m going to just have to make fall happen! Veganomic is quickly becoming one of my favorite cookbooks, and I just love seeing the recipes that you use from it. As for quirk…I always break my crackers into four pieces. I have no idea why nor do I do this with any other food item, but for some reason my crackers have to be in fourths!

  13. your pictures are just SO stunning. I’m still trying to get a hang of my camera.

    Fave stir-fry meal = cauliflower and broccoli and cabbage fried with curry powder, balsamic vinegar until crisp and cooked through. Stir in maple syrup, cream cheese, and nori flakes. 🙂

  14. HAhahaha, the pony pics made my morning. Thank you 🙂

  15. I’m totally in love with the face shot of Teddie. He is adorable!

    I am a big fan of stir fries. I would eat anything if it doesn’t involve fruits. I am bit conservative on that. Some of my favorite ingredients are mushrooms, broccoli and sweet corn.

    Factoid: too many antioxidants can be as bad as too many prooxidants.

  16. I can’t wait to try the waffle recipe. Yours always look so yummy and amazing.
    Hm..quirks… my joints always crack, it’s pretty freaky 😀

  17. What class are you enrolled in, where you’re learning about ladybugs and voles!? I’m so curious!!
    Awh I know exactly how you feel about Teddie 😀 I could spend hours just gazing at Chika!!
    Favourite stir fry..something peanut buttery with soy sauce and smokey flavours – LOVE!
    Quriky…or bizarre..I have to chew even amounts of food in each side of my mouth!? It’s atad weird :s
    Congrats on the running! This time next year you’ll be a marathoner :p

  18. Oh gosh, this post just reminded me – I have three (THREE) hardback books, purely on useless facts! I want to go re-read them now 😀

  19. Great photos of Teddie – ive missed seeing pictures of him!!! Great idea of using pineapple with quinoa – ill have to give it a try. I love hummus and roasted pepper sandwiches too – and your wrap is the perfect addition!!!
    Random facts: Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete!!!
    If you lock your knees long enough while standing you actually can pass out!!!! (im not trying this!!!!)
    xoxo aimee

  20. Hahaha thanks for the mention! I can’t help it that I love stir fries! My favourite mix right now is onion, sweet peppers, kale, and broccoli with tofu and topped with Sunbutter + lime juice + soy sauce.

    That stir fry from Veganomicon looks so good! I love adding pineapple or mango to my dinners. I was meaning to try out that recipe this summer when I took out that book from the library, but I never got around to it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your run/walk better this time! Running isn’t really something you enjoy right away. It took me a while to really love it. 🙂

  21. My favorite stir fries of late: spicy chickpea messes, which include the ‘peas, onions, garlic, spinach/kale, maybe some cauliflower, maybe sweet potato… all doused heartily with garam masala, cumin, cinnamon.. that kinda thing.
    OR bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, maybe cabbage, green peas… in a spicy nutty sauce (AB or PB, mixed with soy sauce, agave/honey, sriracha, ginger, lime juice).

    Self quirk: my hair. It has morphed from: long light blond to dark brown pixie to something jetblack and asymmetrical (care of a hair design student :-\ ) and is now trying to grow out and revive itself au natural. I am perpetually on the verge of chopping it all off again. Trying not to….

  22. Oh my goodness, your waffles look amazingly delicious!!
    I love all kinds of stir fries but right now I especially like those with added pumpkin or hummus… yum!

  23. I love typical asian veggie stirfries (broccoli, carrots, red bell pepper, watercress, baby corn) with teryaki sauce served over brown rice or red bell pepper spaghetti (yes, it exists). Tofu is great, too!

  24. pretty sure you aren’t boring a day in your life! and i cracked up at the mole thing, but maybe that just means i’m easily amused…?

    weird quirk? my best runs are when i’m eating mostly raw…. like 6 bananas for breakfast. hey i always admit to being freaky 🙂

  25. Mmm…that was one of my favorite Veganomicon recipes. Very flavorful. 😀

    And I absolutely love hearing about you and Teddy. He sounds absolutely brilliant…and he’s adorable to boot. 😀

  26. runeatride

    I like simple stir frys, just a good mix of veggies with a tbsp of EVOO and some soy sauce, simmered until its pretty mushy. Shrimp on top is yum too! 🙂
    You aren’t boring! at all! haha I love the new Teddie pictures,such a cutie!
    random fact : penguins can convert salt water to fresh. haha don’t ask how, I just googled random facts 😛

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