Feeling Fresh

Eek – the weekend’s here already! Are the days flying by for anybody else, too?! I feel like it was just the new year…and like I just started blogging yesterday! Crazy how time flies, eh? Does anybody have any fun plans for the weekend?! I think it’s supposed to be a great one.

I was feeling fresh in the kitchen this morning – and pretty relieved that I was still craving hot oats with gooey hot toppings because it was hot last night. I wasn’t sure if I would, for a first, wake up and crave overnight oats or something like that. Nope!

I did, however – do things a little differently. Remember this Bossa Nova juice I tried a while back? Well, they were on sale recently and I picked up two more flavors. This one – acai with raspberry – replaced water in this morning’s oat mix, and milk in this morning’s icing.

The base:

and topped with:

  • chia-acai icing
  • honey roasted peanuts
  • shredded unsw coconut
  • Naturally Nutty Mocha PB
  • and a compote of some sliced strawberries and dates simmered in some almond milk and maple syrup

Yeah…this bowl was, technically speaking, what hopes and dreams are made of. And yes, you guessed it – strawberries were on sale yesterday. I shed tears of joy right there in the aisles. Blueberries are still $3.99 for a handful, though. And that’s if you have small hands – it’s probably half a handful for moi.

I still went the hot coffee route this morning (lets face it, hot coffee was my only choice. That or lukewarm, and obviously the former is more pleasant.) and opted for Green Mountain’s Rain Forest Nut.

All in all, by the time all this was packed away, I was ready to show this 90* day who was boss. I’m still not sure who is boss, though, because it’s certainly not me. And in case oyu were wondering about the Bossa Nova juice – this was a great flavor, too! I remember loving the mango. Raspberry is really true to flavor, as well. It’s not sweetened so much that the tartness of raspberries is disguised – it is definitely still there in a pleasant way. I’m not a huge juice fan, but enjoy them when I’m just not feeling water. And it made the icing hands-down amazing.

For morning nommage I packed away this forgotten-about banana. Luckily, I don’t discriminate and while it would be perfect for oats or to freeze and make soft serve…well, it just spoke to me this morning. Only about 1/4 of it was tossed – which is ironic, considering the fact that it would still be eaten if it was whipped into oats or ice cream.A  homemade Laraball accompanied it. It’s the version I made yesterday that I don’t even know what to call it, so we’ll settle on coconerry chialmondberry. For coconut-cherry chia seed almond with wolfberry protein powder.

I totally forgot about the lentil-bulghur salad I made about a week ago – but I had enough left for one sandwich, and I smelled no funk so I did it up. It still tasted wonderful (if not better – these flavors all intensify as time passes) so hopefully I’m in the clear.

I’m not one for iceberg lettuce, but since I tend to forget the most important things at the grocery store, I forgot spinach. In my defense, I thought I had plenty, but I noticed yesterday it’s starting to taste a little funky, and this morning it smelled a little funky. I figured I was already pushing my luck with the salad and wouldn’t push my luck with the spinach, too. Anyways – the iceberg was actually a pleasant switch-up. It’s been a while since I’ve had a sandwich cold with some sort of lettuce. I’m sure it will be happening more often with summer approaching, though.

PLUMS ARE BACK!! Does this make you as happy as it makes me? Once again, almost started weeping in the grocery aisles. Nothing makes me happier than a fresh, juicy, ripe plum. Actually, plenty of things do…but it all depends on the time and place. I snagged a caramel oikos that strangely had no expiration date stamped on it, and since I’m still alive to type this, I guess it was okay. I think it’s been in there a while, though. Annnnd to round things off, a couple Snyder’s Butter Snaps. That’s the last of my bag, and I didn’t allow myself to buy any more yesterday since they’re all. I’ve. been. eating. lately. And I have two other unopened bags of muchies like pita chips and pop chips. I’m enforcing some rules, here, people. Regardless, I had plenty of food without the pretzels, so they were brought home to save for tonight’s snack. With Sunbutter. You betcha.

I wasn’t feelin’ any flavor in particular when it came to bars this morning, so I grabbed the first one my hand touched out of the ones Nicole hooked me up with. It just so happened to be this Apricot Cashew Boomi Bar.

What did I think about it? holycowitwassofreakinggoodialmostdied. That about sums it up. I love how it’s similar to a Lara in that it’s pretty much just fruit and nut based – but I love that it’s different from a Lara in that it has more texture. Sometimes, you just want a lil’ more crunch, na’mean? That and I’m glad to see their flavors aren’t similar at all.

The cashews were kept in larger hunks, and puffed rice and amaranth was in the bar as well, which produced a lovely crunch spread throughout, rather than just soft from the apricots and dates. I cannot wait to try the rest, and I’m in the process of writing to letters to every food store within a hundred mile radius politely demanding they carry these. I’dbe okay with driving a hundred miles for them, I think.

I was at a loss for dinner tonight, and wanted to rely on dinner in a can. That and, I’ve never had baked beans from a can before and needed to follow Caitlin’s lead.

You may remember when I attempted this with “my own” version of “baked beans” and really liked it. I was interested how this would stand up. Verdict? I prefer mine. It was definitely a “I don’t feel like dirtying dishes and cleaning up” kinda night, though, so they were much appreciated. I couldn’t place my finger on what they reminded me of, but then it hit me: spaghetti o’s.

I also had some fresh corn on the cob with a liiil bit o’ butter and salt. I used to hate corn on the cob, but since having it a week ago I’ve been craving it. It was 6/$2.50 yesterday so I jumped on it. And yes, it hit the spot. I actually had another small ear after this, and abandoned ship on half the beans. Ah well.

And yes, I was definitely singing Weezer’s “Pork & Beans” while making this, except subbing pork for tater.



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18 responses to “Feeling Fresh

  1. Every time I open a can of baked beans it reminds me of the Van Camp’s Beanie Weenie song. I need to get those bars for my husband. He eats them when he goes on trips. I noticed that icing was pink today…so pretty! You seem chipper today! I am dragging my butt today! Could you send some of that energy this way??? We are at the park all day tomorrow and then dinner with family…should be fun!

  2. Ahh sweet potato and baked beans, such a good combo. I am also not a big juice drinker but adding it to my oats might be something I could work with. I have some tart cherry juice at the boy’s that I may have to try soon. I have yet to try the Boomi bars but you had me with “lara with more crunch” ummm, yes please!

    Oh, weekend plans…a baseball game (first one ever…just was never my thing that I know of) and wrap party for the film my boy is working on. There are a few actors I can’t wait to meet…

  3. Dee

    I’ve been dying to try Caitlin’s sweet potatoes and baked beans recipe!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Foodie twin! I just bought a bag of plums today. We are such soulmates 🙂

    I can’t believe it’s already mid-way (actually, nearing the end of May.. eep!) I’m pretty sure I slept straight through March and April.

    I love the purple hue that the juice gave your oats — beautiful, just beautiful. Though I may be bias, I’m a purple FREAK-A-LEAK!

  5. I can’t believe it’s already the weekend!!! I have fun plans tomorrow and tomorrow night so I’m SUPER excited!
    Using the juice to make oats is completely GENIUS!!! I have some POM juice that I need to use up.. hm.. may give that a try!
    I love the baked beans on a sweet potato! But I like Amy’s maple baked beans, they are delicious! You just have to be picky with the brand you choose. But if you can make amazing baked beans yourself than hey.. go for it girl!
    Love you dear! Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Those boomi bars look great!! I think I’d like them better than laras. I like some crunch sometimes too!

  7. Michelle

    I get you with the whole not picking up spinach thing. It looked like I had plenty of salad mix, but once I picked it up to make a salad it spontaneously started gooping. Um, gross 😉

  8. Oh my gosh, I want a Boomi Bar! They sound delicious! Darnit, you guys have the BEST products over there 😦
    That banana, to me, looks perfect – I like my bananas really black !
    I had to LOL at the spinach thing too – food poisoning from spinach!? You’d be the first I reckon!! When my spinach starts to look funky, I just blend it 😛 I must have avery strong tolerence/immunity to disease by now!

  9. I’m so glad you love them! I haven’t even broken into them yet because I have so many bars in my pantry right now. I can’t wait, hopefully some stores will carry these and we won’t have to drive to Lancaster PA to get them. I need to make more faux larabar ball things..I haven’t made them in a couple of weeks..I think this is the weekend. Have a good one! 🙂

  10. Boomi Bars sound fantastic! And I bet that lentil-bulghur salad was really good.. sometimes stuff tasted better after it “mingles” for awhile as Rachael Ray says! Your dinner looks so nice and summery. Have a great weekend!

  11. Obsessed with the looks of that lentil bulgur salad. My dad would be all over that too- he loves lentils!! I can’t believe it’s almost June either. It’s definitely true that the older you get, the faster time goes!! I wouldn’t mind as much if my favorite (warm) months didn’t seem to fly by especially quickly! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. I love it when berries are on sale! Although, the non-sale prices don’t stop me. I picked up a $6 container of blueberries yesterday. Eek! The sale prices just mean I can buy TWO containers instead of one. 😉

    Corn is the ultimate summer food! One of my favourite summer dishes is a salad with corn, tomato, red onion, cilantro and feta. So delicious!

  13. homemade larabar!!? total yumminess for a snack 🙂
    have you tried the boomi bar cashew & almond? ahh its my favorite. it has kind of a buttery taste which I love.

  14. Your pictures look awesome! They are each so sharp looking 🙂
    Oooo that lentil lunch sounds good.

  15. Isn’t sweet potato + baked beans the greatest combo? A little high in sugar, but damn good!

  16. LARABALL how cute is that!!!! hehe larbar but as a ball!! mm and a perfectly ripe banana!!!! i need to try sweet potato and beans! seems like such a perfect combo!!

  17. Love that you make your own Laraballs – so cute and portable. I need to get out my food processor to make some of my own one day. And your homemade veggie burger looks delicious.

  18. I have been wanting to try a Boomi Bar, thanks for the review!

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