I’m gonna go ahead and get something off my chest right off the bat: I am in a rotten mood.

Remember when I mentioned that a horse person’s mood is directly related to how good of a ride they had? Yeah – that explains it. I suppose rotten is a little bit harsh. I guess I’m not angry per say – every horse has bad days and letting that put youΒ in a foul mood just makes it worse. We learn to deal with it – end on a good note, and resume right where you left off the next day. It comes with the job. So, I guess I’m moreso…disgruntled. I tend to take bad rides a bit personally, I guess – and give myself a hard time. Feeling like I’ve let us down. That sort of thing. For better or for worse, I am my own worse enemy – something I – admittedly – need to work on.

So, yes – Teddie was a foul little ponykins this afternoon. That little monster was trying his hardest to unseat both of us. Both of us? Yes – he was so dreadful I had “the boss” (a.k.a. A, my trainer) get on him. While I was sad to see him still being horrible for her, at the same time it was reassuring that he wasn’t just taking advantage of me.

Alas, life goes on. Tomorrow will be better. It’s funny – because all while getting him ready, something just seemed a bit off…he was acting a little differently. Warming up, he was okay, but sort of looking for the boogieman in every corner. And then all hades broke loose. I guess my foresight was correct. Every horse has their day – and we haven’t had a horrendously monster-like day yet, so it was bound to come.

I won’t even get started on my tangent involving a customer at work, either. I guess it just wasn’t mine or Teddie’s days. But you know what makes “those days” ten million bajillion trillion times better?


Yes, you guys! I walked in the door in my “I am a terrible rider” gloom to see a package awaiting. Inside?


And inside? I was greeted by an intense aroma of rosemary!

...and found rosemary, crackers, and teas!

Since the struggle with Teddie didn’t allow me home until nearly 7:30 – I didn’t need to be encouraged to dig into the crackers.

SO delicious! I love the spices.

While I was waiting for part of my dinner to reheat (re: two minutes for some corn) I think I ate at least half the bag πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, the mail-man wasn’t so kind to the other half 😦

Who sent me all these lovely things? Why, the incredibly talented (as you can see!) Ms. Teenage Health Freak! Thanks SOO much, girl – you know me too well! The bag is absolutely adorable – and I am incredibly envious of your sewing talent πŸ˜€

How else did bloggers save the day? I packed this 9 Bar sent to me from beautiful Nikki knowing that I would need a bar packing a little more punch than usual if I was going to ride Teddie after work.

It was already a shortened day – Saturdays we’re only open until 4 – but I still knew that if I was feeling even a little lethargic I would have opted out. I tend to just want to go home and relax after work.

What a wonderful philosophy!

But after chompin’ down on this puppy, I found my energy. In hindsight, maybe I should have just not been so motivated to ride, but we won’t go there. This 9 Bar was fantastic!! So far, I am noticing that bars in … well, pretty much anywhere other than America…are much less sweet.

And I mean that in a great way! While natural sweetness doesn’t bother me as much as added sugar or artificial sweetness – too much is still too much. This bar was just sweet enough. And the honey lent wonderfully to the pumpkin – a nice change from the usual maple!

Also exciting?

Coming home to corn on the cob!

Driving to the barn I passed multiple corn stands, and was thisclose to buying some for dinner. But, frankly, I didn’t want even the two minutes it would have taken to cut in to my Teddie time, and I passed. Go figure. Arriving home I was ecstatic to find a note from my mom pointing out the corn in the fridge.

I was also quite grateful for leftover quinoa salads for a dinner in minutes.

And…at least I started the day on the right foot, right?

Eh, it coulda been far worse.

See, just venting that made me more optimistic! Here’s to tomorrow πŸ™‚

Do you tend to be a bit hard on yourself, too – or take everything in stride?

(side note: yes, I ate a lunch and snacks today, I just don’t feel like doing a normal post, haha)



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25 responses to “Foul

  1. Ugh.. I am so sorry you and Teddie had a bit of a spat today! Like you said though, it was bound to happen at some point. I’m glad you were able to work through it (for better or for worse), and perhaps a fresh start tomorrow will put you in a better place.

    I’m still working on answering your reply AND on reading the post before this one.. I’ve been a busy bee with all these barn chores, but I just HAD to comment on this one πŸ˜›

    ❀ Tat

  2. So sorry to hear about your day – I tend to be pretty hard on myself too but am slowly working towards taking things in stride.

  3. Sorry about your yucky day…I’m very hard on myself, and I’m working to have more grace. But it is certainly a battle. What a sweet surprise to come home to though! I agree, the bag is adorable!

  4. Sorry to hear Teddie wasn’t too cooperative today- hopefully tomorrow will be a better day – Glad to hear you were able to come home to two surprises – corn on the cob and a great bag filled with yummy treats – hope these cheered you up!!! Have a great Sunday!!!!! xo aimee

  5. I wish you had had a better day, hopefully tomorrow will hold better and brighter things to make up for it!

    I’m usually pretty hard on myself as well, when one thing goes wrong (especially if that one thing is trying something new for breakfast and it fails) it usually looms over me all day like a bad storm cloud. I’ve been improving but still, it’s hard to shrug off some things that life throws at you. Have a good rest of the weekend~

  6. I am so hard on myself! I just want things to go how I want them to go. Sorry your ride was not great. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Have a great night Jessica!

  7. Sorry you had a rough day with Teddie! I’ve always noticed that whenever I’m in a semi-bad/bad mood and riding doesnt go perfectly, I blow things way out of proportion, take it out on CoCo (not in any harmful physical way) and things get way worse. Not saying that was the case with you, though. But yes, tomorrow’s a new day! One bad day leads to a good one πŸ™‚

  8. Michelle

    Omigosh! That bag is AMAZING! I am so jealous. What a great surprise from the mailman πŸ™‚

  9. You’re right, tomorrow is another day. You never know what goes on in the head of those ponies…really. He will be back to his usual self. I usually find it hard to shake a bad experience too – but you got a head start with the blogging goodies, I guess πŸ™‚
    Actually, yeah, since you didn’t have a really “bad” day with with Teddie yet you’re probably right, it was bound to be there somehwhere down the line – I think it’s great to think about things that way, because it’s easier to stay positive. Yay to good days πŸ™‚

  10. Gah sorry for the crappy horse day 😦 a bad ride throws the entire day 😦 at least it was in the evening though right!?
    I always take bad rides personally (I’ve been known to do raaaather a lot of crying when a ride goes wrong…). Actually, I take anything bad personally! Someone’s mood, something going wrong…hopeless πŸ˜› Anyway, hope he’s better today!
    And wow, that bag is handmade!?? Crikey that’s amazing! 9Bars are good aren’t they!? I got sent a sample a while back (BV- Before Vegan!) and loved them πŸ˜€

  11. Aw sweetie I’m sorry you had a bum day with Teddie, I guess he’s only a horse though and has his own bad days because of his own feelings because he isn’t a machine that you can control perfectly! I really hope he’s in a better mood tomorrow so you can have a good ride and put you in a good mood too! πŸ™‚
    The bag that you got looks gorgeous and I’m so glad you liked another bar! I find it interesting how you are finding them less sweet than the bars you get there, just shows how countries tastes and the ways that they’re made differ. I think that’s what makes the world amazing though in terms of food because there’s so much variety all over the world.

  12. teehehhe I can’t get over how cute that bag is! yellow just screams SUMMER doesn’t it? although…it’s nearing the end…

  13. I take things hard on myself sometimes too, so I completely hear you! This is especially true back in the day when I was really into dog training, and it still happens with class grades and presentations. The bottom line is that everyone has bad days, and you’re right: it makes the good days a bajillion times better. πŸ˜€

    Hang in there…I’ll bet today will be awesome for you!

  14. Like you said, tomorrow (or today??) will be a better day. I’m hard on myself all the time, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. One thing (even if it is a large part of your life, like Teddie) is only one aspect of your life. I bet the rest of your day was great! Especially getting a super cute bag!
    Hope today is better!!

  15. Ugh, I hate those kind of days. I’m the type of person where I just let one bad thing snowball, but I’m learning ways to calm myself down without getting upset. Life’s too short to spend it pissed off about something small, right? Hopefully today is much better for you!!

  16. I’m sorry about your bad ride with Teddie 😦 I would say don’t take it personally (because you shouldn’t), but I know how incredibly hard it can be to not let something like that get to you, even if you know it shouldn’t. I tend to be way harder on myself than I should be as well, and it can really screw with entire day if I feel like I screwed something up. But those days come and go, and the next ones are usually better… I hope that’s the case for you as well πŸ™‚

  17. So glad to see that your mood improved. The healthy eating helps in a big way doesn’t it?? ….as does a new handbag πŸ™‚

  18. Sorry you had a rough time with Teddie! He was probably just having an off day – it wasn’t your fault! You’re doing an awesome job with training him, so don’t take it personally. πŸ™‚

    I am really hard on myself too though. I always agonize over things and let it ruin my day.

    At least you had a nice surprise to come home to! That bag is adorable!

  19. OH FUN!!!! you gotta love packages that come with their own funky bag!! mustve been so exciting seeing that surprise ❀

  20. Sorry you had a bad ride 😦 That bar looks amazing though! I hate when they’re too sweet.

  21. Sorry about your bad day girl! I had a pretty rough one today too. Everyone ha bad days but as long as you let it go and start new the next day it doesn’t get any better! Have a great week and I adore your blog πŸ™‚

  22. I am super hard on myself, it’s quite frustrating. I have been so missing from blog world, but I love your new header Jess. Do you do all of this yourself?? Try to keep your head up, it’s a new day today!

  23. Sorry you’re day went into rot mode, I hope your Monday is fantastic to make up for it! Little surprise gifts always tend to turn bad days into awesome days, don’t they? So sweet!

    Ahh corn on the cob, it’s been too long my friend… I loved it so much as a kid, why isn’t it in my life anymore?

    I can be extremely hard on myself with some situations, and with other I turn into a care-free hippy without worry or strife. I wish happy, optimistic girl would come out more often than the angry head, but it really all depends on the day I s’pose πŸ™‚

  24. i’m always too hard on myself..especially with school..but my mom always reasures me to just chill about it. but in some ways it’s a good thing.

  25. Dee

    oh boy! I’m hoping you’ve been having better days lately! *hug*

    cute bag! love the color…

    ps. um… YUM to the waffleS!

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