Everything’s Better with Cheddar

So, I guess I’m sort of a hoarder. Not in a “TLC-life series” sort of way, but in a “ee gad I won’t be able to find this again for I don’t know how long, do I really have to use it?” sort of way. Case in point: all of the canned pumpkin in our cupboards. Which, that pumpkin shortage is a total hoax, I can walk into price chopper this very minute and bathe in pumpkin if i wanted to. other showing of this? a plum i’ve had sitting since i went grocery shopping the week before last. i guess plums are out of season now, because where they once sat, there is a whole hoard of clementines pointing and laughing at my mourning. i don’t want clementines. i want plums.

well, i knew it was almost use it or lose it – plums aren’t canned, after all – and decided that the only way to give my beloved plums the proper funeral was in figgy plum oats. so i did it up with style.

the casket:

the outfit:

  • chia-flax icing
  • naturally nutty mocha pb
  • chopped mixed nuts
  • and a compote of the rest of the plum and a chopped dried fig simmered in almond milk and maple syrup.

It was a good funeral, but anything with figs goes without saying. Enjoyed with green mountain as per usual…in the French Vanilla variety. Oh, how I love having a stocked cupboard of K-Cups.

This morning I once again woke up to gloomy skies – but I was okay with it. Why? Well, this weekend is suppsoed to be beautiful. Sunday, at least. I’ll take what I can get.

For morning snackage, I packed the usual banana and a Tera’s Whey Acai Berry protein shake – dilluted as usual.

I guess I was feeling rather savory this morning, as for lunch I packed a bbq tempeh panini on my homemade bread. It had baby spinach, roasted red pepper, and the last of my canned mushrooms and bbq tempeh. I used a little bit of BBQ sauce, too. Β It was a bit different from a usual lunch for me and was a little too much on the savory side. Oh well! The bread didn’t grow on me either, but it panini’d up quite nicely regardless.

It might have been better with some sharp cheddar. Know what else would be better with sharp cheddar? My whine. We’ll get there.

I packed this terrific trio to go along with it – though shortly after, that apple fell off the board as I was carrying it in and, once again, was donated to the horsey salad bowl. Luckily, that was one one of a giant bag of galas. And in case you were wondering about that missing hunk, why yes, I did think I wanted a Dr. Kracker last night and took a nibble only to decide I instead wanted pretzels.

Kardea Nutrition sent me a sampler pack of their bars to review, and this is my first one: chai spice. Lets take a moment to imagine my excitement when I saw that as a flavor! They immediately scored points for originality! I’d seen these bars on tons of other bloggers, so was excited to try them myself, too. It’s got pretty good ingredients, but it does use soy protein. This girl says it best here, and many of you know I’m not a huge fan of soy protein. I have, since my last rant about soy, however – realized that if I have gmo soy every so often, it’s not such a big deal. Regardless, I still avoid it if at all possible. If there’s a soy protein bar next to a non-gmo protein bar, I’ll likely buy the latter. So, take the soy protein for what it’s worth. On that fact alone, I can’t say I’d make these a daily bar – but since the ingredients are otherwise great, they’re low in sugar, for a protein bar are on the smaller side calorie wise (take that for what it’s worth, as well – positive for some people, negative for others) AND have a rockin’ chai spice flavor – I can’t say I’d boycott them entirely πŸ˜‰

Each bar (well, I think, anyways) has 7g of Fiber and 7g protein, and are naturally sweetened. And, as I mentioned – this chai spice flavor is drop dead, roll over in your grave amazing. With all the natural bars on the market, you’ve got to have something to make you stand out – and this unique flavor definitely does. I don’t think I can stress how perfectly the hit the nail right on the head with the spices – but! it’s not too spicy. Have you ever accidentally made your chai tea too strong and it sort of burns your tongue? Nope, not like that. I also love the texture – similar to that of a Larabar, which is what I prefer when it comes to consistency and texture. One thing I will mention, however – is that if you’re very picky about texture, you may notice a slight “grittiness,” almost, to it. It didn’t turn me off by any means (maybe because it tasted so perfect) but just one thing to mention.

Today flew by at work. I hardly knew where the day went! It seemed like all of a sudden the skies were clear and sunny, and soon after that, it was time to go home. I think during school, I was subconsciously stressed out by it…I didn’t have a heavy workload in terms of school work, but now that I’m out for the summer – I feel so. much. more. relaxed. The only thing I can think is that I detested school even more than I’d thought. I’m glad to be back to my normal “I love work” self, though.Β And, rare for me – I hadn’t even thought about dinner. I loosely thought about portobello burgers this morning since I’ve got portobello caps – but late afternoon was really craving a sweet potato.

So, I turned to an old faithful, and something I hadn’t had in a while. A kale-apple saute in a sweet potato!

I just microwave-baked a sweet potato while quickly sauteeing some kale in a bit of water. Seasoned with salt and pepper and added in a chopped gala and some chopped red pepper. I also used the last of my apple-maple baked tempeh in it, and topped everything with some curry powder and cashews. Hit the spot, that is for durn sure!

And now I’m off πŸ™‚ I’m thinking I might go to the farmer’s market tomorrow! Anyone have any exciting plans?!


I’ll Have the Sharp Cheddar with my Whine

So I haven’t spoken much of the “horse shopping” lately. Probably because I haven’t gone to see any lately, and am getting quite frustrated. It may seem easy – just find a horse, right? And sure, it’s fun at first – but once you’ve explored all your possibilities, you’ve sort of just got to wait until new ones pop up.

That’s not so easy to do when you’re dying to get back in the saddle. And the dressage ring. I’m not going to whine too badly to all you guys, but I will say we were sort of waiting a while (uh, three weeks, actually) to see a pony next week that my mom and I both felt really good about – thus sort of putting our search on hold. I called last night to set specifics and now we’ve yet to hear back from the lady, and I have this awful feeling in my gut that she’s going to change her mind on selling him. (in general, not to us) Maybe I could just be being pessimistic and she’s simply busy or has yet to get the message (I hope!) but I’m not so sure. So, that’s just a quickie update for you guys. Like I said, not going to whine or complain Β (that’s me telling myself that, in case you didn’t notice, haha)- there are worse things that could be happening for sure, and everything happens for a reason – I will find the right one eventually πŸ™‚ Keep your fingers crossed for me! πŸ™‚

Horse shopping is trickier than you’d think πŸ˜‰ Anyone wanna ship me a Haflinger pony? I swear they’re everywhere but the northeast!


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19 responses to “Everything’s Better with Cheddar

  1. lol i love that u said u realize how much more u hate school lol. amen amen amen hehe. i have yet to try sunflower seed butter. im really into seed butters in general, given hemp and pumpkin being my fav… but im not a big tahini/sesame butter fan tho. anyways, enjoy ur relaxing break from school! u’ll be able to sleep peacefully now hehe. XOXO

  2. thanks for the shout out, girl! i had the same thought the other day… i bought some dark chocolate-covered edamame and was like SCREW IT. we won’t die πŸ™‚

    oh, and no, vermont is one of the few states i haven’t been to! it looks gorgeous though! maybe when i go i’ll conquer my fear of horses… eek!

  3. I was *this* close to trying the chai spice today but opted for oats instead! Now I wish I’d eaten it! Maybe tomorrow. Oh and I’m not kind of a hoarder, I think I’m certified.
    Also I really love canned mushrooms and didn’t think anyone else did too!
    I really hope you find the right horse/pony for you. I remember the second time around when I was “horse shopping,” the horse I finally got was the twentieth I had gone to ride! I always enjoyed being on the lookout for horses though… it sure as hell beats trying to sell one in my opinion.

  4. TJ’s sunflower seed butter is one of the most amazing discoveries I’ve made since shopping there… that is all. πŸ™‚

  5. I’ll admit I’m kind of a hoarder myself. My family even gave me my own pantry :P. However, it is nice to have things on hand so you can be prepared for any craving. That being said, I can tell your hoarding also came to good use. Figgy plum oats sounds SO good! I’ve been loving plum oats lately.

    With the matter of soy, I try to avoid it as well. Maybe avoid isn’t the right word though; instead, I just try to not have GMO soy if possible. I make sure that my tofu and tempeh is GMO free, and even that I don’t eat all the time. I believe that food is best straight from the source so no soy-protein isolate if I can help it. A perfectly spiced chai tea bar does sound quite tempting, though… I ADORE chai tea spices but unfortunately not many things are spiced as such.

    And with your horse shopping, I wish you the best of luck. My best friend’s mom went through that multiple times and I can remember it was quite a process. In the end it will all be worth it. It’s all about finding the right horse for you and really building a relationship. If it takes a little bit longer, it won’t matter in the long run because you’ll be truly happy. I do hope the lady calls you back though! If it’s meant to be, it will be.

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Good luck with the horse shopping, I’m really crossing my fingers that you get that horse!!!
    The kale with the apple is one of my most favorite combinations EVER!! The sweetness of the apple balances out the slight bitterness of the kale, making for absolute heaven.. especially when paired with a sweet potato! Of course, what ISN’T good with a sweet potato? Nothing. I rest my case. Ok well I can think of a FEW things but you get my drift…
    Have a great night lady!

    • And by the way, about the Teeccino, it DOES taste like coffee!!! I admit there is a slight… fruity? taste but it’s super close to coffee. I think you would really enjoy it! If I pair that with some tea, I get both my caffeine fix and my coffee taste fix without the acidity of the coffee, which is bad for my acid reflux. I would definitely look for it! It comes in just a plain coffee flavors as well as other flavors like French Vanilla and Hazelnut.

  7. Mo

    HA the pumpkin shortage was BS. There was pumpkin all over the place. Then again, I did kind of stock my entire pantry with pumpkin and didn’t have a reason to look for pumpkin for ages so it’s possible I just helped with the shortage by getting to it first. πŸ˜‰ I haven’t even SEEN plums yet! o.O I saw some crappy-looking white peaches today though. A fly was on one. Yum.

    Aww, I hope you get a pony/horse soon. 😦

  8. Michelle

    I just found your blog and I’m absolutely in love with it. Your eats look amazing, I swear we’re food twins!

  9. I had some figgy oats today too…in jar form in the car…classy, I know. At least your compote made it a little..

    I am definitely a fellow Lara texture fan so I have a feeling the Kardeas would be right up my alley!

    Oh, and I also had some bbq tempeh for lunch but in a wrap form with kale and hummus, yes, twas delicious with a gala to go alongside.

    It is great you are feeling relaxed and into the work groove now that school is over…love that feeling.

    Good luck with the horse situation, I hope it works out soon for you! Can you believe I have never been on a horse…crazy stuff. I saw two today being pulled by a truck in their little cage (what is that called..trailer?) and seriously swooned at their beautiful faces while driving…trying not to get into an accident in the middle of PA…true story.

    night lady!

  10. You DON’T want canned pumpkin?? Good gosh. That stuff here (doesn’t exist) is like gold dust!
    Love your dinner, that looks and sounds SO good!!
    IOh and I’m glad someone else has a horsey bowl πŸ˜› I have a box set aside with old apples, bits of broccoli, carrot trimmings, bread crusts etc fo Chika – she gets so happy πŸ˜›
    Gah, people changing their mind re selling horses – SO frustrating! Is it a Haflinger you’re after then? There’s 2 that live down the road from me πŸ˜› not that that helps…
    And ohmygosh, shoudl I get excited that you mentioned shipping costs to me!!?? πŸ˜€

  11. I’m such a pantry hoarder! and before I run out of something I MUST replace it just in case I really want it when there’s none left (like I have nothing else to choose from in my pantry…) It’s funny about the pumpkin shortage because you can get pumpkin in main stream food stores but I asked about it in Trader Joe’s when I went and they said there was a shortage so they don’t have any! Which is kind of weird but I’m guessing it has to do with the freshness of Trader Joe’s things?? Maybe, maybe not.Good luck with the horse shopping, you can complain here! πŸ™‚

  12. your. pictures. are. stunning!!
    professional? I think so. haha

    i love BBQ tempeh too!! such a great summer meal πŸ™‚

  13. Ahh that chai spiced bar sounds awesome! I love chai flavours. Chai lattes from Starbucks are my CRACK!

    Good luck with the horse shopping! I hope it all works out for you girl. πŸ™‚

  14. Um, could you please stop hoarding the pumpkin??? I can’t find it ANYWHERE here! I think you like apples as much as I do! I eat about two (maybe three) everyday.

    As for the horse, I know it is hard. My sister got so frustrated before she found hers a month ago. She would call me crying over the frustration. There has to be a good fit. Horses are amazing creatures and they really feel right or wrong. You know I have my fingers crossed! I hope you find yours soon! Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Initially I didn’t care for the TJ’s Sunflower Butter but now I really like it! And it doesn’t give me a stomach ache or make my skin breakout so that is a hit in my book!!

    I’m sorry about the horse, if I could ship one to you I’d do it in a second. πŸ™‚

  16. Dee

    BBQ Tempeh sounds amazing! I just bought my first batch of Tempeh from Whole Foods today. I cannot wait to try it out!

  17. I just had the chai bar for the first time yesterday, and it was awesome! Have you had the lemon zinger flavor yet? Hard to choose which one is better…

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