Carbs and Caffeine

Hey lovelies! Another week has absolutely flown by. I’m pretty relieved to have fallen into a schedule with Teddie pretty easily. I love being able to work with him in the mornings, and this morning was a bit surprised that I woke up so easily.

For whatever reason, I did not want to fall asleep at a reasonable hour last night. And then of course, I’d start getting worried I wouldn’t fall asleep and get enough rest that it’d just keep me up longer. During this phase, I blamed my unrest on two things: carbs and caffeine.

I tend to just keep the coffee flowing when it’s cold out, and that it was.

And then of course, I pulled a Chelsea and took a big ol’ mouthful of spoiled Greek yogurt as I was deciding I wanted a little somethin’ somethin’ as I was laying there.

Teach me a lesson, tell you what.

Anyways – I was fortunate to wake up in good health and good time, and definitely ready for my overnight oats. Last night, I combined:

  • 3 T. steel cut oats – microwaved in as much water first
  • 1/4 c. rolled oats
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • trail power (I guess they call it trail mix now, though?)
  • 1 T. chia seeds

this morning I stirred in a little more almond milk, Bourbon Vanilla Tera’s Whey and a spoonful of (good) greek yogurt, and topped with

And, naturally – Green Mountain’s French Vanilla rounded out the brekkie.

Heavenly. Overnight Oats, I take back any mean thing I’ve ever said about you. And I love these organic frozen sweet cherries.

That is all.

Actually – it’s not. Am I the only one who tops their overnight oats differently than hot oats? I think this trail mix with sunflower seeds, dried apples, chocolate chips, and cashew pieces goes way better on overnight than hot…and I love Sunflower Seed butter on overnight oats, but not hot! Anyone else wanna share their qualms?!

I am, sadly, out of bananas – so after barn duty and on my way to work I snacked on some dates and honey roasted almonds. Throughout the course of the day I also munched on an unpictured chocolate peppermint stick Luna Bar – half of it being shortly after getting to work, and the rest being after lunch.

I was hungry today…and ate my gala apple midmorning before my lunch, too.

The Luna Bar was part of my car EBS – or, Emergency Bar Stash – and was greatly appreciated. I don’t think I’d had this flavor before – it was great! I haven’t had a Luna in a while, and I don’t mind having them this infrequently, especially when they are delightfully minty!

I took lunch early because a. I was hungry again, and b. I wanted to get to Connick’s before they sold all their bread. Connick’s is the deli/bakery that I rave about from the farmer’s market, but recently it’s been easier to buy it in-store. Mainly because now I know they exist…

Anyways – they luckily had a bunch of fresh from the oven loaves, and this loaf has sesame seeds instead of the usual flax. I am excited to try it!! I planted the idea of making a Dakota loaf sometime – and the baker said he might try some more breads once they get a commercial mixer.

Her then pointed to what they currently use.

It’s the same Kitchen Aid I have.

That’s not a big mixer.

Can you even imagine the patience this man has? I would be ripping my hair out…the size these loaves are, I don’t even know if he gets a loavseworth of dough in the mixer!

When I got back, I panini’d my sammie of tempeh, locally made cranberry orange nut sauce, goat cheese, and spinach. Yes, I know this panini is old news. I can’t help that it is delicious, and quick and easy to pack in the morning.

I also had the previously pictures honey roasted peanuts, golden raisins, and Snyder’s pretzel snaps. Oh, and the rest of the Luna Bar.

I brought a homemade granola bar for my afternoon snack, and that finally satisfied my hunger for good. These babies pass the test! I wasn’t sure if they would – I’m not sure why, maybe because I don’t know their nutritional stats, so I wasn’t sure if it would be “big” enough? But I was quite surprised.

I got out of work early, too – and stopped at the co-op real quick to see if I could get some sort of puffed grain.

I found some puffed millet cereal – but that was the closest I found. I’ll give it a shot, but I’m not sure it will work. I really wanted to find puffed amaranth, but could only find “normal” amaranth.

Maybe I can “puff” it myself? Anybody know?

It’s been a while since I’d made that funky quinoa-apricot-what have you “salad,” so long in fact that I could hardly remember what I made it with. With vague memories, I decided I’d just prepare a serving of quinoa with a leftover half of a chopped sweet potato and some chopped red pepper.

Once everything was cooked, I stirred in a black bean cutlet (that I’d cubed) chopped dried apricots and some fresh chives.

The dressing I finally ended up stirring in was a mixture of plain greek yogurt, maple dijon, poppyseeds, salt, and curry powder.

Deeee-liscious. And Reminded me of my sweet potato panini, with the dressing and all!


Mr. Pony himself was quite well-behaved once again. I probably don’t need to be moving as slow as I am with him – but really, who is it hurting? No one, so that’s okay. The way I see it – it’s been at the very least – 6 months since he’s been ridden consistently, and that’s best case scenario. Given he’s only 5 (…ish) a little extra ground-work and lunging is only beneficial.

I just lunged him with the bridle today and by the end he seemed a little more relaxed with it, so I’m thinking/hoping it’s just his baby-ness that is warranting all the mouthing and annoyance with it.

We took a couple minutes just to get used to it, and afterwards worked on transitions – just walt/trot/whoa. I’m not certain he’s balanced enough to canter yet without careening around. Towards the end of the session he really started to push off nicely from behind, really using himself. Gotta love the power of transitions 😉

No Teddie related photo today – but my mom messed around with Jiggy in the yard while I ate, and I think they just look too darn cute together:

Night loves!



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18 responses to “Carbs and Caffeine

  1. Mmm mm mm. Those oats look divine… I think it would take me ages to dress up a bowl in the way that you do! I’m stumped 🙂

    ❤ Tat

  2. You are as freaky as I am with the toppings on your oats! I have night time toppings and morning toppings! It has to be a state of mind thing! Your mom and Jiggy look so cute together! Have a great evening!

  3. I loove those honey roasted almonds! There is a really good cinnamon kind too. And I definitely top my overnight oats different than regular. Definitely no nut butter on the overnight ones! Your mom and Jiggy (cute name) look great together. I always wish my mom rode!

  4. Mo

    Greek yogurt is spoiling all over the place this week. *sigh*

    I’m picky about anything being hot. If I could have cold oats, I would LOVE that. I should try overnight oats, actually… not sure why I haven’t! Probably because I’ve been on a smoothie kick. 😛 But yeah my oats are always only topped with peanut butter because it’s one of the few things I can stand warm. o.O

    That’s amazing, about the bakery. I do it all by hand which ain’t so bad but then again I’m only ever making one loaf at a time, so running a bakery out of one small machine is no small feat!

    Ahh I missed your post yesterday so I missed the granola bar recipe but they look AMAZING and now I need to try to find puffed cereal too. 🙂 Oh, but amaranth can be popped at home. Just google it. I don’t even know how I know this but it pops like popcorn apparently?

  5. Michelle

    Puffed millet is my favorite puffed cereal. It goes great with almond milk.

  6. thehungryscholar

    What a beautiful horse!

  7. wow how good do those dates look in that picture!! better than life like!

    awe haha they DO look cute huh!

  8. What interesting toppings for your overnight oats – i too love overnight oats in the summer – especially topped with fresh berries!!!! Your quinoa recipe sounds delicious – ill have to give it a try!!
    Great pictures of your mom and Jiggy. Glad to hear things with Teddie are going well. Hope u have a great weekend!!!! xoxo aim

  9. Your homemade granola bars look so yummy, and it is great that they were satisfying! I hate when I bring a snack along, only to find that I’m hungry 30 minutes after eating it. I love seeing your pictures, and I hope you have a beautiful night!

  10. Jiggy is such a beautiful colour! Is he pure Western or does he do English too?
    OOoohh if someone tells you how to pop amaranth, please post about it!! I have a bag (minues 50g) of it in my cupboard, and I have NO idea what to do. The stuff is skank cooked :s
    Your breakfast looked SO gorgeous!! I loveee melting frozen berries so their juice comes out; it’s like a ready-made sauce, so super 😀
    Have a good saturday!

  11. You CAN puff it yourself I’ve never done it, but I read in Brendan Brazier’s book (Thrive) that you can. I think you can do it in a popcorn popper or in a hot pan with oil. Can you try it first before I do?? haha I have the little things you need to pop it but haven’t popped it yet.

  12. I’m the SAME way with coffee when it’s cold out and have the SAME troubles late at night! Also, holy moly girl…oats look amazing, I love all of the beauty shots of them haha! It’s always a “guilty pleasure” if you will to see all of the beautiful photos you post! You are seriously gifted!

  13. Hahaha! “Pulled a Chelsea” – I love it!

    I have the same problem with caffeine! I used to drink 4 cups a day, but now if I have any more than 1, it keeps me up at night.

    Your dinner sounds amazing! I just tried a yogurt + dijon sauce on pasta last night and I LOVE that combo.

  14. Dee

    O MY Gah! Your oats look absolutely divine! And so does the rest of your eats. YUM!

  15. I am such a fan of cherries. I had frozen and a few dried yesterday on my oats too…so juicy and sweet…yum! The quinoa and sweet potato combo sounds and looks great too. I love your use of curry. I too wake up wanting carbs and caffeine most of the time. When I work I drink coffee much more than I do but it really is something I can’t completely forgo. Seems like Teddie was being great, yet again…I miss his face on here! ha… Your mom and jiggy look quite adorable too though!

    have a lovely weekend lady!

  16. Your morning bowl is so vibrant! 🙂

    Beautiful horse!

  17. Remind me again why I haven’t tried overnight oats again this year? Yours look divine!

  18. haha i totally have a emergency car stash too! it has like 40,000 packets of almonds in there and some bars. its so clutch all the time haha

    seriously overnight oats are such the perfect breakfast for the summer!

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