Words Cannot Describe




Holy yum are these carrot cake Larabars fantastic. Rebekah, you have changed my life. (And I’m not just talking about your incredibly inspiring posts, though those are, too 😛 )We’re going to have to have our own postal truck dedicated to the swappage of carrot cake larabars for yerba mate energy bars, I think.

This bar was fantastic!! The spice was spot-on, and I love that they went all out – and included raisins and pineapple. That’s what the best carrot cakes have, you know!! The only thing I would have done differently (since, you know, I’m cool enough to have a say in what Larabar does 😛 joking) would have been to have more carrot than pineapple. The carrot could stand to shine a little bit more 😉

Know what else words cannot describe? I always try to describe how scrumptious my breakfasts are – be it waffles or overnight oats – but I just don’t think words can do that.

Although, the main component that words cannot describe is really how heavenly sunflower butter is. And..well…everything!!

I topped this morning’s overnight oats with:

  • sunflower butter
  • wheat germ
  • goji granola
  • ginger preserves
  • marcona almonds
  • and a nuked combo of a peach and blueberries, with some maple syrup and cinnamon

nomnomnomdelicious. Even if I was out of bananas. I had a pity party and got over it quick, though.

Work flew by today – we were so busy! I loved it…but I’m pretty beat now. I don’t think it helped that I did not get a good sleep last night, for whatever reason. I think I just tossed and turned all night! So I’m going to make this post short and sweet and cut to the chase!

Since I was busy all day, I pretty much grazed on a lot of the snacks I packed here and there, save for sitting down for lunch. These Chunks of Energy have quickly earned my affection. So good! I can’t wait to make more variations.

I also grazed on some homemade crackers. Obviously, this is a photo from yesterday. And forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but these have certainly earned my affection, as well. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to boxed crackers!

And for lunch, I sat down to a panini with roasted broccoli and dark red kidney beans that I mashed with some feta cheese. Simple, but lovely…except, I think this bread was made differently from how they usually do. It just tastes a touch different and isn’t quite as chewy and moist. It is still by no means bad, just an observation I suppose.


Pretty sure I’ve eaten my fair share of stems, too.

Annnd, dinner was thrown together since I got home later than usual. Fun fact: I’m one of those people who thinks being late is being on time. On time is five minutes (at least) early. So tardiness is sort of a pet peeve of mine.

What’s that have to do with anything? I was home late because I was stuck waiting to meet someone who wanted to take a look at a pair of field boots I listed on Craigslist.  She was half an hour + late. Which means I was half an hour + hungry.

Which means sweet potato and beans to the rescue.

Not my best attempt – I like this dish better with black beans. But, it was a sweet potato.

Throw a sweet potato in dirt and I’d probably still savor every last bite.

But, I can’t complain. She bought the boots so now I have play money. My grocery staples are quickly dwindling – I’ve not mdone much of the necessary grocery shopping lately! Definitely on the agenda for the weekend – but that’s enough of me. What’s on your agenda for the weekend?!


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20 responses to “Words Cannot Describe

  1. Oh im so jealous!!!! I am still trying to find the carrot cake Larabars – i love the combination of carrots, pineapple and coconut – i can’t wait to try them – that is definately part of my “to do” list for the weekend as well as visiting my local farmers market!!! hope u have a relaxing weekend – xo aimee

  2. *Andrea*

    i’ve been looking for the new larabar flavors at nearly every wholefoods i drive by (i’ve been to 4) and no luck haha! the carrot cake flavor sounds delicious, as does that chocolate chip cookie dough one.

  3. I think I might be one of those rare people that doesn’t really enjoy carrot cake… but that probably has something to do with the fact that pineapple makes me viciously ill for whatever reason? It never used to, but lately… ack! So I’ll leave the Larabars to you. But I DO want to steal your breakfast. I’ve still never tried sunbutter in a sweet dish, as it seems more savory to me, but everybody seems to be doing it, so I might just have to jump on board and see what all the fuss is about, especially because I’ve been getting a bit bored with my oats lately (!!!)

  4. I feel like a proud mom…. SO GLAD YOU GOT TO TRY THE CARROT CAKE LARA!!!! They were MEANT for carrot cake lovahs like you 😉

  5. Okay, you are taunting me. That is just not nice. I can’t wait to try the new Laras! I actually made raw carrot cake the other day and I suspect that’s what they taste like but I’m excited to find out for sure =D

  6. if that bar can change your life then we all need to try them out!! WOW! it looks insanely delish too!!

    yay SWEET POTATOES TO THE RESCUE AGAIN! ❤ hmm i think i need to make them, havent had them in a few days, so unlike me!

    xoxo ❤

  7. Ohh I’m soo glad you enjoyed the carrot cake Larabar..I’m soo jealous!! Carrot cake is just one of my favourite tastes! Sweet potatoes always save the day, they are just the best! And I’m totally with you about timing for dinner..On time for me means being late, it drives everyone mad 🙂
    Mmm this weekend all I have planned is a job interview. I nerd to find something fun to do!

  8. So I was secretly worried that you were going to try the carrot cake lara bar and be disappointed…I would have been crushed! I’m so glad you liked it though, and now I’m even more eager to get my hands on some. Isn’t it funny how accustomed your body becomes to eating at certain times? I find that when my schedule gets thrown off, and I can’t eat when I was planning, my body gets very grumpy!

  9. Gah, I want someone to send me a box full of carrot cake larabars, if they’re THAT good lol! Maybe Trader Joes in Chicago will sell them, and I can get them at the HLS…hmmmmm!
    Haha, I am EXACTLY the same with time! Even 1minute late and I start to get huffy 😛 that’s when it really sucks to have a sister who thinks that 15mins + late is normal…arhghg 😦
    Beautiful food as always!

  10. I had the new Carrot Cake Larabar yesterday too!!! It’s the only one of the new flavors my store carries. I LOVED IT!

  11. Raisins and pineapple are the best thing in carrot cake! I’ll look out for that Larabar. I tried the peanut butter cookie one once and was not a fan. I actually threw it away. I figured it didn’t taste good enough for me to consume all those calories, but I bet it’s perfect when you need a lot of energy. If I recall they’re pretty dense!
    As for the blueberry stems… blueberry stems are fine by me because that means you’ve been enjoying blueberries 🙂

  12. Sunflower butter is so amazing, isn’t it? I haven’t had it in forever. Speaking of things I haven’t had in forever, I also haven’t had the carrot cake larabars in…forever. YUM!

  13. I. Don’t know. How long it’ll be. Before I forgive that larabar review. Sob sob – I think I need to have that pity party too and get over it cause I can’t find carrot cake Larabars here at all… :-). Sigh, though.

  14. I feel like I’ve been making carrot cake incorrectly all these years – I’ve never included pineapple or raisins! I’m not sure how I’d like the pineapple in there, but I definitely want to try making it with raisins next time!

    Haha I’m the exact same way about lateness. My family makes fun of me for being so neurotic about being at least 10 minutes early for everything!

    This weekend I’m hanging out with a friend who is visiting from out of town. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  15. Carrot cake is my favorite!

  16. Michelle

    The new flavors hasn’t come to my local Health food store. I may need to venture out to Whole Foods to find them.

  17. Hello! I just came across your blog from the comment section of PB&Jenny. I’m so impressed by your photography and of course – the amazing eats! Have you tried black eyed peas on your sweet potato? It’s such a strange sounding combo, but it’s really delish!

  18. “Throw a sweet potato in dirt and I’d probably still savor every last bite.” <– Haha. My thoughts exactly 🙂

    I am the same way about tardiness. I consider five minutes before you are supposed to be there as 'on time'. It's just good manners!

    My agenda for the weekend? Catching up on boatloads of blogs, and visiting my darling mare 🙂 .. Oh, hair cut/dye job is a must as well 🙂 Heh.
    ❤ Tat

  19. I keep looking for the new Larabars but with no luck.

  20. Dee

    EEK! I am jealous. I can’t believe you found one! I’ve been looking everywhere for them but no luck here!

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