What Not To Wear

Does anyone remember the old TLC shows like What Not To Wear, Trading Spaces, etc? Do those even still exist? I used to be sort of as obsessed with TLC as I am now with food. I was pretty sure I was going to be a hairstylist when I grew up, and paid no mind to what I was eating.

Now I pay no mind to how I look and can’t stop thinking about what to concoct in the kitchen next.

Such is life.

Anyways – where am I going with this? Well, my life certainly would have been eligible for a special edition of What Not to Wear today, but is it bad that I have hardly any shame?

Hm. I thought so.

But at least I always have yummy waffles, right?

My typical waffles, with some sweetened shredded coconut mixed in, too. Yeah, the “bad” kind. The “bad” kind is also pretty darn good, thankyouverymuch.

Topped with:

  • more sweetened shredded coconut
  • cashews
  • white chocolate coconut PB
  • earth balance
  • ginger preserves
  • and a fruit mixture of chopped plum and half a sliced banana, microwaved for thirty seconds with some maple syrup.

Sadly, that was the last of my white choco coconut peanut butter. Why is it that I go through that kind so much faster than any other?

Oh, yeah, probably because it’s some of the best peanut butter my palette has ever had to pleasure to taste.

It now awaits a recycling plant alongside an old saddlepad (not sure why that’s being recycled?) some oikos and some cool whip.

Due to the heat, I pretty much woke up, put on my face and horse gear, ate, read some blogs, and boogied to the barn. If I could have gotten away with eating and going I certainly would have, but I knew Teddie needed time to digest – and so did I! It was so muggy, but we toughed it out.

You know how some women say “I don’t sweat, I glisten.”?

Yeah, there was nothing glisten-y about me after that morning. I was just plain gross. And I was actually pretty bummed because as you know from my recent farmer’s market post (well, I doubt you remember, no blame there) I am just about out of bread and wanted to run into town to pick some up.

There was no way that was going to happen.

It’d be one thing if my air conditioning in Gertrude worked so I could have cooled off by the time I got there.

It doesn’t.

It’d be one thing if I never planned on seeing them again.

I was.

I would forever be remembered as “the stinky sweaty horse girl who’s obsessed with our bread.”

Just what I need.

So, even though that plan got vetoed, I still found it in my heart to run into a local convenience store and pick up an iced tea and a date oat bar for my hardworking mother who was probably even sweatier than I.

I drove all over campus looking for her all to no avail, so just left her presents in her office with a note that said “Stay hydrated and have dates.” That woman hardly drinks a glass of water a day, gotta look after her, you know!

This story is getting quite long-winded, but I’ll also have you know that since I was over my primaryΒ embarrassmentΒ of showing my stinky sweaty self in public, I also stopped at Price Chopper and the bank on the way home. Both these chores were sort of a lost cause because Price Chopper was all out of almond milk and, well, I never like seeing my bank balance.

What’s your most embarassing “I shouldn’t be seen like this in public” story? I’ve actually come to not mind being seen in my riding clothes or gross…but since it’s been a couple of years since I’ve done such a thing it took a little bit for me to get my nerve back πŸ˜‰

And now we’ll just talk about food.

I’m not sure which happened faster when I stepped inside: me diving into the sweet cherries, or me getting out of my stank.

Regardless, I decided to save my last slice of bread for lunch tomorrow, and dug an ancient whole wheat wrap out of the depths of my veggie drawer. Which was an interesting experience, demonstrating how my thoughts of food have changed. Remember when I was obsessed with these wraps, and wraps in general? Well, they actually have soy flour and I think it’s more of a marketing scheme to call them “whole wheat.” Sneaky, sneaky marketers! Tricks are for kids.

That combined with the fact that they had a sell-by date of May 2010 required the filling to be exceptional.

It was.

I made a double batch of the bulgur-chickpea cherry salad last night, and it was calling my name for lunch.

Screaming even louder, though, was iced coffee. Does anyone else loooove their iced coffee with maple syrup? Anybody? Anybody?

That was part one. I knew Part Two would come soon, but as I’ve been doing lately – was full for the time being and retired to my room to camp out with some air conditioning, blogs, and yoga sculpt. Yoga never felt so gooooood.

And then decided I wanted to bake my eggplant in pasta sauce for dinner. I’ve gotten to be such an advance dinner planner with these free afternoons. It’s pretty awesome to have dinner all made by the time it’s 4:00, free for the eating whenever you want.

I realized halfway through that I could have gotten at least a little creative with it, but there was something liberating in simply slicing an eggplant, sprinkling with smoked sea salt, and layering in a casserole dish with olive oil, sweet tomato basil ragu, and balsamic vinegar and still creating something all sorts of yum.

Once that was baking in my amazing toaster-oven (amazing because it still cooks things without the need for turning on the oven) I realized I wanted a fried egg. Which was sort of weird, and I think I took a good five minutes thinking “Am I reading myself right? Do I really want a fried egg right now? Since when do I crave fried eggs for snack?”

But, I did. I dug up some sort of multigrain bread of my mom’s and toasted it lightly, spread with some ragu, garlic hummus, and feta – and then a beautifully crispy golden fried egg liberally sprinkled with just salt and pepper.

Sincere apologies if the crispyness level of my egg is insulting to your palette.

Fun fact: that’s the only way I like my eggs. I will not touch a runny yolk, thank you.

And then I made another part of dinner, a buckwheat waffle. Bob has the best buckwheat pancake recipe ever that I morphed for waffles. Sarena mentioned savory waffles to me last night, which reminded me of bob’s down home buckwheat waffles, and thus – the craving developed.

Must. Have. Buckwheat. Waffle.

And shortly after that, I went to say hello to Jiggy and Mel, just to make sure they were dealing with the heat okay. I ended up washing out their water bucket and refilling it with fresh water and hosing them down. Jiggy found it great fun to hose me down, as well.

cottage cheese, plain greek yog, raw oats, agave, HR cashews, sweet cherries, hunk of banana quinoa bar

But it was okay because I knew what was waiting for me inside.

Aaand, to wrap up this novel of a post, dinner.

In the bowl:

  • local lettuce. I think some Vermont dirt even made its way in there, try as I might to wash it my best.
  • chick peas
  • baked eggplant
  • red pepper
  • MediterraneanΒ herb feta
  • sweet tomato basil ragu

I don’t know why I haven’t just simply baked eggplant in pasta sauce before. New favorite way to have eggplant. Dang.


The Teddie Chronicles – 1 Month!

I wasted no time getting right off to the barn this morning. We are in for a week full of hazy, hot and humid weather…and it hardly cooled down last night. It was still muggy and 77* when I left. By the time Teddie and I were done, we were both sweaty messes. Don’t worry – I didn’t over exert him. He was hardly breathing hard, just sweaty. And we need to get in shape! Since we’re still only doing about 20 minutes of riding at a time and most of that walk, I wasn’t too concerned. I didn’t bother to lunge him, though he did get himself quite excited upon seeing some mares being moved from one pasture to the other right outside the barn door when I first brought him into the indoor!

I was actually glad this happened – I know he’s still quite interested in other horses, but since I’m usually the only one out riding when I go, we haven’t been able to deal with the issue. Since he’s been so good lately, we needed a little something to get him fired up! haha. Though I was quite proud in how he handled himself. Whereas two weeks ago I probably would have been thinking “crap, I hope I don’t get run over by him.” today it was more of just a lot of looking, and at no time did I feel like he was just going to bulldoze over me. A little tug was all it took to “rope him in” when he did get a little “prancy.”

He was just showing off his dashing, handsome looks, you know πŸ˜‰

He’s been doing really well establishing forward, so today we continued work on that, and a lot more bendy-figures than usual. In addition, I introduced ground poles – we had a set for walking and a set for trotting. Since he was so preoccupied with the mares and what was going on outside, I kept doing something different to keep his mind on me.

One thing I do need to work on, though, is to remember that he is not fit, and as such, can’t be ridden like a horse that’s been in a program for a year, or even a month. I think I almost pushed him a little too much today, as towards the end he would sort of just stop. Since we’ve been doing so well, I don’t want to sour him so I did a couple more minutes of easy-peasy work getting him to give to the bit before calling it a day.

He’s so much fun that sometimes it’s easy to forget that no, he can’t take a full thirty minutes of w-t work undersaddle. Soon! But not yet πŸ˜‰

I hosed him down for the first time, too. He loved it. Stood stock-still. We took some quality time grazing afterwards, too.

Well, Teddie grazed, I gazed at him in adoration πŸ˜‰


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24 responses to “What Not To Wear

  1. I just wrote my post for tomorrow and mentioned you for my savory waffle! I wrote out the recipe. I love it. The boys are eating sandwiches on them now. I love that they are really whole grain too…no fillers of soy! Your egg snack looks delicious! Isn’t it weird when you crave things for a snack that you think should be a meal? We are breaking all the rules now! Have a great night!

    Your pony is getting there! Such a good boy!

  2. i totally bet ur mind goes a million miles an hour making all these fantastic recipes and combos in ur head! it shows ❀


  3. Dee

    Gosh, your pictures are awesome! πŸ™‚ I think I should make some waffles soon. πŸ˜‰

  4. I never really got into those shows, mostly because I don’t have television. Sometimes I watch the reruns with my mom when I’m visiting my family.

    Sweetened coconut is delicious. I completely agree.

  5. I would most definitely say I sweat, I don’t glisten.
    I doubt you were as sweaty as I as the day I was locked out of my apartment barefoot. That was the worst/most embarrassing moment of sweatiness ever!

    I’m going to have to get on this buckwheat waffle train! They looks so good!

  6. I used to love What Not to Wear! I thought Stacy and Clinton were hilarious. I haven’t seen that show in ages, though.

  7. I love the waffle, it’s nice and thin and not to puffy like others.

  8. Your post today was filled with lovely meal ideas!!!!! I don’t know what to try first!!!!!
    Again the weather here was almost unbearable – nearly 100 degrees – perfect day for iced Green Mountain coffee – i agree!!!! I’ve never tried it with maple syrup though!!!
    Eggplant is one of my favorite veggies – i love it grilled with hummus or similar to yours with tomato, basil and oregano.
    Can’t believe its been 1 month with Teddie!!!!! Again i adore his photos!!
    Hope the weather improves for you too!!!!! xoxo aim

  9. soooooo hoottt today!!! Ah! I like your wraps though! I remember when you had wrap paninis galore for lunch πŸ™‚ My nut butters go quickly too 😦 sad life. Funny think…I WAS CRAVING FRIED EGGS TODAY TOO! I swear if I wasn’t at work I would have done the same. Instead it was a larabar…good but not a fried egg hahaha

  10. Oh my gosh I used to LIVE for Trading Spaces!!! I thought I was the only one who remembered that show. LOVED it. And What Not To Wear. Good old TLC…
    No air in your car? That sucks. I can’t even imagine.
    Love you girl!

  11. I would imagine if I had some white chocolate coconut butter, it would be the first to go as well… he he he

    And I usually glisten. πŸ˜‰ But the AC was broken in the gym tonight and I was nasty. Simply nasty…

  12. Yes, I love(d) those TLC shows! I’m pretty sure What Not to Wear still has new episodes airing. I catch them every so often. πŸ˜€

    I have no standards when it comes to going out in public. I once raided a grocery store for chocolate immediately after being out on a canoe trip with no shower for 10 days. I’m pretty sure I got more than a few looks haha!

    Happy one month with Teddie! I love reading about how things are going with him. πŸ™‚

  13. teenagehealthfreak

    I used to love those shows too!! i probably watched them while eating ice-cream too. ha. yeah..i miss those..even “While you were out” was a good one! keep up the great work with Teddie!!..this makes me miss riding my horse..scottie. 😦

  14. Sometimes I want to go back to the times when I didn’t care about what I ate and instead just wanted all the latest trends (jean jackets, jellies, light up sneakers)! Those were seriously the best days. Do I even have to say that your waffles look gorge? And congrats on your one monthiversary! I bet it feels great to see improvements in your boy πŸ™‚

  15. Katharina

    Oh my gosh first off I just have to say how elegant you look with Teddie πŸ˜€

    I really want a waffle maker :\ Your waffles look so great and I love all of your toppings. I’m on the hunt for an ice cream maker right now though. Also, that pasta sauce! Yum!!! Everything in this post = delicious!

    As for an embarrassing story.. well I had to borrow my friends basketball shorts once when we were at the mall because… ok so we were all sitting in the food court and someone said something really funny. Then I was like oh crap I’m about to pee from laughing. Thank goodness I was able to hold it in. Then. Out of nowhere. I just started peeing uncontrollably. OH MY GOSH! I just sat there in shock and then my friends were like “what?” Then I told them what just happened and we screamed and laughed and I looked under me and there was a puddle of pee. I had to rush to the bathroom and luckily my old friend use to wear 2 pairs of basketball shorts so she let me borrow one of them. Then one of the cleaning ladies came and asked what that was.. uh “nothing”. So yes that’s my story lol.



  16. Michelle

    Haha today I went running at the state park. I did the actual running on the trails, but I did my cool down on the beach. I noticed a lot of people looking, but I’m thinking it’s cause I was glistening with sweat and looking might B.A. with my fatty garmin πŸ˜‰

  17. um yes i totally remember what not to wear! i was pretty addicted to that show, but sometimes clint and stacy were so mean, i felt bad for the contestant person! haha

  18. Aahh I used to love What Not To Wear! The Trinny and Susanna one? I cared about it less and less though, the more horsey/foodie I got πŸ˜› now I wouldn’t watch it at all πŸ˜›
    Oh I am ALWAYS caught out and about in skank horse clothes, dirty horsey hair, no make up…it’s horrific! But I’m passed caring now πŸ˜› I’M HORSEY AND PROUD!
    As for all your food…amaze!
    And good job on Teddie – it sounnds like you’re making ace progress with him!

  19. First of all, I used to be OBSESSED with What Not To Wear.. haha! It’s been ages since I’ve seen it, but I used to go nuts when they had marathons on πŸ˜›

    I’m so impressed with Teddie! Congrats on already graduating to some walk and trot poles.. that’s really awesome πŸ™‚ I am in love with his massively thick mane and forelock πŸ˜› Compared to Rayne, he’s got quite the afro!

    I’m making it my goal to get out to the barn every single day this week, even on workdays πŸ™‚ I went yesterday and it was wonderful once I actually kicked myself in the pants hard enough to get out there πŸ™‚

    … I will only eat my egg yolks runny πŸ˜›

    ❀ Tat

  20. Teddie is looking great πŸ˜‰ I love the pictures!

    And Yes those shows still come on! But What Not to Wear has a new hair guy, and I don’t like him as much so I’ve quit watching.

    I always tried to convince my husband to submit me for the show.

  21. I loved watching TLC in high school…and I’ve definitely had my share of those fashion disaster days. I’ve been known to walk around in sweatpants that I’ve been baking in (crusted and often covered in a fine dusting of flour)

  22. I love What Not to Wear!! My friend actually interned there last year- she was Stacy’s stylist, so fun!

    Um, I once came back to my dorm at 6 am in men’s khaki shorts and a towel tied as a tube top. Wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t a guard that I had to see every single day for the rest of the year…

    Hope you’re having a great week so far!

  23. I have been craving savory waffles as of late. I was going to make one tonight, but was totally not feeling it. Tomorrow I am making a waffle pizza or sandwich. Especially since now I found my camera. Sometimes I go to the store looking less than par, but I do not really care because more likely than not I do not end up seeing people I know. It is so weird looking back on things you ate like “did i really use to eat that?!?!” or some of the fads I went through like with eat would stray farfar away from carbs only eat protein filled things. Thank goodness carbs have been back and are never leaving my side. Same with those wraps use to only use those as my “bread”. I just bought some unsweetened vanilla almond milk to try its almond breeze, only ever had almond dream aha. Maple syrup is good on most things, sometimes I put maple extract on the rare occasions I have coffee. This post is long I could rant on and on.

  24. I am so late on this post but I can’t believe you have been with Teddie a month already! It seems like it has gone by so fast, just by reading about him here!

    Oh, and like Freya I watched the british one because the two women were so hilarious. I stopped after a while though and never watched the US one.

    And in terms of what I wear..yeah, I’ve worn my stinky running clothes in some inappropriate times/places…I had to when in a hurry while running for my school…like my 8am class if I didn’t have time for a shower or when nannying.

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