No Whining About the Weather

Alright. I’ll make a deal. I’ll realize that even if it is a heat index of 100+, that’s a lot cooler than the temperatures a lot of you guys are dealing with now, too.

So, I won’t whine about how hot it was today.

Instead, I’ll whine about how I’m all out of bread and when I went to buy a loaf today, they were all out.


I’ll just look on the bright side, I guess. I mean, I have a sandwich for lunch every day. Now I’ve got to mix it up!

I started this maniacally muggy morning with a real winner of a bowl of overnight oats. Best yet? I think maybe.

Mixed overnight:

In the morning, I mixed in a splash more milk and a spoonful of greek yogurt, and then topped with:

  • vanilla galaxy granola
  • mashed melty banana
  • honey roasted cashews
  • ginger preserves
  • sunflower seed butter
  • maple syrup

And an iced coffee, of course!

I don’t have many pictures of the day’s eats as I was running a bit late this morning so didn’t take many photos. Luckily, I packed the majority of my lunch last night anyways. But, I wanted to make sure I had time to spend with Teddie to get him some good grazing time, brush him, and braid his mane so he wouldn’t melt away underneath it.

I’m all for toning the neck, but the poor guy’s mane weighs as much as he does.

Although this blueberry Oikos was thoroughly enjoyed, as well as a fantastic eggplant sandwich and a chocolate brownie gnu foods bar.

Oh and a dunkin donuts iced coffee. I had to. I was running out for my boss’s lunch and the loaf of bread that didn’t happen. The fact that I have no air conditioning in Gertrude made that iced coffee all the more appealing.

I am loving the blueberry Oikos cups. I don’t buy flavored greek yogurt often, and actually my mom brought them home for me – but I ought to buy them more often. The choco browni gnu bar, however, was only okay. I blame it on me – I’m just not a chocolatey girl.

I actually made my dinner last night, and glad I did, too. I stopped to make sure Teddie was fairing okay with the hot weather, and ended up being there for almost an hour, just hosing him down and letting him get some grass, fly spraying him, worrying about him – you know the drill. He was totally fine. Hot and sweaty – but fine. I just felt bad because there’s nothing I can do for him. I almostΒ loadedΒ him in the Jeep and took him home for the night, but…you know how that goes πŸ˜‰

Sara made a cold pasta salad yesterday, and as soon as I read that last night, hopped up and made one for tonight.

See, I was craving cold pasta salad as I drove home from the barn yesterday, but by the time I walked in the door I had no patience for that, and the quinoa-chickpea cherry salad was just as good.

So, imagine my excitement driving home thinking of this after being all hot and sweaty even if all I was doing with Teddie was hosing him down and doting on him.

I hope that pony knows how much I love him πŸ˜‰

Anyways – in the salad was just a chopped plum tomato and some snap peas, all coated in a sesame oil salad dressing. Yum-o!

Hope everyone is staying safe with this hot weather! It’ll be over soon πŸ™‚

And, the man himself: (sorry these may be repeats. i keep forgetting what i’ve shown and what i haven’t, haha. but in tradition of horsey humpday, i’ll just go pony crazy today!)



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26 responses to “No Whining About the Weather

  1. Okay if you don’t whine about the heat, I wont…oh wait I did all day and in my blog post from this morning haha. I just can’t help it! What else is there to talk about anyways right? And I think your pony knows exactly how much you love him!

  2. I love that first shot of the two of you! So sweet! I know, the heat…gah! Too much. Try to stay cool and I hope you find your bread soon!

  3. Oh girl, the heat here is INSANE. It was up to like 97/98 today. And I was outside. Buuut at the pool so it’s all good πŸ™‚ And when you live in South Carolina, you kind of have to accept that heat is going to a part of life you know?
    Your eggplant sandwich sounds so good! I’ve been wanting to make eggplant at home for a while now but it seems overwhelming to me for some reason.
    Love you!

  4. hahaha weather has me in the dumps…need to focus on other things asap haha. Love the cold pasta salad…I’ve been all about the cold grain/pasta lately. Nothing satisfies like a big hearty cold salad. Plus making it the night before give yo extra chill time…cant beat it!

  5. Again another scorcher of a day but i won’t complain – ill take the heat over snow any day!!!! Loving the pictures of Teddie!!!!
    Eggplant sandwich looks delicious – perfect on a hot day!!
    Glad all is well – hopefully the weather cools downs a bit!!! xoxo aimee

  6. Mae

    I’m such a summer girl, i never use A/C, and I can ususualy sleep through any heat but these days have been so hot its uncomfortable.
    On a positive note I don’t need a sweater after 9:00PM and I can get a tan on an 8:00AM run… that’s awesome!

    You and the pony look stunning!!

  7. Cold pasta is such a good idea for this weather! Too bad I’m not a huge pasta fan. Maybe I’ll try a cold bean salad instead!
    Sorry to hear still no bread!!

  8. Can I tell you how gorgeous you look on Teddie? πŸ™‚

    Oh how I wish I had something closer to the 90’s today! I whine about cold weather all the time, and it was wayyyy too cold for a Southern California July weather today!

  9. Unlike the rest of the country…we are surprisingly cool in Colorado (only 68 degrees today). I will be sending cool thoughts your way! I hate it when I go to the store to buy something and they are out. I plan my meals out in advance, so each component matters. I loved seeing the pictures of you and your sweet pony though. You and he both look stunning.

  10. 100degrees plus!? Sheesh! England goes into a crazy ‘oh my gosh, we’re all going to die’ style meltdown when we have a few days in the 90s!!
    I do feel for horses in the heat though..I’m so grateful Chika has a pathetic mane :p Chahara always used to get so sweaty under hers too 😦
    BEAUTIFUL oats this morning πŸ™‚

  11. Rayne was actually already sweating when I brought her inside the barn yesterday. This heat is insane.. it was only eight in the morning!

    You’re such a good mama for braiding his mane to help with the heat. Hehe.

    ❀ Tat

    PS. I feel for you – my car doesn't have air conditioning either!

  12. There’s nothing like a cold pasta salad on a hot day! They’re so refreshing. I have a cold shrimp and orzo salad planned for tonight.

    I had a dream about finally being able to buy Oikos yogurt in Canada last night. I was really excited until I woke up haha! πŸ˜›

  13. Dee

    I love how you mix things up with your oats! I really should try some of that sunflower butter! And the gnu bars too. Do you recommend them?

    ps. yay for iced coffee! πŸ˜‰

  14. mmm cold pasta salad sounds so good in this heat!!! It’s been +100 everyday this week in Richmond!

  15. Awww, love that you just wanted to take Teddie home with you…so sweet. I just want to whine all day about the heat…I just am not a fan of the heat! That eggplant sandwich sounds pretty tasty!

  16. Peppy Kernals look so good! I can’t believe I’ve never noticed them at the store before…

    And whine all you want. In my book, if it’s over 90, you’re allowed to say whatever you want about the weather!

  17. i love those kernels you added in! quite impressive really!!

    i always feel bad about complaining about the heat 😦 sometimes it really is TOO hot haha but i always complain about being cold, so i try to just ignore it..but sometimes i will slip and dare i say “i wish it was cooler” haha

    btw. i linked the veg.con. book because green cuisine food and baked goods remind me of her book and her cooking. unfortunately its not her restaurant altho it totally could be! i really want that book tho cuz i have the veg with a vegeance. ❀

    have a great thursday love!


  18. Hi there ;] I don’t know if this is true, but I might remember you saying a few months ago that you had wanted to ride horses again, maybe because you didn’t have the chance to do so in a while…either way, you sound happy to be with that fine pony of yours. Toohoo.

  19. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to weather. Really I am. So if you’re not going to complain, then I’ll do it for you πŸ˜‰

  20. I know i say this on almost every one of your blogs but..TEDDIE is absolutely gorgeous!!!! i’ve never had a horse….we’ve always been a cat family, but i’d absolutely LOVE one…..convincing my mum could be hard though!

    delicious looking eats i must say..espescially that breakfast xx

  21. Michelle

    Haha we finally got hot weather! I’m so excited. It’s been winter in the Pacific Northwest since last September so I am loving soaking up the sun.

  22. i love chocolate but i didnt really enjoy the choco gnu foods bar when i tried it either! it was kind of dry =(

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  24. Oh boy, this has been crazy weather lately, hasn’t it? I think the only way I’m surviving is because my new house is nestled in the woods. Trees = shade = my friend. I love the photos of you and Teddie! You two look so natural together. You must really love that pony :). Great idea for a pasta salad, by the way. While I love cooling foods on hot days, I just can’t seem to get enough of warm oats.

    Have a lovely day!

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  26. Love your blog! Your Overnight Oats look DEVINE!!!! Do you make your ginger preserves? It looks delicious…I want some!

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