Heavy Handed

I loved reading everyone’s “if you knew me…” comments. Really! I mean – I’m always excited to see comments (heh…) but I just loved reading each and every one of the ones left on last night’s post. And Daniel had a valid point – I shouldn’t say “in real life” – because this is real life, and you guys do know me! And it seems as if food bloggers tend to have verrry similar personalities, huh? πŸ˜‰


I about chuckled to myself as I was taking my breakfast shots this morning...I wasn't sure how I would convince everyone that it really was breakfast I was eating, and not a gigantic dessert!

Last night, I caught up on some much needed rest, and about called it a night at 9:00. Granted, I don’t think I finally went to sleep until 10:00, but when my alarm sounded this morning, it wasn’t until I had already been awake for a good fifteen minutes. This is how I usually wake up – so hearing my alarm and wanting to hit snooze is a sign that I have some catching up to do!

I decided to give the Fitnessista's breakfast cookie another shot - and you know I need to pile my breakfasts sky high with fruit! The cookie portion, however, consisted of 1/3 c. quick oats, a scoop of PB, 1 T. of Bourbon Vanilla Tera's Whey, half a mashed banana, and some almond milk.

Last night, I decided maybe it’d be a good idea to go for a quick breakfast this morning, since I had a senior portrait to shoot that required me out of the house by 8. While this isn’t early in my terms by any means – I am sort of anal about being on time. Add to that the worry that all I would want to do was sleep in, I decided to switch it up a bit and throw in a breakfast cookie.

Topped with a chia seed icing, half a banana, a peach, shredded coconut, and some cashews.

I tossed it in the freezer to chill out (oh so corny) while I took care of the horses, and while I think I like that consistency better than unfrozen – for some reason these just don’t tide me over! Sort of odd – because technically speaking, it is much larger (protein, fat, and I am assuming calorie-wise) than my overnight oats or waffles.

Go figure.

These Snyder's pretzels have been in my cupboard for ages. For some reason I just keep forgetting about them, even though they are SO good!

By the time I’d arrived at the client’s house I’d already eaten another banana, and shared the last of these Snyder’s pretzels with Teddie once I’d gotten to the barn after the shoot. I’m not sure who liked them more – me or Teddie! I think he may even prefer them to his anise-orange spice horse cookies πŸ˜‰ (Yes, I think that’s a bizarre flavor for a horse treat, too)

Teddie loves to drink from the hose - but he enjoys getting me soaked in the process πŸ˜‰

Teddies was so good today! Actually, I was thisclose to texting A and asking if she’d gotten on him and got his pony butt in gear πŸ˜› I know she wouldn’t have – but he was that good! Granted, he was very strong and I had to sort of let him run into the wall a few times to get him to stop hanging on me, but I’ll take too strong any day πŸ˜‰ He also feels the need to leap into right-lead canter with a jump and a buck. I guess I just keep missing the memo that there’s some imaginary jump in our path? My bad .

I’m wondering if his sporadic stubborn-ness stems from not wanting to work alone. Which, obviously – is so sad, too bad – but I’m grasping at straws for an excuse to his terrible behavior πŸ˜› He is angelic, of course! hah. But, the reason I say that is because Jewel was in the ring with us today (hence him being strong – but hey, we’re a W.I.P. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know!)

Right in line with how I usually am, I couldn't JUST get the milk I needed at the store and call it a trip.

I found this Organic Valley Yogurt with Live Probiotics at the store today – and was very interested!

Organic Valley Live Organic Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt is a versatile and delicious yogurt for everyday enjoyment. We start with the milk of our pastured cows and culture it with Thriveβ„’, our unique blend of billions of probiotic cultures and 2 grams of the organic prebiotic inulin per serving. It’s Β clinically documented to boost digestive and immune system health. In addition, each serving is an excellent source of calcium. Our vanilla yogurt is flavored with organic fair trade vanilla and sweetened with organic Agave nectar for a lower glycemic index. So, drink it, pour it, or blend it. It’s sure to be a healthy and delicious addition to your family’s diet and well-being.

I immediately thought: chia seed icing. and “how great would this be poured over oats?! and waffles?!” and it’s got probiotics. Whatever the heck those are. Which sounds sort of scary, if you ask me. Something living? A bacteria? Uhhh… anyways – the tidbit I found most interesting (besides the great source of calcium!) was about helping the immune system and digestive system:

Β·Β Gut /Digestive & Immune System Health. The billions of live active cultures that transform Organic Valley Milk into delicious Organic Valley Live Organic Lowfat Yogurt help promote a healthy community of “microflora” – the vital microorganisms that live in our intestinal tract.Β Β In addition to traditional yogurt cultures, we’ve added billions of “Thriveβ„’” – Organic Valley’s unique blend of pre- and probiotics – to further support our intestinal microflora and enhance our immune systems.Β  Each serving of Organic Valley Live Organic Lowfat Yogurt contains at least 10 billion BB-12 (Bifidobacterium lactis) bacteria.

I test-drove it on a GM, of course!

It was a lot thinner than I was expecting, so it sort of sank right in to my already-thin GM (I didn’t put any chobani in the base this time) but the taste is great! I don’t find it too sweet at all, which one of the comments on the site said…and you guys know how my sweet tooth is. Yeah – I love naturally sweet things like fruit, dates, etc – but even when I’m baking I nearly always halve my sweetening “agent,” and find “normal people” cookies and treats far too sweet.

I can’t say I’d drink it plain (I have a thing about drinking things with a sort of thick-sort of runny consistency – maybe why I prefer my smoothies in bowls?) but I can’t wait to add it to oats, waffles, and more smoothies πŸ™‚

Exhibit B: toasted honey oat bread, romaine, and a butter bean salad. (Butter beans, plain chobani, celery, raisins, yellow pepper, salt & pepper)

And then I got to bakin’. I saw these cookies on Nicole’s blog (I think? Thought now I can’t find it – maybe I’m going crazy.)Β a little bit ago, and had to have them.

In classic Jess fasion, rather than making one biiiiig cookie with the "leftover" dough - I had to make a "sampler" cookie.

Probably seems rather hypocritical of me after all my “eat real food!” talk, but it’s still real food…and really. Banana Maple cookies? That are thick, chunky, and chewy? Why not? The only alterations I made were to halve the maple syrup (well, maybe I used a little more than half) and added pecans.

More chunks of energy were also necessary. Except, these weren't quite my usual chunks - rather, a random blend of oats, peanut butter, cashews, dates, protein powder, flax, dried berries, coconut, and water.

I grazed while on the phone with my academic advisor, too. Apparently talking about classes makes me all of a sudden realize I’m starving. It was while they were bumping me around on the phone lines, don’t worry!

But, I signed up for three classes so far. I’m just going to a community college this semester until I get my sights set on what exactly it is I want to do with my life. I just couldn’t see taking more aimless classes at the college I went to last year, you know? And I wanted flexibility. Call me crazy, but my job is more important to me because I’m actually doing more of what I’d most like to do with my life than school can even offer me right now! Well, at least that one – and it’s a long story as to why I’m not going to any big arts school. Basically, though, money! hah. So I have three online classes. Which is sort of scary since they tend to be more time consuming than actually going to a class – but I’m hoping for the bet since they’re also three classes I’m really interested in. Intro to Nutrition, Intro to Business (well, maybe not really interested in that, but I’ll prob. major in business) and Digital Photo. II. I don’t know what my fourth class will be to put me as a full-time student, but probably another business one (not online.)

Has anybody taken any online courses? Do you prefer them to classroom classes, or vice versa? Why or why not? And how long did it take you to decide a major?

Okay, this is a really long-winded post…so quickly!


Butter beans, snap peas, carrots, and spinach simmered in almond milk, honey, and curry powder with cooked bulgur mixed in, and served over a balsamic portabella cap.

This was too spicy – I am a wuss – and I was heavy handed with the curry powder!

"Why won't it take the picture?" "Is it ON?" "Oh, yeah - I got your dirty look."

I can be so sarcastic…in a loving way. But look – Georgie and I are both making the same face!!



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24 responses to “Heavy Handed

  1. Teddie is so cute! I need to try a frozen breakfast cookie! I can imagine that being so much better. I totally feel you when certain things dont fill you up as others. Sometimes my cereal bowls or GM can beat out oatmeal in fat/calories etc but never satisfy.

  2. I’m so glad Teddie was so great today… isn’t it lovely when you have no idea what causes such an angelic ride? Gotta love that! Hopefully it will stick πŸ™‚

    I am so jealous that you are going to school… I’m waiting another year and I am just craving some knowledge. Haha! I suppose I’m still young though, so nothing to worry about πŸ™‚

    ‘Too spicy’ doesn’t really exist for me. I STILL have to make my bulgur that I bought ages ago too, which means I have to find some sort of recipe. Spicy sounds intrueging.

    ❀ Tat
    PS. Nothing fills me up in the way that stovetop oats do… even though overnight oats are technically higher in calories. Funny, eh?

  3. I find overnight oats and breakfast cookies aren’t as filling as cooked oatmeal! The cookies look great – I love all of Susan’s recipes.

  4. this was such a cute post! seriously, your horsey pictures make my day! i just found a horse stable around the corner from my house (that i just randomly found even though ive been living in the same place for 6 years! talk about looking but not actually seeing) and im about to say ill pitch the guy some money if he lets me ride his horses! haha it looks so fun to tend to such adorable interesting animals! long story short, im jealous (:
    your food, as ALWAYS, looks delicious. I really gotta get myself movin on this waffle thing, i look at them everyday but never make them even though im dying to try one! how bout you come make one for me (: that yogurt looks great to! girl, your food is bangin! have a great night ❀
    p.s i use every recipe you post using eggplant haha, there all amazing!

  5. teenagehealthfreak

    i’m taking an online course this year too! i’m nervous..well we’ll be in them together!!! yay..not so lonely. πŸ™‚ ur b-fast looks amazing..and your dinner..so crafty! love it. and i’ve got a horse story..you mention running Teddie into walls..well i did that once with a big Belgien (spelling???) i was riding and well it was a fence, a barbed wire fence..well the horse just turned…and the fence caught me..i totally fell! luckily i was wearing 1/2 chaps..and they did their job and busted for me…so it wasn’t too bad..just scared me! luckily we weren’t going fast…the horse was just so big ((luckily gentle like a teddy bear!)) that i couldn’t pull hard enough! so yeah..just brought back memories..

  6. I was going to be taking one online course this semester, but now I’m not going to school at all this semester. (tuition problems) But that’s great that you are doing something you enjoy and have a focus in life. Not everyone has to go to college to persue their dream job.

  7. I’ve always been kind of intrigued by the idea of a breakfast cookie, but considering that I don’t usually have much luck with anything but stovetop oats being able to fill me up in the morning, I think I’d suffer an unfortunate fate if I had a cookie for breakfast; there’s just something about stovetop oats that make them oh so satisfying. Maybe the cookie would make a good afternoon snack, though? That’s usually how I satisfy cravings for non-stovetop oats… have a bowl of overnight oats or oatmeal pancakes for a snack πŸ™‚

    It’s great that you’re figuring things out with school. It took me for.ev.er to pick psychology as a major, and then I kept changing my mind even after I picked it. I stuck with it though, and I’m pretty sure I made the right choice… even if it wasn’t so clear cut at the beginning. I’ve never taken any online courses, and honestly don’t know how well they’d work for me. I get kind of lazy with schoolwork sometimes, so I’d imagine I might have a hard time committing myself to put in the time on my own if I didn’t have to go in to school…

  8. Isn’t funny how some things fill you up and others don’t (even when they are more calorically dense?) I’m excited to hear that you found some courses to take this fall. I’ve taken a few online courses, and they didn’t end up being very time-consuming. I loved being able to operate on my own schedule too. I decided on my major fairly early on, but I’ve always been passionate about English lit and writing. I know you will find the right path for you, and no matter what you major in, I know you will do something that you are passionate about!

  9. I’m so glad Teddie was good today! Gosh he looks so strong and well built – quite a stunner!
    I took an online course earlier this year called an ‘introduction to fashion marketing’ because I want to do fashion marketing at university in September so I thought it would be good to give me a taste to see if I liked it. I learnt throughout the course that I knew it would be right for me because it was interesting! I found it also really good because once a week everyone doing the course would meet up in a forum with a lecturer and we had an hour long discussion of topics so I got the chance to meet new people from all over the world! I found that it did take up quite a bit of time with all the homework but if you’re good with time and work independently well it’s not too much of a problem πŸ™‚
    Oooh your dinner looks yumm! Think I will make that tomorrow! And tonight I’m going to try myself with your recent eggplant recipe – I hope I like it!

  10. I’ve never taken online classes, but those three sound like a great combo! Business sounds very wise, no matter what you decide to do.

    haha, the last pic of you and georgie made me laugh πŸ™‚ you look very unimpressed, like “uh-hu?” πŸ™‚ hehehe

  11. It’s weird how some breakfasts can bemore or less satisfying – when I have overnight oats, I’m RAVENOUS 2.5hrs later! I’d love to try the breakfast cookie, but I can imagine it’d be a 1hr thing then…(btw, I met the Fitnessista- she’s SO lovely!! Just thought I’d drop that in :p)
    Those horse cookies sound mad!? What brand are they?
    It’s good Teddie’s going forwards too – so much nicer to have a hot horse than be kicking all the time – I love Chika’s hot days |:D

    As for online classes, I’ve never taken any..my mum did her degree from home though, and although it took more time, there was WAAAY more flexibility. I think you’re doing the right thing πŸ™‚

  12. so happy to hear how well Teddie is doing – the pictures are just too cute!!!
    Butter beans look delicious – ive actually never tried them!!!
    My major was Biology – because i knew i was pursuing a career in the medical field and have never taken an online course – would love to though since it allows so much more flexibility – i suggest taking classes you are truly interested in – the ones you signed up for sound great!!!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday – xo aimee

  13. You’re so lucky to have a job that you love! Do you post your non-food photography anywhere for us see? : D

    I heard from friends who have taken online courses that you really need to be self-motivated. And it really depends on the person.. some people do well in online courses because they can go at their own pace but need to be diligent with not slacking off whereas some people need to be in a classroom with a prof to keep them on track. I have a feeling you’re more of the former kind of person & you’ll do great in your classes! Nutrition & Photo sound like they’re going to be really interesting & fun.

    I pretty much knew what I wanted to major in (biology) by senior year of high school because I had a really inspiring biology/science teacher who I LOVED. Sometimes I still question if I really want to do it though.. but I don’t have to declare until next year.

  14. I think Teddie is going through the same stuff my boys are going through…preteen! I love getting probiotics however I can. We are all about healthy guts here. I think those classes sound great and honestly, you can never go wrong with knowing about business. Trust me. I went to school for culinary arts, so that was decided on when I was in high school. As soon as I was there, I knew I wanted to know more about nutrition. Long story short, not enough funds or time in life…I never got a degree in nutrition. Oh well, it is a passion of mine, so I will always want to know more. Is it weird that my hobby is health? Have a great day Jessica!

  15. Teddie is so cute! I love his “hairstyle” πŸ™‚ .

    No real yogurt can be made without bacteria – Lactobacillus bulgaricus or Streptococcus thermophillus (or usually both) – so there’s nothing scary in it. You have found something even healthier for your digestive system. With all the chemicals we put in food it’s easy to destroy our natural microflora and that’s why we need some extra help from probiotics.

    I’m not very decisive so I leave everything for the last moment and make spontaneous and often a little crazy decisions. I chose a high school for natural sciences over a mathematics one because it was closer to home and I didn’t need to use public transport. Then I got a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology because it was easier for me to get in than with Computer Science or English Philology. The Matser programme picked me although it should be the other way round and then I just continued going with the flow. That’s pretty much how things work for me. Maybe you can try this too – catch a wave and see what happens πŸ™‚ .

  16. Haha I always make the little “sampler” cookies! Too funny! And you seriously pimped out that breakfast cookie. Soo impressed! I find that I need something with a lot of volume to keep me full though (like an overflowing bowl of oats with the works)!

  17. Hi there, just found your blog and am in love! I’ll be adding you to my reader now for sure :]

    Glad you had such a good day with Teddie! The first picture of you with him is adorable. Oh and since you’re interested in using the vanilla yogurt as “icing”, I should tell you that it’s wonderful on top of carrot cake oats! x

  18. YAY! Glad you had a great day with Teddie. Love the water splashing shot. He’s too cute. πŸ˜€

  19. I’ve taken several online classes, and they all had their pros and cons. My best suggestion is just to stay on top of the reading and workload. It’s so easy to fall behind with an online class, and then you end up super stressed and rushing at the very end. Not worth it!

  20. That yogurt sounds really awesome! I always find drinkable yogurts really sketchy, but that’s because they usually contain all sorts of weird chemicals. This one has a simple ingredient list and I like that it’s antibiotic/hormone free! Looks like a good find! πŸ˜€

    That’s exciting about signing up for classes! Don’t worry too much about not knowing what you want to do with your life yet – there’s no rush! I just figured out what I want to do after 3 years of university, and now I’m basically starting all over again with a new major! So I’m sure you’ll figure it out eventually. Some of the classes you’re taking this year may even spark an interest and help you decide what you want to do. πŸ™‚

    PS. I’m taking an Intro to Nutrition and an Intro to Business class this year too!

  21. I like your fruit mountain ;] I tend to eat loads of fruit ’cause they taste so good, but that led to a problem with my veggie intake, ahah.

    I’ve taken a few distance education (online) classes when they weren’t available in the normal run—and I really prefer the classroom more. Being completely responsible for my education was not as much fun as being able to listen to a prof teach me–since I had to rely on mainly my textbook for info. I’ve got my major down pat already since the beginning of university, but now, I need to figure out what happens after ;]

  22. I’m making a breakfast cookie for tomorrow morning later on, now that I finally have bananas again.

    I’ve taken 2 online classes and 4.0’ed both of them and I also have one that I will be taking in the fall and then another over next summer (hopefully). I really liked them because I’m driven, a self-starter, and super organized. It’s definitely easy to get behind though, if you forget about it. I spend a lot of time on the computer anyway, and it might help to save the log-in screen as your internet home page. That way, you’ll see it every time you get on the internet and will hopefully remember to do your work!

    I have a bunch of chia seeds that I need to use up, but I think that they leave a weird taste in my mouth, so I haven’t been eating them. Any ideas?

  23. I’m at a community college right now too and I also have 3 classes.. 1 is online. I’ve had 3 online classes in the past and 2 I loved and 1 i hated.. i think it depends on the subject and the professor.

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