Sleeping In and Men’s Health

What a title, huh?! Don’t worry – we’ll get to the men’s health part…and don’t be wierded out by that. I think everyone can relate to this article, not just men!

It felt strange on a workday, but I let myself sleep in this morning!

It doesn’t matter that by sleeping in I mean 6:25 – it’s still sleeping in if I would have otherwise been up at 5:40!

Since I didn’t want to work Teddie today and had oats chillin’ in the fridge, I figured why not give myself a couple extra minutes to kill lying in my cozy bed? I mean, after all – I had to stay up oh-so-late to watch the Next Food Network Star, after all. And yes, by oh-so-late, I do mean 10:00.

Oh, the horrors.

…but that doesn’t mean I skipped over letting myself go back to taking a bit longer topping my overnight oats than I’ve been doing!

I simmered some nectarine in a bit of almond milk and maple syrup, which went wonderfully with my cranberry overnight oats:

and this morning I stirred in some chopped nectarine,Β maple syrup and a spoonful of plain greek yogurt.

Also joining the part was some sunbutter, wheatberries, vanilla galaxy granola, and honey roasted peanuts. Β And of course — coffee. Rain Forest Nut, mind you.

I have sold my soul to overnight oats.

I still left earlier than usual (and it would have been even earlier if I hadn’t driven to the end of my road before realizing I forgot my purse at home. And I needed it today so I could send all of my hard-earned money off to be turned into a new dressage saddle) to play with Mr. Pony, and just loved on him for fifteen minutes before heading off to work all pony-grungy.

They must love me for it.

A peek at the rest of the days nommage:

'nana. this was a really good banana, at that.

Another nectarine; Snyder's pretzel snaps

Simple seitan sammie with Garlic Tribe Hummus, feta, and romaine.

homemade apricot granola bar

And dinner –

a butter bean cutlet (these turned out awesome, btw!) with some herbed bulgur:

  • bulgur
  • parsley
  • chives
  • garlic
  • fresh chopped tomato
  • salt and pepper

and a yogurt dipping sauce:

  • greek yogurt
  • chives
  • parsley
  • lemon juice
  • garlic salt
  • black pepper
  • diced tomato




But this was, sadly – the last of my bulgur 😦 I should probably use up some more grains/side-type things before I buy more, too. Oh, well – I have been neglecting quinoa lately anyways. For some reason I find rinsing it to be too much of a hassel, even though it takes five seconds.

Sort of similar to how I hate cleaning the blender/processor, even though it takes just as long as a pot or pan?

p.s. – A couple of you asked for the muffin recipe. Maybe I’ll do up a quick post tomorrow – just keep in mind it’s not perfected yet!


In leiu of the Teddie Chronicles, I have a guest post from Steve Jasper, a blogger from Gymsource. This may be geared towards men, since men’s health week and father’s day is up and coming – but I think it’s good advice for everyone, or maybe you could share it with the men in your lives!

Men’s Health Week

By Steve Jasper

Every year, Men’s Health Week falls on the seven days prior to Father’s Day. The significance of this event would mean nothing without first realizing that one’s health is not only a measure of the lifestyle you lead, but how you stay in shape as well. A fraction of men are regular gym-goers who work out tirelessly with exercise equipment in order to keep their bodies healthy and active. Men realize that working out serves a more important function than just building muscles. Working out can help you improve your body image, self confidence, and even add years to your life.

Men’s Health Week (June 14-20th) is a week of awareness involving health issues and diseases for men that easily can be averted with early action, treatment, and healthy prevention. It’s no coincidence that Men’s Health Week leads right up to Father’s Day because Father’s Day is where we celebrate a man we love and wish nothing but health and happiness to. Yet, how can more men be proactive in staying healthy and avoiding illness and heath issues? Well, a good place to start is to be educated about how to use the gym, and exactly how important it is to do so. A better knowledge of how to properly exercise is integral to fighting obesity and improving your health.

The list of ailments that go along with obesity is almost endless: diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, respiratory problems, and even cancer all have higher incidence rates in the obese. This is scary enough, but looking at the statistics, it’s even more frightening. TheΒ Journal of the American Medical Association states that 72 percent of men over the age of 20 are considered to be overweight or obese while 32 percent are dangerously obese. This is too much- especially when studies held by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have shown that physical activity may greatly reduce the risk of both obesity and most health conditions in men.

Depending on who you ask, going to the gym may either seem like a hobby or a chore, but following those routines are important to staying fit and healthy for men everywhere. Now, we all come up with excuses as to why we can’t work out. When polled, the biggest reason men gave for not being able to exercise is, “not enough time.” The best way to overcome this hurdle is by getting your hands on one of your own personal home gyms. When you factor in the time it takes to travel back and forth from your fitness center, the gas money spent to do so, and the various membership fees, a home gym starts to look like a very reasonable option. And if you are more likely to work out regularly on your home gym than you are at your club, then all the more reason to pick one up.

Steve Jasper is not a medical expert. If you have any serious medical concerns, please consult a qualified medical professional before undertaking a new fitness regimen. Steve is a contributing blogger from Gymsource who writes an all topics related to fitness equipment and more.


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20 responses to “Sleeping In and Men’s Health

  1. I think that is probably the most beautiful bowl of oats yet =) You are so skilled.
    ❀ Tat

  2. Men’s health is extremely important and this week does seem perfect to talk about it! We went to a water park today as a family and I loved walking around with my men! We have eaten well together today and shared a great workout! My husband is so much more aware of health/food/fitness since he knows it is important to me! Thank you for sharing! As always…your oats are to die for!

  3. I know what you mean about sleeping in, even when it’s still early. For some reason from September until February, I was waking up at 5:20 every weekday. At some point I realied that I could wake at 5:45 and still have plenty of
    time to get ready.

  4. Glad to hear you were able to sleep in a little bit – we all deserve that treat one in a while!!!
    I too love overnight oats this time of year especially topped with fresh berries!!!
    I love the idea of the yogurt sauce with the bulgar and bean cutlet – ill have to give it a try!!!
    Have a great Tuesday!!!!! xoxo aimee

  5. Hey lady, great guest post! I am very interested in all health, male or female and I try to influence the men in my life in positive ways through example (boyf, dad, brother-even though he is in LA…just talking on the phone).

    I am sold on overnight oats these days too! Yours look great and wheatberries…delicious! I need to make some new cutlets cause I made chickpea ones again and have yet to stray! The bulgur looks great too..I say go get some even if you have other grains…I can’t help myself quite often.

    hope you can have more relaxing mornings this week!

  6. Ooh you reminded me how much I love nectarines! There is just too much delicious fruit out there, I cannot afford it all! =P
    I really enjoyed Steve’s men’s health info because my dad is currently trying (with lotsss of prodding from me) to get healthier. He ordered brown rice at PF Chang’s the other day and I was soo proud of him! Yay for small improvements! I will definitely share this info with him πŸ™‚

  7. I was intrigued by your title hahah! Our thought processes are all too much the same! whether it be the food we eat or the food we are contemplating eating….sameness. I always think “I should use this before buying more of that” and it never works. This is why I have so much rice in my pantry and hardly any couscous/bulgar/quinoa. They are called staples for a reason right?

  8. u can always count on men’s health to be ontop of their game. actually i think that author for eat this not that is like the editor or something for men’s health.. david zizenko (totally miss-spelled his last name for sure lol)


  9. Thanks for the reminder…my husband’s health has significantly improved since we started living together (my good eats and daily exercise began to rub off on him). I know that you have influenced SO many people to eat well and take care of their bodies. I admire you!

  10. Pingback: “no more cookies!” « A Fresh Dille

  11. I had overnight oats yesterday too…they’re always so much better than you ever think they’ll be!!
    Why are you up at 5.40am every morning!? Do you start work at 9am and have to horse it up before? I can’t imagine doing that every day…but then I go to bed at midnight, so fair enough πŸ˜›
    Oohh – when you make your seitan, do you flavour it? I’m about to get some vital wheat gluten, but the seiten recipe in my Vegan with a Vengence book is SO full of salt…:s so how do you make it? And like, how much is one serving!? πŸ™‚

  12. Your eats just look so amazing! The overnight oats look perfect! I need to go grocery shopping with you! πŸ™‚

  13. Wow, I thought my “sleeping in” until 7 was late…we bloggers are definitely an early bunch!! That’s a great Men’s Health article, and I totally agree with the benefits of a home gym. We have an elliptical in our garage, and it’s what got me into exercise in the first place!! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

  14. Mo

    I need to try out overnight oats sometime! I, however, have sold my soul to green monsters so we’ll see how that goes. 😐

    Thanks for the bit on men’s health! You’re right, it works for women too. πŸ˜› Especially the part about the home gym. If I just had the space!

  15. I should print out that article and leave it as a “subtle” reminder for my dad. I really want to help him make healthier lifestyle choices!

    Your dinner looks amazing. I really want to start making more interesting grains recipes instead of just having plain rice as a side dish. I’ll definitely keep this bulghur recipe in mind! πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks for sharing this! I agree that it’s totally relateable for women too – good stuff! πŸ™‚

  17. your brekkie is SO colorful! i want it πŸ™‚

  18. Michelle

    I love that the nectarines are finally perfectly in season. They are one of my favorite fruits πŸ™‚

  19. That bowl of oats looks absolutely amazing!!! One of the most scrumptious looking i’ve ever seen in a blog i think. well definitely in the top 3!!!

    I wish i could sleep in 😦 i seem to get about 4 hours a night at most, and despite being shattered i just can’t seem to sleep anymore. extremely annoying but glad you got at least a little extra time in your beddy bies xx

  20. What a gorgeous bowl of oats!!!
    My dad just keeps getting more unhealthy, I really need to talk to him again about it!

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