Look Familiar?

Sounds like my frustrations of people thinking “low cal, low fat, low whatever” is healthy is shared amongst us all. It’s really such a shame! I just wish there was a way to undo that mindset, and save everyone tons of struggle and ill-thoughts towards themselves…

easier said than done. Trust me – I’ve been there, done that. The media just sucks us into thinking fake sugar is better than real, low fat is the only way to go, and everything low calorie will solve your life problems.

Newsflash: it won’t.

Sigh. At least we can hope a new “real food” movement can start, right? And why not start with a real breakfast.

Not shockingly, I started my day the overnight oats way. Mingling overnight:

In the morning, vanilla chobani was incorporated for a creamy consistency all the way through 🙂

And topped with an old favorite of mine that had taken the backseat once peaches started being on sale for a measly $1/lb (at most!)

  • 1 plum
  • ~3/4s of a banana
  • cashews
  • drizzle of honey

Has anyone noticed how I’ve almost been keeping my breakfasts somewhat simple lately?!

Snack: hardboiled egg (with mustard) and chunks of energy.

Has anyone had any Friday the 13th happenings?! I have so far been able to escape it unharmed – but the night is young, so hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself 😉

I guess maybe that’s why I opted to just have repeats when it came to meals today! Either that or, when I packed last night – I just couldn’t get mozzarella off my mind 😉

I had a panini in (unpictured) triple wheat bread with smoked mozzarella, tomato slices, and basil soaked in balsamic.

Vanilla chobani and a white flesh nectarine.

...which was dressed up with some cashews for crunch!

As well as the leftover carrots and hummus from Wednesday 🙂

For afternoon snack, I broke into this Oskri bar sent to me from afar – thanks again, Nikki!

The ingredients were wonderfully simple: just rice syrup, sesame seeds, and date syrup.

(It got a little broken up in transit, I think :P)

While I loved the idea of this bar, I’m not too keen on the execution. I don’t care for hard/brittley type foods that get stuck in my teeth. I think I ate about half before deciding that the itty bitty pieces left would make a lovely addition to a yogurt mess, or melting into some hot oatmeal! I am going to keep my eyes peeled for more Oskri products, though – they look to be a great lineup and I think they can be found in the U.S.!

I also enjoyed an oatmeal raisin cookie that my boss’s wife made. She must have known I was on an oatmeal raisin kick or something – I couldn’t say no. She makes cookies all the time, but I tend to pass (not a huge chocolate chip cookie fan) so it’d been a while since I’d had one. And it was funny – as delicious as it was, (she’s a great baker/cook) I found it so sweet, which is not how I remembered them. Just goes to show how our tastes change.

For instance, I never used to like corn on the cob…

…and yet, I’ve had it every single night this week, if memory serves me correct!

Does anyone else feel rather caveman-like when gnawing on an ear of corn, or do you all cut it off politely? Just curious 🙂

I told you my eats today might look familiar! I can’t deny the fact that leftovers can be such lifesavers, and delicious. I had two leftover polenta bites, as well as a chickpea cutlet with tomato, mozzarella, and basil. And you know by now how I do my corn – butter, salt, and parmesan 🙂

And a sneak peek at some Teddie pictures, I hear you plea for?

Oh, okayyyy….


trotting around with our noses in the air much to my dismay 😉

He’d actually been getting much better at becoming very round, supple, and coming from behind – but then we had our little temper tantrum and I haven’t pushed the issue much – he’s going forward and I’ve left it at that, for now!

what a little stud muffin...

all smiles! he had fun in the outdoor.



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21 responses to “Look Familiar?

  1. Stud muffin is right! Jess, he is SO gorgeous.. I absolutely love the second-last shot. You can just tell that he knows how cute he is 😛

    Any Friday the 13th happenings? Not exactly… the closest I can to bad luck was a notorious plastic ziplock bag that I chased around the beach for a solid five minutes while I was picking up garbage. Everytime I got close enough to grab it, the wind would blow it away. Haha. Well, that AND the fact that my mom didn’t bring my truck back so I couldn’t make it out to the barn to ride tonight. Hrmph.. I guess that is pretty bad luck!

    I think I just might give your cinnamon raisin chunks a try… I think I have all the ingredients on hand and I am seriously itching for some good cinnamon-raisin action these days 🙂
    ❤ Tat

  2. love, love, LOVE the Teddie pictures, can’t wait for more!
    beautiful food, as always, and I LOVE corn on the cob. Reading your post made me crave it , actually…

  3. What a gorgeous guy! Seriously, Teddie is such a ridiculously handsome thing; I’ve got a horsie crush 😉

    No out-of-the-ordinary Friday the 13th happenings here. I did almost slice off my finger while cutting some carrots, but close calls in the kitchen are basically an every day thing, so no voodoo/superstition/witchcraft at work there 😉

    And I’m with you on the the brittle bar/candy things. I don’t like the crunchiness, and prefer a hearty/dense bar; that way I don’t have to worry about things getting stuck in my teeth. And speaking of getting things stuck in teeth… every time I eat corn on the cob, I have to spend the next 10 minutes flossing. I cannot eat an ear of corn without those pesky buggers getting stuck where they shouldn’t. But it’s so worth the extra effort…

  4. Michelle

    I knaw it off. My dad is super gross when he eats it. He eats an entire roll then swallows. Gross.

  5. teenagehealthfreak

    I eat like a cave-man too!! it’s fun!!! nothing wrong with some leftovers…they can be life-savers..and save you from extra cooking/etc./dirting dishes!!!!!…i love your Teddy pictures..pretty and looks like fun…i wanta get my dressage saddle out again!!! ((Scottie was his little king self today..so I hope I did the right thing…could not catch him..he kept walking away from me…so I did the “more work if you don’t listen” & you really want to not be with me??? so..chased him a bit..as much as I could in his several acre pasture…then I took his treats and gave them to Daisy (mare). makes me feel sad..but i have to teach him a lesson..this was the right thing to do..right????))) better luck tmro…but yesterday went so well!!!!

  6. I am truly in love with the Teddie pictures – he truly is one stud muffin!!!!
    My Friday the 13th was pretty uneventful – i actually forgot it was the 13th!!!
    I love eating corn on the cobb – one of the fun things about it is actually eating it off the cobb -!!!!
    Hope u have a wonderful weekend!!!!!! xo amee

  7. hmm, i just posted a comment on your blog, but it was the blogspot one! darnnn! Im enjoying a lovely juicy peach as i type! arent they delicious during the summer, come fall and winter, i dont know how ill survive without them! your breakfast looks amazing as usual and i adore the cute pictures of you and your pony, Teddie ❤ looks like so much fun! how was that Oski bar? i was 2 seconds from buying one but couldnt bring myself to look past the weird consistency! have a great night girl ❤

  8. He is looking beautiful (and his mama looks pretty darn gorgeous too!) I have been simplifying my breakfasts lately too…it must be the warm summer days that are compelling us to pare down. I am particular about my corn…I try to eat it very slowly on the cob, savoring each row. It is making me want to eat an ear right now!

  9. Haha, eating corn on the cob is INSANE and should never have boundaries, I love tackling those guys completely shamelessly and in an unorganized, messy fashion. 🙂 Your horsey is such a beauty! I don’t know if it’s your fantastic camera/skills, or the horse’s bootiful physique, looking so shiny and so pretty!

    Have an awesome weekend! I want a peach.

  10. Ohh sorry about the smashed up bar haha! I must admit, I myself wouldn’t chose that bar because I don’t like brittle bars at all so I’m with you there but I’d thought I’d give you a try 🙂 I would definitely have chosen the yummy cookie over that – especially with that sweet tooth of mine!
    Mmm Friday the 13th was a typical Friday for me!
    Gosh Teddie sure is a stud muffin! He’s gorgeous!

  11. Your little polenta bites look great!!!

    And, ugh. I’m glad Friday the 13th is almost over. haha. I had a horrendous day (see the blog). Must have crossed a black cat or something last year.

  12. Corn on the cob at home will be eaten straight off- if I am out then I will cut it off first. Corn is soooo good though- am trying to grow some in my garden at the mo

  13. What a cutie! Teddie’s pictures always manage to make my day. 😀

    Your ‘real food’ breakfast looks so perfect, by the way. 😀

  14. Not only did the low fat, low calorie mentality NOT solve my problems, it actually created my problems! It’s too bad people don’t realize it until they’ve already been sucked into that mindset though.

    I actually kind of like brittle bars! Have you ever had Sesame Snaps? I used to love those!

    Those pictures ofyou and Teddie are so sweet! 🙂

  15. I wouldn’t like all of those seeds getting caught up in my teeth either. And I totally cut the corn off the cob, I can’t stand it getting stuck in my teeth. My husband’s family used to laugh at me, now they all do it!

    P.S. I love you site, it’s beautiful! You so don’t need a site redesign, but I support one if you really want it! 😉

  16. Tastes definitely change! I don’t do super sweet any more! I think that is the biggest problem people have when they need to lose weight. We don’t all love hemp powder or brussels sprouts the first time (well except me, but I am a freak), it takes eating them over and over (finding the right method for you) and then you start to crave them! That tomato and mozz looks so good! Is it me or is Teddie getting huge? Have a great day Jessica!

  17. awww i’m in love with your teddy!!! he is beautiful!
    I have to agree with you on the Oskri Organics bar…tooo hard, but very tasty! 🙂
    I hope you have a great weekend chica!

  18. For some reason I just adore that photo of Teddie all tacked up in the crossties! Such a sweet, innocent horsie. =P
    And I agree, I wish there was a way we could undo that mindset. Real > fake!!

  19. Corn on the cob is AMAZING right now — I love it! I always find myself closing my eyes when I eat it, like a greedy pet animal tucking into its kibble.

  20. Teddie is SO cute! I can’t take it!

    I’m totally craving a balsamic soaked panini now. It sounds so good.

    I thankfully had no Friday the 13th happenings. Except that I fell into a deep sleep around 8pm and wouldn’t get up when my bf tried to wake me to see a meteor shower. I’m still bummed about it but at least I woke up refreshed 🙂

  21. what a picturesque shot of Teddie too! he looks so STOIC is handsome ❤
    i agree with how sad and frustrating it is that we've been hardpressed to believe at some point in our lives that low cal or 100 calorie packs of anything are much healthier than whole foods with higher nutrient levels and densities. i think slowly we are moving more towards that but it'll be awhile to switch the mindset over, especially those whove had parents that believed the whole low fat/low cal craze and modelled that to their kids.


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