They’re Back

Oh, darn – looks like I’ve been the only one kooky enough to attempt eating the who artichoke leaves! Luckily, I’m alive to tell the tale, and my stomach suffered no adverse affects. I wasn’t sure what all the fiber would do to me. TMI? Sorry.

I had work today even though it’s Tuesday, due to the fact that my co-worker is out for the week. I jump-started my morning with a Blueberry Mania – blueberry-coconut cream pie, anyone? I’ll take ten.

The Base:

Topped With:

  • blueberry chia-flax icing
  • cashews
  • Mae’s toasted coconut butter
  • and a compote of the last of my frozen blueberries, some dried cherries, and shredded unsweetened coconut – simmered in some almond milk.

Can anyone detect the missing element?

Oh, yes, you got it. Maple syrup! I had the lovely substance out, but just didn’t think I needed it – using fruit juice is a great sweetener for oats. What’s the craziest liquid you’ve ever used in oats? Kahlua oats might not be so bad…

I sipped on some of Green Mountain’s Heifer Hope and enjoyed some of your lovely blogs before packin’ my day away. Oh, and enjoyed the sounds of the neighbors dogs barking up a storm. Not.

I grabbed a banana and some Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters of the cashew variety (that didn’t get eaten until the drive home)…

…and a tempeh sammie with the last of my Crofter’s Europe (tear!), some local pepper goat cheese, local spinach, and tempeh with cinnamon.

Not being any ordinary Joe who throws away jam jars, I viewed my now-empty Crofter’s jar as the perfect greek yogurt and cottage cheese transportation vessel. I added in a little of Barlean’s flax oil, too.

And an almost-expired gala rounded out the food fest.

I just worked a half-day (well, 3:00) so I could help out at the barn a bit afterwards. This protein-packed lunch kept me full for the rest of the afternoon, though! It was dreadfully hot today – record breaking, if I heard correctly. It was crazy! That said, we didn’t do much with the horses at the barn. Karma bit me, since that was why I didn’t work a full day – on the drive home I was stuck behind a huge tractor driving 10 miles below the speed limit, and then all of a sudden flooring it. Over and over. It was a dusty dirt road. My air conditioning in the Jeep is broken. If you’re doing the math right, you’re picture me sweating my bum off, breathing in dust coming through the vents for a good 25 minutes. Seriously, dude…why are you so rude? Obviously, I wouldn’t have thrown as much dust in his face, and I would have gone the speed limit so it wouldn’t have even been a problem. Common courtesy would have been pulling off to the side of the road.

Rant over.

Especially since I was immediately lifted when I arrived home and my mom and Henry were in the process of putting in air conditioners. Oh, thank God. I helped Mom with mine before immediately hopping in the shower.

This is becoming needlessly long about my personal problems, so lets look at dinner.

Salads may be back in my life! I’ve always said I’m too “lazy” to make myself a good salad – but this was all I was craving tonight. Such summer food! I crumbled up a chickpea cutlet and mixed with some local spinach and buttercrisp lettuce, a chopped gala apple, scallions, broccoli, dried maple sweetened cranberries, and thai spiced cashews before dressing with a quick mix of maple dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar. And some bread for dippage.

This. was. perffff. Salads are back.

And you know these chickpea cutlets are winners when I love eating them on a daily basis. I’m the one who usually gets bored of leftovers! Though with the heat we’ve had lately – I’ve been way more eager to take the easy way out when it comes to dinner.

I hope everyone’s staying cool! Mouse is currently sprawled on my floor – poor guy looks beat! Hopefully none of you are doing the same 😉


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18 responses to “They’re Back

  1. Your blueberry coconut oats look and sound to die for, i love the combo of coconut and berries, so yummi! are like an out genius by the way 😉 lol i love all the different grains and add ins you have! and such a great idea with the crofters jar for yogurt or cottage cheese like oiaj but yiaj—> yogurt in a jar 😉 i think you invented something new! 😉
    and hmm craziest liquid i have made oats with, i have tried strawberry milk once like a few years ago, it was really good, coffee, and i had pom juice in oats once, i probably should have cooked the oats in more i think i only used a few tbsp i should try it again and haha ahh i bet some hazelnut liquor or cassis would be quite good/interesting in oats, good way to wake up, non? 😉
    sorry about the horrible driver and ride, i hate being stuck in a hot car! my mom’s air conditioner is broken and it is so sucky..but thankgoodness i am getting my license asap 🙂 better late than never, i’ll be 20 in june ;P

    hope you have a great night.

  2. you always know the best way to use tempeh! mmmm. haha yup that fibre should get things moving.. or something lol.

    wow sure sounds BOILING over there. urgh sorry about the driving situation 😦 i can only imagine…

    xoxo ❤

  3. Ugh, I was out late last night…how did I miss the artichoke experience??? Good grief, I hope your tummy is ok?! We love them here, but I never get stuffing them since you have to pull them apart anyway. I think you can eat all of the small ones? I don’t know! Woohooo for the AC’s! I am sure you stood in front of yours for a while! Salads, well, I live on them. You need a bigger bowl with all that goodness. My problem is that I always end up spilling everything over because I load it so high. Yours looks delicious. By the way, I totally use my crofters jar for caring my snackage! Have a great evening and I hope you cool off soon!

  4. Loving that salad – so fresh and delicious!

  5. That salad looks soooo good! I love big salads but I never make them myself for some reason.
    Darn tractor… I can’t even imagine! It drives me INSANE to get behind someone going super slow below the speed limit.. it’s seriously one of my pet peeves. OK, bad drivers in general are one of my pet peeves.
    The yogurt in the Crofter’s jar is the best idea! And it just so happens that I’m about to have an empty Crofter’s myself..
    Love you girl! Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Luckily it’s not thaaat hot in my apt, I don’t know how though. Probably drowning myself with iced coffee, green tea and water helps…and not moving. haha Our ACs stay in all year so I know I’ll be ready to turn it on as soon as I need to. And anything chickpea is basically my obsession right now, as youll see with my post tomorrow! haha

  7. I love the idea of Kahlua oats! And your salad looks beautiful. Loove the bowl it’s in. I really like how you re-used your Crofter’s jar!

  8. Mo

    I’ve been getting in the habit of saving glass jars, too. Never know when you’re gonna need ’em. 😛

    Was it a really narrow road so you couldn’t pass him? I would have gotten fed up after like 5 minutes. O.O

    I’m SO lazy with salads. I usually just have some veggies on top of lettuce and call it a day. But it’s definitely awesome summer food. Last summer I made a huuuge salad every week to last the whole week. It’d take me about an hour to prepare haha.

  9. Seeing your jar of Crofter’s reminded me I have a jar of South America in my pantry right now…I need to dig into that, it’s the best stuff! Your salad looks so delicious, I love apples with greens. It gives them such a nice crunch!

  10. Michelle

    I’ve also really started craving salad lately! Must be the summer weather…that’s currently not here considering it is gray outside and raining. 😦

  11. That salad looks FANTASTIC! It’s really putting me in a salad mood and I’m terrible at creating enormous lasting salads so it looks like I’m using yours (:

  12. I hate the heat!! And it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow 😦 Good thing: my pools open. Bad thing: I haven’t had time to go in it!

    I tried those Nut Clusters a couple weeks ago. They were really tasty!

  13. Ugh that sounds like a crap drive – poor you! Is Karma a horse or a dog…? Or something else entirely? Whatever it is, it still sucks to be bitten!! I heard about an American man a few months back that had his arm bitten off by a STALLION. A HORSE bit his arm OFF!!?? He died 😦
    Your breakfast, lunch and dinner all looks like things I would wolf down 😀
    Have a good Wednesday!
    (oh and PS – due to your advice, I am getting a camera for my bday!!)

  14. I love that coffee mug!!

  15. Hahaha I totally second your idea to make kahlua oats! Who knows… next time I’m having a rough morning those might just be given a try… kidding (sort of)!

    I get mad cravings for salads in the summers too. Yours looks like an awesome combo! 🙂

  16. i haven’t had the europe crofter’s. i have both south america and north america in my fridge right now and they are okay. i don’t like the addition of cherries in my jellies / jams 😦

  17. Ahh, yay for salads being back in your life! I too have been craving them with the sudden high temps! I had a huge one on set today with dried cherries and walnuts but they had icky dressing, the worst!

    I love the leftover chickpea cutlets too…can’t get enough of them. It is so funny, looking at your oats, I am really missing them only after two days! I guess tomorrow I might have to take some to go in a jar since all they have at work is omelets and gross fruit…bacon and biscuits. hmm, not really what I want at 7am…

    I haven’t tried that Crofters yet but decided for a whole foods mixed berry after seeing it was 2 dollars cheaper the other day.

  18. Dee

    giirrl, i feel you on the heat. we’ve got our AC on full blast too… crazyness!

    hmmm… i don’t think I’ve put anything really crazy in my oats before… I guess I’m just boring! 😉 lol.

    ps. zomg your salad looks amaze! yummerz!

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