that certain something…

I feel like I’ve been so absent from blog-land lately! It seems I can just never get Google Reader to not be overflowing lately. I could not stare at the computer screen last night and hit the hay early.

Apparently, though, it wasn’t enough sleep at 6am, because I made a silly mistake with my waffles this morning.

You know when you’re making something/doing something that’s practically habit – and yet one day you just forget something? And you keep feeling like you’re forgetting something, but just can’t put your finger on it?

That something was not crucial, luckily – but definitely added an extra something to my beloved waffle recipe. That something was the puffed cereal. Whoopsies. I could not figure out why there was much less batter than usual, or why it was a bit more moist.

Luckily, they were still able to be enjoyed with some ginger preserves and a granny smith apple microwaved with some blueberries, cinnamon, and maple syrup. And a peanut-butter icing!

Note to self: Granny Smith’s are much more delicious cold, crispy and fresh than microwaved 😉

I wanted to get to the barn bright and early this morning, as the (not so) lovely humid, hot weather is once again gracing us with its’ presence. Oh joy. Of course, even at 8:30 I didn’t beat the heat by much – but still much less oppressing than it grew to be as the day progressed.

And well worth it – Teddie and I had a great ride today! He was very agreeable (save for his Haflinger personality of being stubborn when it comes to being led away from his beloved grass) and we even got a decent leg yield to the right! I didn’t really expect him to know what I was asking of him, but with all the ground work we’ve been doing figured he might have a clue. And no stopping! *knock on wood* He tested me once at the walk, but not even enough to warrant a flick of the whip.

And, for kicks, since I haven’t had any fun recent riding pictures…can you guys believe this is Teddie?

That’s his feedlot picture!! Doesn’t he look awful? Had I seen him I certainly would have passed. (though, not saying he would have deserved being on a plate, either)

After the barn I stopped in to Price Chopper to get some goods in all of my grimy glory. I’m probably becoming known as the stinky horse girl there – the past 5 times I’ve gone I’ve been dressed in breeches, boots, and mussed up, gross hair. I don’t think I smell though. Well, today I think I smelt like liniment, but good smelling liniment.

Maybe I’m just fooling myself.

Anyways. I almost pampered myself to some xanthan gum but just couldn’t shovel out the $12 for the little bag for smoothies that might just be another one of my come-and-go obsessions.

That and, maybe I’ll see if I can get it in the bulk bins at the co-op when I go to get some nuts and dried fruits sometime this week.

So tell me, did Xanthan gum change your life? Had I done more research I may have been able to justify it…but $12 is 2 and a half jars of sunflower butter.

$12 is a whole lot of produce.

$12 is a lot happier in my pocket. (…aka Teddie fund)

Although I wasn’t disappointed that I passed when I was able to produce a thicker Green Monster than I had the past two times today, simply by using less almond milk. In the SIAB today:

  • 1/2 c. greek yogurt
  • loooots of spinach
  • loooots of blueberries
  • 1 banana
  • 2 dates
  • drizzle of honey
  • splash of almond milk
  • flax meal
  • small spoonful of PB

and I topped it with some more chunky peanut butter, dates, blueberries, wheat germ, orange honey cream, and marcona almonds. Replacing the quick oats today was a slice of seeded multigrain, toasted and spread with some orange honey cream.

Dessert of an Energy Chunk. I like my version better, though - and chucked this to go for one.

Surprisingly, this was enough fuel to soon after sweat my body weight whilst cleaning out both sets of horses/ponies and then working with the ponies when my mom got home. By then, the sun had gone away and it was a little bit better.

I think they’re enjoying being played with – Maya especially! We tacked her up today, and I *knock on wood* think either my mom or I could have easily hopped on her, too. Georgie might be a bit trickier…we’ll see 😉

For whatever reason, after all of this – I got it in my head to make something. Even though I had planned on a quick salad for dinner…I just had to make something. Oi, vei.

This something required going shopping again.

But this time, in my backyard! I needed a tomato – and spotted this little bunch first…

…but then looked to my left and saw this puppy! He was the winner…

I made a lentil salad from Bob’s Red Mill. I don’t think I’m a huge fan of lentils, so relied on Bob to tell me what to do.

The dressing was lemon juice, italian seasoning, 1/2 a clove of garlic, and a pinch of salt. I combined that with cooked red lentils, 1 chopped tomato, celery, and chives and let it chill while the horses were fed and I showered to get out of my greasy-griminess. Yeah, I cooked while being gross. I’m not ashamed. Nor am I ashamed to admit that this is my all-time favorite snack:

The variable being which dried fruit I use, along with which cereal I use. Oh, and whether there is fresh fruit to enjoy as well 😉

For dinner, I had the lentil salad over some garden lettuce with feta cheese and chopped sea salt and olive oil almonds.

Still don’t think I’m a lentil fan. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t dislike them – but there’s too many other beans out there that I far prefer to have red lentils, I think. But I’m still not sure – anyone is welcome to direct me to a recipe that is sure to change my mind 😉

Now – I’ve got catching up on blogs on my agenda…and good thing – all my body wants to do right now is sink into this bed! Ahhhhh…..


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20 responses to “that certain something…

  1. I know how you feel with google reader… mine has been out of control lately and it’s always bugging me 😛

    Congrats on getting little Teddie to leg yeild! That must have made you so happy 🙂 I love it when they seem to ‘get it’ right away.

    ❤ Tat

  2. Hi there! I’m relatively new to the blog world, and just stumbled upon yours. All your food looks delicious and fresh (especially that tomato) and I adore your breakfast bowls + photography!
    ~ Emmie @

  3. Michelle

    I completely know what you mean about Google Reader overflowing! It’s summer and I can’t get it under control. So much for free time!

  4. I was pretty late with jumping on the gum bandwagon as well, but… it did change my life. I used to always crave smoothies, but I like them thick, and I found it pretty hard to achieve the consistency level I wanted without the gums. Ice and frozen fruit work pretty well, but it’s just not the same. Gums make it like… pillowy, smooth, and creamy. So, so good. I know they can be pricey, but the bag will honestly last you forever.

    And I have a pretty bad relationship with my Google Reader as well. I do love reading blogs, but sometimes I just want to get away and do my own thing… but when I’m away from the computer, I”m just constantly thinking of the horribly large number that’s going to greet me when I get back. Le sigh. I’ve been trying to figure something out, but I just really can’t get past that commenting guilt…

  5. I hate when that happens! I have a tendency to forget ingredients too when I make them too often.
    I’m been looking for Xantham Gum in the bulk food section or pretty much every grocery store I go to. They have baking soda and baking powder, you’d think the gums would be in there too! They really need to get on the food blog chain! Ha!
    Have a great night!
    P.S. I fall behind on the blog reading WAYYY too often.

  6. Glad to hear you had a great day with the ponies!!!! I too finally caved in and bought some guar gum – but i must say it does add a different “element” to the smoothies!!! I love my smoothies thick and had trouble getting the right consistency without using them. But wish they were cheaper!!!
    have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo aimee

  7. teenagehealthfreak

    ooo your waffles look really pretty and colorful today!!! awesome tomato out of your garden..ours has ended. :(..minus those random lemon cucumbers.

  8. I shelled out cash for xantham and guar gum but honestly, you use such a little amount (I use 1/8 tsp of each) that I’ve probably made a few dozen smoothies and barely made a dent in the small bag. It literally works out to only a few cents per smoothie for so much extra benefit, IMO! That lentil salad looks wonderful – I love serving leftovers over a bed of romaine/leafy veg.

  9. I have a hard time with lentils too…sometimes they taste a bit like dirt to me. I think it is probably more of texture issue, but still not my favorite. And I’m feeling you on not wanting to spend your money on some of that xanthan gum (I’m such a penny pincher)…I have never used the product so I can’t truly attest if it is worth the money or not. Either way, it sounds like you still were able to make some great food today!

  10. Oh I totally agree that you HAVE to eat granny smith apples cold! I love the cold fresh crunch yum!
    I’m glad you had a good day with Teddie today 🙂 and as for the gums, I’ve never used them so I can’t comment.
    As for the lentils, the only way I like them is red split lentils made into a curry. They definitely make a good curry but otherwise they are bland and I wouldn’t eat them any other way. I’ve had quite a lot of lentil curries recently actually..yumm 🙂

  11. You really don’t like lentils!? And here I was thinking you had amazing’ve let me down :p
    As for xanthan gum – $12!!??? Crikey! My 100g pot was about £3! I really like the stuff- it’s great when I make my silken tofu dessert thing, as it can thicken so much, especially if you leave it in the fridge; it kind of ‘sets’ things.
    Leg yield with Teddie – that’s brilliant!!! Is he quite sensitive to the aids? You must be so proud – whatever you’re doing seems to be working so well 🙂

  12. I’m right there with you in being absent from blog-land. I am trying to catch up with as many as possible right now. Seriously, I’m thinking of “borrowing’ my mom’s waffle maker she never uses so I can make some of these.
    Glad you got up and out early to beat some of the heat. It’s so hot it’s crazy!

  13. hey beautiful! i am SO GLAD you liked the bars. i was hoping they’d be the stuff of your dreams 🙂

    and as far as the xanthan gum? i used to use it all the time, and then i realized what i was doing to my food – taking real, whole, natural food, and adding things to it that aren’t supposed to be there, just so i can make my smoothie like something you get at a fast-food restaurant.

    i’m not criticising people who use it – for me, i just needed to learn to be happy with food the way god made it, ya know? it was a mental thing for me.

  14. Oh my gosh, I know, the blog world seems to be exploding with posts lately. I’m having such a hard time keeping up!

    Isn’t it weird how we can completely forget to include an essential ingredient to a meal that we make all. the. time? At least your waffles still turned out though! I once forgot to add a banana to my breakfast and I didn’t realize it until I got hungry a full hour earlier than usual. 😛

    Teddie looks so different in that picture! He really does seem so much happier with you!

  15. Aww Teddie has come so far! It’s all because of what a fabulous owner you are!! And I agree that Granny Smiths are best when they’re cold. Yesterday at WalMart I saw Bob’s Red Mill xantham gum for $11 and was SO close to buying it but I really couldn’t justify it! Maybe I’ll ask for it for my 21st birthday this year… haha how sad is that?! =P

  16. ahhh xanthan gum. i like the stuff, but i don’t think it was worth the price i paid!
    i’ve never seen it in bulk bins, but i think if i did i’d also see big displays of nooch or something super magical. so i’d die from happiness. bulk EVERYTHING? yes please 🙂

  17. Hey girl! I so LOVE xanthan gum 🙂 Its amazing. I use it in smoothies, puddings, fluffy frostings and anything else. Ive used it in soups too. Even though its expensive a little bit goes a loooong way.

  18. The lentil salad looks amazing and I’m a huge fan of Bob’s.

  19. Dee

    oh my good gosh.! *drool

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