On their Way

The worst part about winter is not wanting to wake up.

And I don’t mean that in a sadistic way.

Hot coffee joined my overnight oats this morning. I just couldn't take the chill of iced!

I mean the “it’s so warm under here, and so cold out there,” feeling as you wake up and begin to poke a limb out, only to instantly feel a chill sneak through the miniscule gap you’d created.

That’s sort of how I was this morning.

The base of my overnight oats this morning was simple - 1/3 c. quick oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, trail power, and chia seeds.

It wasn’t terribly cold out – but I was hot all night, so my air was left on low. When my eyes flickered open I couldn’t help but want to burrow under my blanket!

Another sign that fall and winter are on their way? How dark it is getting to be in the morning! Soon my breakfast and dinner pictures won’t be anywhere near as endearing. Instead, they will be ruined by overhead fluorescents and motion blur.

Gotta enjoy the weather and daylight while it’s still here!

I loved being able to make a peanut butter sauce for this bowl! I simply combined peanut butter and organic valley vanilla yogurt. Other toppings involved more yogurt, wheat germ, cashews, 1/2 a banana, and a white peach.

Don’t get me wrong, though – I’m not complaining about the weather we’ve been having! It’s been enjoyable to not find myself melting all day long – but I know what winter has in store…I am not looking forward to frozen toes and fingers and having to wear ten million layers in efforts to keep warm at the barn.

Come onnnnn, heated indoor!

Morning snack: 1/2 a banana and two dates, stuffed with marcona almonds. Afternoon snack: "Bar" of energy. This mix is my favorite yet!

Are you a summer, spring, fall, or winter person?

Lunch: sammie with garlic hummus, snap peas, tomato, and s&p.

This probably seems random – but I’ve done it with broccoli, so why not?! I think green veggies (that aren’t lettuce or spinach) are the new lettuce 😉 Try it! You won’t be sorry.

Vanilla chobani and a white flesh nectarine.

I ran to the co-op during my break, too. I had to stock up on “the squiggly stuff” (AKA quinoa) that my mom loves so much. Which is odd, because she is very cut and dry as to what she likes when it comes to grains and such. I know quinoa is not a grain – but she hates whole wheat stuff, and even brown rice she doesn’t believe in.

Almonds for the yog, and a cookie for dessert!

But, she just loves the chickpea-quinoa pilaf and I heard a request for it 😉

Anybody else have any family members that surprise you in terms of what they like that you make?

More than a week without is more than a week too long when it comes to broccoli and hummus bowls!

I just adore this combo! I could probably be fed it for a week straight and not say a word of protest. This evenings mix was:

  • roasted broccoli
  • snap peas
  • tomato
  • garlic hummus
  • black beans
  • smoked mozzarella

And who would I be without more corn?!

Sure, sure – the corn would have been great in the broccoli bowl – but I just couldn’t pass up my caveman moment 😉

Now – back to work!! I’d like to get the senior portraits I took yesterday up tonight for the girl.

But – Teddie says hi!! He was a ham this morning. Made me laugh.


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28 responses to “On their Way

  1. just wanted to let you know you totally made my vacation awesome with those bars you sent me! they were crazy-dense enough to hold me for breakfasts where there was NOTHING vegan. you’re the best!

  2. Aww.. Teddie looks so adorable! I am actually so jealous of all the amazing shots you to have. I can never find anyone to take a picture, and when I do I don’t want to be like ‘Hey, it’s a photoshoot, try to make it look nice as I pose a jillion times’…. and when I do find someone, they usually have no idea how to take a decent picture with my camera. Oh well 🙂

    I am in love with random veggie bowls with beans/hummus! Most often I add some scrambled eggs for more protein… but it’s the same idea. Lately I’ve been having them over a pile of wilted spinach which goes really well 🙂

    … I LOVE waking up to an ice cold room, although I agree that sometimes it can make it almost too hard to get out of bed. I don’t usually have a problem getting up though, so it’s not an issue for me.
    ❤ Tat

  3. I had savory waffles tonight and thought of you. It is kind of weird how food is making me think of my blog buddies. I left the waffle in for a long time so it would get all toasty! It was so good with my veggie omelet and hot sauce. You would have been loving it! I can’t get my guys on board with quinoa. I am going to have to sneak it in on them. They are totally in on eating vegetarian, but some things they are still not sold on. I just got them into brown rice which makes me happy because I can’t stand the right stuff. I hope you had a good day! Oh, and I am totally a fall girl. Gosh I love fall!

  4. Michelle

    I totally know what you mean. Monday and Tuesday I had absolutely no problem jumping out of bed. It was warm and sunny. This morning looked like the dead of winter. Ugh.

  5. That warm, snuggly feeling in my bed in the mornings is just about the only thing I like about winter. I hate being so cold all the time! I’m pretty excited for fall though because it means delicious fall foods!

    My family hates whole wheat stuff too! I always have to cook my brown rice/whole wheat pasta separately. They don’t know what they’re missing! At least you’ve managed to turn your mom onto quinoa – it’s a start. 😉

  6. Mo

    I am definitely an Autumn kind of a gal. It helps that my birthday is in November, but I just love the weather that time of year – at least in VA. The leaves turn all pretty and it’s cool but not so cold that you need tons of layers on and ahh. 🙂

    My family is actually really opening up to the whole health thing. They’re at least being more supportive than they were haha. Like, my sister eats quinoa when I make it and if I steam up some broccoli she’s all over it. My family also loves that lentil-bulgur salad I posted about a while back (around the same time that you posted about yours haha) which is real healthy. I just call it “tabbouleh with lentils” because the word “bulgur” seems to freak them out. 😉 Oh yeah and I returned from Maine to find a jar of all-natural, just-peanuts-and-salt peanut butter that my family had previously referred to as “gross” and “not REAL peanut butter” cracked open and in the fridge. I haven’t seen Skippy or Jif in a month, at least. So proud. ❤

  7. I love the signs of Fall!! It’s definitely a lot cooler in the morning (even though it’s still in the 90’s by the afternoon!) and on the way home from class, I noticed leaves were starting to fall!! Yay! 😀

  8. I feel the daylight slipping away earlier and earlier everyday… it makes me so sad! I do adore fall… but I’m just not ready yet!

  9. Lol I was just thinking about the whole winter thing today because we’ve been having some pretty chilly weather lately, and I was lamenting the fact that soon I’ll be suffering from cold toes and dark pictures. Sigh. But fall happens to be my favorite season, so what can you do?

    Quinoa must have some mind altering properties, because my mom isn’t big on whole grains either, but I somehow managed to get her hooked on quinoa. I can still remember the first time she saw me eating it though; she gave me one of those “what the hell is THAT?!” looks, and then proceeded to tell me that I sure do eat a whole lot of strange things. HA! Who’s got the last laugh now, mom!? I’ve also gotten the parentals hooked on almond butter with honey, avocado with eggs, beans in general, and healthy desserts. Woot.

  10. Beautiful food as always! I love your comment about green veggies being the “new lettuce”! I’ve never thought about it that way, but it’s so true! I also tried your idea of putting parmesan on corn on the cob- delicious 😀

    Trying to hold off the desire for it to be autumn already (my favorite season)! I say I like the weather cooler, but, like you, it’s so difficult to get out of a warm bed! It’ll be 40 degrees before we know it 😉

  11. We’ve been having really chilly weather lately and all I think of is how I’m dreading walking around campus from class to class in the freezing cold and snow and having to wear boots that chafe my achille’s heel and ughhh, not fun at all.

    I made sweet potato biscuits once and my parents fell in love with them, which kind of shocked me because they weren’t Pilsbury. They don’t find a lot of my vegetarian foods extremely interesting, but they’ll eat some of it. They’re mostly meat-and-tater parents.

    And I love the picture of you and Teddy, it’s an amazing shot; I think with a little more face action from you and that would have made a great senior picture in itself!

  12. Although i do love the warm weather of summer and summer fruits i also adore the fall simply because of the beautiful foliage, pumpkins, apple picking and fall veggies. I will miss the great fresh fruit of the summer though and sitting in the warm sunshine!!! I always just have more energy in the summer!!
    I love it when family members “Jump on the bandwagon” and like the foods i prepare – my dad now loves my mango – red pepper salsa and my black bean sweet potato burgers.
    Love the white peaches and white nectarines of summer that you ate today – so sweet!!!
    Hope you have a great Thursday!!!!!! xo aimee

  13. I love all the seasons for different reasons. This time of the summer though I start to miss the chilly days of fall and winter and all of those cozy foods. I miss baked squash and hot oatmeal :).

  14. Mmmm snap peas so perfect for summer, brings back so many memories.

  15. I LOVE sugar snap peas! And I am much too stubborn to admit that fall is coming… I like cold breakfasts, fresh fruit, and iced chai tea lattes too much 🙂

  16. I am SO excited about fall and winter!! I love summer but those 2 seasons are by far my favorite.

  17. I think that I’m more of a fall person 🙂 it’s not too hot or too cold..just right (to me). I know what you mean about not wanting to get up on cold winter mornings, haha. It makes it so much harder because of course, it has to be colder in the mornings D: lol. Love your blog, your food looks uber yummy!
    ❤ Emily

  18. Gosh you ALWAYS make me want to stuff my sammies with more creative veggies, but when I go to pack my lunch, I seem to forget all your fab ideas. Lame-o. Yesterdays yogurt bean mix looked so delicious, you’re genius!

    And winter, oh man. I was looking forward to it ’cause I’m crazy and I love the cold, but you reminded me how awful it feels in the AM when the alarm clock means it’s time to leave the warm haven and step out into the ice cave 😦 Oh, but to see snow again! I’m so ready, it didn’t hit us even for an hour last winter. Snooooww!

  19. You and Teddie can always make me smile. I am a Fall girl…I love the shorter days and the brisker nights. But unfortunately it feels like fall is far away here in Texas. We are still over 100 degrees, and I’m sweltering. I would take some cool breezes any day!

  20. I think i am a spring an autumn person! Moderate temperatures thanks, and I love it when something is “happening”, like flowers are budding and leaves are turning brown. I love it that when it rains in the late summer it is still warm; I love it when you can smell summer coming and everybody in Copenhagen is getting out their bike 🙂

    winter, stay away As Long As Possible!

  21. It is winter here, and i NEVER want to get out of bed. It is SO cold. and the fact that I am getting into a freezing cold shower doesnt help either. But slowly, it is starting to warm up and I am dreading it… African summers mean getting sunburned just from taking out the trash! So I am enjoying the winter… which is funny because it is probably almost 70 degrees outside and I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, pants, a jacket and a scarf. I guess its all relative…

  22. I’m an autumn person myself 🙂 although I hate the nasty weather re horses/fingers/rugs/mud/my hair going mad/wind blowing me about, I love christmas and winter clothes 🙂 so it’;s nice in autumn to look forward to that, without experiencing it! And tbh, I would kill for that ‘warm in bed/cold out’ thing right now..I’m fed up of waking up hot!!

  23. Try being over in the UK. one minute its bright sunshine and clear skies (so naturally you go out in summery clothes) then 5mins later the skies turn black and your standing in the pouring rain wearing a now very see-thru summer dress!!! EEK!

    I think im more of a spring person, i love the way the plants start to poke their little heads up to see whether the nasty winter has passed…. plus its always so exciting knowing that summer is around the corner 🙂

  24. Urghhh don’t remind me that summer is almost over! Summer has always been my absolute FAVORITE time of year, and I always kind of hope for the mildest winter possible. Mine is nothing compared to what you get in northern new england though, I’m sure!

  25. I know that feeling of warm in bed cold outside all too well. I hate to say this but I’m getting a little tired of summer. I’m going to hate myself for saying that in a few months but I’m more of a moderate temperature kind of gal rather than extremes of any kind. Went to Florida last week, it was sooo hot! I’m excited to be back in NYS where it’s not nearly as hot or humid!

  26. I am so a summer person, but I think that has to do with the fact I don’t have to work during the summer. I like the fall and the spring, but I hateee the winter. It’s way too cold for me! Sometimes my mom surprises me with the foods she’ll try because most of the time she doesn’t want anything to do with the weird things I make haha.

  27. Oh nooo, don’t remind me of that warm bed/cold outside world contrast! I despise it!! I love summer because I don’t need to wear fuzzy jackets all the time and I can pop out of bed WARM! I am excited for fall though because I love changing leaves and pumpkin flavored everythinggg 🙂

  28. teenagehealthfreak

    i know that horrible feeling in the winter…uhhh. not cool. i think i like summer/spring! because i like to do outdoor things…and to me it’s easier to get cooled down than to get warm. i want that sandwich. it looks awesome!!!! my dad really surprised me when he like my cilantro hummus and home-made crackers! your picture with teddie is amazing 🙂

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