Did Monday sneak up on anybody else? It definitely did for me! And while it felt like it dragged onnnn and onnn at the time, I just got the wierdest feeling thinking about Monday being over. Mreh. Can’t complain.

Waking this morning could have been easier than it was, but of course I got caught up in watching the next Food Network Star. I’m not a reality show watcher…but I love this show! Anybody else watch? I already have my favorite, but can’t remember names! I think Aria is the one who is all about local foods? We SO need one of those on TV! Arti and the “laid back guy in the flannel” also look like tons of fun to watch.

Soupy overnight oats! I'm still learning my technique.

That being said – it was still pretty easy to roll out of bed when I knew breakfast and a cute little boy named Teddie was all waiting for me.

I’d like to work him in the mornings because it’s both cooler and I have more energy/motivation. After work I tend to just want to get home and relax, and would likely not give him the workout a young horse needs. That means my mornings need to be more efficient, and I was glad to discover today that efficient does not mean hectic and rushed. I only woke up about ten minutes earlier, but left an hour earlier. (er, almost – if I hadn’t decided to buy a saddle I would have been a little more punctual.)

What are some of your tips for a stress-free morning? Here’s what I do:

  • Plan the night before your breakfast and lunch, or at least have a couple options for each. You don’t necessarily have to prepare everything the night before (just say no to soggy sandwiches) but if you at least have one or two ideas, you at least won’t waste time trying to figure out what you’ve got. Another reason I often won’t pack the main part of my lunch the night before is I never know if I’ll want something on the sweet side, or the savory side.
  • Know your routine. I get my butt in gear if I get dressed first, before eating. Additionally, don’t try out new breakfasts when you’re in a hurry, and find what’s most efficient for you. This morning I had overnight oats – grab out of the fridge and top real quick! But even if I hadn’t, I have a whole pattern when it comes to making hot oats or waffles.
  • Pack small workday snacks the night before. I tend to snack the same and based on what I have for options at the time, so packing snacks the night before isn’t as much a problem.
  • Don’t waste time on the internet! Yes, I used to be so guilty of this, but I’ve finally broken it. And so glad, too. Trust me, everything that is there in the morning will be there at night, and unless it’s urgent, it can likely wait.
  • Don’t hit snooze. Just don’t. You’ll start aΒ viciousΒ cycle. It’s easier to get up and get going than get up and lay in bed. It’s a life lesson everybody knows but never acknowledges.

This bowl of Blueberry-Vanilla Protein Overnight Oats may make me a believer of the technique. They’ve been slowwwly gaining my admiration, and I loved the creaminess of this bowl. Although, I think I was a little backwards – it was cold this morning (think 40*) and I think I was out of my mind to eat something equally as cold!

Last night, I mixed and then refrigerated:

  • 3 T steel cut oats, microwaved first for a minute with an equal amount of water
  • 1/4 c. rolled oats
  • fresh blueberries
  • 1 T. Vanilla Tera’s Whey
  • orange honey creme
  • chia seeds
  • 1/2 c. pure almond

and then this morning, added:

  • more almond milk (didn’t need it, though!)
  • sunflower seed butter (how come I only like sunflower seed butter in cold oats – not hot?!)
  • walnuts
  • trail mix (with dried apples & cherries, seeds, choco chips)
  • and some blueberries that I microwaved and semi-mashed.

And don’t forget the extra chia seeds to help soak up the soup I created!

Snackage numero uno.

Bananas were had as the workday progressed…

Panini: goat cheese, fig spread, spinach, cinnamon-fried tempeh on poorly sliced whole grain

and a delicious lunch was consumed.

Peach + TJ's Popchips + Snyders Pretzel Snaps

(+ dessert of a date ball I brought in to work on Friday for us all. I never mentioned I brought in SuperCharge Me Cookies for everyone! I gave them my disclaimer of the previous batch being super stellar, so now I’m obligated to make those to bring in, too.)

A LaraBar is always a winner in my eyes, and this one was no different.

Banana Bread

One small suggestion? walnuts and some cinnamon would have been simply splendid in this bar. I found it neat that this one had more almonds than dates, too. Bumped up the protein, too!

Almonds. Dates. Unsweetened Bananas. Can you complain?

And dinner turned out not only drop dead delicious, but mom-inspired!

Black Bean Cutlet Buhguhh

How is this mom-inspired? Well, I had thoughts of bulgur on the drive home, and figured I’d have that as a side to a black bean cutlet.

But when I walked in the door to see my mom preparing herself a black bean cutlet burger with freshly sliced tomato and mayonnaise…I had to have a sandwich, too.

On some whole grain bread sliced even worse than the bread my sandwich had, I spread some greek yogurt and dijonnaise, and then layered on some romaine and a fresh hydro tomato slice. Leftover snap peas rounded out this super simple but absolutely amazing meal. I may very well prefer “chickpea” cutlets with black beans, instead!


The Teddie Diaries, Day 3

Before I forget: I can’t take any credit for rescuing this beautiful boy – it was all his previous mama’s doing! And I think she is amazing for doing so, too πŸ™‚

Mr. Pony was wonderful this morning. I was happy to discover he remembered everything from our lesson yesterday, and he was walking, whoa-ing, backing, giving to pressure, and standing quite nicely when asked in the indoor. He didn’t even bat an eyelash at the ranger (atv-polaris type thing) going up and down the aisles while Adrienne was mucking stalls. I thought that might freak him a bit, but nope!

He is very playful!

He did get a bit strong again as we were walking back through the aisles to go out, and again passing through the runs to get back to his paddock. I simply re-did the lessons we’d worked on inside, outside. Whoa, back, head down, etc. He’s a smart cookie, so he picked up right off that just because we’re outside now, doesn’t mean he can get strong again. The good thing when he does get strong, is that it’s simply because he doesn’t know any better. He doesn’t do anything mean, and he’s really quite sweet and playful.

Horse-readers – any fun ground work exercises you’ve found extremely helpful to get a little bit more when it comes to good manners? So far, we’ve just done walk on, whoa, back, head down (give to pressue) and standing still. I think I’ll start working in more side-bending and carrot stretches since that helps with bending undersaddle, too. Pretty much every horse I’ve worked with in the past came to me with good ground manners, and so it was never something I spent a ton of time on – but with him, I’d really like to spend some time making sure we have respect from the ground up. I hate a pushy horse, especially if they don’t learn respect as a baby. Teddie is young yet, so I’m not worried that he gets a little excited initially.



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29 responses to “Stress-Free

  1. I love your stress free morning tips and definitely laughed at the “don’t waste time on the internet” one! GUILTY. The minute I turn on my computer it’s like the minutes get sucked away in a time warp. Love the banana laras! I just tried apple pie today and it was baller. As if I expected anything else.

    Look at Teddie holding his little feed bucket! Adorbs! I have never had a pushy horse myself but I do have some experience working with them. Do you ever do Parelli? I know that is not for everyone but I’ve done a few of their exercises and they are pretty cool. There is something called the “seven games” that were very effective; overall they helped my horse with getting on and off trailers as well as in and out of narrow wash stalls. Good luck with your gorgeous boy!

  2. Those black bean cutlets look delicious and so versatile! I have yet to try the tempeh and sweet jam/fruit combo yet, but I think I might after seeing it pop up on a few blogs. One tip for morning routines is laying out clothing and packing your bag before hand. It makes a world of difference!

  3. LOVE the horsey pics!! πŸ˜€

    That black bean filet and tempeh sandwich look deeeelish!!


  4. OMG! I love, love, loved last nights premiere! Aarti and Aria are my favorites too! I can’t wait for HGTV’s Design Star to premiere too! My Sunday’s are sure going to be busy!

  5. I’m guilty of spending waaaayyyy too much time on the internet! SOmething I hope to work on in the summer months… πŸ™‚

  6. Hi there – loved your advice on a stress free morning – i found it to be quite helpful!!!! I love the black bean cutlets – they look delicious especially topped with greek yogurt – ill have to give them a try.
    What great pictures of Teddie – he really is a adorable horse – you are so lucky!!!!
    Have a great Tuesday!!!! xoxo aim

  7. Teddie is adorable!

  8. Michelle

    That is such a beautiful picture of Teddie!

    I lay my clothes out for the day, do my hair, then my makeup and I always know what I want for breakfast. I usually dream about it πŸ˜‰

  9. sometimes a good sandwich is the most satisfying thing…especially with lettuce and tomato…and vegenaise for me (yum!). I am thinking of doing the overnight oat thing for tomorrow cause I have had some success with it in the past. I made your waffles this morning with a few modifications that I hope to blog about tomorrow a.m. Have a lovely night/day tomorrow lady! Teddie looks adorable and love that he is quite playful AND smart…too bad I don’t have any advice since I haven’t even been on a pony…

  10. I’m definitely guilty of wasting time on the Internet! I’ll have 10 minutes until I have to leave and I’ll be reading blogs. I’d be on time a lot more often if there was no Internet!

  11. I love your tips for a stress-free morning! I’ve been packing my lunch the night before (for the most part – don’t worry, no soggy sandwiches here!) which makes a big difference. I’m also pretty good about resisting the Internet, which will make anyone late for sure. However, I’m horrible with my snooze button…the only way I can keep myself from hitting it is by putting my alarm clock on the other side of the room. Then I actually have to get out of bed in order to turn it off, and once I’m actually standing up, it’s much easier to stay that way. πŸ™‚

  12. I had the same reaction when I tried the banana bread lara!!! Love, love loooovvveeee the bluberry oats!

  13. i’m so glad you’re back in my google reader!!!

    and congrats on the pony, girl. he’s beautiful (even though i’m scared crapless of horses!)

  14. Aw, tell Teddie that I am so proud of him. πŸ™‚

  15. I just found your blog and I’m in love with it!! not only are your pictures gorgeous, but seeing horses on your blog cheers me up a lot! i really gotta try that banana bread larabar… yum! (the fig waffles from the previous post look delish too… so many good eats!)

  16. Goat cheese, fig , spinach, cinnamon-fried tempeh panini!! You never cease to amaze me! I want a panini press now!

  17. He is so gorgeous! And he looks like such a character too πŸ™‚ Chika’s like that, if she has a tub in her stable, she picks it up and throws it πŸ˜›
    Have you done all the sideways stuff on the ground, getting him to move his quarters etc?You’ve probably thought of it already but meh πŸ™‚ I sounds like you’re doing all the right stuff πŸ˜€
    Good tip about no snooze button! I LIVE by that rule – I’ve come to the conclusion that the snooze button is there purely to make my life difficult :/

  18. I just thought, I have a TON of books on groundwork for horses; if you’re interested I could dig them out and see if there’s any good exercises?

  19. Nic

    I love reading the “Teddie Diaries” ;))
    Since I’ve had a horse myself, I can relate so much!!
    And I miss everything about him the more I read about your adventures! ;D
    Keep the awesome posts as they are!!! Love reading everything!!!

  20. Good tips for a morning routine. I’m the worst about wasting time on the internet! Your horse is beyond gorgeous… by the way… beautiful pictures.

  21. If I paid you, would you come to my house and make me food that looked like that? lol your food always looks so freaking good!! Seriously – name your price.

    Loved your tips and the internet one? Happens to me all the time. Before I know it, I’m already two hours late for work and it’s 3 in the afternoon. And I woke up at 7.

  22. Oh no! I didn’t even realize that the Next Food Network Star started up again… I was addicted to last seasons. Hopefully I can catch up on Hulu or something!!!!

  23. Teddy is so pretty!

    Morning routines are really important. I’ve found it helps keep me from zombie-ing around when I knew I had things to do.

  24. Awwww Teddie is still precious!!
    Overnight oats = LOVE. Haven’t had them in a while myself though. And I’m strange because I actually PREFER them runny and soupy… yeah, it’s weird. But whatever floats your boat you know?
    Love you!

  25. I usually have super lazy and drawn out mornings, so I’ve never really had to worry about making them efficient. I’ll have to keep some of these tips in mind for my 8:30 classes next semester though! To add to your list is picking out your outfit the night before! Usually I waste so much time standing in front of my closet deciding what to wear. πŸ˜€

    Your breakfast is making me really want to give overnight oats a try! It looks so pretty (btw, my mom thinks I’m crazy for describing foods as pretty, but I think the word totally applies!).

  26. Great stress free morning tips! I try to have a plan of attack set in place the night before. Usually I end up following it perfectly! It’s definitely not fun to feel like a chicken with your head cut off in the early AM!

  27. Katharina

    I love these new adventures with Teddie. He is truly beautiful. I never get over how kind a horses eyes can be, and how soft their noses are πŸ˜€ I wish I had some tips for you.

    I love your stress-free tips. I do the same pretty much! Another thing I do is pick out an outfit I get excited about! Soggy sandwiches = no no. Everything looks delicious. They variety you always seem to incorporate is definitely note-worthy. I would love to come home to my mother making black bean burger sandwiches. It sounds like your dinner just magically fell into place. Can I steal some snap-peas :p I love them so much!


  28. mom inspired dinner- thats fantastic! it totally is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ❀

    yoga in the morning or sitting out in the sun reading an inpiring book is what helps me de-stress…or catching up on tv shows online πŸ™‚

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