Farmer’s Market!


i went to the big farmer’s market in “town” today. i figured why not go get some bread while i was at the barn, which is only fifteen or so minutes away. ironically enough, “my boys” weren’t there selling their bread today! lately i’ve just been buying in the store. so i go track them down at the store…only to see a sign saying they’re closed the third to fifth for the fourth of july.

go figure.

luckily, i have enough to get me until tuesday, i think. otherwise, i’d start going through withdrawals.

pottery stand

but, while i was there i figured i’d enjoy walking around anyways.

this market is about an hour from my house, but in the same “city” i work in. which, is why i don’t make it out too often.

regardless, it’s still a pretty good little market for vermont! even though i can think of about five different markets i could go to, they are mostly very small towns, with just a couple of stands.

biiiig veggie stand. look at those carrots! teddie would approve.

this one has quite a plethora of stands, although they do tend to get repetitive. you start seeing a lot of the same veggies. and i was sort of surprised today how many stands there were for prepared food. a lot of fried stuff, actually, lol.

but, i walked away with some great goat cheese, snap peas, a little something-something for a certain BSI winner, and lettuce.

i was trying to be super-stealthy getting photos. an empenada stand on the left. i don’t think i like empenadas, but i was thisclose to buying some just because of the man running the stand. no other comment necessary. some wine on the right. and i think a little quilting/sewing stand just past the empenadas.

dog cookies! homeboy on the left's got some nice tomatoes...

tonnnns of snap peas today! and of course lettuce, carrots, etc.

when you go to a market – do you tend to buy all from the same stand, or divvy it up? while i could have bought all my veggies at one place, i tend to divvy it up. the prices are all consistent, it’s not that i’m shopping for the best bargain. i guess i just like to support a little bit of everyone!

i compared to my own garden this afternoon. my garden is not spewing out carrots, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, or cabbage…but i’m still proud of the little babies!

red pepper!

roma tomatoes

beefsteak! (...or something like that anyways...)

'sghetti squash

buttercrisp lettuce - this is the patch at the side of the house. we have more in the garden area.

i think this is oregano?


i keep forgetting about the parsely, oregano, and basil. we’re kind of killing our basil, though, and need to replant it, me thinks.

we also have some sweet corn planted that is doing well, but you couldn’t tell which was the corn and which was grass in the photo :O and some spinach, but i don’t think that’s growing much at all…

i also realize we are terrible gardeners because we never weed. i did some after the photos, but i think it’s become a lost cause 😉

what’s your favorite stand at your farmer’s market? i am a sucker for all of the jams and jellies and the like! but of course i love all the veggggg.


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12 responses to “Farmer’s Market!

  1. Mo

    I just went to the farmer’s market today too. 🙂 And now I’m really excited for my prize. 😉

    I don’t get everything at one stand, and that’s because not every stand is really equal haha. Like, some will sell basil for $1.50 a bunch, but it’s really scraggly-looking basil, so I choose the stand selling it for a dollar more because it just looks better. And some stands don’t sell all the same things. But if I find a stand I like for something, produce and price-wise, I stick to it until they stop selling it or raise the price. I actually rarely buy more than one thing at the same stand.

    Your garden is looking amazing! No wildlife tries to eat it or anything? I can’t grow my own vegetables because we have wild rabbits and deer who just wander into people’s yards and eat everything. They’re cute as hell, but equally annoying. 😛

  2. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to a Farmer’s Market 😥 I think I’ll make it a life mission to go to one though! EVERYONE seems to be hitting them up atm, I’m a tad jealous :/
    Glad you had a good day!

  3. Your tomatoes and pepper looks great…as does everything else! I love farmer’s markets so much and today we went to one where we bought things from a few vendors. I tend to go for the veggies like kale, beets, radishes, snap peas and tomatoes when they are in! I really wanted peaches today but didn’t see any so we opted for blueberries and raspberries! Have a great night lady!

  4. Wow you have a wonderful farmer’s market nearby!!! I am kind of lame and usually go for the cheapest stand haha. Everyone always has the same things, but one guy has everything on his stand for 1 lb. for $1.50. You can guess which one I go to 😉

    Recently I’ve become a fan of the flavored almonds!! They’re soooo goooood 🙂

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  6. I wanted to go to the farmer’s market today, but I was too worn out from going to Six Flags with the boys yesterday! I love the veggie stand, but you probably knew that already!

  7. That farmer’s market looks so big! I love it when there are tons of tents to browse through. I saw tons of the same produce over and over again when I was at our market yesterday. Sooo many snap peas and raspberries!

    Your garden is looking great! I always get so excited watching my produce grow. 😀

  8. ahh i love farmer’s market and yours looks great! seems like the hour drive was totally worth it! i went to a san francisco farmers market today that was about an hour from my house and loved it! also love the shots of your garden! how cool =)

  9. The farmer’s market is my absolute favorite way to spend a Saturday… or every Saturday, in my case. Yours looks so much different than mine; it’s so quaint and open-air with all the tents! Your garden is adorable as well. Grow, little veggies, grow! My grandmother and I used to have a garden, too. She definitely had a green thumb because everything grew like CRAZY. Although she has passed away since then, every time I see sunflowers, I think of her and the giant ones she used to grow. That woman was absolutely amazing.

    Have a lovely day!

  10. My farmers’ market has a huge stand with all different types of mushrooms!!! I’m a mushroom-lover, so I spend a LOT of time browsing there…I’ve tried some really crazy varieties that I never would have come across otherwise.

  11. I love farmer’s markets!
    Ithaca has a really great farmer’s market!
    This weekend I went to one in Burlington, VT. It was AMAZING!! I think I liked it better than the Ithaca one because it was all new to me haha! I remember being amazed by the Ithaca one when I first went to it!

  12. Dee

    What a cool farmer’s market! I like all the bread/cookie stands at the market. I sure love them carbs! 😉 Too bad they don’t love me back. Or do they? :oP LOL!

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