New Obsessions

Oh my worrllddd what a weekend it has been! My mom and I have been busy, busy, busy – yard work and mowing, log moving, gardening, yard sailing, and riding. And there’s still tomorrow to go! I even taught her how to leech internet. Not going to lie, I think I kinda like the “only sort of having internet” thing – I was definitely connected wayyy to much. But I miss reading everyone’s blogs! I need some foodie inspiration and to see how you all are doing. I was able to make it to a couple last night, though. I’m hoping tonight goes equally as well 🙂

I kicked off this morning with some more pumpkin waffles. I had intentions to make carrot cake waffles, but I have had this darn pumpkin in the fridge for ages. It’s time for it to go. Truth be told, it was time a couple days ago – don’t worry, I threw out the spot of mold. I stuffered no consequences. Just doin’ what I do.

I probably should have mentioned when I posted these the other day that they are very moist and cakey – mostly from the oat bran. I love the texture oat bran gives to baked goods! If you’ve never played with it, you definitely must! I got a little worried after everyone said they were going to make them – my “recipes” are mostly approximations. I go by visual appearance.

I sauteed some chopped apple in pumpkin butter, cinnamon, and almond milk to go along with it, and mixed some into the batter too. Chopped apple, that is – not the whole thang. Also spread with a little Earth Balance and homemade cashew butter. The cashew butter is stealing my heart.

I think waffles may be a new obsession.

There, I said it. I think it has something to do with the fact that I could probably change my mind about whether I wanted oats or waffles up until I put the batter on the iron. I mean, the batter is basically my oatmeal.

Man, I lose power for a day and wireless for a couple and I’m a changed person. Who am I?

My mom and I went for a short ride afterwards – it was intended to be longer but a tree decided to fall and completely block our way. We’re kind of good at foraging when it comes to situations like that, but it just wasn’t gonna happen in this location. We did a 180 and finished off the ride a different way home. Hopefully the weather will hold out so we can improvise a different trail to get around the tree and go on the ride we intended to go on tomorrow.

The rest of the morning was filled with lawn cleanup – moving a boatload (okay, a couple truckloads) of wood, raking, and mowing.

With a brief intermission for lunch, quite possibly the best of the week:

My last chickpea cutlet (also in my fridge for a while – they keep well, I guess) on squished between two small slices of seeded whole grain, with the last of my local lettuce, and a dressing made up of celery, greek yog, apricot-mango preserves, and dijon. Oh, and the bread was toasted – key!

I split some sweet potato fries with le madre, as well. I was in the “dippin'” mood, and decided to try some new BBQ sauce that I picked up after examining the one we usually buy and discovering it had HFCS. Why does that bugger pop up when you least expect it?

This was pretty good – but I think I prefer more of a mesquit-y (hah – sounds like the backwoods way of saying mesquito!) flavor. This was sort of like mixing tomato sauce with applesauce. Which, it basically was, when you check out the ingreds. Guess I can’t complain on the aspect.

Afterwards we took a gander out to a tack store. It was expensive, but it was still nice to eyeball all of the fancy out-of-my-price-range goodies. Played with bikes afterwards, yadda yadda yadda, dinner:

carbon copy of last night’s. Well, almost – instead I just had a gargantuan portion of the ‘sghetti squash since I didn’t have any chickpea cutlets left. I made so. much. spaghetti squash. last night. I still have a whole ‘nother dinners worth, at least.

If you told me this wasn’t a very nutritious dinner, I would agree with you. It’s basically a plate full of vegetables and some old feta cheese. I just wasn’t super hungry, so figured I’d have that, and eat whatever later. I’ve already had some apricots with almond butter and a frozen pumpkin muffin. I guess you could just call that a late dessert to a not-so-hearty dinner? Eh well. Can’t be perfect all the time, now, can we? I figure I ought to get used to a boatload of spaghetti squash to eat…hopefully we grow some this summer 🙂 What’s your fav. way to have it? Anything a bit different? I need ideas!

We fixed our bikes up today, too! After dinner we went for a ride down to the end of the road. I feel like such a momma’s girl, baha.
An update on the wireless sitch: we need a new router. Considering the fact that it took about an hour just trying to get the photos for this post uploaded…I think I may take a little break until that gets sorted out. I will be back with a vengeance, though! (oooh, Vegan with a Vengeance?!)


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20 responses to “New Obsessions

  1. *Andrea*

    mmmm pumpkin waffles look great!! carrot cake waffles sound amazing too!!

  2. I LOVE oatbran and waffles! Perfect! What a great breakfast. I have really been trying to step outside of the box on food myself! Don’t worry about dinner…I am sure you got plenty of protein throughout the day! Sometimes we just need our veggies. Enjoy your evening with your mom!

  3. Mo

    I totally agree about the internet thing. I used to be addicted to the internet, and then suddenly the only computer I could use was the one at the library. I actually *gasp* got things done and had a life. Then my dad offered to get me a laptop for my birthday and I said no because I knew I’d be obsessed again haha. I had to get one anyway because I started an online driving course, but I NEVER bring my laptop into my room. It always stays in the living room so I don’t end up staying up until 2 AM googling things no person would ever need to google…

    I definitely need to get to trying some more waffles. I just wish I had a waffle iron that wasn’t so crappy. :S

    Pshh. You have a grain, animal protein (not very much but shhh) and lots of veggies. Nutritious enough. 😛

  4. Holy crap girl… those waffles sound INSANELY good!!! As in, I need to make them very soon good… If you don’t go into the culinary arts or nutrition or something, there will a loooooot of talent wasted… just sayin…
    I can’t help you with the spaghetti squash unfortunately, I’ve never made one before. No, take that back, I did but it didn’t turn out very well.. not sure what I did wrong?
    Love you girl!

  5. Though I love and adore your countless oatmeal concoctions, I have to give props to the waffles. Those.are.divine!

    I actually love spaghetti squash with some greek yogurt, cinnamon, nut butter, and crushed grahams. I know, slightly unconventional but I guarantee your palate will be pleased 🙂

    p.s. I usually try to use the weekends to “detox” from blogging. Does wonder for the soul (and my sanity!) I recommend 🙂

  6. Michelle

    I hate when HFCS just pops up outta nowhere! It was in the BBQ sauce I would make my bbq chicken salads in. So depressing.

  7. That apricot-mango dressing sounds awesome for a sandwich! And again, your waffles look to die for. As soon as I crack open a can of pumpkin I am making these guys! And I know what you mean about HFCS. It needs to leave us alone!

  8. carrot cake waffles sound so good! xx

  9. You have me seriously craving waffles after making some much too flat spelt pancakes! The eats all sound and look great lady! ugh, annoying, isn’t it?

  10. Those waffles sound wonderful – maybe I need to add waffle maker to my ‘I NEED THESE KITCHEN APPLIANCES’ list (along with a spiralizer, a real food processor, and…probably something else random).
    Gah, I always feel SO lost if I can’t read blogs, I love them!! They’re such good inspiration 🙂
    I sound really stupid now…but what do you mean by leeching with your internet!? I must be horrifically dim, but I’ve ever heard that term before 😛

  11. ..Umm yumm 🙂 pumpkin waffles, and that looks amazingly good, you are really makin me want to make waffles!! and ahh carrot cake waffles sounds absolutely amazing, carrot cake anything = my favorite! and cashew butter is my love, it is hands down my favorite nut butter just finished my brekkie of cherry banananaaa cashew butter oats!… still in that oat rut 😉 haha, but i am definitleyyy going to be venturing out and trying new things!’ve got me inspired!


  12. I know what you mean about the internet! Ever since I started reading food blogs, I’ve been online wayyyy more than necessary! Instead of picking up a book when I’m bored, I’ll just peruse blogs for recipes. I gotta set some limits for myself!

    I always forget to check labels for HFCS! I’m probably consuming tons that I don’t know about. Whoops!

  13. Oh now I am definitely craving waffles! I haven’t experimented with oat bran too much, but I should give it a shot. 🙂

  14. You and your waffles…I need to get to waffle-making myself! We had some fabulous belgian waffles in NYC, but they weren’t anywhere as healthy as yours. Personally, I would prefer the ones that you cook up! I love doing a Mexican version of Spaghetti squash…I combine black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, green chiles, homemade avocado, fresh corn and cilantro, and then sprinkle some freshly grated cheddar cheese on top. Yum! Thanks for sharing sweet girl!

  15. i love the idea of some chopped apples ontop!! yesterday i was walking downtown and went passed a waffle stand and they were making some that were similar to these.. and boy the smell was intensely delicious!!! everyone was gathering around just sniffing the air, it was funny! ❤

  16. That’s an excellent tip about the oat bran, I’m going to play with it. 😈

    That chickpea burger looks sooo good. YUM


  17. All of your food looks beyond belief good. I wish I baked up stuff as much as you do, I eat so much packaged stuff.

  18. Those waffles look amazing!! They look like the perfect frozen ones you’d find in a store. Its definitely been way too long since I’ve had a pumpkin product. I was drooling over your description even after you mentioned the mold!

    I tried spaghetti squash mixed with ricotta, peas, and basil the other day. It was simple but really good!

  19. i haven’t had spaghetti squash since i first noticed it last fall. that’s too long! i didn’t realize it was out all year long. need to go buy some asap!

  20. I love that salad! It screams summer. I have been CRAVING bbq sauce like none other! I didn’t even see that you used a romaine leaf for a vessel, I JUST DID THIS TONIGHT! They are so sturdy….I had a little too much fun eating it like this! Hopefully you saw some sunshine today!!

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