More Bloopers

Thank you guys for all your sweet words on last night’s post. It definitely brightened my morning up a bit. I think part of the reason I feel “boring” is due to some stuff I’ve been dealing with this past week that I don’t necessarily feel the need to share with the world – but just a little explanation, I guess. It’s sort of a bummer since Teddie is coming this weekend, and as excited as I have been, it’s sort of like all of a sudden I just have this cloud over the excitement.

But, life goes on…although after this morning I wasn’t so sure! I don’t think I could have made any more bloopers if I’d tried. Luckily, the end result was still fantastically yummy. Somehow?

First I dumped too much baking powder in.

….did I really just do that? oh well – guess they’ll be fluffy.

Pour in the “flax egg.”

why is this so liquidy? crap. that’s mom’s coffee. did I really just do that?

I was thisclose to dumping it, but just couldn’t part with all those ingredients. I’d mixed everything but the flax egg.

I improvised. What takes up more moisture? More oats and chia seeds, of course!

The final bloopers came in the form of the blueberries sticking to the iron, and of course the fork had to drop off the balcony. Not onto the deck, into the pasture. Really?

My luck, one of the horses would break a tooth on the thing or poke a hole in their foot, so I rescued that before diving in to my peach & blueberry wafflez – with a new fork, of course.

I rode my bike to the bank only to be caught by rain, and experimented with another batch of SuperCharge Me cookies with intentions to bring them to work.

But of course, I experimented too much and am not sure if I will.

They’re still good, but since I used 1 Tbsp. of cacao bliss rather than all 3 T. of mighty maple, they’re not quite as peanut buttery and the cacao bliss doesn’t stand out.

My mom and I both agreed the previous were better, but these are still good.

You win some, you lose some.

At least I found approximately 10 pairs of black jeans while I was cleaning, made some seitan, and packed up everything I’ll need at the barn, since I’m boarding Teddie rather than keeping him here.

And things really started to turn around by lunchtime.

Seriously – what did I do that made me lucky enough to eat like this?

After all that cookie-batter cleaning, I was craving some PB. I also rememebered I had to re-do that peach & sunbutter sandwich – but grilled.

And why not add in a banana? And some cinnamon?

To. Die. For. Sort of like dessert for lunch. But go ahead – ask me if I have any shame.

I don’t.

Anyone else see a tongue?

And eventually, dinner was constructed.

Remember the book sale I went to Saturday?

It held my next recipe.

Imam bilyadishsiimi.

err…something like that.

If you ask me, it’s a stuffed eggplant.

And a damn good one.


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22 responses to “More Bloopers

  1. Ummm Jesus girl, that sandwich looks AMAZING!!! As do the waffles, yum! They look so crispy!
    Sorry for the cloud over you right now, whatever it is you are dealing with (always here if you ever need to talk!). I know what you mean, exactly. But you know, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And life is made up of highs and lows.. and if you were never on the low end, you would never realize how awesome and amazing the high end is. So just hang in there…
    Love you!

  2. Michelle

    ahhh that sandwich looks fantastic! I could see how all those ingredients would go together perfectly.

  3. We all have days of complete bloopers…so don’t worry. You are really making me want those super charge me cookies…I need to make those. I hope you are feeling better. BTW I tried one of those bars and it was SOOO good!! I loved it!

  4. Now that it’s summer and I have less to do, I’ve been feeling really boring lately too! But don’t worry girl, you are anything BUT boring. I love reading about your days. 🙂

    That sandwich looks killer! Can you believe I’ve never had a nut butter sandwich!? That needs to change.

  5. hey girl!
    wowwowowowow <– !! thats what i have to say about your eats 😉 that lunch looks seriously TDF! And ahh all those bloopers 😉 (love that word btw) 😉 but you still got out a perfect looking delicious waffle breakfast! hope you had a lovely day!


  6. I made some MAJOR changes when I tried to make Super Charge Me cookies…and I think I failed. But experimenting is half the fun right?! P.S I’m loving the waffles!

  7. That stuffed eggplant looks awesome! I’ve been wanting to try out some more creative eggplant recipes, I may have to try out a version of that.

  8. Jen

    i miss my waffle iron dearly 😦 yours look so darn delectable! and girlie if you’re lookin for a pick me up, just remember how important humor is because you’ve certainly got plenty of it. i always sit at my computer literally laughing out loud when i read your posts… “go ahead – ask me if i have an shame. i don’t.” heh. i did it again.

  9. I’m sorry to hear there were some kitchen mishaps this morning, but everything turned around in then end. And hey, all was not lost since your accidents were delicious. That’s all that really matters right? Anyway, sometimes mistakes produce the best creations. I wish you the best with whatever you’re dealing with; just know that my thoughts are with you. They may have put a damper on things, but remember that when one door closes, another one opens (like with Teddie!)

    Have a lovely day!

  10. “what did I do that made me lucky enough to eat like this?” <- I love it! You are so funny and WHY do you always come up with the best creations?! That unpronounceable stuffed eggplant looks awesome. You inspire me to be more crafty in the kitchen!

  11. Lol before I read it, I was totally going to say your sandwich looked like a tongue! So cute 😛
    Sorry you had a bad day though..but at least the bad ones make you appreciate the good ones more right!?
    How come the new boy is being boarded, rather than staying with you? Oh,and how awesome you have space to keep horses at home 🙂 Chika lives with me, I don’t know how I’d cope if she didn’t!!
    Hope today is better 🙂

  12. Some of the worlds greatest inventions were created by accident! haha, I love that you dumped your mom’s coffee in there… that’s totally something I would do!

  13. For me…kitchen mishaps seem to come in droves…when it rains, it pours! But it’s great that you were able to stay positive through them and still end up with some delicious plates. Thank you for sharing all that you do!

  14. I love the Garfield placemat!!

  15. remind me to eat before i look at ur blog post next time. hahaha SO HUNGRY! omg im like foaming at the mouth over those cookies and the sandwich! quite literally actually ❤

  16. Mae

    You need to either adopt me as your sibling or come to NY and make me waffles! Please! and teach me photography. That may take a little longer… I hope you’re feeling better soon. Things like that suck, but at least many delicious creations are coming from your past few days of boredom. 🙂 Everything looks and sounds delicious, as usual!

  17. oh my gosh! that sammie just looks so good! Grilling always makes everything taste better in my book 🙂 your super charge me cookies look like they came out perfectly!

  18. That sandwich. I remember saying how badly I wanted it the first time you made it, and now I’m bummed I used all of my peaches and Sunbutter!! Gives me an excuse to restock 🙂 And I know I say this frequently, but your photos are so gorgeous- makes me want an SLR even more!!

  19. lol oh my Goodness- I think we would be great friends—all those bloopers sound like things that have or could happen to me lol a fork off the balcony? haha I usually just laugh at it because I know I can’t help myself
    that’s great you are feeling better today!
    that cookbook looks amazing and so does everything you made!

  20. Lady, it all looks tasty to me! I really need to make some waffles and that nut butter and peach sandwich…mmm! So, I need some advice…if you are up for it! I could email ya too if you want, but my boyf and I are planning on getting a dslr and the options so far seem to be any under $1000. At best buy we looked at the Cabon Rebel T2i and T1i…and Nikon d5000 and d3000. Do you have any preferences? They seem to be somewhat similar. Any thoughts?

    Your photos really inspire me lovely! Now, time to make some eggplant for dinner…

  21. girl – i just got back to google reader, and i just HAVE to say… YOU ARE AMAZING! life is full of “off days.” that’s real. we always appreciate your honesty! it’s no big thang.

    and ps – if you need an ear, you know where i am. i know a bit about issues 🙂

  22. SunButter Lover

    Your SunButter and peach sandwich is making my mouth water. I have to say, even though I blog for SunButter and have tried many of the recipes on their SunButter recipes, I have never had this concoction. That will change tonight!
    Also, will you share your stuffed egplant recipe?

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