Comfoat and Joy

I am of the mindset that dreary weather = the need for a homey, “comfoat” breakfast. [ahhh, I’m so chheeeezyy.]

For me, that’s obviously oats…and personally, the most comfort-like bowl of oats to me is apple oats. Something about it is just so homey and reassuring. The warm apples and oats are just so autumnal – and while I may not want autumn and rather, would prefer our winter storm advisory that we are under to just disappear – a bowl of oats with jubilant, fresh berries just wouldn’t cut it for a rainy morning like this.

Does the weather affect your breakfast/meal choices? What’s your favorite comfort breakfast?

As mentioned yesterday, I finished the last of my 5 grain cereal, so was “allowed” to open up another bag of Bob’s Red Mill product. The victim? Creamy Rye Flakes.

I thought the idea of having rye for breakfast was just too cool! I had thought I would pair it with banana for the first taste test – but I was already set on apple, so that wasn’t changing. I quite like the rye! It’s not overpowering like you would think rye bread to be – but it definitiely adds a fun, whole-grain-like flavor and has a great bite (texture) to it. I’ll definitely try it with water next, so that the coffee doesn’t fight with its’ flavor.

The base today:

And topped with:

  • flax-chia icing
  • candied pecans & walnuts (using the method here)
  • PB&Co. Cinnamon Raisin PB
  • and a chutney (maybe?) of the rest of the gala apple with some chopped dates and a dollop of fig preserves, simmered until almond milk and maple syrup have been absorbed.

…with a dollop of locally madeΒ Apple Walnut Rum Conserve on top that I’d totally forgot about in my fridge! And Green Mountain’s Southern Pecan was the perfect comfort flavor for the morning.

I braved the bitter cold to get to my cray-cray first class. Note the sarcasm. Ugh. Almost over. I did, however, enjoy half of this bottle of Odwalla Wholly Grain smoothie. Check out the stats on this puppy – I couldn’t pass up all those whole grains, or pineapple/banana/mango!

And wholly cow this smoothie was gooood. Yes, its carb count rivals that of maple syrup, but oh well? It was definitely abundant in the banana flavor – a good thing for me! I don’t like smoothies with primarily apple or orange flavors, even though this had orange juice as a primary ingredient. I sipped it while staring in disbelief at some honkin’ big snowflakes coming down outside. Uhm, hello, it’s almost May. It should not be 34 degrees Β out and snowing, with a winter storm advisory, thank you very much.

After freezing walking back to my car, I hustled home so that I could whip up the muffins and lunch I dreamed up in class. Because everybody knows that even if I’m sitting in a world regions class, I’m still thinking about what to concoct next, and not so much the issues in middle and south america. Although they are a large contributor to global warming, and I felt proud to have consumed a cup of Rain Forest Nut priot to leaving since they cut down so much rain forest.

But, I digress. Once I was home, I took the hint from Mo that I ought to cook with quinoa. She had a recipe for lemon poppyseed bread that I’ve been dying to make – but since I didn’t have any lemons, I flipped through Veganomicon to see if I could find something similar. I found a quinoa muffin recipe that I decided to funkify, and that I did. I present: Cranberry-Almond-Poppyseed Quinoa-Bulghur Muffins. Vegan muffins, bee tee dubs.

‘dem boys gooooood. I should have taken pictures during to do a recipe post, but it was sort of dark in the kitchen and I had no idea whether all my altercations would work, hah. Buuuttt, I’ll post it soon πŸ™‚ I only made 6, so I’ll need more by the weekend, I’m sure. These will definitely make good morning snacks. Protein, fiber, whole grains, naturally sweetened, all ‘dat good stuff.

While those were baking I also made some parsnip fries, and more date balls because I ate the last one last night. I have no more dates left now, and that spells trouble. Won’t be going to Hannie’s for a while and I prefer buying them in bulk. Guess I’ll have to eradicate that addiction.

My other concoction I was day dreaming about while “learning” about South America? Lunch.

So it’s no secret I’ve been a tempeh fiend lately. With fiending comes mass consumption, and in turn – running out of consumed product. I’m not out of tempeh yet, but don’t have much left. What could take the place of tempeh in a tempeh and jam sammie?

Chickpeas. Yep. Not sure if that sounds gross to you, probably does – but to me it sounded amazing, and it tasted even better. I mashed some canned garbanzos with some apple-rum-walnut conserve and spread on some harvest grain with baby spinach and almond mozzarella and then panini’d away. To. Die. For. Might be more of a winner than tempeh + jam. They’re both winners in my eyeballs. And you know what? I know I’ve said I’m a fan of the mini loaf, but this loaf of harvest grain is seriously tiny, and a little bit larger would be more than welcome. Remember that, Price Chopper, remember that.

Dessert was some cottage cheese and a chopped plum con un drizzle of irish cream agave. A lovely combination.

While home I had some reading-up to do since my power point presentation that I’d worked on all weekend and Friday was tonight. Let me share with you: I. Hate. Presenting. If there is one thing that absolutely terrifies me, it’s standing up in front of a bunch of people, giving a presentation. I am not a fan of public speaking or drawing attention to myself. Which, is rather ironic since I have a blog where I talk about myself, and I probably come across as quite confident or outspoken since I’m not afraid to gloat about some sort of amazing food. Hm. Maybe if I had a culinary class or something I’d be more outspoken πŸ˜‰ Anyone else have any fears of something that is so seemingly simple? (I like alliterations, what can I say?)

Anyways, I probably stressed myself out even more reading the notes I’d written up. Sometimes it’s better to go in blind, so that you don’t freak out when you go “off track” – so I tried not to work myself up. Just told myself…this time tomorrow, it’ll be all done, and no one will even remember. No one cares if you mess up. We all have to present. We all don’t want to. Just deal.

That's no way to treat a cookbook.

So that’s what I did. Before that, though, I dined on a toasted scone and a cup of coffee. It was fahhh-reezing all day, and continued quasi-snowing, too. And toasting the scones = the way to go. Not that that has to do with snow.

Shortly before leaving I had another snack, this time in the form of a caramel oikos with half a banana and some of Mae’s Granola. Stress eating. Oh well.

You didn’t hear it from me, but driving is a really good time to figure out your presentation. You can’t look at our Β notes too long, but it’s okay to glance down for a second every so often.

I grabbed a bar on my way out the door so as not to get loopy halfway through class. I’m not sure if I was hungry when I actually ate it, or my stomach was just in a knot. I couldn’t tell, so I ate it anyways. I love those nectar bars, and this cherry pomegranate was espeically pleasing. I wish Clif still made them!!

The presentation went quite well on my part – but remember how I said I ended up putting the powerpoint together all by myself, even though it was a “team” project? Well, I pretty much presented alone, too. I take that back – I would have prefered presenting alone. I made up notecards as guides and everything – but my partner could still hardly read it, and didn’t paraphrase at all. Not bangin’ on the poor kid…but honestly. I made up the notecards as guides – not to be read wuickly through so it sounds like we’re reading to the class rather than presenting.

That being said, eventually it was over with, and I came home to a quick dinner. I still had a frozen homemade veggie burger (the tempeh-quinoa-sweet potato ones from Moosewood’s) that I reheated and then pan-fried, and paired it with a quick kale-apple saute.

Also paired with some almond mozzarella, of course πŸ™‚ It hit the spot – I love having quick meals ready that are still homemade πŸ™‚ Way better than any frozen veggie burger I’ve ever had!

I hope everyone’s day has been swell – Vermont has been schizofrenic all day. The sun started shining as I left for class, only to start snowing again while halfway there. Currently, it is shining really bright and there’s a portion of blue sky. And tonight we’re slated for 3 inches of snow. Uhm, I am about as impressed with this weather as I am with Courtney Love. Hint:I detest Courtney Love.



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18 responses to “Comfoat and Joy

  1. I LOVE TEMPEH TOO!! its soooooo yummmmm!!!!! im on a major tempeh kick!

  2. I need to get some rye flakes! I bet the texture and flavor would be a great addition to our whole grain meals. They can be used in so many ways. Your veggie burger looks so good. xo

  3. I love quinoa! I am going to play with it tomorrow. I have some cooked in the fridge now. Your muffins look delicious! I am totally with you on not liking being the center of attention. I don’t hide behind my blog, but I am sure I don’t come across as the same person in person. I can talk food all day, but I am still very reserved. I am with you on the apple oats. I am totally an apple chic when it comes to oats! YUM! I hope you have a great evening!

  4. Mo

    You just one-upped my quinoa with bulgur. Oh my god. THERE’S something I’ve never thought to bake with (it makes so much sense though). And I need rye flakes. I adore rye bread, but I rarely have it. Miss the flavor!

    Public speaking terrifies me to no end. I don’t even have to start talking; I just have to be standing in front of a fairly large group of people and my face turns beet-red. Even if it’s a family get-together (which are never that large) and everyone’s looking at me, I’m still really uncomfortable. o.O I don’t think I’m too different in real life compared to how I act on my blog, except for I only act that way with people I’m really comfortable with. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry you’re having such crappy weather! I prefer cold over hot, so can we trade? πŸ™‚

  5. Oh hey girl, hey…seriously we think alike. I had a power point presentation today too, weather impacts my food moods to the max and tempeh is my lover and best friend. I especially have been loving the grainy blocks of tempeh. Food looks wonderful as always! Hope all is well!

  6. Yum, I bet the apples gave the veggie burger a nice sweetness!

  7. SNOW? are you kidding me? another reason you should move to SC. i’ve been to the beach/on a boat every weekend this month. ahhh

  8. it was in the 70s here today… he he πŸ™‚
    come visit!

    and i’m absolutely insanely jealous of your cookbook. i’ve been amazon stalking it for months!
    ps- thanks for the congrats on school! never thought i’d say it, but i’ve really missed it these last few semesters.

  9. First, love the new blog layout!!! Not that I hated the other.. haha. Anyways, loving the clean-ness of it.
    Ahhhh I HATE public speaking. Oh my Jesus. I get all sweaty and nauseous and whatnot. It’s baaaaaaad. And let me tell you, my public speaking class was pretty much HELL for me. So I completely understand. But I would tell myself the same thing, this time tomorrow, it’ll be over and done with and it doesn’t matter. It’s funny because you really DO seem so confident and outspoken! I guess we are even more alike than I thought! But then again, I think a LOT of people are afraid of public speaking.
    I have GOT to get my hands on tempeh! I keep saying that but I never do… Gah. Must fix that!
    P.S. You are like the MASTER of muffins and oats. Just sayin.
    Love ya!

  10. Oatmeal is most definitely my #1 comfort food. And you’re right, the weather really does influence my eating! In winter I’m all about hot oatmeal, but in summer I prefer overnight oats with yogurt.

  11. i love muffins and coffe on rainy days. yes yes yes weather affects my breakfast. oats are great for cold and dampness. i would never have a fruit salad on a cold rainy day.. well unless i heated it up in a hot fruit salad with soy milk.

    RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! yuck πŸ˜› xoxo ❀

  12. Dee

    I love, love, love all of your pictures, but your oats take the cake! πŸ˜›

    Oatmeal is definitely a comfort food in my book. Oh and yes – tea & scones too. YUM!

  13. did you change your scene girl it looks AMAZING< I love the background color really makes your pics pop, I went to the grocery store last night and they had a crazy sale on BOB Red mill– oh man I was like a crazy lady…my basket was full..I was happy..i hate is different blogging how funny…great sammy love the chickpeas, and love the burger..huggies

  14. Well done on the presentation! At least if the other people didn’t pull their weight, you’ll probably get a better mark πŸ™‚
    Oh my – those MUFFINS! PLease PLEASE post the recipe, they sound amaze!! (and please send me lots + lots of those Nectar bars…they look equally good :P)
    Comfort food – cold = oats, hot = green monster πŸ˜€ (I’m eating one right now…bliss) -> gosh, how is it snowing where you are!? That’s mental!!
    Fear wise – I’m really quite unreasonabley(or reasonably?) scared of spiders. Small, big, all of them – I hate them. I killed one about 10mins ago with a bag of flour….:p

  15. We had snow too! Yesterday I was working in the computer lab and I looked out the window and all of a sudden there were fat snow flakes falling!!! Ridiculous! I’m ready to be warm!

    Wow your muffins look amazing! I love the idea of quinoa in a muffin!

    Glad to hear your presentation went well. I hate group projects for that reason!

  16. I’m glad at your part of the presentation went well. That’s so annoying when the other people in the group don’t pull their weight! But at least your hard work might get you a better mark! πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait for you to post the recipe for those muffins. I’m going to be baking up a storm once my exams are done!

  17. You take THE most gorgeous pictures I have ever ever seen! Just beautiful. Do you give lessons? Haha. πŸ™‚

  18. I still haven’t tried tempeh. I can’t find it here! I need to put it on my list for the next time I get to go to TJs.

    I hated having to give presentations unless it was on a topic that I really enjoyed.

    And I think I need to try this flax-chia icing.

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