Don’t Forget!

Hey dudes! Teddie here, reporting for duty while the mom is working. Ma said Bleu and I needed to remind you not to forget about some Secret Ingredient competition.

Your Bulgur Wheat recipes are due in to her by Sunday night! Send her an e-mail at healthyexposures (at) . Remember – you can do anything with bulgur! I bet something with molasses, apples, oats and carrots will be a real winner, though. Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge.

"Tedd-iieeeee! I wanted to tell them, you big punk!"

So, get cooking, baking, simmering, boiling, and anything else you foodies do in kitchens. I personally don’t know much about any of that – I just eat what’s in front of me out of a big rubber bowl.

And have fun!



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6 responses to “Don’t Forget!

  1. OH thankyou for the reminder Teddie. I must say, your rather good at this typing thing – I think Chika could use a few tips if you wouldn’t mind? She’s a little bit…special…:P

  2. I have totally not forgotten! My mind is just going with ideas!

  3. Hey Teddie! Great to meet you! xx;)

  4. I hope I have time to make something! Ahh love that boy’s face.

  5. haha Hi Teddie! My teddy bear is named teddy ( I wasn’t that original or creative as a child…) Now I need to buy some bulgar wheat!!

  6. Mo

    This made me smile. 😛 Expect an email either tonight or tomorrow!

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