SuperCharge Me

Friday, Friday!! I woke up super-charged to start the day – likely because we’re finally almost to the weekend and warm weather. Here I thought we’d never see it again.

I had complete indecision for breakfast this morning, though. Hate that! I’ve been having it lots lately. I always gravitate back to normal, traditional bowls though. With coconut. Hey, haven’t used ginger in a while though.

So, it probably comes as no shock that this morning I had yet another bowl of coconut-themed oats. Am I boring anybody yet? Should we place bets on what I’ll have tomorrow?

Of course; with that being said – I love each and every one of them, so you can probably expect to see lots more πŸ˜‰

Base-ic bowl of CocoCherry Oats:

Topped con:

  • chia-flax-acai icing (a little…)
  • cacao bliss
  • Naturally Nutty White Choco Coconut PB (I had indecision…what can I say?)
  • candied walnuts and pecans (chopped pecans, drizzle with a tiny bit of agave and sprinkled with coconut & toasted)
  • and a mix of frozen chopped sweet cherries, a few dried cranberries, and coconut simmered in some almond milk.

Dined with this month’s favorite, Green Mountain’s Southern Pecan. And that just made me realize…this month is over after today. Holy cow! Does anybody know where it went? If so – let me know, STAT, please.

Unfortunately, pony lady didn’t call last night, nor e-mail. We’re taking that as a negative. Ahh, well! The funny thing about horse shopping is that what someone may see as their prime selling point isn’t necessarily what a buyer will see as the biggest sale-point. For instance, this pony drives, which is her reason for being a little high in price. For us – well, we’d never drive the guy! Before leaving work I e-mailed about a couple new ads…so at this point, with the auction tomorrow, my mom and I talked about it and if she does call back, we’re just going to say we’ve got a few more lined up to look at now.

My working mid-morning snack was a banana and a quinoa muffin. I think before I post the recipe, I’m going to play with getting them to stay moist. Any ideas on doing that? More oil/applesauce/almond milk? The first day and second day they were fine, I noticed yesterday they were starting to get a touch dry. Not crumbly, oh-my-god this is sawdust in my mouth dry – but they taste so dang good I’d like to perfect this one!

I had intentions of going back to my veggie-packed lunch ways by sauteeing up extra eggplant last night – but when I got to packing lunch this morning just wanted my chickpea & conserve sammie again! So I acknowledged my cravings and did tha dang thang. Except – we’re all out of good bread, so I wrapped it. I didn’t mind – it was certainly easier to fit all the mixture in there! Of course…all that extra room allowed me to get a little crafty and rather than just chickpeas and conserve, I did spinach, almond mozzarella, sliced apple, and then some of the mashed chickpea and apple-walnut-rum conserve mixture. Just a dash of conserve since I figured there would be plenty of apple and sweetness from the actual apple. If you think this is gross, I don’t blame you – but considering it was fantasmic, I think you should try it before ya hate. I tried thinking of a rhyme there but came up short.

I wish I had the dedication to making salads as I do when it comes to making other things. I just…wimp out. I end up throwing spinach in a bowl and drizzling with some mustard and call it done. Mreh. So, I paired this with a Dr. Kracker pumpkin and cheddar flatbread with its partner in crime, PB & Co Cinnamon Raisin PB. It’s a match made in heaven. The usual plum also made its debut, but was camera shy this morning. Use your imagination.

Another even that ocurred this morning? I decided to replenish my bar basket. And…gasp…I’m down to just about fitting them all in there!!

There’s a few duplicates in a ziploc baggie located elsewhere, and this is sans Katie’s Larabars (I have a special, personalized Larabar bin. Only half kidding.) but…look how good I’m doing!! I opted for a Luna Dulce de Leche this morning. Um, new favorite flavorite? I think maybe.

See? I pay full price too.

Work seemed to drag by even though it flew by at the same time. I think because I’m really looking forward to this weekend – but luckily it was quite busy so my mind wasn’t left too idle πŸ˜‰ I was feeling a quick dinner tonight, and since I hadn’t planned much, a naan pizza sounded perfect. I love naan pizzas! I just threw everything together on the george foreman, too – hardly any cleanup.

I used the eggplant I prepared last night for today’s lunch as the main star. On half a whole wheat naan, I spread garlic lover’s hummus, then topped withΒ garlic and herb feta, baby spinach, diced tomatoes, red pepper, crumbled tempeh, fresh basil, artichoke hearts, and the eggplant. Hit the spot!! I am a new fan of artichoke hearts, as well πŸ™‚

I hope all you lovelies had a great day, too. Live up the last day of April! What’s one thing you discovered? New blog, new food, sudden life realization??



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18 responses to “SuperCharge Me

  1. Ooh dulce de leche is DEF in my top 5 luna flavors. i also really like berry almond but it isn’t as “dessert-y.”
    And for the record… I think all your oats pictures are beautiful even if they are the same kind. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is what I say!

    p.s. i found the dark choco pomegranates at super walmart! that place has been pleasantly surprising me lately πŸ™‚

  2. Sometimes I throw some yogurt into my muffins/breads and I think that helps to moisten things up. Although it may just be due to all the bananas I use since 95% of my baking involves bananas. What can I say, I’m obsessed! πŸ˜€

    This month I discovered Greek yogurt and I love it. I could never find it in Canadian stores before now.

  3. You are officially freaking me out…I made pizza tonight! I made a quinoa flat bread that turned out really well! I am posting it tomorrow. I went to my youngest son’s play tonight and am too pooped to get it all typed up and too lazy to go downstairs and get my notepad with my recipe! I did not have any great realization other than another month has gone by and nothing new has happened. I have high hopes for May though! Sorry about the pony…I still have my fingers crossed! Have a great night!

  4. Hmmm I have discovered lots of new grains and how wonderful barley is because of you! I hope it works out getting a new horse. I think you should try more applesauce in your muffins, and what about freezing them right away ? That’s what I do to keep them fresh.

  5. dmcgirl37

    Dr Krackers are SOOO good, I almost forgot about them for sometime. Thanks for the reminder πŸ™‚ All your food looks so yummy! Will be searching threw your recipes for some ideas, big food rut lately..

  6. MMMM love that luna bar flavor!!
    and dr krackas πŸ™‚ sooo good!!! so crunchy!!

  7. you always have the perfect snacks lined up. i wanna come over there for some hehe! that muffin looks delicious, and i love the breakfast as usual!
    quickly turn away so i can steal something from ur bar stash! lol
    seriously that stash is better than christmas! wow

    xoxo ❀

  8. A quinoa muffin? I’m intrigued! Do you use quinoa flour or just plain quinoa? I’m excited for the recipe once your perfect it!

    Sorry about the pony, but it looks like you’re working on finding the perfect one!

  9. after tomorrow my concert week will be over and ill get back to reading your wonderful blog. and omg i so dont know how to use twitter ahahhaha. love ya girlie. i want need to try/make some walnut butter!

  10. A dulche de leche larabar? Holy yum.
    I’m sorry about the horse lady not phoning – how frustrating!! But you’re going to an auction? :O That’ll be so fun!! I went to a dressage horse auction a few years ago (to watch, not to buy) and it was MAD – Stunning horses…but like, Β£60,000++ for so many of them!! It was crazy :s
    I’ve discovered two amazing things this past month – my epic Green Monster breakfast, and your blog (hello beautiful photos and recipe ideas :D) – two fab things!!

  11. i almost sent you a new bar in your package, but i couldn’t decide if you’d hate me or love me for it!!! lol so i didn’t take risks.

  12. Mo

    Sorry she didn’t calll. 😦 There are other ponies in the… land? o.O (Fish in the sea sounds better, doesn’t it?)

    To keep the muffins moist… uhmm. I’d add a touch more oil, maybe just two teaspoons, and then a bit more applesauce. Or you can try yogurt like someone else suggested. Greek yogurt rocks in baked goods.

  13. I have a confession: despite the fact that I am constantly trying to “reduce” my bar collection…..I just keep buying more. I can’t help that I love the and they keep coming up with new varieties. Favorite discoveries = chia seeds and green monsters. THANKS BLOG WORLD!

  14. Glad you’re enjoying those Larabars! I have a bar basket as well, and I’m finally making a dent in it…I have a bad habit of continuing to purchase more even though I have plenty! I think a lot of us in the healthy living blog world have a bar addiction of sorts. πŸ˜‰

  15. You know, I don’t feel so bad about my insane bar stash anymore haha it’s overflowing yet I continue to buy more. I think I have issues?
    Sorry about the horse 😦 But how fun will it be to look at different horses!!! Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, you know?
    The pizza sounds delicious!!!! Yum πŸ™‚
    Have a great saturday lovely lady!!
    Love you!

  16. Applesauce and yogurt are a great way to make baked goods stay moist.

    Sorry about the horse but how cool that you are looking at horses! Such a foreign concept to those of us in L.A. πŸ™‚

  17. seriously, girl. you and i need to talk. share a little creativity, please? i love love love your sammie, pizza, and of course, oats. i finally tried chia seeds, thanks to you, as well. all i can say is YUM.

    and thanks so much for the birthday wishes! your comment made me laugh when you talked about my age. honestly, i get that quite a bit in “real” life (as opposed to the “blog life” if that makes sense, haha, maybe not). anywho, it’s great that both of our families support our choices. that’s true love right there.

    have a lovely day!

  18. Oh man… that naan pizza is making me drool! Looks delicious!

    **This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! Definitely adding it to my google reader!

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