Left You Hanging

It feels like I just finished last night’s posts, and here I am again.

It feels like I just got out of school, and yet here it is, nearly August.

Such is life.

Breakfast: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Overnight Oats

And I left you hanging on such important things last night – how cruel of me to just touch upon calcium supplements potentially being bad for your heart.

And then of course, there’s riding the ponies for their potentially first time.

Base: almost 1/2 c. oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, 1/4 c. vanilla chobani, raisins, cinnamon

Of course, by riding I mean “sitting on and taking a couple of steps forward,” but it was still a proud moment. Georgie we’d seen attempted to be ridden, but she really didn’t want to have any part in it – and Maya was sold to us as unsold, though since her history is unknown there’s a chance she’s been ridden. Regardless – they both acted when they came that if they had been trained, they hadn’t had a touch-up in a good couple of years.

That said, a horse that has pretty good groundwork and temperament and doesn’t care for a saddle or saddle pad on their back, will probably take to a rider okay, too. I just hopped on walked, whoah’d, and hopped off – and showered them in praise.

Georgie is quickly earning my affection. She is very sweet now, not so standoffish or shy.

Topped with: a microwaved banana mixed with peanut butter and raisins, cranberry orange nut sauce, slow roasted pecans, goji granola, and cinnamon. The vanilla chobani made this bowl perfect.

And then, of course – there’s the more serious of the two situations. It’s still a new study and much more is being researched, but there was one test done involving placebos and real calcium pills. The calcium group had a 30% greater chance of having a heart attack. It mentioned it being not statistically significant – however to me, 30% sounds like a lot, at least when I can get my calcium in natural form.

However, that’s not possible for everyone, so hopefully more studies will prove it wrong! Read more here.

Snacks. For some reason, a whole banana seemed so big this morning - so I had 3/4s of it and saved the rest. It accompanied a Larabar and the last of my old batch of energy chunks.

I’m glad everyone enjoyed my pantry post 🙂 You know how sometimes, you get this idea in your head that seems really cool, but then once you do it, you’re wondering if it’s as cool as you initially though?

Yeah, that was sorta me, halfway through. But I loved reading everyone’s feedback as to what you all have for pantry staples, too 🙂

Lunch: Crappy romaine, last of my beanballs, Cedar's Garlic Hummus, feta, and Ragu-baked broc and carrots.

Crappy romaine. Yes. Really, really, poopy romaine. I’m in such a lunch funk lately. last night I wasn’t feeling a sandwich, and knew I had the last of a head of romaine to use, and a salad seemed perfect. Well, it was perfect – except that romaine.

Faithful Companions: crackers, peach

Although I will say, the veg, beanballs, and hummus were spectacular.

If you’ve never had Cedar’s hummus, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Dinner: Last of my baked beans on oven-toasted multgrain, an ear of corn. (Yes, there are two there. The better-looking of the two was actually really gross tasting.)

I needed a reminder as to why I love this bread so much, and I think this did it. And don’t be surprised if you see those beans again soon.

So. Dang. Good.

Now that I think of it – looks like I had the “last of” a lot of things today. Looks like I’ll be cooking this weekend!

Other random musings of the day:

  • Is there really a point for you to wear a belt, Mr. Dude-Guy, if you’re going to wear it loose enough so that you still have to hold up your pants going down stairs?
  • I hope you step in your dog’s poop on your lawn, Mr. Dog-Walker, for not picking up after your pooch in our work driveway.
  • No, Mrs. Light-Bulb Lady, I am not selling you a doozy bulb, and no, it’s not over priced. It’s actually really cheap. And no, not because it’s a doozy. So stop interrupting me. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
  • Why yes, yes a 16×20 print is rather large, but that’s what you asked for, so don’t make it my problem.
  • Thank you, Mrs. Happy Lady, for being all cheery this morning and once again this evening. You were the first smiling face I helped and the last, and it started and ended my workday on the perfect note. I just love when people are pleasant to deal with.
  • No, Mr. Teddie-Pants, walking a couple twenty meter circles bareback is not utterly exhausting and enough to ruin your “day off,” and if you would stop chewing my reins I would sincerely appreciate it. I’ll even give you cookies. P.S. I love you anyway.


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21 responses to “Left You Hanging

  1. teenagehealthfreak

    I love the end of this post..the other random musings..to funny! love it. I’m glad you got to ride the ponies today!! how exciting??!?!?! I can understand little steps to us is really like big steps in the horse world..I mean working with such “wild animals”..well once wild…but you get me??? anywho awesomeness! 🙂

  2. LOVE the oats…so perfect! PB&J is one of my favs! I almost had one today but opted for a chocolate Luna Cookie Dough …not sure why I have been having intense cravings for chocolate midday! AH cant wait for the weekend! Take Care,

  3. awwww, you made me laugh, mostly with your musings of the day. 🙂

  4. Lol omigosh, loved your random musings at the end there. My mind is always full of random ramblings, but I can never seem to bring them to mind when I need them. Why is it that they have to annoy me when I don’t want them to, and then they vanish when I think it would be neat to talk about them? Such is life, I suppose. I also have a hard time believing that it’s basically August and I have to go back to school in a month. It seems like just yesterday that I was getting out of school, and now I’m already going back. Time? What gives? Why the rush?

    And that’s really great about the progress you’re having with the ponies 🙂

  5. That’s interesting about the calcium pills..and kind of scary since I have to take them. :/ Hope the research turns out to be false!

  6. Great way to end such a lovely post – i love random little thoughts like that – they made me smile!!! Glad to hear you got some riding with the ponies – hope u have a relaxing weekend – the weather is forecasted to be beautiful!!!! xoxo aimee

  7. I agree, where did summer go?! Weren’t we JUST in school? Ahhhh! Oh and I am in a total lunch funk too. I was in a serious wrap phase but that’s over, so lately I’ve just been snacking like crazy and calling it lunch! Whatever works I guess 🙂

  8. Michelle

    Haha I’ve always thought about posting random thoughts of the day like “Yes, Kalen when you do touch chicken nuggets that I told you not to touch because they are too hot, your finger will get burnt”

  9. Love the musings – too cute!

    I read some of the studies that the research was based upon, and they haven’t actually compared on if it is supplements or simply too much calcium. The most recent study (done by the same dr. as this “study” which was actually an analysis of past research) compared two large groups of post menopausal women who each consumed an average of about 850mg of calcium through diet. Half of them consumed an extra 1000 mg of calcium per day in supplementation in addition (so 1850mg total) for five years! That group had the higher heart disease risk. To the best of my knowledge, they’ve never done a five year study on 55+ women who were consuming 1800mg of calcium a day via diet. That would be a feat! I’m not a calcium supplement fan by any means, but I think the issue here is trying to force feed your body calcium in hopes that it will magically stick to your bones and not to your artery walls. Not how it works. Osteoporosis occurs more in post-menopausal women because it is a hormonal issue!

    Rant done 🙂 Sorry if I took up too much comment space, this one just got me fired up today!

  10. Hahaa love your random musings girly, you are funny!!
    And how exciting to try out the ponies for the first time. I know they’re going to make their mom proud because you are amazing at what you do with them because you have such passion and love for it. It’s really lovely to hear about when you describe it in your posts 🙂
    Ohh and you just can’t beat cheater beans on a good piece of toasted bread..yumm!
    Have a good sunday weekend girl! Xx

  11. I don’t think I commented on your pantry post last night…so I will make sure you to mention how much I loved it! I found that many of our staples were the same. As for today…I’ve heard about that study and I’ve actually stopped taking calcium pills for the time being. I love drinking and eating my calcium anyway.

  12. I need to find a good hummus in my life!
    I’m hoping the recipe you linked will become my forever friend… just like your waffles. Oh, and I gave my parents the recipe for some homemade ranch, I’m hoping they give it a try instead of drenching their poor baby carrots in the store bought stuff. Thank you for that guy!

    Have a jolly good weekend with your ponies 🙂

  13. Like everyone else, loved the randomness at the end of the post 🙂
    😮 I read about a calcium thing last night too – it said over 50s who took calcium supplements had a 30% more chance of heart attack.I swear, no-one can win either way! Not enough = brttle bones, too much = heart attack….ggrrrr.
    Congrats on the riding!! 🙂

  14. Haha! I rarely make enough food for leftovers because I always cook for myself… but I do have days where I seem to finish off everything. The last of all my veggies seem to always be polished off in the same meal 🙂

    I am seriously in loe with baked beans, so I need to try your recipe. I’ve only ever had the ones from the can, and I just know that a homemade batch would be incredible!

    ❤ Tat

  15. I will echo everyone and say that I loved your random musings! They made me laugh and smile…not a bad way to start the day. 😉

    Thanks for sharing that calcium information. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more research on this topic.

  16. Haha…your musings of the day had me laughing out loud, because I find myself thinking the same things sometimes. :mrgreen:

    And your baked beans for dinner look amazing. That is something I haven’t had in ages but it’s also one of my favorites. 😀

  17. Hahah that little musing about the belt guy got me cracking up! Okay I know EXACTLY the type of guys you’re talking about. Sometimes I’m just so tempted to pull their pants down as they’re walking on the stairs.

    I’m curious…did you cook the Chobani yogurt WITH the oatmeal or stirred in afterwards?

  18. I want to come have breakfast with you! Those oats!!! YUM! Ok, don’t bash on the romaine. Seriously, it did nothing to you. As for the calcium. I worry about that kind of stuff all the time. I don’t get calcium in the traditional way, but I really feel like I eat enough of the good stuff to get a good amount. I can’t have yogurt or milk, I have a family history of heart disease and osteoporosis and osteopenia, so I think I am screwed! Oh well, I guess my food and strength training will need to be enough for now.

    The one that caught my eye on the musings was the lady that was nice. Seriously, I swear that is the best way to be. I am always nice to people even the telemarketers on the phone. Sometimes it is really the little things that make peoples’ day…I am sending you a virtual smile now in hopes you start your day off right! Enjoy your day Jessica!

  19. Aww that’s so exciting about riding the ponies for the first time! It sounds like it went well!!

    I’d never heard that about calcium supplements before! I guess it makes sense though because calcium is involved in the flow of ions in the action potentials that cause your heart beat. Haha I’m a giant science nerd, if you couldn’t tell. 😛

  20. I’d be so afraid to ‘break in’ a horse and ride it for the first time. In highschool I had a few friends that rode horses and they had some terrible horror stories from breaking in a horse. I guess its the uncertainty of the animals personality or testing how much they are willing to let you ride them. But i guess someone has to do it right?

    Ps. I loved your comment on my blog post/commenting question. I feel the exact same way and it can be such a tough balance. I feel too that its important to support those that support me and to read for inspiration- thats the only way to avoid getting tired with blogging in general and foregoing the whole thing. Loved your take on it!

    Anyways, enjoy your weekend! Hope you have some fabulous adventures and delicious eats (which i know you will) ❤

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