Haircuts and Hummus

Is it obvious, yet, that I’ve gone through a bread withdrawal?

Yeah, I thought so. Hence the flaxy french toast that just had to happen this morning! Just making up for lost…bread.

I dipped the slices of fresh bread into a mixture of:

  • 2 T. milled golden flax
  • 2 T. water
  • 4 T. almond milk
  • almond extract
  • cinnamon

I let it sit for a little bit to get gooey, and then just cooked on both sides on a nonstick pan. Tasted just like “normal” french toast.

Except way better. I have nothing against French toast using eggs, I just wanted to do something a little different, and was sort of curious as to whether flax french toast really actually tasted “legit,” as kids are so often saying these days.

Well, the term legit, anyways. I don’t think there’s a bunch of other kids my age talking about flaxy french toast.

I topped it with a sliced nuked banana and fig mix, along with some icing:

  • spoonful greek yogurt
  • maple syrup
  • splash of almond milk
  • chia seeds

This was a perfect start to my day. I went all morning doing chores and working and riding Teddie, and wasn’t even ravenous when lunch time rolled around. But, since my mom and I were planning on going to an auction this afternoon, I went ahead and ate anyways.

A small yet filling salad!

  • lettuce [from the garden!!]
  • snap peas
  • seitan
  • feta cheese
  • sesame seeds
  • and a “dressing” of hummus mixed with Ragu

and more bread. Because that’s how I roll.

The afternoon consisted of playing with the ponies and horses here and said auction. I think we go to this auction to people watch more than because we are looking for equipment. And we’re obviously not looking for more horses 😉

After our fair share of people watching, though, we moved along to the grocery store where I accidentally purchased $9 worth of cherries. Whoops. They were on sale, but all of the bags were huge, and I wasn’t about to start separating cherries like you can bananas.

Although, I did overhear one reassuring conversation:

Mom 1: “Did you want cookies too, Jane? Oh, wait, you don’t do cookies with lunch.”

Mom 2: “Uh, no, my kids get hummus.”

My mom: “Good choice!”

If I was closer I probably would have grinned and said something similar, although I guess that Mom 1 could have found that rude.

After we got home and took care of all the animals it was getting late, so I just threw together an old faithful. Well, almost. I’ve realized when I don’t have any ideas for dinner, I just grab a sweet potato and roll with it. I also decided I wanted honey curry chickpeas with broccoli. And then my irrational brain said “hey, salad is good too.” So, for whatever reason, I chose to combine salad with sweet potato and honey-curry chick peas. This could have worked it the lettuce was spinach, but I only had buttercrisp…which was sort of a failure and I ate around it.

But, the sweet potato and honey curry chickpeas were phenomenal. I love the honey and curry mix. Just simmer almond milk, honey, and curry powder with chickpeas, and today I added in broccoli and red pepper, too. It’s even better when you have time to roast the sweet potatoes the same way, but I just microwaved it tonight.

And now I’m watching the news, which is talking about Iron Kids – oh my gawww, these kids rock!!


Pony Tales!

I’m going to try to be more diligent about separating food & horses just because I know some people probably find it confusing and/or boring 😛 But – Teddie was amazing this morning! I think we had the best ride yet, but we also had a challenge in the beginning – a mare being worked in the indoor, oh boy!! The little things are so exciting for his little mind 😉 He was pretty interested when we were grooming him in the aisles, and when the girl was cooling her out we asked if it’d be alright if we walked Teddie around in there, too. Normally it’s fine to share the ring – but I didn’t want him to be stupid and ruin her ride. He was actually really good with her also in the ring, so I went ahead and lunged him a couple minutes before hopping on him for a great w-t ride.

And as for the two new ponies – well, Maya got a haircut!

Yeah, we’ve already switched her name. We kept wanting to say Maya instead of Mia. Anyways. Look at this dredlock she had!

And we also cut her forelock so maybe she can actually see now 😉

Okay, so maybe it looks a little dorky, but it’s really hard to cut a horse’s forelock! I wasn’t about to pull it like you would a mane!

She is such a sweet heart. Just wants to be loved!! And we actually think that she is the mother of the other mare – her udder looks more like a mare who has been a mother, and, judging by her teeth, she is older.

And if her forelock still looks long, here’s a comparison to what is was:

This little girl is a little more shy, but warms up fast. She’s my pick 😉 And she still needs a name! We were just saying random things trying to see what “fit,” haha. I think we went through Roomba, Peaches, Nina, Lena, Aria, Austria, Loki, and I can’t even remember what else. Anyone have any suggestions?! Peaches stuck for a while, and then I said what about Lena but my mom thought I said Nina. My mom likes Nina, but I don’t 😛



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25 responses to “Haircuts and Hummus

  1. Names are so hard! That is too funny the conversation about the hummus cracks me up! My kid ate brussel sprouts tonight and carrots roasted in coconut oil…and asked for seconds. Makes me proud. Max has started cooking with me a lot lately. I love it. We made the waffles the other day and asked why flax. Now he knows it is a binder. He also informed me that the baking powder makes them puff. I was really impressed…that means he listens. Have a great night and good luck with the name!

  2. Aww, Maya got a lovely haircut; what a pretty girl 🙂 Two pretty girls I should say. I have the hardest time trying to come up with names for my animals, as well. When I adopted the puppy I have now, she must have been nameless for at least a week or two before I finally settled on Kaiah… Sometimes you just have to get a feel for them and their personalities before you can choose a name that will stick with them for their whole lives. No pressure 😉

    I really have to try your version of French toast using flax instead of eggs. I’ve never been a big fan of the egg version, but after trying out flax on SP’s and loving it, I’m convinced that you can never go wrong with flax…

  3. Your flaxy french toast sounds awesome and looks delicious! 🙂

  4. I love the name Lena, reminds me of one of my favorite actresses, lena olin. The ponies are such beauties too. Sounds like a delicious french toast bfast…definitely good with banana too!

  5. Love Maya’s haircut – so adorable!!!!!! The pony is so beautiful – the first name that came to my mind was Bella- just a thought – i feel like the more you learn her personality the easier a name will be to choose.
    Great idea of using flax for french toast – i love flax seed especially in yogurt!! Flax seed really can be used in so many different recipes and it tastes great!!
    Hope you had a great time at the auction today -have a wonderful Sunday – xo aim

  6. Your flaxy french toast looks quite delish! I swear, all of your breakfasts are just gorgeous. Maya/Mia is too cute. And “Loki” is kind of a cool name!!

  7. I’m sure your little gir appreciates the haircut 🙂 Although.. I have pulled a forelock just like a mane before, and it’s really no different!

    As for the naming, I’m quite a fan of Peaches 🙂 It could shorten to Peach.. or even Pea. Sweet-Pea maybe?! Yup.. I like that.

    ❤ Tat

  8. Oooh I’m going to try this version of french toast. My aversion to french toast is the crusty egg issue. I absolutely hate it. But with this… problem solved!

  9. teenagehealthfreak

    the french toast looks great!! I like the name peaches…I think it fits well..but it took me about 2 weeks to settle on the name rootbeer for my dog, and I don’t know how long it took me to name our older horse Daisy, her name just fit b/c she’s a lighter lineback dun 🙂

  10. Flaxseed french toast?! Ingenious! I made “normal” french toast with eggs this morning. Perhaps I’ll try the flax french toast tomorrow morning!

    Cute haircut for Maya 🙂

  11. I’ve never tried chia seeds, what are they like? They look yummy, but then all your pictures do. 🙂 Maya is so beautiful!!!!!!

  12. Dee

    Maya’s a cutie pie! ps.mmm bread… ain’t carbs grand? 😉

  13. livelaughlovehopeeat

    That french toast look and sounds so wonderful!!! Beautiful presentation too!!! All of your food…. it could be served at a 5 star restaurant!!!!
    Super cute ponies too!! Thats so adorable that you did haircuts!!! haah

  14. Yay for bread!! love that you topped your hummus/ragu with sesame seeds. I was just thinking the other day that I need more sesame in my life. haha SO good! Teddie looks cute as always 😉 Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!

  15. You’ve just solved my dinner conundrum for tonight 😀 agave/milk simmererd chickpeas, here I come!
    Have you ever done the scissor trick thing with mane pulling? Like instead of cutting, you kind of rub the sharp bit of the scissors against their mane, if that makes sense…it LOOKS exactly like it’s been pulled, but it doesn’t hurt or anythign. It just kind of..rubs the mane away almost? It’s pretty cool 🙂
    Hmm name wise…anything but Peaches!! My aunt has a dog called Peaches and it’s the most whiny annoying thing ever 😛

  16. Little Bookworm

    Love your faux-curry. 🙂 Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love the horse photos too, they are so cute!

  17. They are such pretty ponies! Just wanted to add, in the nordic mythology, Loki os the name of a male god…The female goddess of love is actually Freya, so pretty close to Maya :-).
    Perhaps you could get some inspiration for a name where the Haflinger comes from? I know Icelandic ponies are often given names from Icelandic places or mythological figures…
    Nina – reminds me of Nina Simone!

  18. Maya is adorable! That mane is so thick and pretty. What a sweety. 😀

    Your morning french toast looks amazing! That is one thing I haven’t had in ages, but it’s so good. 😀

  19. mmm your french toast looks delish! I have to try that. What about Lulu, something made me think of that when I read Nina. I love the haircut…so cute!

  20. Mmm your breakfast looks droolicious! But when doesn’t it?!

    That honey curry mix sounds so good! I bet sweet potatoes would taste awesome with that!

    Both of your new ponies are absolutely beautiful. And I love the name Maya. I have such a hard time coming up with names though! Usually I like to use the names of my favourite book characters or something. 😀

  21. haha i love the names Roomba and Loki ❤

    horsie hair cuts 🙂 hehe

    haha Mom # 2 sounds pretty RAD. lol "no, my kids get hummus" 😉

    happy sunday love!

  22. I swear…your breakfasts always look so amazing to me. This one is no exception. I must give the flaxy french toast a try. Thanks!

  23. Michelle

    I love naming animals. I’m very proud that I named my golden retirever “Sammy” when I was little and not some embarrassing name like “Piggy” or “Sunny” for a boy dog.

  24. Loving the new haircut;) was thinking something similar for myself;) haha!!

    The “french toast” idea sounds really tasty, despite the fact i love the regular stuff with eggs xx

  25. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    That’s how I roll…. hahahahha nice!!

    Also, god work with the haircut 🙂 I freak out just trying to cut my tiny puppy’s long fur. But, he’s a squirmer, so I guess I need to just hold him down with one hand and do it 🙂

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