The Real Deal

Guess who has real internet back?!

That’s right. This girl right here. I forgot how lightening-fast loading photos should be. I’ll try to make this quick because Β I have 776 blog posts to read. (…or not. Forgive me if I just read the recent ones?)

No lying, I just got a little giddy loading that picture. It took about ten seconds compared to sixty.

Oh, modernization. I have to say, though – I am so glad that I “lost” internet, and gave myself the option to post due to that fact. Turns out I love it more than I even thought! It was also easier to adapt to not lounging around with the computer in the mornings. Like this morning! It was pretty easy to wake up after going to bed at 9:00 sharp. I woke on my own at 5:15, and my wake-up call wasn’t for another half hour.

Am I the only one who finds it so refreshing to wake up that much earlier than you need to by your own will?

These overnight oats were a little bit of everything. Last night, I combined:

and then this morning I stirred in a spoonful of oikos and topped with sauteed peaches with chia seeds and maple syrup, honey roasted almonds, mighty maple, and trail mix.

Except it was so cold this morning (think 40* again!) that I made sure to heat up the oats, and the hot peaches were welcome, too. As was Green Mountain’s Southern Pecan coffee. This has been my go-to flavor lately, even though I haven’t been mentioning it.

I am beginning to love overnight oats. And these babies were no exception – they were definitely the real deal.

It’s amazing what a power outage, internet outage, and weather change has done to me.

As always, bananas were had mid-morning. Although I’m not sure if 9:30 classifies as mid-morning…at least, that’s when I wanted it, but held off until 10:00, which I found to be more reasonable.

But I was ravenous pretty much all day, so I couldn’t wait for my panini lunch and hopped right on that train as soon as a realistic lunch hour rolled about. This may seem repetitive, but I have some tempeh to use and this is my favorite way to have it. And possibly my favorite sandwich anyways, I don’t know who I’m trying to kid.

This tempeh & jam combo used some local apple rum walnut conserve, and I added in some chopped walnuts, too.

A delicious peach and a goodie-bag mix of Snyders, banana chips, and honey roasted almonds was also had.

I enjoyed all of this deliciousness sitting on gravel outside because it was warmer outside than it was inside. Sad, but true. I enjoyed the fresh air, though. I can’t wait until we have a picnic table outside.

Naturally, Larabars were enjoyed when I became hangry once again as the day rolled on. Pecan Pie never disappoints!

Three ingredients? And that is why I love you. End of story.

Know what else I love, no questions asked? Black bean cutlets and BBQ-roasted veggies with bulghur.

So simple. So delicious. And eventually, I’ll even get back to posting some fun nutritional tidbits – I’ve been slacking lately! I mostly do it when I think of something, I don’t like racking my brain because then it’s not fun and enthusiastic for me. I’m bound to have more ideas when I go see what you all have been up to lately, though!


The Teddie Chronicles

I’m really glad I’m not the only one enjoying this new blog section πŸ™‚ I seem to be bringing people out of the woodwork! It’s so exciting to meet other foodie equestrians πŸ˜‰

I didn’t quite stick to plan this morning, as I didn’t lunge Teddie saddled as I had hoped. I’m not too worried – I have plenty of time (and so does he – he’s still young!) and don’t want to rush things. He’s a fun project for me, and I have just as much fun working him from the ground as from the saddle.

Instead, we just lunged in a halter again, but he was stellar after our initial little chain-breaking mishap.

He was pushy in the aisle again, so I decided to stop in the aisles and brush him first to work on patience. This was different from usual, where I’d go right in the indoor and start groundwork, and brush & such afterwards. I’m just going to say he was so excited to get to work that he didn’t feel like stopping with me to unhook a little plastic chain that goes across the aisle to get into the indoor from the aisles.

First Day - dying to make friends with Bleu, who wasn't having it.

It’s more of a “visual deterrent” than something actually meant to keep horses in…just a flimsy plastic chain connected to the walls with a flimsy eye-hook hardly screwed in.

Anyways…when he finally realized that yes, I really did want him to stop with me and not go straight in the indoor and through the chain, his butt had already swung around and pulled the eye hook the rest of the way out. I thought he’d scare himself, but the second he realized he was being rude he stopped and I gently reprimanded him with a tug, a firm “No.” and quick back-up.

I thought for sure I’d have my hands full with today’s lesson.

But that wasn’t the case! We’ll say he felt bad for being so excited to get to work πŸ˜‰ He really was great in-hand and on the lunge the rest of the time, though. My decision not to saddle him was just from being alone again. I guess I never really clarified that when horses are run through those auctions, there’s plenty of times people have no idea what the horse has done, how long they’ve been undersaddle for, etc. I’d rather take it slow and play it safe the first few times.

As I said to the woman I bought him from and always say…I’ve no problem with a green horse, as long as there are no screws loose. As soon as a screw comes undone, count me out πŸ˜‰

We're just a pair of goobers. We're even making the same faciel expression. Re: a terribly unflattering photo of the both of us.

So far, my observations and what we’ve learned about him:

  • he’s very sensible. when something scares him, he doesn’t lose his mind. He’ll simply stop, stare, sniff, and get over it. He doesn’t seem to be one of those horses who gets scared of one thing, and all of a sudden everything has a boogie monster in it.
  • He’s a quick learner. Granted, most of this is likely probably just remembering what he’s learned a while back. He’ll stop as soon as I whoa and turn to him, back when I say back and walk towards his chest, lowers his head, gives in both directions, moves over, and lunges great. Better than wanting to push through me when asking for a whoa.
  • He’s still very nudgy and mouthy, just like a spoiled baby. He doesn’t bite, just a lot of lip action. He’s started to learn that I don’t want him in my business all the time and he’s not going to get a treat every time I say good boy and he does something right.
  • He seems to like to work and enjoys the company; really wants to please. All I need to do is call his name when I want to catch him and he’ll come running. I wasn’t sure if he was charging at me the first time, hah.
  • He’s still really intrigued by the other horses, and seems to just want to meet everybody. I’m thinking he’ll be a handful the first time we share the indoor with one of them.


Some answers to some questions:

  • Lunging is a technique forΒ training horses, where a horse is asked to work at the end of a long line and respond to commands from a handler on the ground who holds the line
  • Tack is the saddle, girth, pad, bridle, bit, etc.


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27 responses to “The Real Deal

  1. Mo

    afkjag it’s about time!! I love waking up early. I have this internal alarm clock so while I don’t wake up at 5:15 (I think I go to bed much later than you :P) my body seems to just wake up once I’ve gotten 7 hours of sleep, give or take an 30-45 mins depending on how tired I was the night before. I’m ALWAYS the first one up though when I used to be the last, so it’s nice.

    And that’s the first time in a really long time I’ve seen your oats actually consist mainly of oats haha. Unless I’ve just not been paying attention. o.O

    Teddie is adorable. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that you’ve been saying he’s very easily excited and wants to make friends with all the horses but in the second picture of him he just seems so so sweet. πŸ™‚

  2. yay for having internet backkkkk!!!!!!!

  3. Great pictures of Teddie – i can’t get enough – he truly is a beautiful horse!!!!!1 I made black bean cutlets last night – they are great – a new favorite of mine!!!!! Glad to hear things are going well – looking forward to more posts!!! xoxo aimee

  4. I am so happy you are back in action! You two are adorable! You look so happy with him! I need to try the overnight oats. I still have not given that one a try.

  5. You’re new horse is so handsome!!! I’m so amused, my best friend in high school used to ride so I’m familiar with all the terms you’ve been using, but thinking back I used to yell at her for using them with no explanation. Haha.

  6. YAY for having your internet back! I can’t imagine my life without it, major props to you for dealing so well!! Your breakfast looks delicious, I love the vibrant color of the peaches…yummy!

  7. I grew up with horses. Something so calming about them I feel.

  8. YAY for internet back! i go totally mad when the connection is shut down or something usually due to a storm when that happens, i spent like 30 minutes talking to a voice operater machine once trying to figure out how to get my internet back on, it was ridic ;P any ways, yum to your over night oats! i love everything you added in! and your photo is gorgeous, it was also quite cold today, oddly cold compared to a few days ago, i like it! but i really must make over night oats asap! i need to like write it on my arm lol so i remember!! πŸ˜‰ and i agree the pecan larabar is def one of the best flavors! πŸ™‚
    those horses are absolutely beautiful, wow…ever time i read your blog and see your gorgeous pics you A) make me reallyyy hungry! πŸ˜‰ lol… + B) you make me want to go horseback riding ! πŸ™‚


  9. So glad your real internet is back!
    And I definitely had a pecan pie lara today too. Great minds think alike!
    Your barn looks beautiful. I lreally like the photo of Teddie with his eyes closed! I love goober-y horses!

  10. Ahhh! Another foodie/horse person! Love it!

    What a cutie pie! I’m a sucker for a mouthy horse, which is baaaad. Love his coloring and his mane!

  11. I find that on weekends I wake up at exactly the same time as, if not earlier than, when I wake up on weekdays to my alarm clock. Although I got the same amount of sleep I always feel more refreshed just waking up by myself naturally than being woken up by my alarm.

    I’ve been admiring your pictures for weeks and weeks now! And your horses are all so gorgeous!

  12. What a great day for you and Teddie…I think you both look adorable lady. The overnight oats are definitely something I’ve learned to like over time too. BBQ roasted veg with black bean cutlets and bulgur…I want! The rest looks great as well. I still haven’t tried the tempeh and jam combo but that apple rum walnut conserve sounds too good to be true.

    I had a key lime pie lara today…and yes, the ingredients make it that much better. Oh, and my camera situation is not so wonderful right now…it seems as though we won’t be paid for the last shoot for a lot longer than most others so we are waiting. We played with nikon d90, d5000, and a canon t1i today at best buy and the boy likes the d90 but I feel it is sooo big and bulky…few weeks though!

  13. you are so amazing- larabar in the plant haha.. well its kind of symbolic since larabars are made from natural whole foods which come from the earth. lol kind of made me think of what life would be like if larabars grew on trees or plants.. like that picture was real and u actually had a larabar growing.

    kk lol, im a little crazy…


  14. Michelle

    Larabars never seem to amaze me. I once gave a 30 minute explanation to a guy on the airplane why they are so amazing. But to be fair he was super interested and kept asking questions about them!

  15. Hooray for getting internet back!!! You must be so relieved πŸ˜€
    I LOVE waking up before my alram; it happened this morning and was delightful πŸ™‚
    I’m glad Teddie is still going well; I think I’ve heard that being mouthy and chewey is kind of like a flity thing for boys!? He must fancy you :p
    It’s good that he’s not scared if something goes wrong though; we had a kind of rescue horse that was scared of his own shadow, and pretty much everything else..if the grooming brush touched him he’d flinch! It was SO difficult :s
    I think you have a good one there!

  16. Heh.. I will consider myself one of the ones that seem to be crawling out of the woodwork πŸ˜›

    At least Teddie’s little mishap was only with a plastic chain… my girl broke a real metal chain on the cross-tie the first time I tried to do up the girth. Not cool. She also broke my reins when I was lunging her the next day… they were secure and everything, but she hooked them on the fence and pulled back hard. Snap. When I tell people all the little things she has done to break things, it sounds like she’s a killer but she’s really quite and reserved.

    It sounds to me like Teddie thinks you are his best friend right now. After being shunned by Bleu, I think I would probably run towards you right away too!

    ❀ Tat

  17. I love your Teddie chronicles. They simply make my day. πŸ˜€

    And I think that picture of the two of you is adorable. Love it!

  18. Isn’t it amazing how dependent we get on the internet? I’m glad that yours is working again…because I know how frustrating it can be. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  19. Loving all the peach action!! Peaches are starting here and I am BEYOND excited. Because I’m not even ashamed to admit that a little peach brings me such joy. And yes mam, overnight oats are DELICIOUS. Oh yes. I was kind of wanting some this morning but hence the overnight aspect, kinda couldn’t work on short notice.
    And you and Teddie are just SO CUTE! Love.
    Love you!

  20. Yay, I’m glad your internet is back now! πŸ˜€

    I love how many different fruits and combinations you use in your breakfasts! I feel like I’ve never seen the same thing twice on your blog.

  21. You must be so relieved to have the Internet back! I can’t believe how difficult it is to get through the day without it. Kind of sad, right?

    And I too feel so much better and rested when I wake up on my own, without an alarm!

    Teddie is a beautiful horse!

  22. girl, whenever you are hungry is a respectable time to eat! it’s your body πŸ™‚

  23. LOL at one stable I used to ride at when I was like 12 my trainer used to make me go get the horse by myself and she would charge at me every time. I was terrified! Ironically, her name was Serenity! I’m glad Teddie is just happy to see you πŸ™‚

  24. oh my god girl your horse is GORGEOUS πŸ™‚

    seriously love that you sauteed your peaches! i for sure want to do that! i haven’t had a peach in sooo long but i’ve been seeing them around so much so i’m thinking i need to get on peaches stat.

  25. This horse is so beautiful. You are so lucky!

  26. YAY for having the internet back! I also love it when I wake up earlier than the alarm clock! πŸ™‚ It happens rarely now-a-days. *blush*

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