What does a foodie do when the weather seems to have done a complete 180 overnight?

Turn to bloggie friends for lifting, of course!

Remember I mentioned last night how I was already excited for this morning’s breakfast? Well, look at what Rebekah sent me!!

Cranberry-Ginger Chia seeds!! Well, to phrase it correctly – it’s more of a breakfast cereal – it’s got buckwheat, sunflower seeds, cranberries, ginger – and of course chia seeds! Perfect timing – I’m actually about 2 tablespoons away from being completely out of chia seeds! Rebekah, you are too sweet. I don’t know how you ever found out I like cranberries and ginger 😉

Naturally, this had to be incorporated into breakfast! And how about Cranberry-Fig Oats?! Or, creamy rye flakes, to be politically correct. It’s a lot easer to say oats than what I’m actually eating.

The Base:

  • 2 T. Bob’s Grains & Nuts, 3 T. Bob’s Creamy Rye Flakes, 1 T. Wheat Bran,
  • 1 T. Ruth’s Chia Goodness Cranberry-Ginger Chia Seeds
  • 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. almond milk (Almond Breeze this morning! I did a side-by-side comparison and they are exactly the same, other than the fact that Silk has more iron and costs more $$. Iron is expensive I guess. I often get coupons for Silk, however. unless you want a $1 off coupon for almond breeze – then go here)
  • 1 dried fig, chopped
  • trail power
  • drizzle of maple syrup

The Toppings:

  • flax-chia-acai icing
  • crystallized ginger
  • chopped mixed nuts
  • PB & Co Cinnamon Raisin PB (eeek! almost gone! words of wisdom to anyone starting a cinna raisin jar: mix it well! I had no raisins at the top – the bottom I can’t get away from them!)
  • and a mix of frozen cranberries and a chopped dried fig simmered in almond milk and maple syrup.

Enjoyed with some Green Mountain Rain Forest Nut, because I felt much like I was in a rain forest this morning, minus the humidity. I’m glad we have a canopy thing over our porch so I could still get natural light photos! Speaking of which – I am so sorry for slacking on the photo post! I will get it done, I will, I will, I will!

Since there was such a small amount of the chia seeds compared to the oats, it didn’t give the bowl a huge flavor difference, but I swear there was a good hint of cranberry, and  not just from the actual cranberries I put in! That, and – I love the seeds! I’ll be sure to try some by itself to get the real flavor – but this is certainly a cool product. And Rebekah said they had more flavors, too! (p.s. you were right when you said you hoped it was something I wouldn’t be able to get up here – but I wish you weren’t! haha)

So, all in all – Ruth’s Chia seeds = winner. Rebekah? = massively amazing. There are no words. If you haven’t checked her blog out, shame on you! She has such a way with words and addresses serious subjects but in a fun, easy to understand, real way. Love ya, girl!

After that astounding breakfast, I had some work to do. As in, a world regions test. Yum. Walking in the rain to class. Yum. Before I left, I fueled with a date and almond butter. Yes, it was definitely necessary.

I packed a shake of almond milk and Tera’s Whey Dark Chocolate Protein Powder, which I enjoyed with a banana after class. I really enjoyed the dark chocolate power with the almond milk! I didn’t use a full scoop and used probably a cup and a half of milk, so it was pretty dilluted – but to me it tasted just like cookies’n’cream! Can’t go wrong with that, no?

I need to invest in a nice cooler. Instead, I wrapped a kitchen towl and two produce bags around the shake and an ice pack. Inventive?

I kept going back and forth as to whether I should pack a lunch or just buy while I was out – I haven’t eaten out in a while – but finally decided to just pack it, like usual. I’m pretty cheap when it comes to buying meals out, in case you haven’t noticed. Especially when I’m more apt to enjoy this tempeh, spinach, and crofters sammie than anything else I could buy around here. Okay, well maybe the Depot makes a mean veggie sandwich – but I had to run in to work to pick up some prints before class. I didn’t know how long it would take and didn’t feel like making plans to meet up with anybody. And I forgot my cell phone. Nice.

I ended up having a ton of time between classes, and decided to see if the Price Chopper in Rutland carried the cashew cookie larabars. And I scored! Rehab worked for a while, but my bar problem is back with a vengance, apparently. Honestly – $1? I couldn’t make one for $1. Since they had cashew cookie (but, like the other P. Chop, still only carried about 5 flavors) I jumped on that. And successfully waited about fifteen minutes for the elderly man ahead of me to figure out how to use his card, all for 5 Larabars. I also got almost got squished by about three cars since Rutland doesn’t know what a pedestrian and a crosswalk is. Just proves my love for the Larabar, no?

Yes, this is a repeat from yesterday. No, I do not mind that one bit. I should get a panini press that can plug into a car cigarette lighter. Or maybe just invent one while I’m making fig peanut butter, and become really famous.

I jest, I jest. On a more serious note, I’m almost out of Crofters. This puts me in a little bit of distress.

I also grabbed some Snyder’s Butter Snaps,strawberries and TJ’S Sunflower Seed butter that Kelli so kindly sent me accompanied it all. Yesterday’s winner conversation about sunflower seed butter (not naming any names, though) “Sunflower seed butter? What’s that? What’s it smell like?” “Uhhh..sunflower seeds, probably?” From now on when I’m asking people what something is, I’m just going to randomly throw in “What’s that smell like?” too. hah.

But you’re probably wondering where I consumed all this? Since I had sooo much time still, I ventured out to the beautiful boardwalk on my journey back to school! I was so glad I did…you may have noticed that the weather turned out to be quite sunny and warm!

Is it weird that I don’t mind having picnics by myself? Yes? Oh, well. I liked it. I still had (or, thought I had – I had no means to tell time) a bit of time so took a little walk. It got soo windy, and I could tell a storm was going to be coming in, but I had time. It was nice to get in a walk after lunch! Often I do at work, too – bringing stuff to the post office, or just going for a little stroll! (edit: apparently, I need to stop doing twenty things while writing a post – count how many “times” I said “time” in that poorly puncuated sentence. I could edit it and pretend it never happened, but I’ll leave it for the comedy act.)

I finally reported for duty only to find out I was still an hour early. I went for a big loop around campus, and then spent time looking at the art students’ final projects. There were some really great ones!

…and all that time killing proved to be all for nothing. I didn’t have much business being in photo, since it was another work day, and I am doing all of my printing, scanning, etc. at work. She told me I could just leave. It’s funny, because she makes other students stay. If you ask me, she secretly wants me to do bad…

I packed this espresso chip Gnu Bar this morning in case I needed a snack during class…since it was open I just decided to have half when I got a little  munchy this afternoon. Um, this may just be my favorite flavor, which is surprising since I’m  normally a fruity bar person. But – the espresso flavor in this bar jumps out at you way more than chocolate – and I may go so far as to say it’s the best espresso/coffee/mocha flavored bar I’ve ever had the enjoyment to eat. Yes, that good. I think a lot of bars cop out at the coffee/espresso flavor and it turns out to be quite subtle. Not Gnu foods! The espresso seriously grabs you – love. it.

Ever since making eggplant parmigiana for dinner a week or so ago, it’s been at the back of my mind as to when I could have it again. Well – I had a use it or lost it eggplant, as well as some use it or lose it pre-made polenta. Why not make tonight the night?

I made my own breadcrumbs again – some toasted dakota loaf, pepitas, poppyseeds, flax seeds, and seasonings all got whirled until sort of crumby. I have a problem with getting it ground really fine, which makes it difficult to bread, but – oh well. The flavor is still there! Unfortunately, this wasn’t as good as last time – I think I used more balsamic last time, which made them more tender – and I also undercooked them a hair. I think it’s because my mom had it for dinner, too. It wasn’t the plan, but she randomly decided to be veggie with me tonight even though she made pork chops? Murphy’s Law, right? 🙂 Hey – I’m not complaining! Luckily I figured I’d just make all the eggplant and have leftovers for lunch – and she requested polenta to go with her “pork chops” Oh well – it was still good regardless – nothing a little nuking couldn’t save, and the polenta was lovely. Probably because all I did was slice it and fry it. As much as I enjoy making it myself – the pre-made tubes are quite handy.

I made some sauce with a bit of Robusto! Ragu and added in some fresh diced tomatoes, red pepper, basil, and garlic – as well as some black beans for some protein. And another use it or lose it veggie in my fridge? A parsnip! Random addition? maybe. Oh, well.


There was an interesting segment on my local news tonight about localvores. It was quite interesting! It’s crazy to think about how far your food travels – and one of the anchors is going localvore for a year. A year is a long time – but it made me seriously want to try it for at least a week – I bet it’d be a lot harder than I’d initially think! I mean – what would I have for breakfast?!!?

How locally do you eat? I know I’ve touched upon this before – but I’m talking within a 100 mile radius this time. I can think of only a handful of things in my household right now that are from a facility within 100 miles.



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25 responses to “Picnics

  1. I love picnics! What gorgeous scenery. I usually pack my own meals ’cause I dig my cooking and saving $$$! Your cranberry figgie oats are looking great!

  2. picnics are so fun! as long as the weather is nice of course!

    what a great package to get from a blogger- yummy chia goodness!!. those clouds look spooky yet beautiful at the same time. love it ❤

  3. Your pics are amazing! I feel like I went on that picnic with you! Everything looks delicious too! I don’t know if I could to the locavore thing. I need my oats. I love my apples and lettuce. I think I would do ok during the summer, but what about the winter? HHHMMM, I try to eat the best I can and do what I can for the environment…I would like to do better. I need to get on that! I need to get some chia seeds. I have never tried them before. Do you have the recipe for your chia icing?

  4. I am super cheap too with buying food out, especially during the week..mostly because I know what I will bring from home will be 100x better than what I can buy near my work. I need to get my hands on some of that chia goodness..that does look amazing! And your cooler is VERY inventive haha, I love it. I try to eat locally, but I don’t think I do that good of a job at it. Over the summer when I go more places I’m better at grabbing things from farmers markets.

  5. Picnics are wonderful, even solo! And I stocked up on Larabars today too, as if I needed anymore.. I almost posted a photo of my collection but then got embarrassed. =P I paid $1.50 for mine today though! Oh well, the coconut cream pies are soo worth it.

    And have you ready “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver? It’s soo great. I read it a few years ago; it’s about how her family becomes true locavores for a year. I might actually re-read it this summer!

  6. Thanks for the comment! Glad you don’t think I’m a sketchy moocher! A solo picnic sounds lovely! I love that strawberry pic, too! Have a great night!

  7. So all of your photographs are gorgeous but seriously, SERIOUSLY, you get to live in a place that beautiful? I am jealous. I love my hometown but it’s… well it’s not exactly pretty haha. Amazing girl!
    I haven’t tried that Gnu bar before, sounds good! I actually don’t think I’ve seen that flavor before…
    Umm yeah, LaraBars are SO worth that! Wait, take that back. Some are. I have a few that I LOVE.
    I’ve never had sunflower seed butter before either, it sounds good though! Might need to give that a try. I wish they had like single serve squeeze packs..hm..
    I think that’s really cool about the localvore! During the summer, I actually DO eat pretty local. Because I work at farm, well, most if not all the produce I eat is from there. And they also sell local cage-free eggs, local raw milk (haven’t tried that though), local cheese, local free-range meat,.. it’s pretty sweet. Er, not the meat, I mean, working there is sweet. NOTHING like fresh corn and tomatoes grown like 100 ft from where I work!
    Have a great Friday! Love you!

  8. You live in a gorgeous area!

    I eat mostly local produce during the summers, but I would have a really hard time eating local during the winters! Not to mention all of my non-produce groceries that come from who-knows-where!

  9. Love the eats!! I have seen that brand of chi cereal and contemplating buying it, I guess now I will have to give it a go!!… aLSO WHAT KIND OF FOOD PROCESSOR DO YOU HAVE? MIGHT BE WHY YOUR BREADCRUMBS DON’T GET FINE..oops sorry for caps too lazy to rewrite 😛 .. anyways I have a big Cuisinart stainless steel one and one of the mini cuisinarts, and I find the mini one does not do half a good as job as the big one …I only use it for little things or quick things…it doesnt grind things as fine…Also I am happy to say since I didn’t win grand prize in gortons, my mom wanted to buy me one of the gadgets i was gonna get with my winnings, and I am getting a waffle maker!!!! (and a keurig thing because I happen to find both for $100 total together) I am excited to try the tea k-cups they have…and although I am not a coffee drinker I somehow think I might like the french toast coffee or cinnamon roll coffee…do you think I might? If i use a bit almond or soy milk..even though don’t like regular coffee? Anywaysyou must try seitan I tried it again and it was good. Ahhh so lucky I’d love the cinna-raisin jar for oiaj! haha If I make the pb almond butter like I said, maybe I will save some to send to you! (in one of my many jars I save and parents complain they waste space :P) Aye carumba tomorrow I’m making chocolate covered oreos and strawberries for mi madre’s friends candy store…tomorrow shall be fun. I love eggplant…it is so delicious….especially with tomato sauceeeeee. Anywho have a ballin’ night (yes I am ghetto fabulous)

  10. Also if it is available I like to eat local no farmers market really around…only oonce in a while in summer…but in nyc last friday Iwent to one of the many in the city and they had AMAZING stuff I got buckwheat flour, fresh corn kernels, fresh portobellas, fresh apples…they had amazing breads baked goods, honey, meat,eggs, fish, vegetarian empanada thingys,spinach….I’m def going back one day this week or next when I can bring big bags to carry stuff home on the train 😀

  11. When you make your tempeh, spinach, and jam sandwiches, do you cook the tempeh first? If so, do you boil it, roast it, or do something else? I’m trying to figure out the best way to use tempeh!

    • Hey Katie! For this one I just pan-fried it real quick with a bit of cinnamon. Plain it’s nothing to write home about – but combined with everything else it’s great 🙂 Sometimes I’ll just microwave it and then mash it with jam and/or nut butter, too. That i’ll eat by the spoonful, but make it for a sandwich! 😛

  12. I really need to try chia seeds. It looks so creamy and good!

  13. give me your oats…please? YAY for the stuffed date! Some times I over heat them and the smell like…smores…and taste like candy…good stuff right there. So funny, because last night I made a mash of tempeh, goat cheese and Crofter’s asia to top my salad with Dr. Krackers on the side for scooping. It was pretty “yum” I have to say. I had it on a bed of spinach with sliced strawberries, sprouts, broccoli and celery. My tempeh was the 5 grain kind so it was super nutty and crunchy. I was thinking about it and although I’m not a vegetarian I tend to eat like one. I find a lot of options like tempeh to be more satisfying, delicious and easy to prepare.

    Local eats–I’m the type of girl who wakes up at 5am on a Saturday so I can get parking and prime selection at the Farmers Market. I love to go to farmers markets for produce galore and I also love to try new things. I once bought farm fresh yogurt…interesting. And love buying home made things like granola and baked goods.

  14. oh damn it i almost bought that expresso bar at whole food tonight and i didn’t. i’m kicking myself now.

    and can i just say – i am humbled by your sweet words, girl. you make me blush 🙂
    i’m so glad you are enjoying the chia! they just seemed like something you would buy.

    annnnnnndddddd my whole foods has every flavor of larabars so if you need your fix, i’d be glad to be your dealer.

    and ps – i almost peed myself over that ghetto-fabulous cooler. you can spend 15 dollars on naturally nutty peanut butter, but a $5 walmart cooler? nah 🙂 priorities, right?!?!

  15. Love your blog! You have some great lookin rss

  16. I’ve been really wanting to go on a picnic but no one would go with me. Maybe I’ll take a page out of your book and go alone! It sounds very relaxing 🙂

    I really wish I bought tubed polenta. I had polenta mush as my whole grain base for tonight’s dinner! Not horrible but not very visually appealing.

    I think you might have convinced me to open my jar of sunflower seed butter. I’ve been saving it for like half a year because it’s so good and I never like the thought of finishing it.

  17. wow, i’m surprised that espresso chip is your favorite flavor. it was probably my LEAST favorite. but maybe i just don’t like espresso flavors. you also didn’t like the cranberry orange one i think…i loved that one. why are we not twins right now! 😦 😦 haha just kidding.

  18. OOOOOH my days, I can’t even begin to comment on the amount of amazing food you ate today! Bar the ginger, I seriously wish I was you mouth (or not..that sounds odd..in other words, I want to eat your food!). And those pictures of the boardwalk etc – BEAUTIFUL!
    I try and buy local as much as possible, but sometimes it’s SO exspensive. Minimum though, I always buy from England!! I don’t want my food to travel too much 😦

  19. I have yet to try chia seeds but you make them look so vibrant and good!

  20. glad you got your picnic in before the weather turned! But I love shots of crazy, cloudy, angry skies.

    I bet there’s more around you than you think! Since I’ve been looking stuff up after watching Food, Inc., I’ve found a TON more local goods/restaurants/farms around me that I didn’t know we had.

    Make sure to check these out:


  21. Picnics are so fun!
    I haven’t found any farmer’s markets in Houston, so I usually buy my groceries at a grocery store that sells local produce.

  22. Wow, your pictures are fantastic. I want that breakfast… and lunch. And dinner. Yup. Oh and the nut butter stuffed date. 🙂
    $1 larabars are definitely a steal. I’d wait 15 mins for that.

  23. clairedille

    I love your blog, it is so beautiful…so jealous of your photo skills lady, and eats too of course! Can’t wait to read more! p.s. I like picnics alone too, or just lounging in my backyard with a good book and good food…

  24. Katherine: What About Summer?

    you have some great products! That protein looks good and I almost forgot about Gnu bars- they’re great. I don’t do the local thing as much as I would like; it’s hard finding it around here and making the time to drive father to the specialty stores

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