Fixed it with a Munchkin

I am out of control today. I might as well just say “Hi, I’m Jess, and I haven’t stopped eating yet today.” Seriously. I’m thinking it’s because I a.) somewhere along the line, forgot how to pack a good lunch and snacks for work, and b.) my day yesterday.

Here’s how yesterday went:

  1. Wake up at 6:00 for an 8:30 senior portrait shoot – gobble up overnight oats and gather camera gear for shoot. Drive to shoot.
  2. End up mountain-goating it for the entire shoot – practically hiking up and down a mountain.
  3. Gobble down some almonds while going to work the naughty pony.
  4. Work the naughty pony, who is still up to some antics.
  5. Scurry off to clean the office.
  6. Scurry home, see the farrier is here early – gobble down a peanut butter and jelly before running out to help hold horses (and catch up with farrier – and old friend from when I worked and rode at another barn)
  7. Spend all afternoon catching up with said farrier.
  8. Muck out both sets of horses/ponies.
  9. Find an odd half-hour before dinner to upload photos.
  10. Make and eat dinner (mine and the animals)
  11. edit photos
  12. ride georgie
  13. edit photos, finally post photos.
  14. breath. sleep. like a babay.


Truth: this is yesterday's breakfast. I had the same exact thing this morning - but I like this bowl better.

Luckily, breakfasts are always there for me. For my oatmeal-raisin cookie overnight oats, I add in a bunch of cinnamon, some nutmeg, and raisins to the base overnight. Stirring in vanilla chobani in the morning adds a lovely sweetness and vanilla flavor. And protein!

Since peanut butter doesn't have as runny a consistency as sunflower butter - I find it works best to mix it in with a nuked banana so it doesn't stay in just one clump.

Needless to say, I feel like it’s been eons since I’ve posted even though it’s been just a day. I’m almost a sad story. I prefer to call it dedicated.

This morning started off with an ugly sight: a check engine light in the Jeep. Great. It seems like a bunch of little things keep going wrong.

  1. Teddie issues
  2. Shot my senior portrait at 1000 ISO (don’t know why I ever had it set to 1000 so didn’t even think to check. Stupid me.)
  3. Freaking out that I was going to get in trouble for what I said to a customer on Saturday (though that freaking out was for nothing – they bowed down to me, haha)
  4. Seeing the number 666 everywhere (I’m not superstitious but this one’s really starting to get to me)
  5. Jeep light

Okay, so that’s really not that much, but I remember there being a couple other things and I just found it quite ironic that all these little things were going on, heh.

Crackers, devoured with carrot spread before it was hardly 11:00.

So, seeing this Jeep light was sort of enough to send me overboard. Actually, just the Teddie issues and the ISO whoopsie was enough to make me believe that life as I know it would surely come crumbling down, so add to that me telling myself that now I had to shell out $1,000 for a new engine or something and I was a mess.

I’m not dramatic or anything.

I thought this peach was quite risque, non?

I’m really not sure why I’m rambling on so long about my Jeep problems, but long story short, it resulted in iced coffee, munchkins, and a really long walk to work.

No, no – I didn’t break down, but I did underestimate the distance between my work and the shop. Which resulted in me telling myself I needed an iced coffee, and being the kind person I am, “phoned home” (re: work) to take orders at Dunkin.

Truth: that eggplant is over a week old. Lunch was an eggplant, chickpea, feta, and tomato sauce panini.

The consensus was munchkins. Munchkins without sprinkles.

Now picture this: little old me, walking (sweating) in my bright, pretty teal shirt, toting an iced coffee, a big bag, and a little suitcase of munchkins. You know how sometimes you see these fancy dudes toting around their suit coat and a nice fancy briefcase? Yeah, I was the sad imitation of that.

Truth: this "expired" in January.

When I finally arrived at my destination, I stood in the lower level of the shop for a good five minutes, airing out my sweaty self in the cool air.

I delivered the munchkins, was praised for my “job well done” on Saturday, and got to work.

Truth: this was packed with the intention of lasting me all week as backup snackage. I ate this whole bag today. Marcona almonds, raisins, sunflower nuts, gojiberries, mulberries, and goldenberries.

And then became really disappointed when I saw there were no blueberry glazed munchkins after that long trek. It’s sort of weird – I’ve never been a donut kinda gal. Muffins take the cake.  (or…donut, if you will) but these munchkins were screaming my name today, for whatever reason. Finally I just let myself have at the darn munchkin.

I ended up settling for a jelly-filled munchkin imposter, and was crushed to discover it was just a regular glazed munchkin.

Still not a fan. Hey, just making sure I’m not missing out on life-changing food. I know this sounds like a weird, long, unnecessary ramble about a munchkin…but I guess I just like the moments where I appreciate healthy eating, and remind myself that it’s my choice, and not my requirement.

Dinner: Honey-curry chickpeas, corn with butter and parm, microwave-baked sweet potato

So there you have it. And treating my financial woes with iced coffee and a munchkin certainly helped, because all I needed was a speed sensor. Which is rather comical, if you ask me.

See, a week or so ago, when I was driving to the barn with my mom – she asked me if I’d gotten a ticket lately. When my response was no, she asked why I was driving so slow.

Mom, I’m going the speed limit.

I admit it did feel slow, but hey – not gonna argue with the police. Needless to say, I felt like I was driving a bit faster on the way home.



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24 responses to “Fixed it with a Munchkin

  1. Sounds like you’ve had one hectic day! I’ve been doing the same sort of running around and eating that you’re describing… although sadly I’m not too great at deciding on what type of food to eat. I get all flustered and end up just making the same things over and over. I must work on that 😛

    I absolutely hate those days where every little thing seems to go wrong. Hopefully this just means that the universe owes you a really good day in the near future 🙂 This world is all about balance!

    ❤ Tat

  2. It’s always good to “treat” ourselves to something unhealthy once in a while to see that we eat healthy because we want to, and not because we feel like we have to. There are a lot of things I used to eat like crazy, which I now think are pretty nasty tasting. It worried me for a while, because I wasn’t sure why I was avoiding those foods, but after trying them again and being totally unimpressed, I figure I just genuinely don’t like them anymore… donuts among those things 😉 Give me a hearty cookie, muffin, or banana bread any day.

    I hope the next few days are easier on you! Like Tat said, the world has a way of balancing everything out, so maybe things will slow down and your luck will turn 🙂

  3. Confession: I eat granola bars past their expiration date too. I like your “risque” peach! Also I used to looove the blueberry munchkins but haven’t gotten them in awhile. You’ve inspired me to treat myself! I hope your week turns out to be a great one 🙂

  4. Gosh – you sure did have one productive day!!!! That’s probably why your hunger really kicked in – i know when i have hectic days its hard to satisfy my hunger too!! Hope tomorrow’s a bit quieter for you!!!
    P.S. – that’s a cute comment your mom made about your driving – usually my mom comments i drive too fast!!!! xo aimee

  5. Aww I’m sorry you’re still getting hit with bad luck! I wishing you a good day tomorrow!

    I’ve never heard of the term mountain-goating before! At least it sounds like you must have gotten a workout in 🙂

  6. Aww hope things get better!! BTW Have you ever had roasted chickpeas, I tried them the other day and am soso addicted to them they are crunchy and salty goodness I need to experiment with spices! Lol I hate driving with my dad in the passengers seat he comments about everything like “slow down” “watch out for that car” etc like I have no brain, Only been driving 4 years ya know ;] Delish breakfast when isn’t oatmeal raisin a fab combo?….I need to try flaxy french toast with my oatmeal-raisin bread..ahh and pb sauce with a green monster sounds like a perfect balanced breakfast.

  7. Michelle

    Wow, you have been having some crazy days! I hope your days get a bit smoother!

  8. The pumpkin kashi bar sounds good and reminds me that falls coming.

  9. I totally thought those bananas were mushrooms at first glance, and I was like, WHAT?! lol.
    Ugh, I definitely know what those busy busy days feel like. I always just remember to breathe— there’s always an end to look forward to no matter how far away it seems 🙂

    Oh, and when I worked with food and there were smaller purchases I used to see the total be 666 every once in awhile… people would always say, “Oh, I should play the lottery!” Since suddenly a sign of the devil is lucky…

  10. i love the picture of the peach in particular.

    do we get to see your senior photos when they come out?

    love you! stay well, beautiful. ❤


  11. What a busy busy day! Do you have a site for just your photography? I would love to see it. We have been hectic here in Austin. There is SO much to do when you move to a new city. I’m exhausted. Stay positive…I know how those little things can add up. Just remember that you are a talented, beautiful and inspiring person!

  12. How did you have time to write this post? You did so much today, insane! LOVE raisins in overnight oats (not as fantastic in overnight quinoa, though), they turn into huge balls of sweetness and pop in le mouth, so nice. And the 666 thing, definitely with you on not being superstitious but seeing it repeatedly just feels… wrong.

    Have a relaxed, chill day, and hope your pony stops being a grumpy face!

  13. Rachel

    Impostor munchkins! Don’t let them (or grumpy ponies, for that matter) drag you down!

    Kashi bars:) have you tried the pumpkin spice ones?

    Love you, take care!

  14. Argh, I just got lost on the DD website trying to find out what a Munchkin was! I still have no idea :/
    Oof sounds like yesterday (/the day before) was majorly busy! You’re lucky you get on with your farrier 🙂 Mine is a grumpy bloke who only turns up 50% of the time, and works in silence…it’s horrible holding for him!
    I hope today is less busy for you anyways, and that Teddie behaves himself 😛

  15. Sometimes all you need is a good munchkin!! Which reminds me…it’s been a while! I used to love the chocolate glaze and jelly filled after swim practice. Healthy, debatable…delicious and comforting ABSOLUTELY. That’s what healthy eating is all about 🙂 ! I’ve definitely had those hectic eating days too aka finals week at school. I think it calms nerves and gives extra energy when you feel like your world is spinning out of control. Especially crunchy things, and that snackage looks amazing!! Take care, and I hope you have a more settled day today after a good night’s rest!! –Nora

  16. Dang Jessica, you sound like me! Take a deep breath! We always do our yoga breathes here when things get outa control. I always get overwhelmed when I list out all the things that are going on and I am not superstitious either, but 666 freaks me out! I hope you have a good, relaxing day today!

  17. Hahaha, I love your mom’s comment in the last part of this post. My dad considers the speed limit to be 15 mph over the posted limit…such a bad example 🙂 You definitely had a crazy day, hope you got some rest!!

  18. When I have days like that I also feel like I don’t stop eating. I hope your day today is much more relaxing! Maybe today you will see a good luck number instead of that other one! Think positive thoughts!! 🙂

  19. Whoa, talk about a crazy day! You definitely need a breather so hopefully today will be better. Car troubles are always annoying..but I knew someone who drove around with their “check engine” light on for at least 5 years. And everytime my mom’s goes off it’s some ridiculous thing that means absolutely nothing..the mechanics even said that’s the case most of the time. They shouldnt make it so such a serious light flashes for meaningless things, but oh well..

  20. I have days where I feel like I eat all day long too! But it sounded like you needed all that energy for that busy day you had! It makes me tired just reading about it. 😉

    I’m tempted to try out a munchkin now since they share my nickname! I’m not really a donut person either though. But every once in a while it’s nice to indulge in something we don’t usually eat. It keeps us from feeling like we’re tied down to a healthy eating “regime” or something!

  21. What a day! I hope today is much better!
    I love donuts (along with pretty much any other sweet) but most of the time I try avoid them because they’re not very healthy and I easily become addicted.
    666 would freak me out too!!

  22. the munchkin thing cracks me up. i always do that with sweets. someone finds out i dont eat sugar, and they’re always like “OMG YOU MUST TRY ____!!!” and if i ever snag a bite i’m always like wait… try this?!?!?

    lol love you girl!

  23. URG, don’t you hate days like that…starts foul and ends blah. I guess thats what night is for…SLEEP and START OVER! Anywhay, love all your “Truths” today and I hope your tomorrow is better. 🙂

  24. Dee

    aww, I totally feel you girl. I have a day like that every week! 😦

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