Good to be Home

Last night was, in fact, the first of the year in which a fan was utilized. This morning? The first of the year where I didn’t need to turn on my space heater while getting ready in the bathroom. The forecast for the week? Rain. Ugh. I guess it’s a good thing – it’s my last week of classes before exams and I should probably buckle down πŸ˜‰

If I put as much effort into my school work as I did into my meals, I’d be golden. Unfortunately, world regions just doesn’t do it for me like mochaΒ peach & sweet cherry oats do. Ah, well – someday.

I broke into a new Naturally Nutty this morning, too! Remember eons ago when I ordered their 3-pack of 1 AB and 2 PBs? Okay, you probably don’t. But it was a while ago and I’d opened them all but the Mocha PB.

The Base:

Topped with:

  • flax-chia-acai icing
  • crystallized ginger
  • honey roasted peanuts
  • Naturally Nutty Mocha PB
  • and a compote of the rest of the diced peach and some frozen chopped sweet cherries, simmered in some almond milk

Okay, so maybe this bowl had a little bit of a personality crisis going on. I just threw in whatever today. And my mom’s sugary honey roasted peanuts? So wrong, yet so, so right. Β How is it that I would always complain when she would buy these over the normal salted ones when I was younger? I remember always giving her a hard time because her favorite was honey roasted, and I hated them. What a horrible child I was. Anyone ever look back at their younger selves and think “oh, my poor parents…”?

The Mocha PB is really amazing, too – but I wouldn’t expect any less from the amazing folks over at Naturally Nutty. They always impress! I was worried it would be too chocolatey for me when I first tasted it – but it is juusssst right. I think a little more coffee-flavor thrown in there would do it well, too, though πŸ™‚

Enjoyed with some almost iced Green Mountain Rain Forest Nut. I brewed it before making the oats and popped it in the freezer, but it was just kinda warm rather than mostly cold. I think I’ll start brewing a cup before bed a throwing it in the fridge overnight.

Working with my fridge contents, I still had means for a great morning snack of a banana and quinoa-bulghur muffin. If anyone makes these muffins, heat them in the microwave for a couple seconds. So good!!

Last night I roasted some red pepper on the grill, and still had some roasted balsamic eggplant from the other night to make a sandwich with today. In between two slices of harvest grain loaf was some hummus, roasted reds, and roasted eggplant. And that was it because that’s all I have in my fridge. Oh yeah, and some feta. Other than that, life’s tough.

I do still happen to have some caramel Oikos, however – and that tagged along for some protein. I was fruitless today. No more fresh fruit. Buttt, I did kill my bag of Snyder’s Butter Snaps with this lunch, as well.

…and snagged this Bossa Nova acai + mango juice that has been hiding in my fridge! It was quite good – I would definitely buy it again! It’s packed with antioxidants from the acai juice, and is naturally sweetened with some organic agave – but not too much! I’m not typically much of a juice person due to that reason – but this one is a winner.

And am I the only one who thinks Luna Bars would be wayyy better if they didn’t have so much icing stuff? Because they would be. But – this oatmeal raisin was still pretty good. Besides that factor. Guess I shouldn’t complain since I won’t be buying many more anyhow.

Not gonna lie….today turned out to be sort of a downer day. It started off rather overcast, and rain took over, too. Work was crawling…and my mind kept wandering to how much I miss the barn and how frustrated I’m getting with pretty much no body answering my e-mails about horses. And then I’d realize that I sound so spoiled and selfish, and get upset at myself for being that way.

Case in point: I am lucky to have a roof over my head and a mother who buys me food without me even saying anything. I came home and found the fridge packed with fruits and veggies. And a fresh loaf of dakota bread! And then she goes “I totally forgot to look at the Larabars though – sorry!” Uhmmm, why are you apologizing?! I think everyone should have the experience of moving out and then moving back home. Makes you so much more appreciative of every little thing. I’ll still run into Hannafords and the co-op tomorrow for tempeh and snacks and such, but I was beyond grateful: especially since produce consumes the majority of time and expenses while grocery shopping. It’s kind of like everything is better at home…the sun popped out, and the rain from earlier cooled it off considerably, too. It was good to be home tonight…

I still kept dinner simple, though, since it’s what I’d settled on all day. An old favorite: honey curry…this time with butter beans! Sooo yum.

Kale, red pepper, carrot, and butter beans – sauteed in just some water (a drizzle), honey, and curry powder. And a side of naan πŸ™‚

Night lovelies – see ya tomorrow πŸ˜‰


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21 responses to “Good to be Home

  1. This week is also my last of classes too!! Except, my finals start this Friday and i’m freaking scaredddddd.

    Those muffins sound amaze–especially when heated up. I sware warming any type of baked-good up is almost always necessary for maximum enjoyment, hahah

    Your mama sounds like such a sweetie! And that dinner looks great–i’ll have to try some variation of it this summer for sureee. Yes, only another week till i’m back home in the kitch! Hope tomorrow’s a better day for ya girl!

  2. I am so over the dreary weather! It has been like that all day here too! I wish I has someone to fill my fridge with produce! I so feel bad for my parents when I see my boys do what my sisters and I used to do. UGH…I hate sounding like my mom! I am glad your day got better! I hope you have a great evening and that you get some sunshine soon!

  3. oooOoo i just bought an acai drink! i love acai!!

    butter beans are fabulous.. i love most beans but i always have a can of butter beans stocked when necessary πŸ™‚ night night lovie ❀

  4. sweet jesus i want that peanut butter!

    and aren’t moms the most amazing people in the world?
    i can’t thank my mom ENOUGH for what she’s done for me.

  5. Sorry your day was a downer, I know how that goes sometimes!

    And they actually do have a few Luna flavors sans icing.. Toasted Nuts & Cranberries might be one??

    Your mom sounds so sweet. And good luck with the horse stuff, I want to know when you start hearing back! Which will hopefully happen SOON =D

  6. Jen

    Oh gee wiz – thanks to you I’ve become absolutely OBSESSED with caramel oikos!!! It is hands down the most heavenly yogurt I have ever ever had. Ever. Lately I’ve been crushing up a tablespoon of cashews or almonds and mixing them into it. The combination cannot be beat.

    Good luck on your finals, btw. I’ve got 3 to go and then I’ll be ready to graduateeeeeeee!!! And maybe even have time to blog again lol.

  7. i agree with you without my mom I would be nowhere! she is the greatest person on the planet. She gives me all that I need and am so thankful. I love living at home just like you πŸ˜›

  8. Your mom sounds amazing. It sounds like you two have an awesome relationship. πŸ™‚

    My younger self definitely caused my parents some major headaches! Especially when I was in my hormonal pre-teen stage. I don’t know how they put up with me, haha!

  9. Aww, what a sweet Mom you have! I definitely look back at my high school years and praise my parents for not abandoning me. Even I wouldn’t have put up with my 16 year old self!

  10. You’re mom’s so sweet! Love it! You can thank her extra special this mother’s day!
    Kale, red pepper, carrot, and butter beans looks like a great combo!!

    P.S. Over this weather!!

  11. Oh my gosh is this week crazy and I wish that it was thursday night already so that I could be all done with it. But I am so grateful that my mom also buys me all of the “healthy” foods that she wouldnt normally buy for the rest of the family, but makes it a priority to get my veggie patties, yogurts, fresh whole wheat bread, and TONS of Veggies!! πŸ™‚

  12. I really like your pictures, you make oatmeal look very, very, very, good. I like your snacks and we always eat luna bars when we run errands with my mom. I’m never moving out,(haha) my mom keeps the fridge and pantry stocked with good stuff. We love her for that, and it makes cooking very easy.


  13. mocha p.nut buttah? who comes up with these things? : )

  14. Awh bless your mum!! There is no place like home, it’s SO true!
    Sorry about all the horse stuff being slow…what is about horsey people being so bad at replying!? I think it’s cos we’re all so busy πŸ˜› It’s why we have messy houses too (or is that just my house!?)!
    MOCHA peanut butter…oh my.
    Honey curry? OH MY! I am definetly doing that this week!!
    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  15. I need to try coffee in my oatmeal already! I’m not sure what I haven’t – I guess I just forget? I also need to find these Green Mountain coffees you have. Do you buy them in bags or do you have one of those pod coffee makers?

  16. That is SO sweet about your mom! I have never moved out, always lived with my parents, but I don’t know what I’d do without my mom. Now, I love my dad too but he’s my step-dad and my mom mostly raised me alone. And I REALLY admire her for that. When she was the age I am now, I was 3 years old. God help me if I had a kid, I’m not sure I can do it. All that is to say that I’m SO thankful for what I have. Many people are not as lucky as we. So i’m ok with the fact that I’m 22 and living at home.. there are perks, indeed.
    Ooo I LOVE honey roasted peanuts!!! I was a horrible child too. I look at my younger cousin who is 14 and going through all of the teenage girl drama.. well we spent last weekend together and afterwards I apologized to my mom for what I put her through. And the fact that she didn’t strangle me how I would have liked to strangle my cousin.. well, that is just a miracle in my book.
    I’m with you on the Luna Bars. They don’t taste BAD, they are just so so so SWEET!
    Have a fabulous day love!

  17. Almost done with classes! Hang in there. It will be over before you know it.

  18. Dee

    I’m sorry you had a downer day, but I love how you turned it around. πŸ™‚ And what a sweet momma you have!

  19. The Naturally Nutty flavors are ridic. I need to try them so badly!

    Good luck with your school work… you’re almost done!

  20. Oh Moms, they sure are fab creatures aren’t they ;). I’ve never moved out, been at home all along but my mom is grand, it’s basically like living with your best friend. And she (hardly) raises an eyebrow at most of the food stuff I request. She’s used to it now. Lucky lady getting to run out for new hauls of fresh produce every few days. Seriously, moms are just too sweet sometimes. Or all the time.

    Sometimes the gloom and rain can be a downer but sometimes I just LOVE rainy days, I find them so cozy. Especially when I need to study. Hope your studying and all is going well!

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