Sittin’, Waitin’

Hey kids! Thursday already…where, or where has the week gone? That’s okay – I’m not complaining. I had fun plans for today!

That being said, I was contemplating another go-round at overnight oats, but decided I’d have enough time and would really want the warmth of making oats! Since I was still leaving an hour earlier than usual, though – I kept it relatively simple. How about banana-coconut cream pie?

The Base:

The Top:

  • chia-fla-acai icing
  • slivered raw almonds
  • Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Coconut PB
  • and a compote of the rest of the banana, some frozen chopped sweet cherries, shredded coconut, and chopped dates, simmered down in some almond milk.

I wasn’t sure if the coconut would come through – can you believe as much as I love coconut – I’ve never added it straight to the base of oatmeal?! Me neither. But – it was noticeable! Would probably be even moreso if I didn’t use a banana – but I needed some staying power and was pretty sure just a little bit of coconut wasn’t going to do that for me, hah. That, and – if it failed I wouldn’t have time for a re-do!

Enjoyed with some Timothy’s Sugar Bush Maple coffee. And frost rather than snow! Hey, I’ll take what I can get. I guess.

And you know what I’m gonna go ahead and put out there? Peanut Butter > Almond Butter. I’m sorry. It just melts so much better into warm bowls of oats!! I’m still jonesin’ to try cashew and macadamia, though.

So, you’re probably wondering what my field trip entailed, right?

Right. We went to New Hampshire to look at some ponies! Yes – the horse/pony search has begun. I’ve given it some thought, put my summer into perspective, budgeting, etc, and have decided I have time and money to bring horseback riding back into my life full-swing. But why not just take Burly back? Some of you may know that Burly is my horse – but he’s not here, he’s leased to a stable a couple hours away. Here’s why: He’s doing grea twhere he’s at – him and the leasers are happy, doing well, and looking forward to a summer of successful showing, and he’s too fancy for me right now!! I want to have fun – trail riding with the ocassional event thrown in there. Burly is such a hunter horse. Non-horsey people will probably not understand this, but I don’t want his talent wasted on me, especially when I’d prefer a dressage ring over a hunter course. I know a few of you ride/have ridden, so that will probably make sense to you all πŸ˜‰

Why a pony? I love ponies. They’re spunky little devils. So, just a quick update for y’all!

Anyways – I packed us snacks and lunch, so no exciting pictures of that today. I enjoyed a rumi’s and crofters tempeh sammie, however. I keep forgetting about how great Rumi’s is with jam and tempeh – and with this Crofeter’s it was especially divine. I of course also had a muffin, banana, and shared some salt and pepper popchips with my mom. That was a really good flavor, and my last of the samples I was sent. I think these salt & pepper, the BBQ and Sour Cream were my favs.

The pony shopping went well – I really liked him and my mom really liked him, so we put in an offer. They’re thinking about it, so we’ll see what happens. The hardest part is deciding whether to go ahead and offer (sounds like I’m talking about a house…). The easy part is waiting to hear if they’ll accept! Sounds weird, but I kinda like the fate aspect of it. If they accept – awesome!! If not? Well, bummer – but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m sort of a believer in things happening for a reason. I don’t mean for it to come across as not caring – I mean, I’ll be ecstatic if they accept and yeah – a little bummed if they don’t (which, I get the feeling they won’t) but we’re just beginning the hunt. There’s no reason to rush, what happens, happens. How do you deal with situations like that, when it’s mostly out of your power, but not necessarily 100%? Sure – we could come back and counter-offer…but I feel their asking price is a little high taking everything about the horse into consideration. So – now, we sit and wait πŸ™‚

My mom and I stopped at the Quechee Gorge on the way home, too. I’ve been here plenty of times, and I swear – it’s nerve-racking standing on that bridge every.single.time. I’m a wimp when it comes to heights!!

We were both exhausted, even though we got home relatively early around 2:30. Driving does a number on ya! I made myself a protein cake with some sunbutter and banana chips just for some nom-age.Β It was a perfect combination.

In case you were wondering: Observations about New Hampshire:

  • they have great mottos and traffic signs: “Live Free or Die.” “Buckle Up Under 18. Common Sense for All.”
  • they have an ungodly number of police officers
  • they have ridiculous speed limits, and change the speed limit approximately every 20 feet
  • it’s about 30mph windier than it is in Vermont, yet warmer.
  • if you’re looking for a place to eat, good luck. [We were both glad I’m over-prepared and packed lunches]
  • if you’re looking for a restroom, good luck.

That said, New Hampshire’s pretty cool. Any residents in the housee?

I messed around at home for a bit before getting ready for dinner. Enter: eggplant parm. ish. I don’t know why I haven’t officially declared vegetarianism yet, to be completely honest with you.

Nicole made an eggplant parm sandwich on homemade foccacia the other day – and totally reminded me that I’d yet to try the one thing I’d basically purchased an eggplant for in the first place. Eggplant parm.I guess I didn’t do too horribly with the experimentation that took its’ place considering the fact that I’m now eggplant obsessed – but I knew it still needed to happen.

I had no breadcrumbs – so made my own with some toasted/almost stale slices of harvest grain bread as well as some pepitas – just ground in the food processor and then mixed with some garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I dipped each eggplant round in a mixture of egg and balsamic, and pan fried in a touch of olive oil. I wasn’t really feeling a sandwich, so I put it atop a bulghur pilaf with kale, and topped with some diced tomatoes that I jazzed up with some fresh garlic and basil.

Topped with some almond mozzarella and presto! I am so Italian lately. My mom said her mom used to make eggplant parm all the time – and said she didn’t know why she never made it when we were growing up. I’d put money on me saying I disliked eggplant, though.

The breadcrumbs were really good – I don’t think I’ll ever use normal breadcrumbs again! This was a perfectly satisfying dinner. Delicious, too!

Lets hope I hear back from pony lady tonight, whether it’s a yay or neigh. (hah…me so corny) I’d just like to have an answer – there’s an auction on Saturday that we’ll probably go to if it’s a nay.

Hope everyone has a great night!

(p.s. want to be inspired? feel good? motivated? okay, click here. jus’ dooo it.]


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16 responses to “Sittin’, Waitin’

  1. GIRL i love eggplant parm!! YUMMMMM!
    and protein cakes, obviously!! πŸ™‚
    I agree-you got to have an answer, i hate waiting around too.. dont blame you!

  2. oh what beautiful scenery!!!

    and who doesnt love eggplant parm!!! hehe.. well maybe those who hate eggplant lol

    YUMMY PLANS and YUMMY EATS! ❀ xoxo happy thursday!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment! Your pictures are beeeeyoootiful as always, daahling! I hope you find out about the pony tonight!

  4. I’m am trying THOSE breadcrumbs next time! so glad you liked it, it is a great dish!! You don’t eat fish ever? That’s why I’m not a vegetarian… I just can’t get away from the fish! :)Have a great weekend!!

    will you be my wife?

  6. Ahh I miss the days of pony (or horse, in my case) shopping! And maple coffee? Sounds amazing!

  7. Ohmygosh girl, those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! For real.
    I totally believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason too. Buuuut I’m also incredibly impatient. So if I was you, i’d be DYING to know. Good luck!!! Pony shopping sounds fun though.
    Haha loved your observations about New Hampshire! My observation…er, opinion: I hate cops. Aside from the fact that the only cops i’ve ever met have been jerks (fyi, do not, under any circumstances, ever, date a cop…bad, bad,bad) but they are so darn SNEAKY! What with the changing speed limit (it’s like that here too) and they’ll wait in places where the speed limit changes so that they catch you. Now, I’m sure there’s a nice cop out there… somewhere πŸ™‚
    How did you know i’ve been craving eggplant parm?! Ha! I need to make that soon!
    Love you girl!

    • P.S. That link was AWESOME!! Especially this part “YOU are a treasure because you have a brain, a heart, and a purpose. PEOPLE change lives, not diet books. PEOPLE fall in love, not numbers on scales. PEOPLE make a different, not bikini sizes. “

  8. Mo

    I’ve never actually had almond butter but I’m in love with peanut butter and I see no reason to stray. Especially for the prices I’ve seen for it. Jeesh.
    I hope they accept the offer! What do ponies go for, anyway?
    I love New Hampshire. Actually, I love all of New England. I’ve spent almost every summer of my life in Maine. πŸ™‚
    Okay, I need to try eggplant. I’ve always told myself I’d hate it since it has the word “egg” in it (…). It also looks kind of funky. But your breadcrumbs sound fabulous (can you tell I really, really, really like pepitas?) so I might try it if I don’t chicken out at the store. I swear, it’s the name…

  9. Your eggplant parm looks delicious! Bread crumbs are awesome!!! We are on the same track lately! I never did the horse thing, but my younger sisters did and still do. My youngest sister just got a pony too. She was so excited, she called me last week to talk about him. I hope you get yours! My rule of thumb is always to pack eats! You never know when you will need them! Oh, and I don’t eat meat, but I have yet to claim vegetarianism for myself either. I have not eaten meat in 2 years. Have a great evening!

  10. omg I totally gasped when I saw those pics, girl you are TALENTED!!! ya for you getting a horse I remember reading one of your first post when you blogged about horse riding, I understand the talent thing with burly, my niece competes and got a full scholarship for college competing so she is always taking really good care of her talent she loves them…anyways great eats and I can’t handle situations that out of my power..let go..let go I tell myself..loving those protein cakes…


  11. :O Good luck with pony-ness!! How exciting! I’ve only ever been horse shopping once, for Chika (before that, I had ‘hand-me-downs’ as it were), and it’s SO fun!! I like the fate thing too – the first horse I saw, I wanted, but h failed the vetting – at the time I was gutted , but then if I’d got him, he probably would’ve gone lame (he was a scrawny thing with weak front legs) and I would’t have had 5yrs with Chika!
    I think you’re doing the right thing with getting a new one to suit your needs – I used to want a big smancy dressage warmblood, but then I thought (too expensive…), it’d be a waste! I don’t have time anymore to climb the ranks!
    Oh I can’t wait to hear more πŸ˜€ GOOD LUCK!!!
    (Beautiful bridge photo btw :D)

  12. Good luck with your offer on the pony! I used to ride a Shetland pony when I was really young and he was super cute!

    Your pictures of the gorge are gorge-ous (bahaha, couldn’t help myself!).

  13. What gorgeous pictures! Is it weird that I’ve always wanted to go to New Hampshire? It seems like a nice little state. Not into the crazy amount of cops though. I hate getting pulled over!

    Good luck with the pony – I hope you get him! And I think it’s really awesome you’re letting Burly live up to his full potential πŸ™‚ He has a lucky owner!

  14. * I meant to say he’s a lucky horse! LOL. But I hope you are lucky too πŸ™‚

  15. What a delightful day! Good luck on making your decision about the pony…I’m sure that has to be difficult. I’m so bad at making decisions, so I can’t imagine having to go through that!
    Your eggplant parm looked divine. My husband judges all Italian restaurants by their eggplant parm…so needless to say, I get intimidated when I try to make it at home! What do you do for your Bulgar pilaf? I want to incorporate that grain into my diet more, but I’m not sure how to use it. Thank you for sharing!

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