True Nut

Anyone wanna let me in on what happened to the week? Last I checked it was Tuesday – what’s this Friday business all about? And cold! Not looking forward to this ucky weather weekend.

I admit it: breakfast this morning was ugly. What else I admit to is how awesome it tasted. I certainly got a little carried away slicing strawberries this morning, no?! There was another spoonful of topping that ended up in my mouth. And I should probably stop making this icing so soupy that you can’t even see my oats underneath there, eh? šŸ˜‰ Although – I’m not sure if this was a bowl of oats or a bowl of strawberries. Strawberries with a side of oats?

Oh, well. In the base this morning was:

And the toppings:

  • flax-chia-acai icing
  • chopped cashews
  • Mae’s Toasted Coconut Butter
  • and a compote of sliced fresh strawberries, half a chopped date; simmered in some almond milk and a drizzle of maple syrup.

I almost went the fig route again, but I didn’t want anybody strangling me. And hey, I’ve got to ration my figs here. I’ve been going through them like a golfer goes through balls. I almost made a Tiger Woods reference, but I don’t want to get too inappropriate here. Gotta watch out for the children.

I enjoyed this lovely bowl with a cup of Green Mountain’s French Vanilla coffee, and the growing dread of a rainy weekend. Gosh, I’m a whiner. Lets have a whinefest: tell me your whine and then lets have some cheese because after that I’m done whining!

That out of the way, today turned out to be a beautiful day. I was glad I had something to mail so I oculd take a nice little stroll down to the post office during my lunch.

But before we get there, I had a midmorning snack! I packed a banana and some maple-coconut almonds.

Uh, yeah – so when I ran into the co-op yesterday after my larabar excursion to see if they sold Vital Wheat Gluten in the bulk bins (they do) these lil’ babies caught my eye. At first, I saw the maple roasted ones. No coconut. I put them in my basket, then put them back. No splurges, I told myself. I was on a mission. I kept browsing, and another kind caught my eye. I can’t remember what that one was, but the same thing happened. And when I saw them for a third time, this time being this maple-coconut flavor – I couldn’t say no any longer, and in my basket they went. C’mon – you can’t say you’d pass these puppies up, right? Rebekah is right – I’ll spend $5 on nuts or some sort of food item – but not a nice cooler that will last much longer. Mreh. Do you have any “spending habits” like this – you’re splurgy about some things but really stingy about others? Make me feel a little more normal, I guess is waht I’m saying.

Anyways – luckily (or, not so luckily, if you’re my wallet) these were worth it – even if there wasn’t much of a maple flavor to speak of – a little disappointed. Luckily (or, not so luckily, if you’re the company) I could also probably do this myself, much like I did with the maple-coconut glazed pecans I did for my oatmeal one morning last week. Score! At least they’re a localish company, though – so I don’t feel so bad for supporting every so often, right?!

...but is that really eggplant, and not a huge chicken cutlet?

For lunch I packed a veggie sammie to panini at work: between some dakota bread was a roasted red pepper, eggplant, feta, spinach and garlic lovers hummus.

I snagged a vanilla Oikos to pair with it, as well as a lovely ripe plum. This was my first time having a flavored Greek yogurt other than caramel! Typically, I’ll just buy plain and add whatever they hay I want. But, I figured – with a free coupon that Oikos sent me, why not live on the edge? Unfortunately, I was not that impressed. I mean – it was good, don’t get me wrong – but not as vanilla-y as I was expecting. Basically, I’m just as well off buying plain Oikos and doing my own thing, I guess.

I picked a Tropical Tart Larabar that I won in Katie’s giveaway for my afternoon snack, and once again – was pretty much waiting away the afternoon until I got to try it…but the hunger never came! Wha?!?! I’m not gonna lie – all of a sudden it was 4:00 and I didn’t even feel the least bit hungry. I toyed with the idea of eating it just because – but put it off. I started getting a little hungry as I was leaving to go home – and decided to just have a Blueberry Z-Bar from the glove box stash to tide me over. I wanted to stop and clean the lawyer’s office so I wouldn’t have to worry about it this weekend, and didn’t want to rush through it because I had dinner on the brain.

Of course, if you know me even a little bit, you know I still had dinner on the brain. I had nothing planned – so I had to get thinking! All I knew was that I should use some of the black beans I opened last night.

So, I had a little Caitlin inspiration and did a sweet potato with…uh…baked beans? Okay – maybe not – but I just nuked the sweet potato (lazy woman’s cooking) and then nuked some black beans with barbeque sauce, maple dijon mustard, and chopped dried apricots and paired them together. So good. Not sure if throwing some dried apricots in there weirds anybody out, but don’t bash it ’til ya try it! I thought it might go well with the ‘tater and mesquite BBQ sauce that was in the fridge and it definitely did.

The ironic part of this is that I actually bought canned baked beans for the sole purpose of having a baked sweet potato with baked beans. Mreh, well – guess it’ll have to happen again soon, right?!



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24 responses to “True Nut

  1. I saw the sweet potato baked beans combo last week and thought it sounded good. I am totally going to try it soon! don’t feel bad, I splurge on food stuff too! I think it is totally worth it, especially if you buy something from a small local company! Your oats look amazing as usual! No need to apologize about the icing…it looks so good! Have a great weekend. I hope it does not rain too much!

  2. Sara @

    Sweet potatoes + baked beans = glorious, but I like black beans and sweet potatoes even better, hence my dinner choice of black bean/sweet potato burgers. I’d love to be able to find some maple dijon mustard..mmm.

    So I tried sweet potato in oatmeal – very tasty! It was an excellent sub for pumpkin, although I think I still like pumpkin better. I did a full review of it on my blog šŸ™‚

    And what exactly is dakota bread? It’s on KERF a lot, but all I know is white and wheat. haha

  3. Strawberries with a side of oatmeal, indeed! I thought that I was pretty crazy with my toppings, but I think you win that contest šŸ˜‰ I think everyone has little spendy habits – we just have them about food! I spend a little more on good yogurt and my favorite peanut butter because I have those things every day. Other things I skimp on because they’re not so important.

    Love your baked beans in potato! I think it’s good enough to have again šŸ™‚ I expect to see a fig next time, young lady! šŸ˜‰

  4. Those nuts look so good but I would never buy them with that box because I HATE squirrels!! They really freak me out and I just don’t even like the sight of them! Have you ever read Averie’s post on bulk bins?? And I’m cheap about some things and will spend tons on others so don’t feel weird, you’re not I promise (about this at least šŸ™‚ )

  5. Mo

    I am SO stingy. I hate buying anything over 5 dollars, be it food or clothes, regardless of how long it will last. It’s bad. XD It’s why I’m addicted to bulk bins. YAY for finding VW gluten, by the way! I’m only splurgy about things I think deserve to be splurgy. Like EVOO and good produce and electronics (not TOO splurgy on electronics, but things that are too cheap I avoid. I’d never trust a $175 laptop, no matter how tempting it is).

    The plate holding the sweet potato and beans (which looks like beans on a bun, by the way) is gorgeous. I want it.

  6. roasted red pepper, eggplant, feta, spinach and garlic lovers hummus!! Lady! You think of the best combos! Definitely want to try this.
    Also dying to try the sweet potato/baked bean combo but it seems like it might be a little too sweet since baked beans are sort of sweet.

  7. Maple, coconut, and almonds are literally three of my favorite things. I MUST get my hands on these guys! And I am so “splurgy” when it comes to nut butters. I have no problem dropping ten bucks on a jar that I just can’t live without (ha) but for another food I would think that was insane! I think the dried apricot idea is great by the way.

  8. Hey Jessica, hope you are doing well! I was just craving some oats, so I thought I would drop by (smile). I like the way the strawberries look against the black bowl-that’s nice!
    By the way, it felt like it was Tuesday yesterday for me too…

  9. hahahhaa I LOVE IT! Strawberries and oats for breakfast and baked sweet potatoes and beans for dinner…You know what they say, great minds think a like šŸ™‚ ! I’m not sure what I’m doing next (a few things are up in the air) but I hope to be doing something in the food industry!! I’ll keep you posted! HAPPY WEEKEND!

  10. The stingy-splurging thing totally applies to me! I’ll spend 17 dollars on maple syrup but I won’t spend a dollar on a box of mints. Some stuff I deem good enough to spend tons of money on and others I only will buy if it’s ridiculously cheap.

  11. That squirrel picture is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I hope your weekend goes well!

  12. beans in a sweet potato! woah, im totally overwhelmed right now. haha so good!

  13. I got to say, I did the sweet potato/baked beans thing and I wasn’t really that blown away…tbh, your version with the mustard and that sounds better!!
    I love how all your food sounds like it should be on a restaurant menu – ‘compote’ – so fancy šŸ˜€ Those almonds sound divine….I think I might try making my own version when my exams are over šŸ˜€
    Beautiful pics as always!

  14. OH and I keep forgetting to say – Horsey Humpday? FABULOUS idea!!

  15. haha girl the only reason i even brought up the cooler thing is because i own two pairs of jeans, but six types of whole grains from the bulk bin in there… lol.

    and i’m so excited about the maiiillllllllll!

  16. I’ve never been able to get my chia pudding to that kind of consistency…looks delish! I’m not really too stingy about anything when it comes to food, which is bad. My grocery bills can get pretty out of control. I have cut way back on clothes spending since getting into healthier foods though, so at least these “splurges” are an investment in my health and aren’t something I’ll just grow out of! Hope you have a great weekend šŸ™‚

  17. It’s going to be a cold and rainy weekend here too. With a chance of snow! šŸ˜¦ In other words, I’m planning on being a total hermit inside my house until the weather gets better!

    Ooh yes I definitely have weird spending “rules”. I will spend $7 on a box of Kashi cereal with no hesitations, but I’m iffy about spending only $5 on Bob’s Red Mill products. Are they worth it?

  18. Yes I am commenting again and please don’t laugh at me! BUT I am going to try to recreate a bowl of your oats (then post a pic on my blog so you can get a good chuckle) and I was wondering- what is the chia flax acai icing? Is that something you whipped up on your own?

  19. What you did to those black beans girl.. amazingness. For real. The apricots sound REALLY good with it!!! Yum! I may have to try that! And is that roasted broccoli on the side? Only the best way to eat broccoli I do believe.
    Your oats sound fabulous!!! Strawberries with a side of oats.. oh yes. I tried putting a dried fig into oats yesterday and it ROCKED! I totally get your obsession now.
    Flavored yogurts… eh. I like Pineapple Chobani a LOT but other than that, I’d rather have plain. And when I eat flavored yogurts it almost feels like a treat because there is just SO much sugar you know? I can’t believe the kinds of yogurt I used to eat every day…
    And to answer your comment on my blog, I think my nutritionist is going to tweak my diet or give me a rough plan? Not really a detailed plan. I think anyway. I’m hoping too!
    Have a great day! love you girlie!

  20. What a genius combination! The potato and beans almost looked like a variation of a hot dog…much better, I’m sure. I’m right there with you on splurging on food items. I buy puffins week after week, even though they are the most expensive cereal at my local natural foods store. But I figure I might as well spend my money on items that are going to improve my health and my mood. Your commitment to healthy eating is amazing, and I wouldn’t feel guilty at all. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, by the way!

  21. I’m not stingy when it comes to my grocery budget, which is good/bad….fruit..we go through fruit like it was going out of style…love that tater..yum…


  22. is that just grass in the background? I love how green it is! I think you need to start teaching photography classes in your posts as well šŸ™‚

  23. This week seriously flew by for me too!
    Those maple coconut roasted almonds sound sooo good and the packaging is adorable, I don’t think I could have resisted either. I am super cheap on some things, but buy the expensive organic products for other things so you are not alone šŸ™‚
    Oh, and I loooove plums, I can’t wait to get some soon!

  24. Holy moly, that is one delicious looking sweet potato!

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