My Eyeballs Are Tired

…has anybody else ever had that feeling? am i normal? not feeling like you’re necessarily tired – but just can.not. keep your eyelids open?

overnight oats + iced coffee

that’s how i was today. it was pretty miserable, actually. the highlight was definitely coming home. well, and playing with teddie. that’s always a highlight, though 😉 oh, and the food was pretty good, too 😉

i’m actually convinced it was just the air at work or something – because i’m totally fine now, but all day i was counting down the minutes to just let my eyes close for a bit longer than a standard blink.”

1/2 c. + 2 T. quick oats, 1 T. Ruth's Chia Goodness, 1/2 c. almond milk, trail power, cinnamon

in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve given up on disproving the fact that unless a banana (or at least half of one) is included in breakfast i will be hungry twenty minutes later. (er, maybe not quite twenty minutes. it’s whatever.) it’s okay, though. bananas are just about the best fruit anyways.

topped with galaxy granola, honey roasted peanuts, wheat germ, sunflower seed butter, ginger preserves, 1/2 a banana, and a peach.

look, Freya!! I remembered the wheat germ today 🙂

i actually debated not working teddie this morning, but then realized that i was already up and it would be pointless to go back to “sleep” for a whole twenty more minutes and miss out on any sort of work with him completely, so i of course, stayed up. i took some time finding good ground exercises to do with him, so that’s what we did today. it’s pony boot camp, and i’m demanding respect! 😉  i actually had a lot of fun, which is probably a first. normally i don’t find ground work to be fun, but i felt like we really made some progress this morning, and i was teaching him exercises that will be really beneficial when it comes to riding, too. A remarked how it looked like his topline was beginning to show a bit, which made me happy, too. i remarked that it was especially showing in his neck, though i don’t know why. i haven’t even lunged him in side reins or asked him to carry himself even remotely round.

eventually, i decided that it might just be because when he goes to nibble on his leader, he has to arch his neck as if he’s in a frame 😛

i wasn’t entirely tired all that time, so when i got to work and within thirty minutes felt like i was ready for a siesta, i knew i was in for a long day. i thought maybe food could come to the rescue, and munched on some beloved snyder’s 8 grain pretzels.  i think it’s eight, anyway. i can’t really remember, but in my eyes, once something’s got five grains it’s worth a shot and is likely to be amazing.

roasted broccoli and red pepper, hummus, feta cheese pannini

they didn’t help too much, so lunch came early. it was about 50* in the building all morning, so i actually panini’d this puppy and ate it outside to warm up. i hate being cold. going back inside was like going back to work at the morgue or something.

blueberry oikos and an unpictured plum.

this was, sadly, my last blueberry oikos. it will probably be a while before it is enjoyed again, as these precious little cups are a bit out of my price range. because i’m cheap. and because we’re going blueberry picking soon so i’ll just make my own blueberry greek yog, thank you.

for what it’s worth, i heart broccoli and hummus paninis. yum.

this did nothing to jazz me up, but you know what did, and i have only myself to thank?

yip. i was still draggin, but as soon as this pretty little bar was consumed i felt a leetle more lively. that and i started working in the warmer part of the building. all the air in the back where i was first probably wasn’t helping my sitch.

2 eggs, pepper chevre, splash water, salt, and pepper - roasted broccoli, hummus, goat cheese, roasted reds

and ya know what the. best. dinner is for someone who feels like they stayed up partying til 5am?

scrambled eggs. yep. as i’ve said it before – when the craving for eggs hits, it needs to be acknowledged. that and i was feeling like a really easy dinner was necessary.

i didn’t do much with georgie today, but after dinner went out and played around with her a bit. bonding time is definitely necessary for her, i think. she sure is a cutie, though 🙂 since my camera was in hand as i was situating myself with dessert and the laptop, i snagged a quick shot. mainly because it made me laugh…

carrot-quinoa "muffin", greek yogurt, quick oats, honery roasted cashews, cinnamon, xagave

why did this make me laugh?

well, i realized that i would probably not bat an eye if i had something like this for breakfast, a snack, or lunch.

and then i couldn’t decide if that means i eat really healthy desserts, or really sub-par meals 😛



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19 responses to “My Eyeballs Are Tired

  1. I’m about to go eat a “healthy” dessert too but I’m craving it SO BADLY!!! Hey, I think it’s a good thing 🙂
    I randomly crave scrambled eggs too.. gotta just go with it! Something about them every once in a while is just so. good!
    Your breakfast looks delicious!!! Bananas really do go a long way in keeping me full too, I notice the difference. And since they’re delicious, who cares?
    Love you!

  2. I do the same with my dinners and desserts! I hope you get some energy going for tomorrow. I am with you on the cold too! I hate it. Makes me feel so slow! Now, go get some rest!

  3. Good old sleepy eye days. I have those every once in a while as well, and the only way I get through them is to take an afternoon nap. It sucks because it disproves my theory that good food is able to solve all my energy problems. There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing a quick snack, feeling peppy for like 15 minutes after it, and then being ready to pass right out. I hope you’re feeling better by now, though, and make sure to get some rest for tomorrow 🙂

    Bananas are a MUST for me for breakfast as well, or I’m ravenous not too long after finishing. You won’t hear me complaining, though, because bananas can do no wrong in my eyes. Neither can healthy, meal-like desserts! I have a bowl of sweet oats, or a sweet potato with yogurt for “dessert” quite often, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  4. i get that way when it’s really late at night and i’m reading a boring book. 😉 oh sad, where i live oikos are so cheap! one of those little things is only 25 cents if you have a coupon (which is easy to get) and i’ll take that over a gum ball any day!

  5. I too hate days when i just feel like i can’t get “going” – even my 2 cups of Green Mountain coffee won’t do the trick!!! Hopefully tomorrow you’ll be feeling better – hope you can get some rest tonight. Great dinner idea with the eggs – i too have eggs for dinner sometimes.
    Great dessert idea – looks delicious!!!
    Have a great Thursday!!!!!!! Feel better!!!! xoxo aimee

  6. Dee

    Oh my gosh, I totally feel you girl. I’m so BEAT too. Maybe it’s because we’re so close yet so far away from Friday? 😦

    ps. You photography is so on point! 🙂

  7. I hate being cold too! But I think I hate being too hot even more. All winter long I can warm up with some hot sandwiches and hot oats …roasted everything but summer is impossible. That bread looks great!!

  8. teenagehealthfreak

    and I was hot ALL day at work today…some (silly) person turned the AC OFF last night..yeah. so cooling the place down…impossible…especially with about 4 ovens on!!!!! I like having “healthy” desserts too..It’s part of the routine. 🙂

  9. over here the rapid changest in air pressure can cause a lot of people to experience that “i feel like i cant keep my eyes open” phenomenon. this morning when i was heading to yoga i had THE EXACT SAME THING! its really frustrating.. but usually by the afternoon the pressure lessens and im more awake. i hate it tho!


  10. I definitely get the tired eyes after a long day…extreme heat or cold does it to me…

    Sounds like you still had some tasty eats and I agree that bananas are definitely necessary to ward off hunger post bfast.

  11. Hahaha I love your last thought about healthy desserts/sub-par meals. I find myself craving veggies for dessert so I can definitely relate. Sure, roasted kabocha is BY. FAR. my favorite dessert, but I also like some good broccoli or brussels sprouts. Clearly, I have issues, but I’m okay with that when it tastes so good :D.

    I still find it funny that bananas are your magic “filling food”. They do the exact opposite to me! They make my tummy angry and feign hunger. Strange. Regardless, your overnight oats look fab. I love when fresh peaches are in season because they are oh so succulent.

    Have a lovely day!

    P.S. Congrats on the success with Teddie! You are truely a dedicated Pama (Ponny Mama :P).

  12. Staring at the computer for too long makes eyeballs tired! No good for the eye! There ARE certain “eye exercises” that my Grandma taught me when I was a little kid. I do them whenever I feel like my eyes need a rest, but I should probably do them more often anyway…just like any regular exercise.

  13. I have had those days…quite a few in the past few months, actually. It is so hard when you feel like you are dragging from the moment you wake up. And working in a cold environment doesn’t help the situation. It drives me crazy when people crank the AC during the summer. I definitely like to be comfortable, but turning the stat down that low isn’t good for anyone!

  14. Haha I feel the same with my snacks sometimes – a snack for me can be a meal for someone else!
    I’m sorry you had such a tired day 😦 when I have those, I commit an ultimate sin – I hit the diet pepsi 😛 ometimes one just needs caffeine (and chemicals) 😀
    I hope tomorrow is better 🙂
    Oh, and YAY for wheatgerm! No doubt you’ll feel INCREDIBLE benefits by tomorrow (or not, whatever :p)

  15. Heh.. I eat really big and ‘healthy’ desserts as well. In fact, my after-dinner snack is usually bigger than dinner itself. Yikes!

    Perhaps after a good night’s sleep you will be revived again. I know sometimes for me there is NOTHING I can do to help me ‘wake up’ during the day.

    ❤ Tat

  16. I totally agree about bananas. My breakfast is not complete without one. The one time in the past 2 years that I went without a banana for breakfast, I was hungry like an hour later.

    Yes to the yogurt messes! I say they make a delicious meal/snack no matter what time of the day! In fact they’re pretty much all I want to eat lately. 😀

  17. Mae

    My eyeballs get so tired after I teach a day of swimming lessons! It must be the chlorine but I can’t keep them open on the drive home, which is noooooot saffeeee!!! Need to do something about that ASAP!

  18. Michelle

    I totally get that feeling with the eyeballs–like they burn a bit.

  19. It’s horrible when you feel like that! You just don’t know what to do with yourself!


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