Breakin’ The Law

…don’t lie.

I’ve totally got you singing that song now.

But what am I talking about breaking the law for?

Oh, just doin’ as I do, and breaking the law for breakfast.

Enter: Coconut Gelato Oats.

And you think I’m kidding. This is where you expect me to be calling something gelato when it very clearly is quasi-gelato.

Naw. It’s really gelato.

AKA Heaven

After a sweaty barn sesh, I needed gas before I could get home, and stopped in a local gas-station that seems to be becoming more and more co-op like by the week. I stopped in there a couple days ago to get some half and half to have for coffee at work, and scoped it out a bit. And saw this gelato.

I’d never had gelato before, but the way my boss raves about it, I thought I should try it. The fact that I saw this coconut gelato I was sold.

And after being made into a sweaty, grimy, hot mess from barning it up, I was weak. And I caved. Sorry, Teddie, you can’t eat this week cause Mom had to have coconut gelato. (I kid, I kid.)

I had some last night and about died. This stuff is heavenly. It’s not healthy, but I’m okay with that. So coconutty and creamy. I thought gelato was more gelatin-like, though I’m glad it;s not.

And when I woke up wanting sweet cherry overnight oats, I just had to have a little spoonful of coconut gelato to go along with everything.

And that was that. Anybody else breakin’ the law with me today?

Does this look like a face that wants breakfast or what?

Jiggy patiently waiting – name that tune again!

Except, he wasn’t really very patient.

BBQ Ranch Almonds? Count me in.

I was banana less this morning, and remembered these barbeque-ranch almonds that Sahale Snacks sent me when I signed up for a free sample.

I love free things. And I love free things even more when it’s of the food nature, and even more when it has to do with Sahale Snacks. I love this company.

Hannafords only has two flavors from these guys, so I was glad to receive a sample of one they don’t carry. I loved the snack-pack size (quite satisfying!) and the flavor was wonderful! You all know I tend to opt for more sweet kinds of snacks, but given my recent BBQ kick, these almonds were a welcome change of pace. I was relieved that they weren’t super spicy in the least – it was more of a very subtle heat that just grew as you ate more – but the ranch flavor was quite pronounced. In a good way!

Would definitely buy these babies again – and I already am a fan of their Sing Buri Cashews and Cranberry-Orange Pecans!

I packed a simple sandwich with some farmer’s market romaine, garlic hummus, tomato paste, red pepper, mushrooms, and seitan.

In addition to some greek yogurt and cottage cheese with a chopped up plum and a drizzle of agave. And some honey roasted peanuts!

This kept me full all afternoon – in all honesty, I probably would have been fine with just the yogurt! I ate that first and then ran out to pick up a loaf of bread and lunch for my boss. I had the sandwich a short while after getting back, but moreso because I wanted to eat while I had the chance, not because I was super hungry. As it was, I didn’t get hungry until it was time to leave – and since I wanted to run to Hannafords real quick, I snacked on a homemade granola bar to tide me.

Do you guys believe me when I say these loaves are huge?! I still cannot get over it. My mom went to a farmer’s market yesterday and picked up a loaf of bread half the size of this, but for the same price. And nowhere near as delicious.

This bread has changed my life. True story.

Due to my late snack I once again wasn’t super hungry for dinner, but ready for it ย nonetheless. I went for a salad with fresh local romaine, a black bean cutlet, red pepper, feta, pine nuts and Ragu Garden Veggie sauce. And half a slice of bread leftover from my last loaf with a bit of earth balance. Sarena talked about salads with pasta sauce as dressing and I’d never even thought to do that. Well, I don’t know why not – I am sold! I had it last night, too (but with quinoa and chickpeas over romaine) and it may be my new favorite. I always knew she was a master of the salad – but this is just beyond genius!

I’ve been loving Ragu sauce lately, too. Simple ingredients, and inexpensive. Score!

What’s your favorite “dressing” that isn’t necessarily intended to go on a salad?



I feel like I’ve been away from blogging for days, even though I haven’t actually missed a beat! I think just because I’ve been on a different sort of schedule (and loving it) so I haven’t been talking so much about Teddie and other happenings.

But – no fear – things with Mr. Pony are going great! I’ve sort of taken a step back and re-thought our “program,” and I haven’t been working him as much just because I don’t want him getting bored and hating work. It’s difficult to ride in the mornings lately since no one’s been there, so I’ve just been doing bonding-type things with him – brushing, hand-grazing, hand-walking outside, etc.

You must think I just let my horse get beat up all the time. A. He asks for it - he's a pest! and B. Blue never really "gets" him. He's just an old man.

But – I figure anything is beneficial at this stage of the game. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends I’ve been going with my mom and we’ve both been working with him. I had her put a couple rides on him to get a “feel” for him – just to see what she thinks, too. It’s always helpful to get a second perspective, especially since we don’t know his background.

He’s been doing really well, and I’m excited to keep going with him ๐Ÿ™‚

...but it is rather comical, because Teddie never learns. He's just a baby!



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17 responses to “Breakin’ The Law

  1. Aww I love the sneezy horse pic! And umm, coconut gelato? YES please!! On top of overnight oats sounds like the perfect way to eat it. My favorite “dressing” for salad is hummus + balsamic!

  2. Can’t go wrong with ice cream (or gelato, for that matter), for breakfast. Coconut gelato is delicious.

    I love topping my salads with hummus too.

  3. Sweet pony! He is just too cute! I love Classico pasta sauces the best. You know I love hummus and hot sauce on a salad too! Seriously, I can go a little crazy with what I put on my lettuce. We had red beans and rice tonight…you know that went on top of lettuce with a load of Frank’s Red Hot! YUM!

    Have a great night, Jessica!

  4. *Andrea*

    oats never get old ๐Ÿ™‚ especially when you can make so many cool variations – love your idea with the coconut gelato – genius!

    never thought about using pasta sauce as a dressing. this is why i love blogging (or blog reading?) because i learn so many cool tricks.

    i love using salsa and hummus as dressing or a simple pour of balsamic and oil or red wine vinegar.

  5. Yah – loved seeing pictures of Teddie – i can’t get over how adorable a pony he is!!!!
    Love summer salads and i too love hummus as a topping as well as mango – orange salsa!!!! Have a great weekend!!!! xoxo aim

  6. teenagehealthfreak

    I had some coconut gelato at was sooo good! I like to put cumin and sometimes other dried herbs/spices on my salads.. I literally can’t get enough of it..I love it!!!

  7. You had me at gelato!!! Girl…killer oats. Enough said. And that bread looks so picture perfect. From working in a bakery I love pretty loaves :). Have a lovely weekend and lots of fun with teddie!!

  8. I LOVE GELATO!!! i don’t even eat ice cream anymore! ever since i got back from italy i’ve been getting a pint a week. i can’t stop! i get mine from whole foods. i highly recommend theirs. the gelato in venice is very different from the gelato in rome, and i think wf’s gelato resembles rome. pistachio is by far my favorite flavor. it’s very popular over there.

  9. Your sweet sweet pony keeps on making me smile. I love coconut flavored ice-cream/gelato. And being from Vermont, it gives your container some serious credibility. Whenever I think of good ice-cream, my mind wanders to that state. Yum!

  10. Gelato for breakfast? That’s amazing ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think with a new horse,the bonding/on the ground stuff is just as important, if not more so than the riding. if they trust you and like you, they’ll be more willing to work for you IMO ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a great saturday!

  11. Katherine: What About Summer?

    Is it just me-have I been missing your wonderful serving dishes all this time? Where did you get the mug and bowls in the first pictures?

    Oh horses! my sister just got one (gulp; she does not have steady income) but I think there is something special about the bond she has with it. I do not make my own salad dressing persay but I add vinegar to store-bought kinds to dilute them out and mix in extra mustard or spices

  12. My farmers markets/co ops are so so so sad compared to yours! I need to go into the city and find a really good one so I can be less jealous of your local gelato. I think that is an amazing reason to break the rules and I certainly would be doing it too. My favorite thing to use as salad dressing is probably hummus haha. I can eat that stuff with anything.

  13. That coconut gelato sounds heavenly! Lately I’ve been obsessed with coconut!

    I love putting a mixture of hummus and lemon juice on my salads.

  14. Oh, gelato…heaven really, isn’t it? I haven’t had it since Italy but I ate it daily there. Coconut though, that is a new one to me! I bet it was delicious in your overnight oats! I also haven’t had sahale snacks but those sound great too!

    I love hummus as dressing like many others but mostly just like making a basic balsamic dressing with olive oil, balsamic, dijon, etc.

    Teddie looks adorable as usual…take all the bonding time you can get!

  15. Jess!
    That mid-sneeze pic is epic ๐Ÿ™‚ What a cutie!

    I recently started eating tomato pasta sauce too… I kind of forgot how much I liked it and it’s pretty amazing on everything. I have yet to try in on a salad though. That will be next!

    โค Tat

  16. Breakfast rebel without a cause – love it! Also diggin that rad angular mug.

    I totally do pasta sauce as dressing when I’m in the dining hall at school!! The pasta’s always overcooked and the sauce is obviously the best part – perfect solution!

  17. Dee

    oh my gosh! your breakfast! girllll. it’s totally amazing!

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