Do You Want Two Free Points?

Don’t get your hopes up – no giveaway here! But, I loved reading everyone’s thoughts about my “portion distortion” blurb. Sounds like it’s a general consensus among us that it has gotten a bit crazy! One thing I wanted to make sure to bring up was Katie’s point that a “serving size” isn’t necessarily the right size for everybody – take for instance, an athlete vs. someone lounging around all day. ย I should have thought to point that out, but for some reason was thinking too black and white, as ashamed as I am to admit! I was more stuck on the serving size people expect vs what a “true” on is – leading them to believe they are maybe eating better than they are. The important thing to remember is to eat according to our body – you can’t compare your portions to anybody else because we’re all different and require different types and amounts of food as fuel. If your body needs more than what may be listed as a serving size, by all means – don’t let a box tell you what to do. I was morseso stressing about those who are sort of blindsided by the fact that they’re not taking in what they think they’re taking in.ย An interesting point from Maggie was that hamburgers in restaurants are often 8 oz – two “servings”!

Moving on to this morning, though. As I mentioned last night, I had an 8:00 exam this morning. Grumble. Of course, that doesn’t mean waking up much earlier but there’s a difference between going to an exam first thing in the morning and going to work, thank you.

I was contemplating overnight oats, but am glad I passed. Nothing does it like hot oats! I even managed to keep my hand out of the cookie fig jar this morning, even though the thought of using a pear just could not be shook! I was thinking about mixing it up – but my mind would not have been satisfied.

Instead, I had some simple pear oats with maple, as always!

The Base:

Topped with:

  • Chia-Flax Icing
  • Naturally Nutty White Choco Cherry Almond Butter
  • chopped mixed nuts (mostly Brazil)
  • and a compote of the rest of the chopped pear, with some dried maple-sweetened cranberries simmered in some almond milk and maple syrup.

I thought it was time to remind myself that the breakfast world does not revolve around figs and dates. Actually, I still think it does…but at least life goes on without them ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love living in the northeast because we have maple-sweetened everything. Actually, you guys probably have maple-sweetened everything, too. Oh, well.

Enjoyed with my [last] Green Mountain Rain Forest Nut k-cup. I let myself run out of coffee again. just about, anyway.

..and then, I finally convinced myself to put actual pants on rather than sweats, and boogied to class. I probably should have just worn sweats, however, as the pants I chose I tend to shy away from because the fly never stays up. I bet you wanted to know that. In addition, by the time I got to class I was a little concerned I was going to die inside that room because every other second someone was coughing or sniffling. Dude, blow your nose already.

Uh, anyway. Exam went okay. My favorite question was “Do you want two free points? (yes/no) HINT: answer yes and get two free points.” My answer was: “yes, please.” I almost wrote “It won’t help me much but I’ll take ’em.” though.

I finished up within an hour and was on my way home. I had plans to do a video, and first grabbed a banana.

The yoga was quite fun, I must say. I haven’t done yoga in eons! After seeing Nicole always talking about yoga download, I finally gave it a go. I’ve been thinking it would be really beneficial for getting back into riding.

also consumed: quinoa-bulghur muffin.

I prepped some veggies to roast, as well as tempeh, and set to work on matting my final photos. Not a big project, but I needed to figure out which ones I wanted to hang up! And to be the perfect picture of efficiency (man, three things at once!) I was burning my final DVD while all of this was taking place. *curtsy bow*

Not only that, but everything was going really well until I decided to “sprinkle” on some garlic salt using the wrong shaker side and instead dumped it on. Sadly, this is the second time I’ve done this. You would think I’d have learned my lesson by now. Luckily, this time, the eggplant was salvageable.

When all was said and done, I emerged victorious with some barbecue glazed tempeh, apple-maple glazed tempeh, more roasted red peppers, roasted broccoli, and roasted balsamic eggplant. Oh and some photos.

I successfully utilized not a single one of these veggies for lunch. Bwahaha. Am I awful or what? My thoughts/cravings were running wild – I had thought I wanted a sweet-ish panini using the fig spread, apple-maple tempeh, and apple – but after smelling the barbeque knew I had to give that a go. And yet I still wanted apple! What do I do?

Combine them, obviously. I made a panini with barbecue tempeh, gala apple slices, and spinach on dakota loaf, one side spread lightly with additional barbeque. It was heavenly!!

To accompany the meal I had the rest of the apple, some Snyder’s Butter Snaps, a carrot, and some of the fig & goat cheese spread. I ended up sharing the apples and carrots with Jiggy, though…the sandwich alone was perfectly filling! And the two flavors of the apple and theย barbecueย together were simply stellar.

After bumming around a bit more, I prepped my dinner for tonight so that when I got home, I could simply throw it in the microwave and manja! I had no idea when I would be getting home, but knew it would be a bit later. Our photo critique was starting at 5, and I guessed it would go until at least 6. Hence, why I am publishing this early! But, dinner:

Ohhh, yes. It’s hard to do school work when you know what’s sitting at home in your fridge.

Although, if you think it looks a little funky, I wouldn’t argue with you…I didn’t bother to reheat the burger or gravy, so it’s a little…uh…congealed? Appetizing.

anyways, I just got home (8:00) after sitting through an “I’d rather slowly stab my eyeballs with a dull pencil” sort of critique. That being said, I’m glad I wrote this entire post and had dinner sitting on a plate in my fridge.

I hope everyone’s having themselves a lovely day/morning/night/whatever it is while you are reading this. Love yuhhhs.


An Ode to Coconuts

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to any of you that I’m nutty about coconut. Yep – always have been, and am fairly confident in saying I always will be. I think it has to do with the fact that my sister hates coconut – so naturally, growing up, I had to like it out of spite, right? “C’mon, ma! Make a coconut dessert! Yum! Coconut!” la hem. Okay, maybe I wasn’t that terrible, but I’m betting it played a good role. And you know what? I’m glad my mom wasn’t one of those crazy parents telling me I was going to clog my arteries and die when I’m 20 because of all the saturated fats in coconuts and oh, how awful coconuts are. You know why?

It’s all a lie. I never knew coconuts used to be so shunned upon, actually. So naturally, I was a bit surprised when I started finding some information about the benefits of coconut that hinted that it wasn’t always looked at that way. I mean…what did coconut ever do to anybody other than good?!

Nothing. The saturated fats in coconut are actually MCTs – or, medium-chain triglycerides. Healthy fats! These are the type that are not stored as fats in the body, but rather, utlized for energy. I mean, instead of feeding kids sugar to get a crazy high, soon they’ll be OD’ing on coconut milk! Okay, maybe not. But it might explain why I had so much energy as a kid, considering I found my hand weaseling into a bag of shredded coconut everytime my mom’s back was turned. Okay, that’s half a lie. BUT! In addition to being full of healthy fats, there have also been long-term studies showing that in people whose diets consist primarily of high-fat foods (35-60%, mostly sat. fat from coconuts) there have been fewer cases of heart disease, digestive problems, colon cancer, high HDL (bad cholesterol), kidney disease, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. (which, if you’re like me and didn’t know what that is, I’ll save you the google key-strokes: it’s the thickening of the artery wall from build up of bad-cholest)

Know what else is pretty cool about coconuts and MCTs? They have antiviral properties. They have antimicrobial properties. (think: lauric acid as well as capric acid) Want to support your immune system even more than you orange-nomming lovelies already are? Use some coconut oil. Feed your infant coconut oil, too. Well, only if you want them to have increased absorption of calcium, magnesium, and amino acids. I’m betting you do; pretty soon the world will be overly populated in even more coconut-fiending babies!

Coconut oil is also super-easy to incorporate into your diet, as are coconut flakes. I am definitely going to be picking some coconut oil up soon! As well as a raw coconut – I’ve never played with those before! I’ve only ever had coconut butter, coconut milk, and coconut flakes.

What’s your favorite use for coconut, or your favorite coconut product?

source: better nutrition, march 2010, “break out of your shell,” johnny bowden PhD



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25 responses to “Do You Want Two Free Points?

  1. I’m a bit ashamed to say I haven’t tried anything coconut except for my body wash. I don’t know why I haven’t. I keep seeing it on the blog world, but it just reminds me of eating sunscreen so I always shy away from it. I would love some swaying in the coconut direction!

  2. I love coconut added to Greek yogurt or fro yo. So good! Your photos look great, I love the simple black and white matte. Love the idea of using a sweet potato as a ‘bun’ too!

  3. I live in the south and we don’t have maple-sweetened everything! It is a TRAVESTY let me tell you. I keep my maple extract well stocked however. And I love love loved your coconut ode. I’m ashamed to admit it but I used to avoid the delicious stuff because it got such a bad rap. I’m all about the healthy fats but I was convinced coconut had horrible vicious monster fats. I’m so glad I’ve been converted!!

  4. Dee

    I love coconuts! I used to only know and eat/drink the milk and the meat though. I had no idea they made such things as coconut butter or oil until I started reading up in the blog world.

    ps. this post just made me hungry again. dang. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. mary

    how many cals do u aim for? jw! all ur food looks yummy

  6. i couldn’t help but laugh at the sniffing thing! i threw a pencil at a kid in high school for refusing a freakin tissue. what was he… four?

    and i am loving the nutrition tidbits recently! i can’t help but want to jump for joy anytime someone not only cooks well, but preaches nutrition. it’s what i live for!

    ps – that almond bar is almost gone!!! my mom about died when she tried some. she jumped on the computer and was like OHHH MAN YOU CAN’T AMAZON THOSE BARS!

  7. Love the information on coconut! I’m actually not a huge coconut fan, but my husband is, so I try to do some cooking with it when I can. On my recipe page I have an awesome post about blueberry-coconut baked oatmeal…yum! I also like to make carrot fries using coconut oil; it gives them an extra special flavor.

  8. yea coconuts are pretty crazy- theyre a total superfood imo.
    everyone keeps mentioning this yoga downlaod site. why havent i checked it out!? im gonna change! lol

  9. I just made bbq tempeh too and it is so addicting, but the apple combo…you just made my lunch or dinner tomorrow, love it. Coconut oil @ my place and I swear it is so good mixed with maple syrup poured on oats, waffles, etc. I even made some nut butter coconut oil parsnip and carrot fries for lunch today. It was delish. I hope everything went well today! The photos look amazing. p.s. I may have mentioned you on my blog today…

  10. Ugh early exams/classes are the worst! Even though I’m always up at that hour, I hate when things interfere with my morning routine. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love the flavour of coconut, but sadly I rarely eat it. I’d like to try incorporating it into oats. I have a feeling that it would taste awesome with bananas!

  11. Haha the jeans comment reminded me of an MORTIFYING experience in 9th grade… oh boy. Let’s just say, ever since then, I’ve been incredibly careful of that little issue.
    Oh maple, how I love thee.. My nutritionist gave me some maple Agave Nectar today that I can’t WAIT to try. OH yes, I’m gonna be going maple crazy with my oats in the morning I think..
    Apple-maple tempeh?! Oh yes, please!
    Is that you in the pictures? They are so GOOD!!! You should do a post with some of your most amazing photographs… just saying.
    The critique sounds like FUN!! Kinda like how I felt about night classes..
    I used to HATE coconut… like with a passion. I still am pretty iffy about coconut flakes, it’s a texture thing, but I love the taste! Coconut milk is aaaaamazing!
    Have a great night love!

  12. BBQ and apple…ok, I am so having that! I just had the talk with my grandmother about coconut oil today! I am a huge fan of coconut oil. It seriously does make roasted veggies so much better! I have always been a fan of coconut! You know I love coconut flour!!! Have a great evening! Your photos look amazing!

  13. Thanks for the shout-out, girl! I’m sorry you had an exam at 8–that sucks! But your food is so good it must almost make up for it. Have a great day!

  14. Susan

    I’m just starting to get hooked on coconuts. I tried coconut milk yogurt a couple of weeks ago and I am forever changed. My shampoo has always been coconut, so I don’t know what took me so long to bring that deliciousness onto my plate. Whatevs, it’s there now!

    I love your photos! You should show more of your work on the blog – I’d love to see it! Okay, that’s really nosy and presumptuous of me. I apologize.

    Have a good night girlie!

  15. I am not usually a coconut person but lately I have been enjoying the underlying taste of coconut in things like Indian food.

    Have I mentioned (I’m sure I have a million times) how much I LOVE looking at your beautiful photos? It’s not even the food so much but the amazing clarity. Just stunning!!

  16. These are my confessions:

    1. I didn’t steal your portion control post I promise! I hate it when that happens to me though so I’m sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    2. I haven’t been visiting your blog as much as I want to ๐Ÿ˜ฆ why? because the internet in India is soooo slow it takes forever to upload all your pretty pictures. When I get back west though I’m back at healthy exposures!

    3. I love coconut but secretly despise it for being so high in fat even if it is healthy fat!

  17. So awesome your teacher gave you free points!! What a funny question for her to even ask!! Yesterday I had a coconut butter sammie…to live for. And this morning I had coconut kefir in my overnight oats. I’m turning into a coconut fiend for sure!!

  18. Thanks for all the coconut info! I was never sure if it was good or bad for you. I’m glad it is good because I LOVE coconut butter ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I’m going to have to disgree with you – the breakfast world DOES revolve around dates! Do you use fresh figs or dried figs in your oats? Nothing beats a fresh fig ๐Ÿ™‚ though I have some 2yr out of date dried figs in my cupboard – they smell like alcohol!!
    I feel you on the exam – I had an early one today too. They should realise that tired people will not perform as welll!
    I’m glad you wrote all that about coconuts – I’ve been wondering what the deal is around them for a while (ie EVERY blogger seems to be chugging coocnut water atm…), so very imformative, thankyou!
    I seem to have written such a long comment already..but I have more to say ๐Ÿ˜› the apple glazed maple tempeh thing!? Seriously that sounds like something I’d give my right arm for! How did you do it?
    And finally (yes, really – this comment is over now) – your photos are SO BEAUTIFUL! Is that you in the pictures?
    Oh no, 1 more! What kind of exam was it, if one of the q’s was ‘do you want free points?’!? If all the q’s were like that, I could totally ace that exam ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Brandi

    yay for free points!

    I love shredded coconut on oatmeal, and love love LOVE homemade coconut cake.

  21. Mo

    I definitely thought your black bean burger was a chocolate chip cookie and I was like, “Really, Jess? You put a cookie on top of a sweet potato?”

    I’m… iffy… about coconut. I actually enjoy the flavor sometimes, and other times I want it to go away and never come back. I haven’t had coconut in YEARS because my mom’s the only one who really truly loves the stuff, I’m impartial and my dad and sister hate it with a passion. I’m interested in trying it again though, especially learning about its health benefits. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, and I think most places have at least *one* maple-flavored-something, but it costs an arm and a leg. I’m guessing it’s not as expensive up there? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. free points, man I wish they would have offered me free points..haha
    I hate early exams, afternoon exams, night exams..I hate them all I’m glad this semester is was a toght you coconut info, I love coconut..are your pics getting better??? really give us regular picture girls a chance..your pics rock..


  23. I did research on coconuts for one of my classes and was pleasantly surprised with some of the info I found. Although there are definitely still some mixed results. Some studies show a higher HDL (good cholesterol) in people consuming coconuts—especially with women. But then other studies showed no difference but a raise in LDL (bad cholesterol.) I’m still on the fence over exactly how I feel about it, but definitely LOVE the flavor and eat it in moderation for now. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think maybe a lot of it has to do with the rest of a person’s diet as well. The people who eat coconut in other countries might not be eating a lot of refined carbs like people in the US do, for example. I would love to see them do more research on all of that. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. I like shaved coconut on top of salads. All of your food looks soooo tasty!!!

  25. Pingback: nuts for coco « Peanut Butter and Jenny

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