if i’m being honest…

if i’m being honest…i actually thought it was a little chilly when i stepped onto my deck this morning…

…but that didn’t stop me from iced coffee.

if i’m being honest…i think this bowl of oats is the only thing that truly lured me out of bed after staying up too late to watch the next food network star.

1/4 c. + 2 T. quick oats, 1 T. Ruth's Chia Goodness, 1/2 c. almond milk, trail power, cinnamon

…although, if i’m being honest, i still couldn’t keep my eyes open for the whole thing because i might as well be your grandma. she might be cooler than me, though.

topped with sunbutter, galaxy granola, honey roasted peanuts, ginger preserves, xagave, and a nuked banana and sweet cherries

if i’m being honest, i think that the addition of cinnamon in the base of overnight oats is what takes them from okay to a-freaking-mazing.

if i’m being honest, i think whoever doesn’t realize being a horse person is a workout of its’ own kind in and of itself, ought to walk my pony around an outdoor until he’s level-headed. thirty minutes and sore biceps later, it might be clearer. if that doesn’t do it, come help us unload 300 bales of hay later that day.

if i’m being honest, i still can’t eat peaches with their skin on.

if i’m being honest, those pretzels were 90% gone by the time i got to work due to the aforementioned “workout.”

and while i’m being honest, i am in love with blueberry oikos and peaches.

simple sammie: feta cheese, garlic hummus, roasted red pepper.

if i’m being honest, i ought to tell you that i should start appreciating the simple foods more often. like this sandwich.

if i’m being honest, i’ve been plotting ways/reasons to leave the state/new england area just so i can find a carrot cake larabar. I haven’t found an excuse to justify driving 300 miles, so excuses are welcome.

roasted red peppers and broccoli, mixed with pepper chevre, garlic hummus, and seitan - topped with salt, pepper, and pine nuts.

if i’m being honest, i haven’t been having any ideas for dinner lately until i’m driving home from work. and while i’m being honest – i’m glad this amazing combination came to me at the last minute. jaw. dropping. go make it.

now it’s you – if you’re being honest,….



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29 responses to “if i’m being honest…

  1. I love that you are so honest! I will be honest about eating ice cream for dinner and coffee for dessert tonight! Enjoy your evening Jessica!

  2. If I’m being honest… I would have to say that I am kicking myself for not trying sunbutter sooner. This stuff is rocking my world. I would also have to say that I’ve never put cinnamon in overnight oats, and I’ve never even thought about it.

    Holy yum that dinner looks amazing. I’ve been eating a lot of ‘veggie bowl’ type meals lately with eggs, a bunch of vegetables and some type of hummus or sauce mxed in and I really love it.

    ❤ Tat

  3. That’s what i love about your blog – how honest you are!!!! I too have not seen the carrot cake larabars – honestly im dying to try one!!!! Have a great Tuesday!!
    xoxo aimee

  4. If I’m being honest, I haven’t had a single vegetable all day, I’m craving junk food like mad, I am super jealous of those pretzels, and I’ve missed you and your blog like CRAZY!!! thank you for your sweet comments lately!!
    Love you girlie!

  5. If I’m being honest…I believe that stopping after a single serving of sweet potato fries is absolutely ridiculous – which is why I ate about 2.5 servings tonight! 😉

  6. If I’m being honest, I’m extremely happy that it rained all day because it meant that I could spend the majority of it baking. And while I’m being honest, I should also mention that a warm, aromatic kitchen is probably one of my favorite places in the world to be on a cold and rainy day.

    Loved this post, Jess 🙂 Oats are one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning, too, And I can definitely argue the fact that some grandmas might be cooler than me. I’m usually in bed by 10. But that dinner? Ooo amazing. I love roasted veggie bowls, especially with hummus, and your combo sounds to. die. for.

  7. greensandjeans

    If I’m being honest I am so SICK and tired of this crazy heat! I’m even jealous of people who are getting nonstop rain! Your breakfast looks SO delicious

  8. If you find the carrot cake lara, please alert me immediately!! Haha and I definitely agree that cinnamon in overnight oats makes them just perfect 🙂

  9. If I’m being honest…I sometimes consider wearing heels to work my daily work out haha.

    I agree with you 100% about the cinnamon…I get heavy handed. Try adding a splash of vanilla extract and banana to the base overnight…frozen makes it even sweeter! I love the flavor of blueberry/peach…but if I’m being honest…After I cut the peach and topped the yogurt, I would douse it with cinnamon possibly granola/nuts if I’m feeling crunchy but cinnamon makes my world go round.

  10. Ahh I’m so happy someone else indulges in my little guilt pleasure of the Next Food Network Star. Who are you rooting for? In my overnight oats, I always add at least 2 tsp of cinnamon. If I’m being honest, I add cinnamon to almost everything. I think I have a problem :P. As for the carrot cake Larabar, I’m in the same predicament. I almost considered ordering a whole case. Almost. Luckily, I did find the others, though.

    Oh, and while I’m being honest, I should admit the fact that I crave vegetables regularly. Night time snack of ice cream (non-dairy, of course)? Nope! Broccoli and carrots! I love me some *serious* veggies…
    Have a lovely day!

  11. If I’m being honest, I think it’s about time I broke down and actually tried larabars. That’s right, still haven’t tried them! lol… the pecan pie one you have in your hand may just be what puts me over the edge…

  12. If I I’m being honest, I’ll admit that I’m really excited to be going back to Vermont in August for a few weeks. I go to school out of state and love living in the city, but a big part of me misses bonfires in my backyard, sunsets on the waterfront, and maple creemees. I’m so happy to have found your blog – it’s a nice reminder of the Green Mountain State!

  13. I’m so tired of this hot, hot weather. Moving to Texas is going to be an adjustment. Great photos and a cute post, love!

  14. Yes, oats are definitely one reason I am most excited to be getting out of bed for…my boyfriend can’t understand waking up a little bit early for them…but it makes me time that is extra special.

    That dinner does sound amazing! Hummus coating all those veggies…delicious.

    If I am being honest…I just can’t make good dinners after working 12 hour days…sometimes just have frozen amy’s burritos and some edamame…yep.

  15. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Thanks for the honesty 🙂 I have the same problem, or maybe fortune? sometime. I never know what to make and then all of a sudden, meal out of nowhere!

    Good work 😉

  16. If I’m being honest I really need to work on being as inventive and thorough with my breakfast as you – I mean, I’m no slouch, but THAT is – again – amazing.

    It feels weird considering how few days of actual, summery sunshine is bestowed upon us here in Scandinavia, but if I’m being honest, I am kind of looking forward to experiencing the next time there’s a “chilly” morning.

    Oh, and I totally remember the work with horses! Stacking haybales – the itchy skin when you shower after! – dragging or being dragged by young horses back and forth from grazing, pushing wheelbarrow number fifteen full of poop…hahaha, omg, I could go on, it’s a good workout, that. I didn’t even know there WAS a carrot cake Larabar. Now I’m kind of sorry that I know, you know? 😉

  17. If I’m being honest…I think I over-use cinnamon so much I can’t taste it anymore…
    If I’m being honest, I had a dream that I peeled a peach last night, and one someone asked me why, I just said ‘Jess does it.’ (No lie!!)
    Good post 😀

  18. If I’m being honest I totally agree with you about peaches..that’s why I buy nectarines because they taste similar but they have a nice smoooth skin! 🙂
    And if I’m being honest, I’m incredibly jealous of your food every single day!!

  19. If I’m being honest I’ll admit I really want to take a nap even though I just woke up. I haven’t found carrot cake larabar either, if I see it I’ll send you one!

  20. If I’m being honest, I’ve been to six Whole Foods and countless small NYC delis and health stores recently in search of the new Larabar flavors. Sadly, I don’t think they’ve hit the East Coast yet. I swear, when I find them I’m going to buy out their whole stash!

  21. If I’m being honest, I just tried tempeh for the first time and I’m not sure I like it.

    If I’m being honest, I spent a good 10 minutes trying to photograph my oatmeal this morning to try to get my picture as pretty as yours. I ended up with cold oatmeal and no good picture haha!

    That’s a bummer about the carrot cake Larabar! I’ll keep my eye out for it for you! 🙂

  22. If I’m being honest… I don’t know how I’m ever going to eat healthily when I can’t bear nuts, and looking at pictures of oats just reminds me of that episode of Ramona when she’s really really sick at school 😦 But I still follow all the lovely healthy-living bloggers because they have such interesting things to say! Even if I don’t like their breakfasts…

    Is there any way you could make your own Larabar?

  23. I probably should have opted for iced coffee this morning. I’m starting to sweat a little bit with this mug of hot coffee.
    I bought sunbutter a few days ago. If I’m being honest…I’m in love!

  24. your oatmeal is always so beautiful!

    IF I’m being honest….I totally watched the entire White Collar marathon while working from home yesterday 🙂

  25. Hey girl! You oats look amazing that’s my favorite kind to I make it alllll the time! I love next food network star best show ever 🙂 your eats look amazing like always and I’ll totally take that trip with you to get those lara bars because I’m dying to try the carrot cake on too! Have a great day xoxo Ashley!

  26. Mae

    I love this post. If I’m being honest, I eat chocolate for breakfast approximately 6 days a week

  27. Mo

    Psshhh. If my grandma were cooler than you she’d, well, be pretty freaking cool. 😉 And I don’t think it’s weird that you go to bed so early, since you wake up before almost everyone. 😛

    Like others, I’ll keep an eye out for the carrot cake Lara Bars for you. 🙂

    Loved this post, by the way!

  28. Dee

    I love it!

    ps. I wouldn’t let the cold deter me from iced coffee either! 😉

  29. if i’m being honest i’m really not an “oats” sort of girl, nor do i like coffee. (what?? how dare i blog!) i am QUEEN, however, of blueberries! 🙂

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