I get it. I’m predictable. Well … for the most part, at least. And especially lately.

For instance, if you predicted that breakfast would look a lot like this…

Overnight oats

sunbutter? check.

banana? check.

ginger preserves? check.

nuts? check.

a peach might be slightly unpredictable – but only if i’m grasping at straws. granola is also predictable of me – while i was never a fan of granola on hot oats, i just love the crunch it gives to overnighters.

and obviously iced coffee was present. green mountain? check.

if you predicted that i went to the barn to see this cute little face…

you would be correct.

if you predicted that i would just dote on him…you would be correct.

if you predicted that my lunch today would look a lot like this…

when’s the last time i didn’t pack a sandwich for lunch at work? and it’s practically a given that anytime broccoli appears at dinner, i’ve made extra just for use in a sandwich with a boatload of garlic hummus, feta, tomato sauce, and roasted broccoli.

if you predicted that to accompany my sandwich i would have a piece of fruit and my freshly made crackers from yesterday…

…you would be correct. And if you also predicted that it would be enjoyed outside, enjoying the slight heat and sunshine compared to the icebox that was my work, you would be correct once again.

you guys can read me like a book!

if you predicted that my snacks would look a little something like this…

…you would be incorrect! hah!

okay, so you’d actually be correct in that i intended to eat all this for snack – but in actuality, my appetite was a little slow today. i munched on the fruit strip mid-morning, and had just a portion of my homemade “chunk” of energy in the afternoon.

i am fairly certain, however – that this is a cursed larabar. i don’t think i can count on two hands how often i’ve taken a picture of it, intending to eat it – only for it to be either pushed aside for another bar, or not needed.

if you predicted that an iced coffee would be had at work, however – you would be correct.

Dinner, however? maybe not quite as predictable.

still a very “jess” meal – but i can’t remember the last time i had polenta! this pretty lady has been asking for polenta ideas, which i think is what got me craving it tonight. i haven’t had it often because the last time i bought a new bag of cornmeal, i purchased medium grind cornmeal accidentally, rather than the fine grind that becomes lovingly known as polenta. i just combined the medium grind into the fine grind bag – so tonight i just dumped it all out into a new canister, which put the fine grind on top. hence…polenta! i will probably try seeing if i can process the coarser ground stuff and get a finer texture – but didn’t feel like whipping it out tonight.

so – i combined old with new for dinner! some of the beanballs and eggplant i made sunday, on top of a “polenta patty” mixed with fresh garden tomato. and of course, feta cheese.

so predictable.

but on my [long] drive home, i got to thinking – do i mind being predictable, going about my daily life in nearly the same fashion day in and day out? do i regret how i used to be, now that i’ve “mellowed out”? i mean – i wasn’t always predictable. i used to have a pretty big social life, actually – whereas now i only “go out” every so often, and it’s never until 3am doing god-only-knows-what. i think my freshman year i was home and in bed before midnight maybe once or twice. actually  – i take that back…during vacation i was probably home a lot, but that’s only a week at a time 😉 but do i regret that? no. because who knows who i would be right now if i never made the choices i did. would i respect myself as much as i do now? would i be as close with my mom as i’ve become? would the little things like the morning sunlight shining across teddie’s face, catching the glint in his eye just right, mean so much to me? would i love life as much as i do now? i mean, i’m not saying i was out doing terrible things all night long, but i certainly could have found a more conductive way to spend my freshman year.

like doing schoolwork and going to class, but i digress.

i guess my point is, i don’t mind living a quiet, peaceful life, but nor do i regret that i wasn’t always this way. i’m glad i’ve made the decisions i have, and learned from them whether it’s because it was a bad choice or a good one. i don’t want my life handed to me on a silver platter. i want to earn everything myself. i want to make my own decisions. i know i can – we can do anything we set our minds to.

aaaaand, just because i love this song so dang much, listen to this while you stew about the life you live:

what about you – are you predictable? do you mind?

are you glad you’ve made the decisions you’ve made, good or bad?

(and nooo, this isn’t just an excuse for being a homebody 😉 )


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28 responses to “Predictable

  1. Oh, girl, how I can relate… I was a wild child in my teens and early 20’s, and I think if the people I knew back then saw me now, they wouldn’t recognize me at all. I went from staying out until 1 every night, to not being able to stay up past 10:30… from hardly being home, to hardly going out; a complete 180 in almost every way. But I actually feel really at peace with how I am now. Do I miss the wild days? Occasionally, but not really that often. I’ve become a lot closer with my parents and started finding pleasure in simple things, as well, and I’m loving life the way it is. That being said, I wouldn’t change any of my past decisions and wouldn’t correct any mistakes…. They all taught me valuable lessons, and good or bad, I’m thankful for everything.

  2. teenagehealthfreak

    totally predictable. but hey as long as I’M happy right??? I’m sooo happy I’ve finally excepted myself for who I am…I’m so much happier!! :)and even if you think you do the same food over and always looks beautiful and awesome to me!!!!

  3. I hold a lot of regret in life. But it exhausts me to do so. It is best to forgive myself for making mistakes…and to brace myself for the inevitable mistakes that I have yet to make.

  4. Yum yum yum!!! You always make me want to eat your dinners 🙂 I still have to try the bulgur I bought.. I’ve just been so darn busy!

    I am certainly predecitible, and I like it that way. I used to be a little crazy myself, with partying too much and making the wrong friends… but I am really glad that everything turned out the way it did. I don’t even regret my eating disorder, because I wouldn’t be the girl that I am today without it in my past.

    There’s nothing wrong with ‘mellowing out’ 😀

    ❤ Tat

  5. I think i am quite a predictable person – that is if you know me!!! But as for regret – i used to have alot of regret over certain decision i have made but i have learned that dwelling on the past or decisions that you now consider to be “bad” is basically useless – we can only learn from the past and move on and without these experiences we do not grow. Although i would still like to change the past i realize i simply cannot and must look to the future as a new beginning!!! xoxo aimee

  6. I have always been fairly predictable and enjoyed having set routines. I do find when I try to switch things up things can be a lot of fun, but I like having certain things ‘set’ in life, especially when my rotation schedule (and thus the rest of life!) changes every few weeks.

  7. I’m totally predictable- the majority of the time. Every once in a while I like to jump out of my comfort zone and go crazy… but it’s not often. And I’m cool with that…

  8. I have always been really predictable and as I get older I am even more so. I try so hard to mix things up and be adventurous but it really doesn’t happen too much. It is a lot of effort for one thing! And for another it just isn’t me.

    Nothing wrong with you being predictable, especially when every single thing you eat warrants it!

  9. Rachel

    There’s nothing wrong with being predictable! Can be rather comforting:) But yes, breaking out of the routine is one of life’s greatest enjoyments:)

    Your ‘predictable’sounds lovely: a nice, easy? day with the things and people you love!

  10. I like your predictable eats, thankyouverymuch! They’re beautiful, no matter how identical they might look if you held the photos next to each other. They inspire me, and make me hungry, and make me crave. Fantastic.

    I have a predictable side. Inhale fruit? Check. Make new vegetarian dishes and hope my hubby likes them? Check. Post a link to my blog with a Vegan recipe I was proud of, only to have no one comment on it? Check. I do them all very often. But I don’t mind. I like it.

    PS: Frozen smoothie in a bowl, in an office with AC blasting, at 8PM when the sun starts to hide = frost bite while blogging.

    Have a happy day 🙂

  11. Eats look amazing as usual! Polenta pattie looks amazing! I tried polenta but it was flavorless 😦 maybe if I tried to make my own it would taste better? Your horse is absolutley beautiful! Have a great day

  12. Such lovely eats…even though some might be a bit predictable, they are so tasty and good for your body. I have also settled down into a good routine over the past year or two, and I’m glad that I did. It has brought more health, peace and happiness into my life!

  13. Firstly, thankyou for the shout out! 🙂 and I am SO going to try using polenta your way, yet another inspiring idea yet so simple miss Jess!

    I love your predictability. You just seem so..genuinely happy. And that’s what life is worth living for. Why change when things are just right for you? Everyday that I read your posts, yeah I can sort of predict that you’ve made some amazing foods like ALWAYS and you’ve been with Teddie and maybe at work during the week, but everytime I read, it makes me smile because you can really see how much you enjoy your life and that is what is important.

    As for me, yeah I’m very predictable. I don’t go out partying, I work extremely hard at anything I do and always try to be best. But maybe some of my predictability is due to my eating disorder. People don’t expect me to want to go out partying because of it’s nature for example and I guess I’ve been I’ll for so long now, that is all people expect of me. To be this little girl who needs support. However, I think more recently I have become more unpredictable. I told my parents I didn’t want to do the career my dad was hoping I would do, I cook with new and exciting foods (thanks to you partly!) all the time, i now care a lot about nutrition and they can see that for the first time in years, I want to change. They didn’t expect that. Do I regret my illness? No. I think it’s made me into this person I am today. I learnt that I was unhappy going down the route that I was in terms of future career and I have become someone who actually cares about nutrition rather than feeding it junk and I am still learning who I am and what I want everyday.
    Wow that was pretty long hehe! 🙂

  14. I’m totally predictable too! Same routine, I don’t go out much anymore, I eat a lot of the same food – but I don’t care. It makes me happy! During high school, I tried to fit in by going out, getting drunk, and being a general div. Did it work? No. I was so unhappy I ended up with a nasty ED that almost killed me!! I think now, like you, I appreciate the little things more – Chika, the odd pretty sunset (how corny!), my mum…and (again, like you…!), I would no way be as close to her or my sister if I hadn’t gone mad, got ill, and got better. And now, being home so much, I’m WAY closer to my mum, which I love 🙂
    Great post!

  15. Oh, and like Nicky, I don’t regret anything,including the ED. What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger! And it’s made me discover a love of cooking, food and running 😀

  16. I feel like I could have written this post! I used to love a good party and I went totally crazy in 2nd year university with going out and drinking. I’ve changed so much since then, mostly because of the rough year I’ve had. I haven’t touched alcohol since January and I prefer to be in bed by 10:30 now.

    In a way I do like my quiet lifestyle, but I also miss being able to go out and have a good time. I’m hoping to find a good balance between the two when I go back to university in September.

    My food will always be a little bit predictable though! 😀 As long as it makes us happy, who cares if we eat similar things everyday?

  17. dmcgirl37

    Just listened to that son!Its pretty good 🙂

    Dana xo

  18. dmcgirl37

    Just listened to that son!Its pretty good 🙂

    Dana xo

  19. I am definitely predictable, and I don’t think it’s a negative at all! I’m very happy with the daily routine of my life, and it makes it that much more exciting when something new is thrown into the mix. Like you, I wasn’t always this predictable, and I don’t regret the parts of my life that were much more spontaneous. But that’s just not me anymore.

  20. I was pretty much always predictable. When I was younger, I had no choice. Then in college, I threw everyone for a loop when I met the man of my dreams and got married at 20. Totally unpredictable! It caused a lot of problems with my family, but it was the best decision I ever made! Now, I am predictable. I don’t mind though because in the going back and forth, I really found out who I was/am and I have learned a lot about myself and others!

  21. ur food is far from predictable to me, theres always something so inviting and fresh/new to ur meals or at least thats the way it looks 🙂

    sometimes i love being predictable but thankfully people dont view me as that the way i think i am. my mom is too predictable omg its so sad. i literally have to force her out of her routined automated foods haha

    xoxo ❤

  22. Predictable’s not bad as long as you’re enjoying yourself :-). I’d say I’m pretty predictable too.

  23. i am VERY predictable! the same things day in, day out! i like it that way though..although it can be a bit tedious at times! your food always looks so tasty though;) not surprised you don’t change it xx

  24. I like being a predictable person, but I’ve found that if my life gets too monotonous, I tend to get depressed. I like a little spontenaity. I’ve run the gamut from looking down on people who drink, to drinking too much, to not drinking because I was afraid of the calories, to drinking in moderation, and I love going out and being a goofball until 4 am…sometimes. I like finding a balance!

  25. Love love love this! I feel my life is very predictable and basic these days, but I love it. It fulfills me. I have been in the party, high life, crazy drama universe before. It was nice for awhile, but it doesn’t fulfill me as a whole. I’m glad I went through it, but now the downtime satisfies me just as much or more. Great post!

  26. I’m pretty predictable to, it happens. 🙂

  27. I’m fairly predictable when it comes to my day..oatmeal for breakfast, school, gym, horseback riding..all that. But when it comes to time spent with friends or anything, I’m spontaneous. It’s nice to be grounded, nope- I don’t mind being predictable at all 🙂

  28. Dee

    I think that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. 🙂

    I used to have regrets but I don’t dwell on them any longer. It’s taken awhile for me to start getting to the point where I can be happy with who I am. For the most part. 😉

    I also love who I am now. Sometimes I don’t. I can’t lie. But again, for the most part I am. At least I am learning to be.

    ps. Good god woman. Your food photos are amazing!

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