A Wonderful Day for Waffles

You know it’s a wonderful day for waffles when you open your eyes and see the sun shining, or at least beginning to. Lets be honest, at the hour I rise, the sun is never fully shining through my window, but you can certainly tell it is in somebody’s window.

And so with my new, weird “I like waffles in warm weather” obsession, I waffled up quite possibly my best yet. I feel like I’ve been saying that often lately. But no – really! It is essentially the same as the blueberry waffles without blueberries and onlyΒ half a tablespoon of bourbon vanilla Tera’s Whey, and maple syrup instead of agave. Why such a small amount of the protein powder? I wasn’t sure if the flavor would really stand out, and with the figs I had in there, I didn’t want them to take the backseat!

My waffle iron doesn’t co-operate as well when I add fresh fruit, so I just left the last blueberries for tomorrow’s brek.

I topped these figgy waffles with a microwaved “melted” banana that I mashed with some cinnamon and golden raisins, and then drizzled with maple syrup.

To finish the splendor was some Full Circle sunflower seed butter and chopped walnuts.

I died.

And then came back to life and moseyed around getting dressed, lunch ready, and chillin with Rachy-Ray before boppin’ in to finally get Gertrude’s oil changed and see the little boy.

This isn’t necessary, I just found it comical that you wouldn’t catch me dead at school or out and about in something as “dressed up” as a polo shirt and sweater tucked in with a leather belt. But at the barn? Absolutely. Had I planned on riding, breeches and a leather belt would have taken place of jeans. Yes, I am more particular about looking put-together at the barn than at work.

As I always say, if you can’t look the part, at least you can act the part. I have a Haffie pony in a sea of imported Warmbloods. Just trying to blend in. πŸ˜›

Pan-Fried Seitan Cutlet with tomato paste, feta, romaine, and roasted red.

I was really disappointed to see my hummus starting to grow, and even though I almost just scooped off the “bad part,” I decided it was kind of old anyways and just chucked it. Thinking on my feet (don’t we always think on our feet?) I just used some tomato paste, but added some basil and garlic salt.

That’ll work, right?

It did – still dun’ good, even if it was wolfed down on the drive home. I was working with the pony through lunch.

But since I was driving home when I was eating lunch, I decided to just pair my snacks with Mighty Maple when I got home. And that I did, many times over. The apple got neglected, but in the baggie was Snyders pretzel snaps, dried apricots, banana chips, and honey roasted almonds.

The afternoon consisted of blog-surfing and trying to comment on everybody’s before becoming frustrated and quitting just as the UPS man pulled in the driveway with our new router. It’s not in use yet, but hopefully soon. To take up some time, I prepared a relatively time consuming dinner of another stuffed eggplant for my mom and I.

Halve one eggplant, and scoop out the insides. Cube and salt the insides, salt the skins, and let sit for 30 minutes.

Saute garlic and half a small onion in olive oil until softened, add in the eggplant and half a large hydro tomato. Season with salt and dried basil, add in some water and balsamic vinegar. Simmer 5 mins before adding in celery, sundried tomato and chopped red pepper. Add more balsamic as necessary, and simmer 10 minutes. Add in chopped pan-fried seitan, a spoonful of cottage cheese and mediterranean herb feta. Stir to combine and then stuff in shells.

Bake at 400* for 45 minutes, covered.

Topped with more feta and toasted pine nuts!

And a heel end of seeded whole grain on the side πŸ˜‰


The Teddie Diaries (Chronicles? I like Chronicles better.)

These will get more exciting soon, I promise!

Mr. Pony was once again splendid – picked up right where we left off, though he was still quite interested in the mares outside. He still listens and I have his attention, but is always looking – so I’m not too upset with it, and think it will pass soon. He’s still a baby so for now, I figure if he’s still doing what I ask I’m not going to get on his case about everything. I introduced over and giving, and he’s picked up wonderfully on whoa, back, head down. Well, I shouldn’t say “picked up,” as it’s probably more like remembered.

The initial plan was to lunge him with tack today, and my mom was going to come help me when she got out of work. I pretty much just need help by having someone hold him, as I don’t want to tie him just yet as he’s pretty fidgity and we don’t have a stall. He’s been cross-tied, but I’d rather wait until he’s more familiar with the environment, rather than have an accident. In hindsight, I probably could have taken him in a stall, but I’m not sure how Adrienne feels about that since he has a run outside, and not a stall inside.

Unfortunately, I got there really early, so decided to just pull him and work on some ground work before she got there. I guess it was earlier than I’d realized, because she still wasn’t there by the time I was happy with how he was behaving in-hand, so decided to just go ahead and see how he took to lunging myself. If Adrienne was there I would have asked for help so I could tack him, but I was alone (another reason I was playing it safe, but I wasn’t too worried since I knew my mom was on her way. Just throwing that out there πŸ˜‰ )

Anyways – he did really great! I kept it short since I’d already felt bad for doing so much ground-work (was trying to kill time) but sometimes shorter is better with the greenies if they do everything perfectly anyways. It took him a couple minutes to remember that yes, I did want him to circle around me, not follow me, but nothing out of the ordinary.

So that’s that! Probably pretty boring if you’re not a horsey kind of person…but I think it’s good for me to track progress so this part of the blog is probably here to stay πŸ˜‰ The game plan for tomorrow is to lunge with tack if possible, and lunge & ride Thursday. If I can’t get to that tomorrow though, I’ll just have my mom help me with it Thursday. Sort of depends who’s there when I am.



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21 responses to “A Wonderful Day for Waffles

  1. yea it totally doesnt matter what u wear when ur headed out to the barn.. especially to see such a beautiful lovely horse! u must totally look forward to ur rides huh!

    lvoe the nose ring btw, first time i think ive seen a pic of it up close. ur so pretty girlie πŸ™‚

  2. That’s so strange that warm weather makes you crave waffles! I mean, not strange in a bad way because I’m the QUEEN of weird and random cravings. I think I’ve just been oatmealed out, it’s not necessarily the weather. Now I’m on a cereal kick, which is incredibly delicious but isn’t near as filling. Oh well. One of these days, me and your waffle recipe have a date… and I WILL master it.
    And how are you so gorgeous girl? You’re like one of those people with natural beauty, without even trying. Me.. I need make-up. Stat.
    Your dinner sounds delicious!!! I need to try my hand at making eggplant again. I’ve had it in restaurants a lot and I love it but I can’t seem to master it at home.
    Love ya!

  3. I love reading about your adventures with your new baby πŸ™‚ What is lunge and tack? still confused..sorry if you explained it already!

  4. I don’t ride, but I think horses are just the most incredible creatures! The muscles and physique…so beautiful! I laughed at you digging out the growing part of the hummus…I would consider that myself! Dinner looks incredible! I WANT some NOW! Have a great evening!

  5. Hello lovely waffles!!! I’m jealous of your waffle skills, and that protein powder sounds fantastic, I’ll have to try!!!! I’m a subject of the weather too but it keeps life interesting right! I thought it was so funny that you posted on my oats today about liking sunflower seed butter with cold things because that is EXACTLY how I feel. Have fun with the horse πŸ™‚ so lovely!

  6. Love those seitan cutlets, I have to make some! I have a bag of vital wheat gluten on hand just waiting for me to get brave enough. πŸ˜€

    Love the eggplant boat, too! YUM

    Love the horsey!! I just took a picture of one today at the vet’s office. πŸ™‚


  7. Dee

    Those waffles looks amazing!

  8. Lovely post – not only do i love the great pictures but the recipe for the eggplant sounds delicious – i love eggplant especially in the summer with roasted peppers and hummus!!!!
    So happy to hear things with Teddie are going well – that last picture of him is georgeous – you are so lucky to have such a great horse!!!! Good luck tomorrow!!! xoxo aimee

  9. Isn’t it always a wonderful day for waffles?! Especially yours!
    That’s cute that Teddie tried to follow you. Good luck with the groundwork! I can’t wait to hear how you guys progress πŸ™‚

  10. Your pony is so pretty! I always wanted a palamino. I’m glad he’s doing well!

  11. you are soooo cute!!!! and pretty!!

  12. The texture of that second waffle photo’s in-focus portion is out of control. How do you get your waffles so crispy?! And what camera did you use for the shot? Beautiful photography, beautiful food!

  13. those are delicious looking waffles!! I would love a few right about now!
    thanks for sharing

  14. I can literally taste the waffle magic you had πŸ˜€ your waffles are super!
    It sounds like you’re doing such a good job with Teddie – do you know how old he is? He already sounds better to lunge than Chika (gosh lol, I like to bring her up don’t I!?) – The first time we lunged her, she was ‘like a kite’ …. as in, no circles, no walk/trot/canter; just pure leaping, bucking ang going mad πŸ˜›
    I love that you dress up for the barn; when I’m with the horses I always pick the grossest, messiest cothes possible cos they always end up smelling of horse πŸ˜› but then at least noone is there to see me πŸ˜€
    By the way – you are stunning!!

  15. Jess,
    I’ve been a long time reader, but I’ve never commented. Since you’ve been working on Teddie however, I just had to. I’m currently breaking my own horse for the first time so I am in love with reading your little diary (or chronicle? :D).
    I also absolutely adore what you do with food, and your amazing photography skills. Whoa.. I think I may be going overboard with the compliments. Anyway, you’ve made me want to buy a waffle maker so you get the idea.

    ❀ Tat

    Ps. I also have a ring in my nose. It suites you πŸ™‚

  16. I love the idea of a stuffed eggplant! I definitely want to give that one a try.
    Also, I’m excited to make waffles for the first time! You’ve inspired it!

  17. Your horse is just beautiful! and your waffles make me jealous every morning πŸ™‚ Mine never look that good!

    PS: are your ears gauged? I used to have mine gauged and miss it! I think that’s a cute picture!

  18. I love stuffed eggplant. By far one of my favorite meals…especially during the winter months. And I hate it when food I love goes bad. I’ve lost a few containers of hummus in my days, and I always get so sad when I have to throw it out. Your pictures are lovely, and I adore your nose ring…I have one too!

  19. I think waffles in warm weather makes sense. I’ve been craving them ever since the summer started too! Now if only I could stop being so lazy in the mornings and actually whip myself up a batch! πŸ˜›

    It sounds like you’re really enjoying Teddie! He sort of reminds me of the Shetland pony I used to ride when I was young!

  20. I bet the boys go crazy over you at the barn haha. I like Teddie Chronicles. πŸ™‚

  21. Oh lady, I made your blueberry fig waffle (that I just blogged about) and the taste was stellar, but looked a lil funky. I wish we could share meals everyday cause all of yours look and sound soooo delicious. Love the ‘fit choice…and your facial expression of course, ah-mazing.

    I seriously love the Teddie chronicles, even though I know nothing about horses…so great.

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