Things That Made Today Amazing

Breakfast...but doesn't that make any day amazing?

Soupy strawberry overnight oats.

With walnuts, coconut, fig preserves, sunflower seed butter, wheatberries, and galaxy vanilla granola.

Anyone want to go swimming?

The weatherman, for telling it like it is – today was amazing.

Low-Mid Eighties, Sunny, Slightly Breezy - and NO humidity.

The barn on a quiet, beautiful morning. It’s the best time to be there.

Being able to enjoy a weird lunch outside in the sunshine, on new adirondack chairs.

Seitan + Broc + Garlic Hummus + Tomato Paste + Med. Herb Feta

Broccoli is the new spinach. This was stellar.

Being able to walk to the post office in the lovely outdoors two times over.

Cashew Cookies when you’re feeling the 4 pm blood sugar plummet.

Deliciousness that comes from just two ingredients.

Cashews. Dates. And a little bit of love.

Not being too tired and hungry after working all day to want to run and get a few essentials from Hannafords.

Including living on the wild side and trying a new kind of peanut butter:

I opted for the kind with flaxseed.

Not only is it Teddie’s namesake – it’s inexpensive!!

…and stopping to see Mr. Pony for the second time,  him deciding quickly to willingly come say hi.

Baby boy.

Comin' ma!

Cookie? Cookie? You have a cookie, right?

Coming home to packages

Pardon the dirty boots. They needed a place to land.

Microwaving dinner while tearing into the gift from Mr. UPS man

Lets hope it fits!! If not I'll need a new horse 😉

And then attacking dinner like a ravenous rabbit

Salad with spinach, romaine, red pepper, sweet potato, seitan, broc, goat cheese and strawberry sauce.

It was amazing. And to follow that? A repeat of last night’s dessert. Carbon copy – and I have no regrets.

What made your today amazing?



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27 responses to “Things That Made Today Amazing

  1. Dang, now I am wishing I wasn’t such a glutton and had some strawberries left! Those oats look amazing! I haven’t seen the Teddy peanut butter here. I will keep my eyes open for it though! Your pony is just too darn cute and that saddle….beautiful! My day…not so amazing. Family DRAMA! Sometimes, family is just embarrassing! Have a great night!

  2. So glad to see you had an amazing day!!!!! The strawberry oats look wonderful – i love anything with fresh strawberries!!!!! Love the pictures of Teddie – he is quite photogenic!!! What a georgeous saddle – you deserve it.
    WHat made my day wonderful??? Today was my dad’s birthday and i bought him a fresh fig tree with 10 green figs already budding – he loved it and that made my day!!!
    Hope u have a great weekend – lol aimee

  3. Tes

    Soupy strawberries & oats looks so wonderful and sounds healthy for breakfast. Lovely pictures as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A great PT session made my day. 😉
    Girl, your pictures of Teddie are soooo good, you need to get those on a horse calendar!

  5. Gorgeous day – I love every photo in this post. Having a good shadowing experience, a great workout, and hugging my pup made today amazing for me!

  6. Michelle

    Your barn is so beautiful! I could see how it could be very peaceful.

    Today I drove home in stop and go traffic but it was fun. I was singing along to my music, it was sunny out, and I had a revelation about relationships. I never thought that I would enjoy the long period of time rush hour traffic causes.

  7. What I love about you is how you take the time to appreciate all the little moments that make up your day. It is evident that you have learned the importance of appreciating each and every moment. The care you take with your meals is inspiring, my love!

  8. I love this post 😀 Your barn/stables are so beautiful!! They look mega professional 🙂 I love how the US has so much indoor stabling – it must be way more practical.
    Hmm my day was amazing cos of the good run and all the baking I did 😀

  9. love the color on those oats!! STUNNING! I have a couple Adirondack chairs at my house too, and think they are so relaxing to sit in. Hoping to get some use out of them this weekend…although it is predicted to be a million degrees. So cute that PB is called teddie, and perfect for your chronicles. Food looks awesome as always! Take care, Nora

  10. Oh my gosh… those oats don’t even look real they are so vibrant 🙂 Amazing.

    I think it’s adorable that Teddie is kind of named after peanut butter. Although.. I read somewhere that horses can’t digest peanuts, so be careful!

    I am a sucker for steamed broccoli, so I MUST try it in a sandwich. That looks awesome.

    ❤ Tat

  11. your pictures always wow me! you are so crazy talented, girl!

  12. Love the new layout- sorry if I’m a bit late in noticing it!! So pretty and fresh. Today will be amazing because it will be spent at the beach- nothing like the sand and sun to make it feel like summer!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. That sounds like a totally amazing day! I feel like any day the weather is good then I can’t help but have a good day! Yesterday was no exception. I went for a trail run in a wild flower preserve! It was amazing!! Hope today is good for the both of us too!

  14. im so impressed with the color of the strawberry breakfast bowl. i think its putting a smile on my face right now. actually i just finished eating my breakfast which had strawberries in them! ❤

  15. I love the colour of those oats! And it looks like you enjoyed a gorgeous day. Good weather is so uplifting. 🙂

    My day was awesome because I got to see my best friend who is home visiting and we went to a fun festival in our town.

  16. I love your bright brekkie! And I am so. obsessed. with your barn. And the gorgeous Teddie of course. I need to try that PB!! My day was awesome because I visited a farmer’s market and got some yummy bread and veggies 🙂

  17. Another slamming breakfast and dinner at Souplantation yesterday totally made my day! Oh, and of course, the fact that it was a Friiiidayyyyy (in a sing-song voice)! 🙂

  18. Yesterday my amazing moment was dinner with the hubby and a good friend at a new restaurant, great food, great wine, and great conversation. Today it was my am run followed by a trip to the Framer’s Market followed by yoga. I love my saturday mornings! Plenty of time outdoors and lots of energizing exercise.

  19. Hi! I came across your blog and I love your pictures! Can I add you to my blogroll? By the way, your barn look sooo beautiful!Too bad we dont have them in Singapore. 🙂

  20. Are you kidding? The boots totally make the photo. So much texture: I love it!

  21. since it’s 2 am in the morning, I’ll have to say YOUR pictures made my day for now amazing. Gosh, how beautiful are they? I LOVE your pic of the overnight oatmeal! What a gorgeous color!

  22. Dee

    Ahh, loved this post! 🙂

  23. Dee

    ps. LOVE the new layout!

  24. Wow, your photography is really good, along with your strawberry oatmeal. That looks so yummy.

  25. The color of that breakfast is incredible. And I love the cheapness and taste of Teddie’s. Such good stuff (although I’ve been buying organic peanut butters for the last year, cause I’ve heard peanuts are high ones for pesticides).

    I had a great day with old high school friends, and a great evening with family.

  26. I really like the bueno theme but can’t use it cause my old photos are way too big…I wish wordpress would have more wider theme options…but anyway, the blog is looking beautiful lady, as well as your photos of course!

    Teddie is such a looker! The saddle is stunning as well.

    The salad with roasted sweets sound super tasty!

    I am a day late so yesterday’s amazing-ness was seeing the new loft I am moving into next week with a spiral staircase and small roof deck!

  27. Have I ever told you I love your blog?!
    Well I doooooo 😉 it is so well put together and you always have great eats & foodie pics!!

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