Mixed Cravings

hey guys! i felt much more in the blog reading mood yesterday rather than the blog posting. so, that’s just what i did! you didn’t miss much…in fact, my appetite was still rather “normal.” normal as in, normal for most people, not so normal for me 😉 it’s coming back though, so no worries.

sweet pOATato overnight oats

i didn’t know what else i would use about a third of an already cooked sweet potato for, and mashed it up for yesterday’s overnight oats.

sweet potatoes = win

sweet potatoes on oatmeal = mreh

best thing i ate all day.

after this, i went on a walk for the rest of my break and accidentally got lost. at least it was absolutely gorgeous out.

i heart fried eggs.

and i had an insane craving for eggs driving home – demonstrating that this “not hungry for a snack” situation needs to stop. my body wanted some protein!

these got better with age.

leftover sweet potato fries.

these just being the highlights, of course.

on to today?

oh, okay.

waffles, obviously! and it was already warming up, so i woke up wanting an iced coffee.

it’s love, is what it is.

topped with a [peeled] peach mixed with chopped fig and maple syrup. and cashews. and sunflower seed butter. (which is also just plain love)

i went to the barn early this morning, getting there right as it “opened.” yes, the barn is always open, but A prefers people not to ride earlier than 9 or after 7. she makes an exception for me, like when i get there at 7:30 on days i work 😉

i didn’t know how long i’d be out, so i just grabbed some stuff from the cupboards. and fruit basket.

i just had the banana and some nuts.

teddie did so good today – i think maybe our best ride yet. he’s been great everytime so far – but i think this is the most confident we’ve both felt, so it just seemed right. we have a bit of a broken steering mechanism (ahem) at the trot – but we do a pretty killer twenty meter circle if i say so myself. just don’t ask us to go straight. for long 😉 it will come!

and in case you don’t know any horse people, if you should run into them, know one thing: when we have a good session with our horse, we will be floating. just overjoyed with excitement. when we have a bad session, steer clear. (yes, this is called stereotyping. just a general precaution, i suppose.)

my sister is coming down for a visit tonight through to tomorrow, and i’m thinking i might be able to drag her out to take some pictures.

i had loosely planned to help another girl with her horse, but we never really talked about when, so since she wasn’t there i went ahead in to the farmer’s market and figured i’d stop again on my way back through. i still had to talk to A about something anyway, and figured she’d be there by then, too. well, the other girl wasn’t there but A and i chatted a while before i headed home.

i’ve had this lone gala apple sitting in the fruit bowl for ages.

i sort of go through apple phases. i’ll have one every day for weeks on end, and then there will be weeks where i’ll hardly have one.

but, i do love the combo of apple and seitan – be it with bbq or, like today – apple rum walnut conserve.

i also paired it with some farmer’s market snap peas. snap peas were every where today! and so good.

kaia. freaky picture of her.

my mom asked if i wanted to go tag sailing, so i agreed. she had a vague recollection of an ad for a bunch of tag sales with horse tack in a town about twenty minutes away. basically, this played out as “drive around a town randomly hoping to find it.” in case you were wondering, we didn’t, but it was still a nice ride.

sort of. i guess it was actually just a whole lot of farmland. not surprising, considering the circumstances.

but, oh well. i had nothing better to be doing. once we got back i made some seitan and while it was simmering played with the horses and the garden. this included half heartedly weeding, ad i mentioned in the previous post!

and then before i knew it, it was time for dinner! seriously – the afternoon flew by. usual my mornings are so packed that i have nothing much left to do in the afternoon, making them sort of go in slow motion. not today! probably the hour + of aimlessly driving around. it’s whatever.

since i finally replenished my bulgur, i was able to try sarena’s bulgur flat bread! to put it simply, the woman is genius. i did get impatient towards the end – didn’t realize they were yeast-made so didn’t really start them soon enough to give them the full hour to sit, and cooked them until they had the consistency of more of a pancake. a delicious pancake.

hmmm…bulgur waffles, anyone?

of course, the pancake texture was probably more due to me not rolling them out very flat. but they were just plain fab.

i had some mixed cravings – and rather than have a flatbread pizza type deal – i craved a big salad. in the bowl was farmer’s market buttercrisp and snap peas, red pepper, chick peas, chopped dried fig, and chopped pecans. i still had some of this dressing left and the flavors were just so perfect. i spread some local pepper chevre on the flatbread. just delicious! can’t wait to have a peanut butter and jelly bulgur flatbread 😉

now – has it cooled down enough for an evening bike ride, yet?



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16 responses to “Mixed Cravings

  1. I am so glad you liked them! Honestly, they probably don’t need the full hour, that is just what I did to begin with while I was making pizzas for everyone else that day! I totally think they would make awesome waffles! I actually wanted to do the the nest day, but Jay wanted one with cheese, so that is what I did for him! I love flat bread with my salads too! I hope you have a great night, Jessica! Looks like it has been a pretty good day!

  2. Megan

    Love the bumblebee photo! And the horse, of course. 🙂
    Also you are a GENIUS with the sweet potato overnight oats! Sooo impressed! Hope you get a nice bike ride in!

  3. I am so happy that you are working with Teddie every day! I miss my baby girl so much.. but I’ve been way too wiped at the end of the day to drive twenty minutes out to work with her. I must get better at this! … So in a way, thanks for the motivation? ;P

    ❤ Tat

  4. Michelle

    Oh girl, I’m having one of those days that I would rather just read than actually conjure up my own thoughts on today’s eats. Have a good day!

  5. I’m going actual sailing tomorrow…. so that’s sort of similar haha. Your food all looks so delicious!!!

    And those fried eggs?!? I double taked at first, because I thought it was a sandwich with the fried egg instead of the bread 🙂 haha

  6. I have been craving eggs too lately…we must need that protein! I hope you have a really wonderful time with your sister tomorrow. I’m sure she is beautiful and sweet, just like you! I loved seeing the shots of the farmer’s market too…it made me pine over the days when I actually had access to decent local produce.

  7. Seitan and apple sounds SO good!
    That picture of your dog – STUNNING!! She is so, so beautiful!
    Haha, is a stereotype still a stereotype if it is ALWAYS true without fail!? I’m yet to meet a horsey person who doesn’t act as you described 😛
    Good job on Teddie though 🙂 What’s your ultimate aim with him?

  8. Glad to hear you had a great day with Teddy!! 😀

    And the sweet potato fries = perfection. Yum!

  9. I’ve always been a bit iffy about trying sweet potatoes with oats. Can’t go wrong with them in french fry form though!

    I love having apple on sandwiches! Especially with melty, gooey cheese. 😀

  10. Mreh is the perfect description for sp & oats. They can tolerate each other, but they’d rather play alone.

    An evening bike ride sounds sooo lovely. Hope it cooled down enough!

  11. Teddie is impressing me with his abilities and quick learning. mama must be proud for sure!

    i always feel like we can take lessons from ur ability to combine a healthy variety of colors in ur meals. i cant look away ever- not one post of ur bores me!! today it was all about the sweet tater oats. way to one-up the pumpkin that most ppl put on and go gourmet with the sweet potato ❤ looks fabulous!

    yea sometimes just reading posts and blogs is much more enjoyable than trying to get a post started and published urself

    xoxo ❤

  12. I’m glad Teddie is doing so good!

    It looks like Kaia has one eye in that picture!

  13. Those waffles look gorgeous! i’m still jealous.. i want a Teddie!! xx

  14. Good for you for not blogging when you didn’t feel like it.. 🙂 You know I’m all about that right now! I have to buy bulgar, seriously, it’s next on my list. Have a great fourth and have fun with your horsey!

  15. Oh, waffles sound so delish right now! And an apple rum walnut mix sounds so amazing.

  16. Dee

    I heart ♥ fried eggs! I never would have thought to pair apples and tempeh. It sounds delish! Hmmm… I should really get off my butt and try some of your recipes!

    ps. as always your pictures are FAB! 🙂

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