Sheesh! You guys are easy to please – I thought for sure last night’s dinner looked hideous, even though it was delicious πŸ˜‰ If that wasn’t ugly enough for you, though, maybe this bread I made is.

Ironically, my ugliest load yet is also my tastiest! I based this off of Daniel’s recipe with a few alterations:

  • “2 T. oil” was 1 T. olive oil, 1 T. sesame oil
  • “2 T. honey” was 2 T. molasses (only because I was out of honey)
  • skim milk was almond milk
  • 3 c. WW flour was 2 1/4 c. WW flour, 1/2 c. quick oats, 1/4 c. sesame seeds, and 2 T. millet

The first time I made this, I had a similar look, though maybe not quite as sunken in. Sort of like it rose and collapsed, basically – I’m not sure if this is because of my breadmaker, or my tinkering with the recipe, though I have a hunch it’s the breadmaker. I’m setting it for a 2 lb. loaf, but that’s a complete guess. Maybe it’s larger or smaller? Anyone know?

Regardless of its’ appearance – it tastes fantastic! It is especially light, moist, and fluffy this time – true sandwich bread! The crust is not too crunchy, and get this – last night, I had two slices completely untoasted! That’s a big deal for me. One was just on its own (even more of a big deal) and the other with some jam.

And I mean, I guess I shouldn’t complain that it collapses, because then it’s the perfect size for sandwiches!

Garlic hummus, roasted broc, feta, and tomato paste

And, in case you were wondering – I didn’t even panini or toast that, and it. was. still. fantastic. Holy cow, this bread has changed me.

I had to bring back the broc sammiches! I think I’m going to turn in to a head of broccoli soon, with how much I’m consuming. It was on sale this week, and I’m not complaining. I am complaining, however, that I used the last of it yesterday. Sad face.

Of course, protein made an appearance, too.

cottage cheese, cinnamon, raisins.

which was joined with some fruitage. The carrot-fig ‘nola bar pictured was consumed a couple of hours later.

plumcot, bar.

Others eats included a Super Charge Me! Cookie I made yesterday. Seriously – these are hands down the. best. cookies. ever. And I’ve had a lot of cookies.

My subs:

  • spelt flour was WW flour
  • no coconut
  • 1/4 c. raisins
  • 2 T. dark choco chips
  • ~1/3 c. maple syrup + 1 T. “holiday jam” (strawberries, cranberries & maple syrup)
  • 3 T. sunbutter
  • 2 T. olive oil

Is it okay to bake with olive oil, anyways?


Believe it or not, but I hardly had enough oats for this to happen this morning:

overnight: 1/4 c. quick oats, 1 T. Ruth's Chia Goodness, 1/4 c. Kamut, 1/2 c. almond milk, cinnamon

I had to fall back on some Kamut! It lent for a fun taste and texture, actually. But I cannot be without oats for long.

Topped with banana, coconut, pineapple, OV pourable yogurt, goji granola, and cashews.

And so, naturally – I ran to the co-op while on my break today. Which reminds me!

I picked up one of these while I was out!

No, no – not an iced tea…anΒ iced mate! I drank these religiously last year – there is a lovely little cafe that makes some of the best smoothies, wraps, salads, sandwiches, bars, treats, etc around right downtown from work. It’s always crazy busy, which is good to see. I know I’m always complaining that my town doesn’t have any good health-food restaurants – but this is probably the only exception. They have great food, and I would always get a huuuge iced mate every day last summer. I’ve calmed down my obsession – but with today’s heat and the fact that a. I was downtown anyways, and b. my boss wanted a smoothie from there I just had to have one! It was so refreshing and delicious. A habit I should bring back every so often πŸ˜›

Have you ever had a mate? If you do some research, it’s actually quite an interesting tea with many health benefits:

Yerba mate was discovered centuries ago by the indigenous people in South America and has been revered as the β€œdrink of the gods” and consumed to enhance, vitality, clarity, and well-being. With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, 11 polyphenols, caffeine, and is high in antioxidants, yerba mate triumphs as nature’s most balanced stimulant.

Of the six commonly used stimulants in the world–yerba mate, coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa, and guarana–yerba mate is the healthiest, delivering both energy and nutrition.

A lot of times it is compared (nutrient wise) to green tea – but really, it’s even more nutritious!

Each infusion of yerba mate contains:
β€’ Vitamins:Β A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin (B3), B5, B Complex
β€’ Minerals:Β Calcium, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc
β€’ Additional Compounds:Β Carotene, Fatty Acids, Chlorophyll, Flavonols,
Polyphenols, Inositol, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants, Tannins, Pantothenic Acid and 15 Amino Acids.

It’s definitely one of those really interesting “health foods” – because as much good as you can find about it, sites praising its benefits – you can find just as many warning you of it. I think, actually – it was once banned in the United States, but I can’t find any more on that at the moment.

Anyways. While I was out, I went to the co-op. My whole reason for running out, actually, I needed oats, remember? I also needed a few other things. Like honey. Instead, I wound up with date sugar. I wanted date syrup, but no dice. Has anyone used date sugar before? I’m eager to try it!

And I bought a baby pack of hemp seeds. Sarena was fully responsible for this, with her recent boasting of hemp seeds!

Hey, Nutiva – she deserves a lifetime supply!

And another new brand of Sunflower Seed butter. Full Circle has been my favorite thus far since they use evaporated cane jucie to sweeten, whereas this organic Once Again brand and Sunbutter just use sugar. Doesn’t bother me too much since it’s so infrequent that I have real sugar, but if you’re keeping a tally, there’s one for Full Circle! Any way you stretch it, though – your life isn’t complete without some sunflower seed butter, regardless of brand!

I’m not sure what inspired me to be so wordy and ad-y tonight, but there you have it. Straight from the horse-owner’s mouth. Oh, yeah – Broccoli-Bean Pie is even better the next day!! Looking forward to having it tomorrow, too πŸ˜€ To answer a popular question – the sweet potato crust isn’t very crunchy/crust like. I’m sure you could make it that way by cooking it longer – but I didn’t mind it being a bit softer!

What’s your favorite hot-weather refreshment?

What’s one thing you were obsessed with last summer, but have hardly done at all this summer?

What’s wrong with my bread?

Now, I’m off to do some “pre-class assigments,” which I think should be illegal.


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26 responses to “Wordy

  1. Well alright, Jessica..you’re not going to be able to make an unappetizing meal. Not with your incredible photography skills. πŸ˜› That bread reminds me of this *amazing* bread my mom and I make called “box bread” and you actually have to bake it in this special pan with a lid. It makes it super dense and delicious πŸ™‚ Yum!

    And how do you like sunflower seed butter? I’ve never tried it before but it’s intriguing. πŸ™‚

  2. Your bread looks perfect!!!! I love bread that is crunchy enough on its own without having to be toasted – perfect in my eyes!!!!
    I really have to try baking my own but baking bread has always intimidated me!!!
    What great things you picked up today at the co-op – ive never tried any of them!!!
    I can’t believe its September and summer is almost over and ive only been to the beach – once!!! Last summer i went to the beach so many more times – i just have been too busy – oh well!!
    Glad to hear things are going well for you!!!

  3. Mo

    I’ve never heard of sesame oil used in sandwich bread but I will definitely try that out sometime; it sounds really interesting. πŸ˜› It does look like your loaf rose too much and then sank. Here’s a troubleshooting chart that might help a bit: http://www.breadmachinedigest.com/beginners/troubleshooting-chart.php

    I missed your carrot-fig nola bar recipe but I will definitely be making that with all the carrots I need to use up haha.

    I’ve never had date sugar, but I can hook you up with date syrup if you want! It’s reeeally good. πŸ™‚

    I honestly never drink anything except water. It’s not like I’m “watching my figure” so I don’t drink anything, but juice has never appealed to me that much, I can’t drink tea without adding an exorbitant amount of sweetener… I’m picky. πŸ˜›

    Watch the Food Network. I don’t have enough time to sit around all day watching Guy Fieri get his groove on and Giada talk about how pretty her food is, but last summer that’s like, all I did. Sadly… o.O

  4. omg that brand of sunflower seed butter is out of this world!!! Your figcarrot nola bars sound delish!! .. I saw date sugar and wanted to try it, I Just heard of yacon syrup and need to try it!! I have to try mate, sounds interesting. You will love hemp seeds slitely nutty and great on everything πŸ™‚

    Give me your address again..and I wil send you a package of the amazeballs tj’s peanut flour…I use it in smoothies,green monsters, waffles…what don’t I use it in? It is basically all protein and no fat so great for vegetarians vegans. I have never seen it anywhere else. It is pretty cheap too.

  5. You crack me up…there is nothing wrong with your bread if it tastes good! Consider it your gift to the rest of the world! HHMMM date sugar, no, but I want to get some. There are so many things I almost picked up today. I had to control myself. I was obsessed with tofu last year, but let’s just say it is better for all concerned that I stayed away from it. I love unsweetened iced green tea and chai tea! I keep forgetting to make it during the day. Oh and I am stock piling things here to send to you for the BSI win. I need to get them out, but I am notorious for just continuing. Don’t worry about finding the peanut flour. You have some here. I promise I will get it out to you in the next couple of weeks. Have a great night!

  6. okay, ur just too harsh to your food. or, again, we’re too easy to please. but if THATS the ugliest bread uve made, then ur doing just fine. ive had some bread disasters that would look at urs with jealous ‘dough eyes’ lol.

    date sugar is pretty fabulous. its similar to dried cane juice.. and tastes pretty similar too i think. its fun to try new sweetners. im usually not dissapointed either. stevia is the only thing that tastes yucky to me when i bake with it.


  7. teenagehealthfreak

    ha! nice try with the bread…but i think it’s uniquely cute! lol…never heard of a mate!! cooleo! i wanta try that. i used to be obbsessed with smoothies. but i’m over it and don’t wanta go back..b/c i don’t wanta clean the blender..and it doesn’t acctually make a smooth smoothie…so yeah..no cool. that fig ‘nola bar looks so pretty…colorful and yummy! πŸ™‚

  8. I pretty much live off of iced coffee in the summertime.

    I rollerbladed a lot last summer – did not happen this summer.

    I think your bread looks nummy.

  9. Michelle

    I love how you added millet to the bread.

    Last summer I sat around and watched TV all the time. Now I don’t have the time!

  10. I’m interested to see how the date sugar works for you, especially in baking.

  11. Date sugar! Wow that sounds awesome you really got lucky atthe store today and bought some delicious looking new foods! And of course sunbutter πŸ™‚ eats look amazing, I’ve gotta try that bread! I’m so bad with yeast thoUgh, I love cooking with sesame oil! So yum and flavorful! Have a great night πŸ™‚

  12. such a cute little loaf! love how fluffy it looks in the center πŸ™‚ I just heard about date sugah, makes me want to try it out. My goal is to find the most natural sweetener known to man. Everyone’s opinions are different, though, so it gets so confusing + complicated when I start the internet researchin. Shoot, I should just stick to bananas for sweetening everything I eat. Banana cake…mmmmmm…

  13. So I don’t use a bread machine…but in my opinion, you probably need some more flour. By taking away some of the flour and replacing it with oats and millet, you are removing some of the structure of the bread, which can lead to collapse. But it is a big deal that you can eat it untoasted…that is always a sign I’ve found baking success!

  14. That bread sounds exactly like the Ezekiel bread that I buy – with millet and sesame seeds. I so wish I had a bread maker! I should probably buy one, because after a few loaves it will pay for itself considering how much I pay for each of mine at the store :/

    I don’t really drink anything other than water… especially when it’s hot out. I do enjoy a nice iced coffee now and then though πŸ™‚

    ❀ Tat

  15. That’s weird the mate stuff used to be illegal – stevoa is illegal in England cos it’s seen as dangerous, yet in the US it’s used loads!
    Favourite hot weather refreshment = cold diet coke :p awful I know!
    Last summer…I can’t even remember what I was crazy for!
    What’s wrong with your bread? The fact that it’s in Vermont, and not Suffolk so I can try some :/

  16. Girl, you can’t make a meal that doesn’t look absolutely delicious. I get hungry everytime I visit your blog. The proof is the box of fresh Super Charge Me! cookies in the kitchen. I fell in love with them the first time I read the recipe a few months ago but when I saw them here, I just couldn’t wait a minute more πŸ˜€

    My favorite favorite hot-weather refreshment? All kinds of fruits from the fridge. Quite simple but works perfectly for me. I am not a fan of drinks.

    Last summer I was obsessed with cornflakes. I haven’t eaten a single bowl of cornflakes this summer. I got bored with them and replaced them with overnight oats.

  17. Congrats on the bread success! It looks awesome!

    I’ve never tried yerba mate! I’ve been curious to try it, but I think all the bad things I’ve heard about it have turned me off! It’s so hard to figure out what to believe. My favourite hot weather beverage right now is iced green tea with lemon.

    I loved going to the beach last summer and I haven’t gone at all this summer! I’m so bummed.

  18. Pingback: Sweet Comfort « Smithereens

  19. I’ve had some breads come out of my bread machine looking like that. But they always turn out delicious, and don’t need any toasting for at least a day.

    My favorite hot weather drink would have to be a homemade smoothie, and I’ve made them all summer. It makes me wonder if my obsession with them this year will still be around next summer, or if I’ll have moved onto something else by then.

  20. I love diluted pineapple juice with tons of ice- so refreshing! But I think I officially need to try a mate. I have to agree though, despite it wilting on you, the bread looks grainy and good! I love that you make the effort to bake your own!

  21. Yea, I would guess that most of the collapsing is from the replacement of flours for things such as oats and sesame seeds. If it works though, and you still enjoy it, I see no problem with continuing to make it. And yes, it’s perfectly fine to bake with olive oil, haha.

    And I love tossing Kamut or wheatberries into an oat mix – that chew is fantastic! They’re both also really good with just milk eaten like a cereal. πŸ˜‰

  22. Hot day refreshment for me= iced herbal water. I like the kind you can buy, but I also enjoy making my own by putting a bunch of mint and a slice of lime in a clear water bottle and soaking it overnight.

    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with your bread as long as it tastes as delicious as it sounds πŸ™‚

  23. I swear, ugly is synonymous with delicious! Although I really don’t think any of your creations are ugly. Oh and I have always wanted to try yerba mate! Right now I’m on a green tea kick πŸ™‚

  24. That happens to my bread all of the time when I make 100% whole grain bread. I think it’s a combination of things, 1 being the heaviness of the whole grains and 2 the humidity. Well, I looked up troubleshooting in my bread making manuel and that’s what it told me. Lots of things affect bread, also the temperature of the water you use, if you use too much or too little, blah blah. Basically if it tastes good then that’s all that matters! πŸ™‚ Oh and I use olive oil all the time in baking! I had something else to write, but now I can’t remember it.

  25. Hi,
    I found your blog when you first mentioned SunButter. I’ve kept following because of your great posts! Glad the SunButter subbed in nice to your yummy looking cookies. Good questions, too: Water on hot summer days is hard to beat, but chilly mornings call for hot mate tea. Ah, last summer I biked all over. This summer, I switched to just plain running. I missed my iPod. Your bread looks just fine to me, but then I haven’t met many breads I didn’t love. Thanks for another deliciously informative post.

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