Three Strikes, You’re Out

‘Ey chitlins. Hope all is swell in your necks of the woods. And yes, that was definitely a food network reference right there after watching that weir food network challenge show thing. I honestly never even knew chitlins were a food – but I call people chitlin all the time…in a positive way. Maybe I’ve been offensive all this time and didn’t even know. Sort of like when I’d say “dupa” thinking it meant belly in Polish. It didn’t mean belly.

If I did know how to say belly in Polish, well, I’d probably say that after breakfast this morning, I had a happy one. But when do I not?

There were all intentions to use my last nectarine this morning. Well what do you know – cut into it and it is hard and bruised, as has been the story lately. Sorry, nectarines, but three strikes, you’re out. And I think I’ve given you far more than three strikes. You’re lucky I don’t learn my lesson.

Luckily, bananas never fail and I rolled with nanner oats with dates and pineapple. Story of Jess’s life: some sort of tropical themed oats for brekkist, a veggie-packed italian/mediterranean-esque dinner. A sandwich for lunch. Two snacks. Desserts. Sorry I’m so predictably boring, guys.

The base:

Le Top:

  • flax-chia icing
  • toasted coconut, toasted slivered almonds
  • Mae‘s Tropical Toasted Coconut Butter
  • and a compote-eqsue mixture of chopped banana and dates in almond milk and a little drizzle of maple syrup.

Ahhh, far from disappointing. The nanner and dates combo forced me to forget all about my anger towards nectarines. As well as Mae’s coconut butter and Green Mountain’s Rain Forest Nut. Because after all of those things together, it’s impossible to find disappointment in a little nectarine. I mean – the poor thing probably traveled farther than I have in my entire lifetime.

But, moving on from that.

I grabbed a caramel oikos and a scone for my mid-morning snack. Didn’t quite hit the spot like the breakfast muffins I made last week, so I may make more tomorrow during my break. I’ve really enjoyed having homemade goods like this for breaks in the morning. Anybody else have a go-to nutritious “snack type” recipe?

Tempeh, Sunbutter, Crofters & Spinach on Harvest Grain

And didn’t I warn you that there was a tempeh and jam obsession coming on strong? That was once again today’s lunch. Sorry! Although – I am pretty much all out of veggies. Seems like that happened quicker than usual?! Although, I guess I’d usually have gone shopping this weekend and I didn’t.

I paired this with my last plum and some Snyder’s Butter Snaps pretzels. Snyders = love. Best pretzel company ever, I reckon. (I don’t actually say reckon in my daily jargon. But I’ve always wanted to slip that into a conversation.)

I have been doing so dang good on Operation: Bar Stash Cleanout. I mean, let’s face it. It’s a pretty fun mission, even if I am saving the best ones for last. Today I snagged a Luna S’mores bar, and I must say, it’s definitely my favorite Luna bar thus far. I didn’t find it to be overbearingly sweet as I so often do with Luna bars – they don’t start out so bad, but by the time I’m halfway through, the icing is just too much for me. This bar didn’t actually have as much icing, so that could be what helped it.

Everyone’s been asking about my 49 cent bar scores – I check out my local discount food store for some super bargains!! You wouldn’t think it, but they actually get quite a bit of products like Kashi, fun jams & fruits, bars, anything, really – and usually, they’re not even expired. This bar had a best by Nov. of 2010 date, and the only time I’ve bought an expired product, it was only by a couple of days and not on something where it would make much of a difference. Tell you what – after I scored all these puppies and some wicked sick jams, I have no shame walking into the dented can store.

Work was hoppin’ today, so before I knew it I was on my way home. In the rain. Sigh. Although I will say – I think this is the first time this year that I’ve gotten to smell rain. I love the smell of rain. I’m not sure if that sounds weird to anyone who doesn’t live in the boondocks (does rain in the city smell as good as rain in the forest?) but just trust me on this one. That being said – with each individual droplet on m windshield, I wished more and more to be in the sunny Caribbean. Enter: Caribbean tempeh. Or, chicken. If you’re into eating chickens. I’m into eating tempeh, myself.

  • kale
  • sweet potato
  • pineapple
  • pineapple juice
  • mashed garlic
  • tempeh
  • nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, chili powder, salt, & pepper
  • slivered almonds

Gahhhh, this was so good. I wanted to make “Jerk Tempeh” but didn’t really have…well…anything to make it. So I made do with what I had. My mom has the week off and was going grocery shopping. When she asked if I needed anything, I said: “I’m low on veggies…I dunno what’s on sale…just get what’s on sale and I’ll find way to use it. Oh and red pepper.” What do you know red peppers were on sale and there wasn’t a single pepper in the store. Sooo – I wound up with kale! I was quite pleased, as kale has been missed as of late. She also bought polenta – I’m taking that as a hint. She also hardboiled some eggs. I’m making progress in the Healthy Exposures household 🙂 I introduced her to online coupon clipping and scoping out company websites, too.

Anywho. This was a fab dinner…and now I’m all out of pineapple. What now???

Good night, everyone 🙂 Talk to me about sunshine.. Tell me it’s coming my way?



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17 responses to “Three Strikes, You’re Out

  1. I know, right? I need some sunshine too! I am such a flower! Sorry about the nectarines. That stinks, but banana is always a score! My go to snack is always an apple. I know, boring, but I love them so! I love a good buckwheat muffin. Speaking of which…I need to make more of those. They freeze so well and I love them toasted on my oats! Have a great evening!

  2. Ohhhh I have a package of tempeh in my fridge right now…I’m thinking I’m going to have to try the tempeh/jam combo!

  3. Wow jess, this all looks so amazing, I don’t even know where to start with the compliments! I’ve been looking to use up some pineapple in my fridge and you just inspired me! The sandwich looks delicious and I think its safe to say your dinner is the epitome of creativity. As always LOVE your food…ugh can’t wait until I am done with school…it was a dining hall day 😦 No fun.

  4. J’ADORE UR BLOG! love love love! have a fabulous week girlie 🙂

  5. GIRL THAT DINNER! dangg! the pinapple is SO creative in there!!! love the lunas too!

  6. oOo that does look like a fabulous dinner!! I absolutely adore tempeh now…I can’t believe I didn’t discover it til late February (what a waste of the first 19yrs of my life :/)
    I have lots of healthy go-to home-baked snacks in my freezer 😛 date balls, muffins, PB bread,’s brilliant 😀 My mum always eats them before I get a chance though!!
    Have a good day 🙂

  7. haha pretty soon i’m gonna have you saying y’all! chitlins and reckon?
    come on down to VA!

  8. My go-to nutritious snack recipes are homemade granolas and power muffins.

    LOVE the look of your dinner. Any dish that involves sweet potato, and I’m sold! I’ve never tried tempeh though… is it kind of like tofu?

  9. Susan

    Holy freakin’ gasm I want that dinner right now. Like RIGHT now, and it’s 9:21am here.

    Haha and I totally thought your plum was a dark chocolate covered apple at first. Seriously, someone needs to make that happen, don’t you think? Oooh, a sea salt dark chocolate caramel apple actually. Whoa, I digress….

    Have a good Tuesday mama!

  10. I think I need to find this Green Mountain coffee! From a coffee fiend to another, those flavors you have sound amazing.

  11. I hope sunshine is coming tomorrow! It’s still rainy here too 😦

    That scone looks great! I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately too. Its was a long weekend and I just discovered baking as a good stress relief technique!

    I love discount food! I don’t have any (that I know of) near me but sometimes Target has Clif and Luna bars on clearance for that price.

  12. i meet so many people whose favorite flavor is the smores and it’s probably my LEAST favorite flavor after lemonzest. i think it’s boring!!! i guess i need to try it again.

  13. Sunshine is coming your way, dearie ;]

    Mmm, your foods all look so great in all of its dimensions of colour! I don’t really have a go-to nutritious snack recipe, but I really like eating fruit with yogurt and granola. It’s so easy and yummy. I want to try tempeh…

    Ahah, you’ve written in a earlier post about how you like to have slow mornings–I do to. I wake up early just so I squeeze in some time for me to enjoy breakfast. When I do have time, say, like a weekend, I still like waking up early, so I won’t miss lunch either. It’s great.

  14. I wish we had a food discount store! I really need protein bars, but they’re so expensive 😦

    If you hear from the sunshine, send it my way!

  15. Ok girl, you can’t go throwing dishes around like that tempeh dish with no recipe! How did you make it?!
    Delicious looking oats! I haven’t had oats in… almost a week?! Insanity. For sure.
    I’m very predictable with my food lately too. Annnd I’m currently out of veggies til my mom goes grocery shopping today. And I’m CRAVING them like mad.
    So jealous of the nut butter from Mae! That girl is a genius. I can only imagine how good it must be.
    Oooo I love the smell of rain! Actually, i just love rain! And storms. So long as there are no tornados, I’m good. Especially at night. There’s something so peaceful about a summer rain…
    Love you girl!

  16. I love the combination of sweet potato and pineapple…what a fresh way to enjoy root vegetables! I will have to give this a try. As always, delightful words and pictures!

  17. My favorite snacks are the no bake granola bars and the raw balls. You should try the no bake granola bars. You would love them because its kind of like oats, you throw whatever you feel into them! You should try yoga download, they have tons of beginner classes 🙂 You can also preview the class with the pose guide which is awesome. I think you have convinced me to buy tempeh… I am loving what you are doing with it lately 😉

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