Artichoke Experiences

Monday Monday! Soo…let’s see…three weeks from now I’ll be a brand new Haffie momma πŸ™‚

Speaking of becoming a Haffie momma, I had to totally distract myself from eBay this morning with this lovely bowl of figgy plum oats. Fun fact? eBay must be Β in the dictionary, since spell check doesn’t underline it. Figgy, however, is not.

The Base:

Topped with:

  • chia-flax icing
  • chopped cashews
  • homemade cashew…uh, spread
  • and a chutney of the rest of the plum and a dried Turkish fig, simmered in some almond milk and maple syrup.

Oh, yes – with my hands busy spooning this into my mouth, there was no way I could bid on a beautiful dressage saddle I could kind of afford but shouldn’t if that makes any sense. It hurt my heart, but I’m doing okay now.

Coffee helped too – in the form of Green Mountain’s Rain Forest Nut. After crashing at 9:30 I was pretty ready to start the morning without it – but who would want to do something like that?

Thanks to everyone who offered up nut butter thoughts!! I guess I just didn’t do it anywhere near long enough – I didn’t even process for 5 minutes I don’t think! Next time I’ll go a little longer, but I don’t want to completely burn out my blender. I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with, for my blender being what it is. Hey, it tastes pretty darn good if I say so myself, and at least I can spread it, right? Next up will definitely be figgy peanut butter. I’m pretty pumped. And I’ll definitely let it go for a longer period of time.

Nommage packed for the morning included some homemade Laraballs and a banana

I challenge you to find someone who says this isn't just plain adorable.

…and for lunch, I ignored last night’s experiences of having too much bread for my chickpea cutlet and used bread again today. I’m sorry — but logistically, I just could. not. use a wrap when this delicious, fresh loaf of seeded multigrain was sitting in the bread basket. I think it’s against the law or something. So, I compromised – I had the heel end of my loaf from last week and decided that itty bitty piece might not be too much for it.

I did, however, go minimal on the add-ons. I think the ranch really overpowered it moreso than the bread – so today I just mixed a little bit of apricot-mango jam, dijon, and greek yogurt together, and spread on, in addition to some local lettuce. I grabbed a gala and a caraml oikos was good to go! I guess I sort of lied just there, though. I just spread on all those ingredients separately. I did no mixing beforehand, who do I look like here? Honestly.

This was the perfect combo! I remembered Katie’s post in which she made a sauce like this, but with chicken. I found apricot-mango jam (last time I copied this, I didn’t think I had any) and everything went perfectly together. Yum!

In between lunch and my afternoon snack, I sipped a gargantuan Hazelnut iced coffee. We were hoppin’ at work today, so it was definitely necessary! It was one of those perfect days, where you’re working along like crazy and then look at the clock and realize about three hours have passed since you last glanced. I kept wondering why I was hungry all day, and then realized it wasn’t that it was different than usual – but time just kept flying! Love days like these – reminds me of why I love my work!

Know who else I love? Nicole for sending me these Prana and Boomi Bars!

I tried the Apricot Pumpkin Pranabar today with enzyme power! Enzyme’s, say you? I think that’s a future post topic! I don’t know much about them and feel some research is necessary πŸ™‚ The stats: (click to enlarge)

This bar was awesome. It was definitely a different pumpkin flavor than you typically find, and I love the unique flavor combo. Since the pumpkin came from pumpkin seeds, not pumpkin puree, it had a lovely crunch to break up the soft goo from the date paste.


  • unique flavor
  • great flavor and texture (though messy – we’ll get to that)
  • loved that the pumpkin came from pumpkin seeds, was a nice change from most pumpkin flavored bars that are reminiscent of a pumpkin pie
  • awesome ingreds and stats
  • pretty sure the wrapper sings for itself!


  • I felt it would be perfectly sweet enough without agave as the second ingredient, or at least less agave. Towards the end it got a bit overpowering.
  • very messy and stick. I think I’d probably drive into the ditch if I ate this in the car.

I would certainly say the pros outweigh the few cons, no?

Before I knew it, I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 – time to gooooo, and my stomach agreed. I was glad to remember I had dinner mostly waiting for me.

I prepared an artichoke yesterday while I was making my dinner so that all I would have to do was re-heat it. I paired it with some leftover chickpea mixture from the other night, and when I got home thought I’d like some broccoli, too – which I was able to quickly roast (!!!!) via toaster-oven.

I’m not going to lie. I wasn’t sure if you eat the whole artichoke leaf of just pick at it with your teeth. Rather than google this, I decided to just try eating the whole leaf. Uh, weird…but okay. Do it again. Think maybe you ought to google the subject – I mean, it’s called an artichoke. I didn’t want to eat something that would potentially kill me. Realize you are, in fact – just intended to scrape the stuffing off with your teeth. Whoops.

Hopefully, my stomach isn’t screaming at me later. I guess it’s not bad, just incredibly fibrous. And after my first artichoke experience, I think I’ll just stick to the canned hearts. It wasn’t bad…but the canned hearts are soo gooodd.

Someone make me feel better and tell me your stories of kitchen mishaps.

The first time I had a mango I didn’t bother peeling it.

I swear, I wasn’t even dropped on my head as a baby, either.



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20 responses to “Artichoke Experiences

  1. I tried to eat endamame (sp?) shells at a cheapo college Japanese take out place – I mean, I know some people eat the shells, but I could NOT figure out why they were so fuzzy and tough to chew (I was thinking about snap peas).

    I love artichokes too, but I can’t stand the brine they come in! It totally overpowers their flavor :-/

  2. Haha, your posts always bring a smile to my face! πŸ™‚ Once I tried thickening a glaze/sauce on the stove top, but I didn’t watch it closely enough and it completely evaporated! Oops!

    That apricot-mango jam sounds awesome!!!

  3. Mo

    Haha I have no idea how to even approach an artichoke. πŸ˜› I’m not a huge fan of the hearts (haven’t had them in a while so we’ll have to see how that’s changed; I think I disliked them as a kid because they have a nasty name) but buying fresh ones always seems like such a waste to me. Don’t you only get one heart per artichoke? Lot of food scraps. o.O

    Kitchen mishaps… uhhh. The thing is, I always ask about a food or research it before I attempt to eat it because I’m afraid of doing something wrong with it. BUT I break dishes and bowls a lot. I dropped a big glass bowl which promptly shattered into several million pieces, and then a month later I exploded its smaller counterpart because for some reason I thought it would be a BRILLIANT idea to make a double-boiler out of it.
    And I was dropped as a baby. I rolled down a hill and under a parked car in the middle of winter. If I ever do something stupid, it’s my excuse. πŸ˜›

  4. Just so you know, I am totally regretting not making figgy plum oats a la you when I had the chance. I guess that just means one day we will have to have breakfast together ;).
    Thanks for the review on Pranabars and Bomibars. I’ve actually been checking them out at Whole Foods quite a bit. I must say, though, I’m a bit turned off my agave being such a large ingredient. Boo.
    And I absolutely love that you can admit your foodie fumbles. But hey, if I didn’t know, I’d probably eat the whole leaf myself, too. I love me some fiber, but maybe that’s just taking it a bit too far :P. Don’t feel too bad, though, I had quite the kitchen mishap last week. I burnt myself on the stove and I wasn’t even cooking! Nor was the stove on! Strange, strange.
    Anyway, your dinner looks delish. You have managed to incorporate my favorite foods, broccoli and chickpeas, in such a great way. I’m also really starting to like artichokes, but haven’t actually had the jarred hearts yet. Is it weird that the first thing I wanted when I got a steamer was an artichoke? Haha. Dreams do come true.

    Have a lovely day!

  5. i love the artichokes and chickpea meal combo! that sounds pretty grand!
    and congrats.. u’ll be haffie momma-licious! ❀

  6. That artichoke dish looks completely delicious. I’ve never ever tried tackling a “real” artichoke before but the canned ones are just so darn convenient. And if I HAD I’m sure I would have definitely tried to chow down on the entire leaf as well, no worries! I’ll attempt to eat anything that just MIGHT be edible. More fun to find out the answer via experience, no? Well except if you do end up choking on that answer… ha. ha.

  7. Even if you didn’t know how to eat it, you get props for cooking one!! Stuffed artichokes were a treat from my grandmother when I was younger because they took her so long to make. I still haven’t worked up the courage to attempt it myself!

  8. I admire you for attacking that artichoke – I’d be far too scared!!
    Hmm kitchen mishaps…they happen to me ALL THE TIME. Hence why I can’t remember any, they’re so commonplace they’re not worth remembering! My mum once spent the day making a massive lasagne for the whole fmily – as they were walking down the path, she got it out of the oven and the wholedish split and the lasagne went EVERYWHERE. Poor lady!! It sucked 😦
    Have a good Tuesday!

  9. hee hee. My great grandma used to make delicious stuffed artichokes, and I loved them…but I’m too scared of artichokes to try them myself! They get really weird on the inside, I feel like it’s going to turn into Little Shop of Horrors and eat me!

  10. Your artichoke photos look straight out of a food magazine! Beautiful! Also, I totally went to the store and asked where the plums were (I thought adding them into oats was a great idea and wanted to try it!) and they said they aren’t in stores yet. Weird?! I guess my figgy plum oats will have to be achieved later in life. And I hope these 3 weeks pass quickly for you! So exciting!!

  11. I’ve never seen stuffed artichokes like that. They look delicious. πŸ™‚


  12. I am sure you will be fine from eating the whole artichoke. My boyf is allergic so it has been a while since I’ve bought one (actually, I never have for myself either other than the hearts) but my parents used to prepare them and we pulled them apart to dip in a lemon, butter mixture. I remember it being delicious. Figgy plum oats sound great! I don’t blame ya for wanting to eat the chickpea patties on some tasty bread, I am sure I would do if I had some! OK, off to work lady…have a great day!

  13. Oh, I’ve had way too many to even remember. Kitchen mishaps + me = constant thing.

  14. I’m terrified of roasting artichokes. They’re just a vegetable, I know, but they’re intimidating. Funny story about mangoes: my best friend is allergic, and I made a fruit salad for her birthday last year and added some mango juice to keep it fresh. Clearly wasn’t thinking…oops. Thankfully she’s not super allergic, but I felt horrible for giving her huge, puffy lips and bloodshot eyes!

  15. i really can’t handle fresh chokes, I have tried them many times, and just stick to canned or spring for frozen no weird liquid…


  16. I am an artichoke girl. Ryan and I devour them…but yes…they do upset my stomach sometimes. I love the idea of adding chickpeas on top…so delicious! I am about to leave on a week long trip to NYC and I’m nervous to be away from home for so long! I will keep you updated about how my eats go, and I will be checking your blog daily, jealous of all your home cooked meals!

  17. Dee

    Prana bar! I think I’m obsessed!

    Dude, your photos are just awesome! Even if I’ve eaten, I still get hungry looking at them! πŸ˜‰

    I ate the edamame skin once. My first time trying it. I was like, “Um… this doesn’t taste good.” My friend was like, “pop the pod thingy out”… and finally I managed to get out, “Ohhh”. LOL! I was mortified! And red in the face! πŸ˜€

  18. Awesome post! All the food looks great, I’m not one for artichoke though the burgers look really yummy!

  19. I have been wanting to try a Prana bar and you just made me want to even more, sounds great!

  20. Michelle

    I must say I love how you pose your food outside. Like the apple and the oikos in the plant. It makes your food look even more spectacular!

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