In Review

Let’s Review.

It’s almost May. To be specific, it is two days from being May 1st. (mayday, mayday!!)

This isn’t a trick photo. That’s snow. That was taken this morning.

In review, This is what I was doing this past weekend.

UHM, hello?! You know how you usually hear weather – or something strange – and think “oh, yeah, riiiiigghtt.”? That’s how I was listening to the weather last night. Suuureee, it’s gonna snow, Mr. Weatherman, sure. Sure, it’ll accumulate. Sure.

No. He didn’t lie. For Once. Kaia and Mouse were also in disbelief, jumping up on my bed, and Mouse perched up on the window, gazing out when he would typically be sleeping beside me. If he could talk, he’d probably be swearing to me.

But, with the morning comes oats. Cranberry-Banana Date Oats, to be precise.

The base:

On the top:

  • chia-flax-acai icing
  • PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin PB
  • candied pecans & walnuts
  • and a compote/chutney (guys, I don’t know what it is, but it makes life easier to say compote or chutney than “fruit mixture that I really like that I simmer/saute on the stove.”) of cranberries and dates, in a bit of almond milk and a drizzle of maple syrup.

And to drank? Green Mountain’s Southern Pecan. Ohh, was this a Christmas-y bowl or what? To review, I love these rye flakes. Sometimes, there’s not much of a differentiation between oats. (not that these are…well…oats.) but with these, there’s definitely a different, more hearty taste to them. I don’t think I’d necessarily consider it very rye-like (it’s not like rye bread, but that’d be cool) but pretty bomb, if I may say. Do you like to play with the breakfast cereal/base you use? I love mixing it up! There are so many different kinds of breakfast cereal, oats hardly skim the surface!!

In review of this bowl? Approximately 100x better than the weather. Probably more.

In review of the morning, I snacked on an almond-cranberry-poppyseed quinoa-bulghur muffin that I made yesterday. Even my mom likes these!! Definite make again, hopefully this weekend.

Oh, and a random hardboiled egg. And a sizeable amount of honey almonds. I was hangry today. I must have been trying to keep warm.

After reviewing yesterday’s eats, I decided I liked my crazy chickpea & conserve sammie so much that I should review it again. Sans almond mozzarella. I didn’t feel like practicing my balancing act again.

Paired with a Dr. Kracker Pumpkinseed & Cheddar flatbread and a fresh, juicy, ripe plum. I snagged the Cinnamon Raisin PB from the cupboard, too. That proved dangerous to have around all day. And you’d be silly to think I didn’t include dessert in the form of one of the cranberry-almond date balls I made yesterday. I also made this batch with some Nutivea Hemp Protein Powder I received as a sample with some chia seeds I orderd eons ago.

In review of my afternoon bar, I grabbed a LARABAR from the bar stash. Nope – not cheating – I’ve got good ones buried in there, too! And I’ve actually been doing so well on bar stash cleanout that it’s almost time to replenish the little basket I’ve got sitting on the countertop with the last of my bag-o-bars in the cupboard. Yes, that’s how serious my problem was.

I was so eager to try this Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar. It seemed to be a general consensus that it was the best flavor. Now, I can’t really compare and contrast since I’ve only had the cherry pie and coconut cream pie (which, by the way, was killer) – and this bar did not disappoint. Oh, Larabars…I love you. I probably shouldn’t have slipped this bar in the lineup because now I really don’t want to go back to eliminating all the “meh” bars from my collection. Oh well. That’s life. Although…you know what I just realized? I put together an entire bag to donate to the food shelf…why didn’t I throw some bars in there? I feel selfish now. I still haven’t brought it, so I’ll have to do so. I’m not sure if that’s a random thing to donate. But, food is food, right?

Today, in review? meh. That about sums it up. You know when you wake up and you just realize…you’re in a funk? Most of the time I’m happy, cheery, and upbeat. Today, the weather got to me. I was just not happy. Normally with something so petty pulling me down, I’ll just brush it off. Today I just let me be a little bit more quiet than usual. I think that while sometimes – you’ve gotta push past a bad mood, sometimes you’ve just gotta accept that you’re simply not going to be as outgoing, or your usual self, you know? That and, I’m grumpy when I’m cold. I realized today that I think it’s not so much that I’m cold and get grumpy, it’s that I’m cold, and then get picked on for being cold because I don’t have as much…well…insulation as everyone else I work with. So, I pretty much just minded my own. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes I enjoy the banter. But sometimes I’m fine without it, too.

My mood definitely brightened on the drive home as foodie concoctions took over my brain, and it seemed so much sunnier at home, too. Yeah, it’s actually almost blue-skied now. Go figure.

On the agenda? “Stuffed” ‘bello with chickpeas and diced tomatoes over bulghur.

The execution? pan-fried polenta with a portobello and a mixture of fresh mashed garlic, fresh basil, diced canned tomatoes, kale, and chickpeas poured over top, and garlic and herb feta.

Thank you, mother dearest, for surprising me with pre-made polenta. The second I opened the drawer and saw it, I knew that had to take the place of bulghur.

I ate this, and then wondered if I’d died and gone to heaven. Are you guys sick of me saying that yet, though? I’m sorry, I can’t help it!! I just love food too much.

I take that back. There’s no such thing.

Hope everyone has a great night 🙂 I’m going on a field trip with le madre tomorrow – wonderrr what’s in storeee.



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18 responses to “In Review

  1. Yes, the PB & J LaraBar is truly life changing good. The other flavors are kinda eh to me, the ones that I’ve tried. But that one…. knocks my socks off!
    Gah I can’t believe you have snow. Insane much?! It’s almost MAY! I swear, the weather is more crazy than usual this year.
    Everyone deserves to be in a bad mood every once in a while.. and sometimes you just have to roll with it, ya know?
    Oooo field trip? Very cool! Can’t wait to hear about that!
    Love you girl!!! I’m thinking that tomorrow is going to be AWESOME for you!

  2. All your eats looks incredible, especially that last photo with the chickpeas!

    I totally know what you mean about waking up in a funk. Who knows, maybe it’s the weird snowy weather! That’s so bizarre; it was cold in NC today but not enough for it to SNOW! Hope you snap out of the funk and stay warm 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about the meh mood. I hope you feel more energized tomorrow! I have been that way a lot lately and I really think it is the weather. Your meals look and sound delicious! That compote for the oatmeal sounds amazing! I do the same oatmeal in the morning, but at night I do all the crazy stuff! LOVE it!

  4. I hear ya, girl. I’m always cold and I get maaaajorly cranky when I am cold.

    I’m just starting to experiment with my breakfast choices and I can’t wait to try out some different bases. This morning I was almost thinking of using brown rice as an oat substitute. Would that be crazy?? Haha.

  5. I haven’t had the pb and j larabar yet. My fav I think is cashew cookie and peanut butter. Love the change to the layout too! I had barley again tonight (with eggs and pancakes..random, but I was HUNGRY) and it was so good..thanks for making me get it! haha

  6. and I’m waiting for that quinoa muffin recipe!! 🙂

  7. thank god you’re still rockin the christmas mug, because i was starting to feel like a train wreck 🙂

  8. Holey Moley! Crazy weather! Our snow melted pretty quickly!
    I don’t really steer too far from oats or Bob’s 7 grain mix, but you’ve inspired me to try new kinds! I am desperate need of a grocery trip and will most definitely look out for some then!
    Wow your chickpea, polenta, kale, etc. combo looks amazing! I love hearty meals like that! They make me feel so satisfied!

  9. I can’t believe it snowed!!! That’s crazy. I really thought it was a picture from December. You tricked me with that snowman mug!

    All your food looks amazing as usual!

  10. wow i totally believe u.. it started hailing here and that so random lol. the weather is a mysterious thing thats for sure!

    i did think it was christmas on ur blog for a sec tho haha. such beautiful and warming eats.. im coming over and stealing a few things hehe

    xoxo ❤

  11. Yum! Your oats look killer. Do you mix your chia seeds with milk before you add them? I really need to spruce up my oatmeal!

  12. Your photos are always so beautiful! And don’t worry about feeling down…we all have off days!

  13. ahh sorry I have been lacking in comments! I am going to 5 concerts this week so city each night and school too. But I must tell you the pecans you got me are so good! and I have never really tried pecans :D.I am liking my rye oats barley wheat mix it is good, I’m sitll deciding if i like that fully or half that half oatbran aha. Love the dinner concoction. Have fun on your field trip! field trips with moms are le best.This weekend it will be bakefest/nutbutter/nutball fest in my house 😛

  14. Wowee that food all looks so delicious!
    Heck, how is there SNOW where you are!? That’s insane!! We have sun here for once – it might last til May, you never know…
    Beautiful horse picture 🙂 such a lovely colour!!

  15. UGH! I have been freezing! My friend was mad at me because I left a function last night because I was just so cold! Seriously what happened to the nice weather? I’m contemplating my breakfast right now and know that nothing will satisfy me like a bowl of oatmeal because it is just that cold! I love larabars! I’m not sure of my favorite but pb&j is up there for me. I weirdly like the tropical one too, and was surprised by it. I keep adding to my snack bar collection so my mission to reduce it is becoming pointless. I saw the luna protein bars at target and HAD to buy them. Issues, issues. haha I guess there could be worse things.

  16. Isn’t the weather crazy? I’m ready for it to be warm and stay warm! Your chickpea sandwich looks so yummy!

  17. Dee

    Can you believe I’ve only tried the Lemon Larabar? It was tdf though. LoL!

    I can’t believe it snowed! That’s just crazy!

    PS. your bowl of oats make me want to make one for myself. Nevermind that it’s midnight and that I should be sleeping right now. :oP

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