New Mom

I think when I finally get “real” internet back, I’m going to have deja vu of when we first got cable after having only known dial-up. Yes, we are still waiting for our router. My neighbor has great signal. Thanks neighbsy!

Today was the big day! I am the proud new mom of an adorable little boy.

All together now: “awwwww!” Everyone meet Teddie. or Teddy. I’m still waffling. Although, Teddie is a kind of peanut butter, it could sort of be a tribute to nut butters world wide. I’ve never had it before, though – so if you tell me it’s dreadful, I may well just stick to Teddy. It is the name he came with, and while I love the name Dyson or Roomba for a male horse since they suck up all of your money like a vacuum cleaner, Teddy is very fitting for this big little guy.

Everything went quite well, and he was very well behaved stepping off the trailer. Always a relief. It’s sort of nerve-racking unloading a new horse in  new environment, and then introducing them to his new pasture mate. Who, by the way, isn’t too fond of him even though Teddy/ie just wants a friend – though I’ll bet by the time I go to see him tomorrow they’ll be just fine.

Look, Ma! I'm already practicing my dressage trot without you!

I’m boarding him so that I will have more room and facilities to ride him – at home, we just have tonnnsss of trails, but not much of a large flat area to do dressage and general training. Which, is perfect for my mom and I love trail riding with her, but I’d really like to get back into dressage work. That and he’s still green under saddle, so I figure access to an indoor and a nice ring will be good for him before anything, anyways.

I don’t think my mom has ever taken a flattering photograph of me. Sadly, this was the best. Nonetheless, I’m glad the moment was captured. I can’t complain, since I just threw my d90 at her, which not only almost outweighs us but isn’t entirely mom-friendly. Otherwise, I didn’t take a toooon of photos since it was threatening to rain and you can only take so many photos of a pony grazing, regardless of how cheek-squeezing cute they are.

Anyways, now that the boring part is out of the way, I need to thank you all for your supportive comments after my last post. You seriously brought a smile to my face over and over – and definitely encouraged me to just forget about it and move along. Point taken – and now that le pony is here I really do need to.

That said, some randomly photographed eats taken over the past two days. I didn’t photograph a full day either today or tomorrow, but I’ll be back to normal once the router gets here.

Yesterday’s breakfast – see, I haven’t forgotten about oats! Except, this was mostly kamut, with some Peppy Kernels. Fresh blueberries are so amazing and I cannot wait to pick them, but I’ve said that more often than Larry the Cable Guy or whoever says “get ‘er done.”

This morning I was back to wacky waffling – but no photo of that because I experimented with using protein powder rather than flour, and while they tasted great they were not attractive. That and it was torrentially downpouring and really dark inside and outside.

I think waffles are going to be my hot-weather breakfast of choice. Strange, but then again, so am I.

Oh, Larabar, how I love you so.

I don’t even tend to gravitate towards lemony-flavored things, and yet this lemon bar was phenomenal. No surprise, seeing who it’s coming from, I suppose. I guess they’re having new flavors, and I hear they’re phenom, too. I am ready to speak to management if I can’t find them in stores around here.

A delicious sammie with a new loaf of fresh bread – I found that the bakers who I buy the bread from at the farmer’s market actually has a deli down the road from work. I stopped in Friday to see if they sell bread in-store and pick up a sandwich for my boss. Turns out they do, and looks like they can make a mean sandwich, too. Connicks, how I adore thee. No one, no one can make a loaf like you.

This was seitan, hummus, romaine, roasted reds,and  artichoke hearts on toasted bread, with some leftover roasted broccoli utilizing some leftover bbq-maple dijon dressing and I finally broke into some TJ’s popchips that Kelli sent me a while back.

My mom just about housed the whole bag, and I got her to eat and enjoy seitan, too.

and dinner of quinoa, portabella mushroom, spinach, black beans, dried apricots, plantain, red pepper, chives, salt, pepper, curry powder, and cinnamon all mixed together, and then coated with the last of my remaining dressing that was the same I used the other night for a big ol’ salad – apple bbq sauce, balsamic vinegar, maple dijon mustard, and poppyseeds. Topped with some cashews.

This. was. deeee. vine.

And so was this gnu foods bar that I had for dessert. I actually packed it to take to work last week for one of the half-days I worked, but never got around to eating it. I remembered it tonight and figured since it was open, why not have half with some greek yogurt and blueberries?

It was just like blueberry cobbler, thank you very much. Lemon + blueberries + chewy texture = blueberry cobbler in my own little world.

That being said, has there ever been a whatever-ginger bar that I haven’t said “needs more ginger.” to? No. And there still isn’t – I would have liked more ginger out of this bar, but it was still lovely. And you simply cannot argue with the ingreds and nutritionals. Try me.

And that’s all for now, folks! I can’t wait to go play with my new pony tomorrow.

I’ve never had a pony before.

I’ve always been stuck with monster horses.

Speaking of which, Jiggy clobbered me on the side of my head with his big ol’ head today, so if I’m even loopier than usual I’m using that as my excuse.



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19 responses to “New Mom

  1. Awww Teddie/Teddy is beautiful!
    Enjoy playing with him tomorrow!

  2. Congrats on your new pony!! I like teddie, and that peanut butter with flaxseeds is good. Also that dinner with quinoa sounds divinnnnnnnnne.

  3. Teddie/y is such a looker…I can’t wait for more photos in the future. I am such a sucker for animal shots. Of course the food always gets me too. I also am not the biggest lemon flavored lover…but really enjoy that lara flavor. I gotta hunt down that gnu bar flavor for my road trip to MV next week!

    The quinoa/portobello meal looks amazing, as do the rest of the meals. Was the seitan the veganomicon recipe? I have yet to try it since I’ve been digging the chickpea cutlets so much. I definitely want to change it up though!

  4. Michelle

    Teddie is so cute! The name is perfectly fitting as well.

    I’ve been trying to find lemon larabars everywhere! Apparently they don’t sell them around here 😦

  5. Congrats!! Teddy is absolutely gorgeous! I want a Teddy of my own ;-).

  6. Awww, your new baby is so pretty!! Congrats! I like the name Dyson, too. How fitting, LOL. Teddy is very sweet, though. Have so much fun with him, he’s darling.


  7. Awwh congrats for the new pony – he’s gorgeous!!! You must be SO excited about getting cracking with him 😀 I’m so happy for you! Have a brilliant day with him 🙂

  8. awww wow he is gorgeous! I think I need a crash course on all terms that have to do with horses and riding. You may as well been speaking a different language haha. I hope you get your router soon, I miss you! 🙂 Hope you are feeling better! I think it’s a great pic of you btw, good job to your Mom. My mom would have NO clue.

  9. Aw, Teddie/y is so cute!! I didn’t realize he was a pony until I saw you standing next to him- adorable. I love the white-blond mane!

    I’m not a big lemon person either, but I love lemon Laras. Lara has a way of making me like even the flavors I’d never eat in something else!! I’m so excited for the new flavors as well…I’ve seen a few bloggers who got advance samples, and I wish I did too!! Hope you have a great Sunday love 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness, Teddie is GORGEOUS! Look at him trotting all dressage-like without you! Let us know when you settle the name spelling debate and keep posting pictures of him pretty pleeease!!
    I have never had a lemon lara but I am soo excited to try their new flavors. Carrot cake? Brownie? Can’t wait!

  11. Mo

    I think I like Teddie. 😛 And he’s adorable! I’m glad you finally got your pony. 🙂

    That bread looks SO good. I wish I had a bakery near me that didn’t sell loaves that no one should be able to afford in this economy…

    Hope you’re having fun with Ted. 😉

  12. Teddie/Teddy is so cute! He looks like he’s liking his new home so far! 🙂

    I’m glad to see the return of your oats. I was starting to miss them haha.

  13. Ahhhh CONGRATS!!!! So exciting!! I know next to nothing about horses but your pony is freaking adorable!!! Precious 🙂 So very happy for you Jess!! And you are absolutely gorgeous!
    Blueberry cobbler? Um, must try. I can’t wait for fresh blueberries either! I don’t get to pick them but I get them at work from a local grower, and 25% off with my discount..woo!
    I hope your internet gets back to normal soon!!
    Love you!

  14. you look GREAT! and oh my god what a lucky girl, isnt this like every person’s fantasy!! even for guys! a horse to call their own!! REALLY EXCITED FOR YOU! and this is like your first family portrait!! ❤

  15. Congratulations love. Just beautiful…the photos brought a wide smile to my face. I have yet to try the lemon bar variety of larabar. I need to get a job at that company! They are located in Denver, and I’m tempted to call them to see if they will hire me…for anything! Just as long as I get to take home free larabars 🙂

  16. I loved it when you did a post on your horse life… What a cute haflinger! They are SO much fun to ride 🙂

  17. What a beauuuutiful horse!! Congrats on the new addition lol (:

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