Oh me oh my…I feel like I just woke up.

I suppose that could be taken to come across as me being really sleepy and groggy or something – but I meant it as a “holy cow where has the day gone?” sort of thing.

I feel like I’ve been non-stop all day, yet when I think about it…I didn’t do too much. Hmm.

Breakfast: Waffles!

For a day like this, intense waffles were a necessity. I’ve noticed that for being such a seemingly minor thing – there is a pretty big difference in my waffles depending on whether I use Kashi Honey Puffs or millet puffs. Made with honey puffs, as you see here – they are much larger, and a bit crunchier in texture (the inside, not the outside). Millet puffs produce a bit of a smaller waffle, but perhaps a bit more plump, and not as much crunch.

Topped with 1/2 a banana, strawberries, and raisins nuked and mixed with some maple syrup and a peanut butter icing.

I can’t say one is superior to the other, though – I love them both, especially with these toppings! Unfortunately, that also knocked out my chia seed supply. Sad truth.

I tried to get some files backed up to disk on my computer before leaving for the barn since I am worried my hard drive is going – sometimes I hear a slight clicking noise.

Bad news bears.

Unfortunately, my blank DVDs were MIA so while at Rite-Aid to get some, discovered they’re having a BOGO sale on nuts.

Note to self: buy nuts at Rite-Aid.

I’ll just put in my Teddie blah-blah here, too.

We had a great ride today when all was said and done. At first, he was being a little brat-face, being weird about going to the other end of the ring. Stopping and turning, basically. A was there, so I asked if she thought I should just lunge the pants off of him to get him to go. She confirmed my thought that I should just ride it out, and put us right to work and within a couple of minutes I had myself a much more responsive Teddie-kins. Walk-whoa-trot-walk-trot-whoa, lots of changes of directions, and essentially teaching him about half halts. When asking for a trot-walk we hardly wanted him to walk so that I could get him really pushing off from behind and using his motor, so to speak. Lots of extension and collection, bending, giving – he did remarkably well. We even tried a canter! Granted, it took a couple laps of doing a really fast trot around the ring, but once he gave my a Β couple strides of canter that was a good boy and we were done. He gave a little buck, but really just because he doesn’t know what to do yet. I am happy I got that first u/s canter done, though.Β Ahhh, the wonders of trainers. Especially A. If she tells me to do something, she gives me the confidence to just do it which is strange because it’s not like she gives a pep-talk. She just says what to do and it seems okay, you know? I tend to baby Teddie – but he really doesn’t need it. If he was younger, maybe – but since his bones are done growing, there’s really no reason to. Normally we wouldn’t just run a horse to a canter, but he’s really not the type of horse to naturally just break into a canter – even in the field he’d rather trot. So, for now – it’s just what we’re going to build on.

After that, GM action was necessary.

That was probably the most work Teddie’s done all year, and that kicked my appetite up a notch, too. Oh yeah, side note: I found ten dollars in the trash today. Not our trash, either. Score.

By the time I got home it was nearly 1 (I got a late start on riding and really wanted to get the office-cleaning out of the way today, too) and I was in the process of gnawing my arm off.

That sounds gross, I take it back.

In the GM: spinach, 1/2 a banana, a peach, vanilla chobani, almond milk, and the organic whey protein powder

I topped this beautiful girl with:

  • sliced strawbs
  • dates
  • marcona almonds
  • wheat germ
  • quick oats
  • blackberry honey creme
  • Mae’s coconut butter

Yes, I still have some of that coconut butter. Remember how I said the other day that I tend to save things in attempts to make them never end when I know I won’t be able to get my hands on it again anytime soon? Yeah – this is more proof of that. I have just a bit left, and haven’t been eating it because…well…I don’t want it to end. Today I just told myself that not eating something because I don’t want it to go away is about as pointless as trying to explain to someone that spinach in a smoothie is, indeed, delicious. Either way, it just won’t make sense.

If you read my other post – you know I spent my afternoon filling up on blueberries and baking those lovely muffins. By the time that was done it was nearly 4:00 already, so I took care of the horses and ponies. In fact, I was cleaning Jiggy and Mel’s run when my neighbor came outside and started swearing up a storm. His garage is pretty close to the far end of their paddock, where their run is. There’s a lot of brush and trees in between, but he still gives me the creeps so I sort of high-tailed it back to the other end of the pasture. Not sure why you all needed to know that. Oh well.

I admit that I’ve been sort of lazy with dinner lately, but honestly – give me this “dish” and I will eat it for dinner every day if you want me to. In fact, I’m tempted to do so since I do have leftover roasted veg.

This is my beloved “broccoli, hummus, and goat cheese” bowl, but pumped up a notch. Oooh la-la…something already delicious, made even more-so?

Oh, yes.

Today, I roasted carrots, sugar snap peas, and broccoli (from the farmer’s market, save for the carrots!) seasoned with some garlic salt, and then mixed them with two big globs of garlic hummus, small spoonful of Ragu,Β and feta. I opted for black beans as my protein-of-choice, and thought a fresh garden tomato sliced on top would deliver a wonderful fresh, cool twist, too.

How is something so simple this mind-boggling? Really – this is delicious. I promise you.

While roasting, I made this:

Looks kinda fun-kay.

…but what the heck is it? You ask? I’ll divulge that info tomorrow πŸ™‚

For now, though – I’m off to…shower and maybe do yoga? My back has been sore lately, and it’s actually been this was as long as I can remember whenever I have a long day on my feet. Riding brings it on most, but I’m also wondering if it maybe has to do with my arches? I wear terrible shoes that give me no support. And I admit I don’t have the best posture, but I’m not so bad while I ride. I dono. But if anyone has any tips or suggestions they are welcome. And no, stopping riding is not a valid tip or suggestion πŸ˜‰ I don’t think it’s that I’m “damaged” (hehe, that made me laugh) but moreso just sore and needs to be stretched out more often?



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18 responses to “Mind-Boggling

  1. Woohoo…$10 freakin dollars! I won’t ask why you were dumpster diving, but I think you are a little more awesome now! I am crashing hard right now and we have friends coming over in 30 minutes…must find energy! Have a great night Jessica!

  2. Sorry to hear about the back pain… I’ve had my fair share as well. I really recommend seeing a chiropractor if that is an option. I started going a couple years ago and never looked back, it really works!

    Congrats on the canter! What a little champ your Teddie is becoming πŸ™‚ I remember I once trained a horse that would run and run and run for days until he finally broke to a canter. Sometimes, they’re just programmed that way! He’ll get it though.

    ❀ Tat

  3. Sounds to me like you had quite a productive day – sorry to hear though that your back has been bothering you – i think yoga and a bit of stretching is a great remedy – hope it helps!!!! So happy that you were able to canter with Teddie today – really making progress quickly!!! Hope you have a relaxing night and can get well deserved rest – looking forward to your “secret” for tomorrow’s post!!!
    xoxo aimee

  4. Awwr 😦 Back pain is no fun. Some light stretching might work, but if you don’t find that it helps, then maybe it’s caused by weak back muscles? My mom used to suffer from a lot of lower back pain, and her PT gave her some back muscle exercises to do, and she’s been feeling a lot better. You could probably just Google it and find some exercises on the web πŸ™‚ Or, you can always buy some kind of inserts for your shoes for some arch support…

    I get pretty lazy with some of my meals, as well, and a lot of the time I just go back to the same old thing (helloooooo savory oats). But who cares when it tastes that darn good? And your dinner seriously sounds amazing. And speaking of amazing, congrats on all of the progress with Teddie πŸ™‚ You must be a proud momma.

  5. Yippee for finding ten bucks in the trash…I get giddy when I stumble upon a one dollar bill. I loved hearing about your day with Teddie (as always); isn’t it great to be able to bounce ideas off of the experts? I wish I had some advice for your back pain, but as of yet, I haven’t had much problems with my own back (knock on wood). I hope you have a great Sunday!

  6. That funky little bowl of orange-ness reminds me of a recipe I printed out today for beet hummus. Can you imagine? The most insane purple hummus you have ever seen in your life. I’m intrigued.

    Green monsters are gorgeous, yours makes me want one, even now, at 10:50pm. Make the craving sttooopp. Tomorrow morning perhaps? Agreed.

    Have a jolly good Sunday!

  7. i’m excited to find out! looks awesome. πŸ™‚

  8. Maybe you should see a back physio if the pain keeps persisting?
    When I was little we had an ex-driving pony, and she had no clue how to canter either. Even in the field (like Teddie) she would choose to trot (thought it was a big knees-up carriage trot :p). We did exactly what you did in the end, and although it’s not something we’d normally do, it worked for her and she learnt how to canter πŸ™‚ I felt for her though – she’d been taught NOT to canter, so it mus’ve been so confusing!
    Oh, and why were you rooting through someone else’s trash to get the $10 lol!!? Too funny!

  9. It sounds like you’re making such progress with Teddie! Congrats on getting him to canter! πŸ™‚

    I’m the same way with trying to make things last! When I made Laraballs with your recipe, I think I made 10 balls last for 2 months! I know I can just whip up another batch whenever I want, but my brain can be pretty illogical.

    Sorry about your back pain girl! 😦 I’ve never had that before, so I don’t have any advice. I’d say if it persists you should definitely get it checked out!!

  10. I loved when horses are all collected! It looks so exquisite! We always worked on collection with my horse, and he’d do it if he felt like it basically. Haha oh and your GM looks beautiful!! That’s saying something, because normally those things look like swamp water.

    Also, my back has been ridiculously sore lately too so I can relate. Yours could definitely be from riding, and maybe try new shoes too?? But I almost think yoga is what is hurting my back because I did it two days in a row during the week and since then my back has felt like an old lady’s! I feel like maybe I’m doing some of the moves wrong, especially back extensions and stuff like that. Ahh I don’t know but if I figure out a magic cure, you’ll be the first person I tell!

  11. Katharina

    Thanks to you I am incorporating chia seeds in breakfasts every morning πŸ˜€ Also, those waffles look so good. So you make them with cereal?? I have no idea what honey puffs are but they sound like a cereal lol.

    I’ve been putting lazy-dinners together as well hehehe. Yours sounds sooo good. Mmm goat cheese πŸ˜€

    Probably incorporating some sort of shoe support would help. I use to wear flats a lot and have tried to cut it down. I have my little boy Timberlands lol, I also got a pair of super cute low-wedge sandals the other day. I think yoga will definitely help out though. Maybe rolling around on a stability ball as well, or hanging over the edge of your bed lol.

    Be careful about your hard drive! Mine was at the point of crashing not too long ago, and I had to get a new one. I hope you get all of your stuff backed up!



  12. teenagehealthfreak

    wow…now that’s a GM I would try..they just never appeal to me…but this one (and well pretty much all of the ones you make) look AMAZING> πŸ™‚ yeah…I’d say try to do some stretches after riding or a little every night before you go to bed or something..my mom has back problems..she always says spends her money on good shoes and inserts and yoga has kept the back problems away for years!!!

  13. first, how cute that you call him Teddie-Kins ❀ i call almost everything and everyone by adding "-kins" at the end lol

    wow what HAVE you been roasting? looks like a mix between a yam or sweet potato, red lentils, or some type of carrot..hmmm..

    urgh sucks about the back pain. you definitely had a good day but the back pain doesnt add much 'good' to that lol 😦 hoping that u find some relief or some good hands to massage it? xoxo ❀

  14. Have you tried using arch-support insoles? I have terribly flat feet and they’ve helped me a LOT, and you can usually cut them to the size you need. Not sure how much they’ll help with back pain, but my mom (a physical therapist) always tells me to straighten my posture/stretch when I complain about that…

    But at least your roasted vegetables look delicious πŸ™‚

    What kind of waffle maker do you use? Sorry if you’ve already answered that somewhere here.

  15. I’d go with yoga! It’ll help your back almost immediately but also over time cause it’ll eventually correct your posture as well.

    That’s great news about Teddie cantering! It’s always a bit nerve racking trying something new for the first time but he sounds like he rocked it. πŸ˜‰ He’ll be a pro in no time!

  16. I love that you put the uncooked oats on your smoothie πŸ™‚

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