Oh me, oh my; another day gone by. Oh Ew; that was not intended to be a corny rhyme.

As with any Sunday morning where I have the time and means to sleep in – I was up and at ’em by 6:15. What is wrong with me? For the better, I guess – I had lots to “make up” after a busy week – baking, groceries, cleaning, laundry…okay – so fun things, but still needed to be done!

And what’s a better motivator than blueberry oats?

The base:

And then topped with:

  • chia-flax-acai icing
  • slivered almonds
  • Mae’s Toasted Coconut Butter
  • chopped dates
  • Ginger preserves
  • and the mix of blueberries and some chopped dates with a pinch of shredded coconut – simmered down in some almond milk

Oh, yes – with those huge globs of coconut butter, and perfectly paired with done other than Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee, nothing could go wrong. And that’s what I hoped for my day to be like.

And it proved to be that way, too! I got my baking out of the way early – I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t get to it because I wouldn’t want to be turning on the oven. I made another batch of quinoa-bulgur muffins.

I made some tweaks including using a whole, diced fresh peach. I was afraid to change too much so didn’t add any yogurt – I wasn’t sure if I should just add a spoonful, or if I should have cut back on some of the other liquid ingreds, too. So – I hoped maybe the peach would moisten things up. I think it definitely did. Like I mentioned, they were hardly to be considered dry to begin with, and nuking them for a quick ten seconds did them wonders anyways. I also used spelt flour in this batch. Oh, and completely forgot about the poppyseeds 😦

After that was all taken care of I went for a wonderful ride with my mom, heading out about 9:30. We were trying to beat the heat and the bugs! We weren’t too successful in either area, but it was still a great ride. I pocketed a mini Larabar on my way out the door. I knew for sure my stomach would be knocking soon! They are the perfect size for a morning snack, I must say. Funny how the food I rag on for being too small proves to be just right, if I’d stop eating with my eyes 😉 I did the same with the 4 oz. Oikos caramel cups!

We got back probably around 11:30, but gave the horses baths to cool them down and get all the “winter crud” (yeck) off of them. Dirty kids. Even though it was only 12:00 when we got in the house – I was starved. And about ready to eat the sweet potato rounds for my sweet potato panini before they even made it on the sandwich.

Luckily, I resisted. This one had some of the grilled eggplant from last night, and did not disappoint. In between two slices of harvest grain bread was the dressing (in which I got lazy and just spread the mustard, some greek yog, sprinkled the poppyseeds and curry powder, and called it done. Worked fine.), two slices balsamic-soaked grilled eggplant, two sweet potato rounds, roasted red pepper, fresh basil, and almond mozarella. I went crazy with the fresh basil. Fact.

Paired it with some plain brown cow greek yog and fig preserves, banana, and honey roasted peanuts that I so kindly borrowed from my mom without the intention of returning. Diiiiiiiivine.

I didn’t get my grocery shopping done (can you believe it?!) and now my fridge is really starting to run low – but I’m thinking I’ll just make a mega-trip to Hannafords and the co-op on Tuesday since I won’t have my night class. I like going in the morning when it’s not packed, and with time to spare – since my morning was well spent, there was no way I was going to battle the crowds this afternoon, and didn’t want to run in for just a few things.

I kind of like being forced to come up with something based on the fact that my ingredients are limited, to be completely honest. It’s kind of a nice experience.

Instead, I gave my saddle a much needed oiling. I’m going to be sad if I have to part with this saddle, and I likely will. The types of ponies I’m looking at are built sort of like tanks. Meaning…saddle = too narrow. Imagine running in shoes that squeeze your feet. I bet Freya feels my pain with the potential parting with a saddle that is juuussst right 😉

…and spent the afternoon pretty much chillin’. It’s too hot to do much! And here I was complaining about the snow on Wednesday.

Of course some muffin sampling took place, as well – half for me, half for le madre

and a bowl of some frozen fruit chunks from a bag of the yoplait fruit smoothie mix, with some greek yog, Mae granola, and cacao bliss. Holy cow – it’s been so long since I’ve had flavored, “normal” yogurt that the frozen chunks of the yoplait yogurt were so sweet they about made me cringe. Yikes! Pretty sure I used to love Yoplait yogurt…

I kept dinner simple for pasta Sundays. Anyone else notice how pasta has become a Sunday night dinner?! Not sure why…but I remember growing up we would tend to have certain things certain nights of the week. Well, okay – maybe spaghetti night on Monday was the only set thing…but work with me here.

Anyways – sauteed some kale and chopped tomatoes in 2 cloves of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil before adding some butter beans and then the whole wheat penne. Topped with some fresh basil and garlic and herb feta.

…and a lovely little piece on naan on the side! I like my carbs with a side of carbs, you know…

Hope everyone had a stellar weekend – here’s to Monday!

A Sunday-night Segment of Jess’s Insane Cravings as of Late:

  • peanut butter (this is a weird one for me. yes – I love peanut butter… but I’ve never been the person to think “wow. I really want a spoonful of PB right  now.”)
  • cottage cheese (I guess I don’t realize how much I love it until I can’t have it. I’m out.)
  • nuts
  • plums (again – all out)
  • iced coffee (hm, wonder why.)

What has your body been jonesin’ for lately?



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15 responses to “Motivator

  1. i adore blueberry oats! it’s just so wonderful how they get all warm and explode in your mouth. yummy! i love your comment about “carbs with a side of carbs”. yes, please! just like salads with a side of salad haha. i totally dig the basil, kale, tomato, & butter bean combo. it sounds so fresh!

    thanks for the great life lesson. i agree with you and believe that everything happens for a reason & when one door closes, another one opens. we sometimes get the answer before the question!

    have a lovely day!

  2. Blueberry oats are always a winner! Those fig preserves…I need to get my hands on some of that! That looks so good! Craving lately…iced tea! I had a killer iced green tea yesterday! I hope you have a great Monday! Enjoy your evening!

  3. First of all…LOVE that yogurt combo! I’ve been on a MAJOR peanut butter streak lately! And almond butter…heated, by the spoonful, in dates etc. Also greek yogurt. I always have it but the other day I literally couldnt stop eating it. Another thing raw almonds. Wait…I crave everything all the time.

  4. I forgot to mention the most significant cravings: BBQ SAUCE and TOOTSIE POPS. Not sure why…maybe the nice weather just has me craving! Take care and here’s to another week of our crazy eats. P.S are you done with classes/finals this week?

  5. I missed your post yesterday, but I’m so glad you posted the recipe for those muffins…I think I’ll be making those Tuesday or this weekend! Lately I have been also going through a pb craving thing and hummus…but I’ve basically always been obsessed with hummus. And can you believe this, I went to the store to get eggplants today and they had NONE. Not one! crazy right?

  6. I’ve always done Sunday pasta dinners, with bread on the side! For some reason bread and pasta go really well together, even though I know they shouldn’t.

    Lately I’ve been craving ice cream. I hope it goes away because last time the craving lasted all summer!

  7. I love Butter Beans! So great to see them pop up on a blog! They’re so… buttery!
    I totally agree with the size thing. Lately, since I haven’t been as stressed what I used to think was a small portion feels just right or big! Crazzzyyy how things change!

  8. Beautiful picture of the saddle and horse! I miss riding so much since coming to college. I never oiled my saddle as much as I probably should have, though!

    Also, your oatmeal pictures are insane. If it tastes HALF as good as it looks, suffice to say I am extremely jealous!

  9. I’ve been craving some sort of wheat squares/shredded wheat cereal lately. Gotta get myself to the store and pick up a box!

    Grilled veggie sandwiches with balsamic are the best! I like to add a bit of rosemary too. It really kicks it up a notch. 🙂

  10. i am totally with you on the cottage cheese!!!
    i’m addicted. i go out of my way to have an excuse to go to whole foods to buy more, because that’s the only place that carries the brand i like. i have to ration myself a serving a day or it’s gone!!!

  11. Oh Jess, carbs with a side of carbs is where it’s at! We always had spaghetti night at my house too.. and we always had garlic bread with it. What is spaghetti without garlic bread? Um, not welcome thank you very much.
    I’m always so jealous of your delicious looking oats.. girl, you have the magic oat touched, I am convinced.
    I seriously would LOVE to know how to make those muffins! They sound incredibly good!
    I’ve been craving peanut butter too!!! The good old plain reliable peanut butter, straight out of the jar. Can’t. Get. Enough!!!!
    Girl, thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! For real, it mean the world to me. I love you!

  12. Haha oh I do feel your pain with the saddle issue! I also know the pain all too well of having to spend obscene amounts of ££ when you find a saddle that fits…(hello, £1400 saddle :s EEK!!).
    LOVE your eats, they’re all so beautiful…reading your blog has made me add ‘damn good camera’ to my birthday list 😛

  13. love ur sweet potato panini!!!! ❤

    and i totally didnt take it as a corny rhyme hehe.

    the fact that u ride horses makes me like u more. i never got interested in the sport.. not sure why.. but i always appreciated those who did. i think its awesome

    xoxo ❤

  14. Dee

    oh my word! Sunday’s meals look divine!

  15. yumyum deliciousness 🙂 Yes I would not consider those pecans “sweet”. I still need to try the maple syzzyrup. Love you sandwiches lately. Grilled vegetables are my absolute fave. Roasted onions with balsamic is also divine. And so are you. I so think this weekend I am gonna make cinnamon roasted maple almond peanut butter, with your maple syrup!

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