warning: if you are here with expectations of photos of copious amounts of pretty, highly delectable food-stuffs, i suggest you turn back now.

i mean, just look at breakfast this morning.

even if this was a yummy bowl of overnight oats, i think we can all agree that it’s lacking in the aesthetics department. luckily, i’ve never been one to discriminate, as i’m always saying. some of the ugliest foods are definitely some of the tastiest.

but what on earth is that lurking in that mysterious black bowl?

to soak overnight:

  • 1/4 c. rolled oats
  • 1/8 c. kamut flakes
  • 1/8 c. wheat bran
  • chia seeds
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla extract
  • sliced strawberries
  • 1/2 c. + almond milk

stirred in this morning was a splash more almond milk, a spoonful of cottage cheese, and the juice from some nuked strawberries.

and then topped with:

  • galaxy granola – not sweet vanilla
  • sunflower seed butter
  • pecans
  • ginger preserves
  • maple syrup
  • and a melted, mashed banana mixed with some strawberries

at least coffee is always pretty though, right?

but that’s where my appetite came to a screeching halt.

i swear – i just have not been as hungry as i usually am lately. it’s rather disappointing. usually on days when i’m on my feet just about all day, like today – i’m always ready for a snack every couple hours.

not lately. instead, i just have had three solid meals today. that may be the usual for some people, but not i, said the cat.

and lunch wasn’t even that solid! usually i have a three-parter.

a sandwich, a fruit, and a munchie of some sort.

today was just a two-fer. although, i will say this fine duo may have been the best thing i ate alll dayyy. i am becoming obsessed with broccoli sammiches, i will say that. today was seitan, roasted broc, garlic hummus, tomato paste, feta, and roasted red pepper. perfff.

i was lucky enough to enjoy this outdoors – i love eating in the sunshine surrounded by blue skies and the occasional big, marshmallowy white clouds. although i should really remember that while i’m not technically eating with anyone – i am in direct view of everyone on the very busy road my work is on. that said, i should keep in mind not to assault my nectarines with the eagerness of a twelve year old boy kissing his first girlfriend.

i went on a nice walk to stretch my legs afterwards, too. well, i take that back – i’d been walking around the lab all day, i just took a walk to soak up the sun.

of course, i ended up being gone longer than i intended – i went a different way, down a road i’d never been but assumed it would loop back onto our main road. i kept walking and walking, only to find a cemetary.

well, cut through the cemetary – that will spit you back out on the main road!”

no, no it didn’t. oh well. it was lovely outside. and it finally warmed me up after a freezing cold morning.

this is a needlessly long story.

the snack-less and appetite-less afternoon resumed, and even driving home i wasn’t ravenous. so i opted for a simple microwave-baked sweet potato with “baked beans.” also quite yummy, but aesthetically lacking.

by “baked beans” i mean black beans mixed with the leftover strawberry-fig-maple dressing from last night and red pepper.

and pecans.

and believe it or not, the girl who never leaves a trace of sweet potato couldn’t finish her sweet potato tonight.

yes, dearies – i am that girl. the sweet potato defeated me. i am not a happy camper.

but i guess i’ll just have to go with the flow.

maybe it’s because teddie is eating for the both of us – the kid goes at grass like it won’t be there in five minutes.



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24 responses to “Aesthetics

  1. Well, I am eating enough for you and me then! I have been starving nonstop!!! It has actually been getting on my nerves!

  2. If you think your breakfast was ugly, I shudder to think what you think of mine! Haha I think that breakfast looks great and I bet I would devour it in five minutes flat! I fully believe that messy, strange looking creations are the best 🙂

  3. Ok. I just realized I wrote “think” about twenty times in that last comment. MY B! =P

  4. Sometimes when the weather warms up I lose some of my appetite, that or I am ravenous and this summer season I seem to be the latter. You will get your appetite back don’t worry. Try and stretch out your stomach muscles or something.

  5. Mo

    “i should keep in mind not to assault my nectarines with the eagerness of a twelve year old boy kissing his first girlfriend.”
    This just made my day. XD

    I actually think your breakfast looks pretty. It’s uhm abstract? 😉

  6. Last week I had absolutely zero appetite, and this week it’s back full swing. The weather definitely messes with my feeding schedule!! Don’t be ashamed by the sweet potato fail…I’m sure you’ll dominate the next one 🙂 So sorry I’ve been behind in your posts recently love- I just read five of them so now I’m all caught up!

  7. Your food looks SO tasty to me! I love how creative you get with vegetarian sandwiches – I usually just opt for PB&J. Black beans and sweet potato are one of my favourite quick dinner time combos.

  8. Tes

    The more messy, the more yummy! The sweet dish is genious!

  9. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Oh man, I don’t know why it never occurred to me to put cottage cheese in oats. THAT is smart 🙂

  10. You probably couldn’t finish your sweet potato because in the back of your mind you were filled with guilt about stealing my spoons all these years. yes, I am now convinced that you were our spoon stealer. I’m going to check all your drawers!!

  11. I still think those oats look lovely :)!! I go through periods like that too. I either am not particularly hungry or I’m constantly a ravenous beast. I love that you posted this. It’s all about listening to your body sometimes its more sometimes its less and you have a great perspective :). I was actually just thinking about this today because I’ve had the opposite lately and I’ve notice an increase in my hunger levels through out the day. I wondered how I would have x,y or z for lunch and make it to dinner snack free a few weeks ago where as now I get hungry a few hours later like clock work. Just gotta go with the flow!

  12. Isn’t funny how some days you find yourself ravished and then other days you barely feel hungry at all. The human body is a mysterious and glorious thing! Gorgeous pictures as always, love.

  13. Dude, your pictures are ALWAYS beautiful. It is because of super talented people like you that I rarely post my horrible pictures of my food, because if I did I am pretty sure no one would ever look at my blog 🙂

  14. Awh that sucks that you don’t have much of an appetite! I hate days like that, cos I always WANT food, I just can’t eat it; it’s SO frustrating!! Maybe you’re getting sick?
    I hope it’s back today anyway 🙂

  15. We all have days like this! Lately I’ve been feeling the opposite. Starving! But then I have spurts where I’m not hungry at all. I’m sure you’ll be back to normal soon. 😀

    Anyways, everything you ate looks delicious *and* beautiful, in my opinion. I love your oat toppings…so creative! 😀

  16. Your non-aesthetically pleasing breakfast looks great to me!
    Lately I’ve been the complete opposite of you! I’m a bottomless pit!!

  17. I don’t know what you’re talking about – that bowl of oats looks pretty to me!

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever really experienced extreme changes in my appetite. If there is one thing I can count on in this world, it is my hunger. 😛

  18. Totally agree with everyone here, your breakfast still looks like a piece of art to me! How do you manage that?!

    Aww I hope you’re not getting sick or, I want to see some more homemade snacks because you are amazing with recipes!! 🙂

    Take care lovely

  19. Oh, how I have missed your bloggie lady! I definitely have to agree with everyone else that your overnight oats look delicious! Ok, appetite wise…mine has been all sorts of wacky since moving and starting work…must be the heat too! I am sure it will come back in full force soon for both of us! Your comment about the nectarine was amazing…

  20. that sweet potato needed a warning for sure! i lvoe beautiful food, it shows that the person making it (a.k.a. you hehe) has such an appreciation and knows that the small details can make a world of difference. i think im addicted to ur blog now, sorry, i KNOW im addicted 🙂

    xoxo ❤

  21. Hopefully your appetite will come back soon! i think it’s so annoying when it disappears some days but randomly comes on massively other days! i guess hunger is very unpredictable at times! yes, good idea! blame Teddie!!!

    i still think your eats look delectable, and not ugly in the slightest! the breakfast looks espescially tasty! xx

  22. umm girlll, i beg to differ about your aesthetics- ALLL your photos are gorgeousss. love them

  23. I hope you got your appetite back, funny how it comes and goes.
    I am still yet to try beans with a sweet potato, I need to get on that!

  24. Dee

    girlll, i don’t know what your talking about. your foods look delish as per usual! 😉

    mmm… sweet potato!

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